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No longer can we naively trust people with a title or reputation, be it, CEO, president, M.D. minister, priest, director, doctor, police chief, army general, scientist, guru, channeler, expert or professor. I have found a person with a title may or may not, be telling us the truth and may or may not, even know the truth. We must contact our inner wisdom and accept only what resonates with us. Furthermore I don’t believe any one person, organization or religion has a monopoly on the truth. Also a person’s belief system does not require proof and over time a change in a person’s belief system is inevitable as he/she moves towards the ascension.

I have found the best way to the discern the truth comes from this book.

The mind and body, then, are unified oneness, connected and attuned

We will call this the body/mind, which is wise beyond imagination. Every person on Earth contains one. “Heart” or “soul” can be used interchangeably for body/mind. The body/mind is attached directly in a vibrational pathway to one’s authentic identity or Higher Self, which is immutably connected to Creator Source. All messages received in the body/mind are in actuality messages from the Higher Self, which knows what lessons we are here to learn and what direction we need to take at any given time to accomplish our goals. The body/mind knows and feels what is right for us…

In other words, the Creator Source wants what we want.

When we passionately feel to create, the passion to create as well as the image of creation has been passed along to us from our Higher Selves and Creator Source. When we have a desire, the desire is also Creator Source’s desire. Therefore, all desires, goals, and creations are in everyone’s best interest. However, in order to actualize a goal or desire, one must “prime the pump.” This means several things: Follow-through action or activity is required, to let the universe know “you mean business.” A goal or desire must be retained strongly in the mind. The goal must be as specific as possible. The same is true of what we don’t want, what we prefer to eliminate from our lives. These again are connected to our Higher Selves and Creator Source. Our body/minds instinctively and intuitively know impediments to personal and global growth, learning, and evolution. The body/mind is wise and receptive, while being connected to Universal Wisdom and intuitively connected to the Whole. Imagine that every individual body/mind is one piece of a gigantic universal jigsaw puzzle wherein each of the pieces fit together perfectly. That jigsaw puzzle contains all the elements of unified creation. The body/mind accesses its own piece of the puzzle, although it may not know how it fits with the other pieces of the puzzle or how all the pieces relate to each other. Yet body/mind wisdom, because it’s connected to the whole puzzle, provides an exact fit. To respect body/mind wisdom is to honor the perfection of the working-out of the universal scheme of life. The form a body/mind message takes depends on the individual, interpreted and translated into workable communication depending on one’s main system of learning and assimilation. Some “feel” messages, while others see pictures. A third group may hear messages as words, phrases, or sentences. No method is better than any other.

Timing is an essential element.

The body/mind is connected to Infinite Time, which means that the timing sensed in the body/mind is always correct. body/mind messages are received in present time, in the now. The body/mind acts like a beacon, a neon light illuminating the path one is meant to follow. One’s path can be analogous to a series of stepping stones; the stones into the future are hidden by dense undergrowth. First one steps on the stone being presented, lit up by the body/mind. As one steps on that stone on the path, the next stone lights up, and so on. Often body/mind messages are fleeting, like a hummingbird sucking nectar from a flower, a fading sunset, a baby’s first smile. We discovered that if we ignored the message, we missed a significant window of opportunity. Other times, vital communication from the body/mind persisted, becoming ever more insistent, more pressing, and louder until we listened and followed its instructions. One’s body/mind might desire an endeavor, goal, or project, but the execution of that goal may be intended for the future, as part of universal timing. In other words, timing is an inherent element in attaining goals. Meanwhile we could utilize our intellect to determine the “how” and “what” in executing that goal. Our body/minds would always let us know when the timing was right to begin (or end) a project…

The body/mind perceives, absorbs, intuits, and feels, whereas the intellect analyzes, compares, and judges.

The intellect, when used inappropriately, is the source of duality, discontent, confusion, discouragement, jealousy, pride, possessiveness, and fear. We’re not implying the intellect is a bad thing. The intellect has a very important job-to process information and to help with learning and understanding. The intellect also assists in locating and sorting through a variety of means to achieve goals. But intellectual denial can destroy, derail or mute spiritual experience and hamper the clarity of the body/mind. We Lemurians trained our intellects to function appropriately so they supported rather than hindered our body/mind wisdom and decisions. The intellect may balk at a body/mind message, thinking “this can’t be right; this doesn’t make sense.” But when we listened to and followed the body/mind instructions, results were truly amazing. And we didn’t “should” on ourselves. If our intellect said we “should” do something, but our body/mind disagreed, our primary allegiance was to the body/mind.

How to loosen the intellect’s tight rein over us.

The intellect’s job is to sort through the vast array of information being received through the body/mind and make order out of it. When the intellect attempts to understand the information, it sometimes leads to confusion. The intellect tends to get overwhelmed—like dragging an elephant through a knot- hole. We learned to relax the intellect. How did we do that? Stopped what we were doing. Breathed. Danced. Went out into nature. Stretched or exercised. Rested. Meditated. Remembered. Had fun! We found that play especially helped to relax the intellect… Furthermore, fun and play have the same vibration as light, and the body and body/mind is activated and energized by light. By not having fun, we became disconnected from the body/mind, which created tiredness, boredom, discontent, anger, depression, etc. Even work was transformed into fun and play by finding the creative element, the part of work we loved. Fun creates joy, happiness, contentment, excitement, timelessness, creativity, and miracles. Sometimes cravings resulted when the physical body was out of balance. We were taught that cravings, as well as discomfort and pain, were illuminating mes- sages from the body/mind to light up any thoughts, emotions or activities that were part of our learning process-and we paid attention! We tried to find the most healthful, loving, and creative solution for any particular problem. The message we received might be vague, like “I’m bored” or “I’m tired.” That was our signal to do something different…When we followed body/mind intuitions, our bodies responded with relief, peace, and happiness. When honoring the body/mind and following its instructions, joy, contentment, and the ease of synchronistic events also took place. Miracles happened. Whatever was right for one was not necessarily right for all. One’s unique body/mind wisdom was the final authority for that individual. Only each individual could access his or her own body/mind…We learned that living from the body/mind was like being securely held by Creator Source. Within Creator Source’s arms, the body/mind became a divining rod for insight and discernment and led to feeling self-assured, happy, peaceful, loving, and joyful.

Following these guidelines we will just know intuitively what is true. Then we can say along with Watto from Stars Wars,

“The truth is like a lion. You don’t have to defend it. It will defend itself. Just let it loose.” St. Augustine

Now I have to takeoff for a meeting with the Orion Council of Light. Adios Amigos.