2022 Overview

The song is “Lead With Your Heart” by the Canadian Tenors. I created the video using the EFEKT app and our christmas lights.

Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Insanity?


“I Choose Love” A song by Shawn Gallaway.15 Foods To Help Improve Mental HealthA New Defination of SanityA Psychiatrist Explores the Terrible Side Effects of Antidepressants — Stuart Shipko M.D.Alternatives to Psychiatric DrugsAre anti-depressants the best way to treat depression?Are you depressed?Because Indigos are naturally intuitive they process information much differently than most humans.Big Pharma Exploits the Highly Hierarchical Nature of the Medical Profession.But what do the millions of people who take antidepressants experience? Does their personality change?Can aromatherapy really help anxiety and depression?Child Drugging: Psychiatry Destroying LivesDo psychaitric drugs cause insanity?Do you think that Charlie Brown has Avoidant Personality Disorder?Don’t Want Your Diagnosis (Song to a Therapist/Psychiatrist) Rebecca Stabile/Daniel MacklerDr. James Davies interviewed people who did research on the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs or participated in the writing of the DSM. What he found out is astonishing.Excerpts from Cracked The Unhappy Truth About Psychiatry by Dr. James DaviesHomeopathic medicines have been used for more than 240 years.How Psychiatric Drugs Take Your Mind PrisonerI recently read Running on Empty Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect by Dr. Jonice Webb. I did the CEN questionnaire and found that I am still influenced by childhood emotional neglect.(CEN)In this video Icke explains that a negative force has been manipulating perception with low vibration frequencies for a very long time.Insanity is a diseased mind (diseased or disconnected soul) which leads the being to choose to continually inflict destruction and harm to the self and others. Lisa ReneeIs it dangerous to see a Psychiatrist? An article by Peter Breggin MD.Lisa Renee defines sanity in terms of coherence.On YouTube there are many videos that provide frequencies of music.One in five Americans is taking a psychiatric drug including millions of children.Psychiatrists Are Extremely Ignorant About LifePsychiatry Is an Alternative RealityRole of homeopathy in managing depressionschizophrenia & anxiety – Dr. Surekha TiwariSchool Related Violence Committed By Those Under The Influence Of Psychiatric DrugsSo who is really sane? Children and animals certainly are.The biggest trick Big Pharma has used is to perpetuate the myth that a mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which only can be managed but never cured by a drug.The Controllers desperately want us to forget that we have Souls. Lisa ReneeThe DSM has caused Three False Epidemics in PsychiatryThe DSM Medicalized Normal Behavior Which Caused the Over Prescribing of Psychiatric Drugs.The ES Core Triad Practice to release fear programsThe movie Medicating Normal explores what happens when for profit medicine intersects with human beings in distress.The three hour documentary “The Marketing of Madness” discloses how Big Pharma maintains a multi-billion dollar business by perpetuating lies about mental illness.The Tricks Big Pharma Uses to Promote Their ProductThis tool will show you if your doctor is accepting Big Pharma bribesUnfortunately when people are disconnected from their Soul through the rigid belief that they do not have one they will not gain higher consciousness or higher sensory perception ability.Why Psychiatric Drugs Are Killing Your Brain and How to Get Out Of The BindWithdrawal Symptoms Make Escape from the Drugs Extremely Difficult

Is the War In Ukraine A False Flag Event?


“Assembled in a crowd people lose their powers of reasoning and their capacity for moral choice.” Glenn Greenwald, “Having the U.S. risk global nuclear annihilation over Ukraine is an insane view.” Glenn Greenwald, ALL AMERICA’S WARS BEGIN WITH FALSE FLAGS, American politician Talsi Gabbard accused Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky of suppressing free media and political repression of the opposition, Distract the public-justify the war machine – Wag the Dog (1997), FAKE VIDEOS about Ukraine everywhere now – MSM is getting desperate to keep up the narrative, Photos from 2018 used for Ukraine War News, SSM fake war reporting from Ukraine, The clearly valid questions regarding actual U.S intentions concerning Ukraine i.e. that a noble, The War in Ukraine. Another False Flag Event?, There’s substantial evidence that what the MSM is reporting about the war in Ukraine is not accurate., Tucker’s take: ‘Ukraine isn’t a democracy. It’s a State Department client state.’, Ukraine is not a democracy., Ukraine looks calm on security cameras while mainstream media is showing a brutal war., War Propaganda About Ukraine Becoming More Militaristic Authoritarian and Reckless by Glenn Greenwald 

What do Gates, Trudeau, and Lich have in Common? Duping Delight.

If you watch closely you will see many politicians and crisis actors display duping delight which indicates that they are lying and enjoying duping their audience.


“How to spot a Liar” Dr. Pamela Meyer, “If someone says something which disrupts establishment narratives I help elevate what they’re saying in that specific instance.” Caitlin Johnsotne, “In fact duping delight is a form of body language pretty much exclusively reserved for pathological character types such as psychopaths.” Dr. Paul Ekman, “They cannot contain their glee that they are deceiving someone and the smirk of duping delight is this glee leaking out despite their best intentions to keep it concealed.” Dr. Paul Ekman, “Those who manipulate the unseen mechanisms of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country” Aria Persei, Cultivation of Gullibility by Lisa Renee, Discerning disinformation-controlled opposition and unconscious matrix agents and learning to see and feel through deception. Aria Persei, DUPING DELIGHT JUSTIN TRUDEAU GIVES $10 MILLION TO TERRORIST, DUPING DELIGHT OF EVIL BILL GATES, How can we spot duping delight? Are dupers psychopaths?, How To Tell If Someone Is Controlled Opposition by Caitlin Johnstone, Illinois health official caught duping in delight, Tamara Lich Abandons the Freedom Convoy, Tamara Lich displays duping delight., Who is benefiting from the current agendas?

The Cabal Rapes,Tortures and Murders Children


“Moloch is a Soul Binding entity and energetic container used in SRA rituals.” Lisa Renee, Anne Marie van Blijenburgh testifies how she was present three times at ritual abuse and murder of children, Are top officials worldwide systematically abusing children?, Data-dump adrenochrome paper trail, Extensive underground networks have also been built underneath the White House and other government buildings around the world., Nathalie Augustina was regularly drugged for sex parties of the elite and raped by many of them., PEDOPHILE POLITICIANS, Ronald Bernard testifies how he was invited into the upper echelons of society to participate in the ritual abuse and murder of children., Royalty Organizes Child Murders, That the richest family in the world is involved in Satanism is no secret., The Cabal Rapes Tortures and Murders Children. This Must Stop, The CIA Deals Children, The eyewitnesses and surviving victims from all over the world all describe the EXACT same things: they were raped for years on end by the highest level people in their nations., The History of Child sacrifice., Witnesses Confirm Abuse by the Government 

Enemies and Allies Directory

May 10,2022



The Death and Rebirth of Earth

August 10th, 2022 6,489 words


“If Everyone Is King Then No One Is” by Caitlin Johnstone“Our reality is a consciousness hologram.” Lisa Renee“Our reality is a simulation.” David Icke“The biggest purveyor of online mal- mis- and dis-information is the US government.” James Corbett“The real wealth is the genetic material and consciousness energy of the people.” Lisa Renee“Trapped in the Slaughterhouse” by Caitlin Johnstone“We don’t recognize that the true governing power of society is (and always has been) ours to wield.” James CorbettA testimony of a Greek Priest-Monk who received the Pfizer Vaccine and felt cut off from the spiritual world.Alien technology has succeeded in keeping the consciousness of mankind in the first four dimensions.Corona Vaccination Damages In The Life After DeathCovid Vaccines Consequences on the Soul Spirit and Life after DeathFive Things to Know about Sri Lanka’s CrisisIf there is no one to take care of the earthbound deceased it may take many centuries for their condition to change.Maya originally denoted the magic power with which a god can make human beings believe in what turns out to be an illusion.Miley Cyrus in “Black Mirror” as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It’s Not FictionMONOPOLY – WHO OWNS THE WORLD? A DOCUMENTARY BY TIM GIELENOverthrowing The False Kings of TryannySri Lanka’s DIGITAL ID and SOCIAL CREDIT QR Code Fuel RationingThe End OF Kings A video by Caitlin JohnstoneThe fifteen levels or dimensions of consciousness.The new thirteen sign Zodiac includes Ophiuchus.The People Are Taking Back Their Power! Inspired ChannelThe People Are Taking Back Their Power! Jean NolanThen I see a worldwide celebration. The war is over. The people have won.Three Types Of Beings/Entities Gaining Access Through The COVID VaccineWe all have to just stop being mindless slaves that obey our masters without question.

Image the World Without Them

November 10, 2022 8,373 words


“Humanity is becoming less religious as awareness expands that religions are nothing but a collection of unhelpful and unevidenced belief systems.” Caitlin Johnstone“Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled.” Suzanne Lie.“The Arcturians are compassionate and benevolent extraterrestrial beings that are assisting humanity during the Ascension Cycle.” Lisa Renee“The future ain’t what it used to be.” Yogi Berra“True leadership is not about controlling people it’s about caring for people and being a useful resource to help guide and develop people to reach their highest selves.” Lisa Renee“We have given our personal power away to people and structures that abuse authority.” Lisa ReneeAre You A Starseed? 5 Starseed Traits & Signs by The Spirit NomadCancer Research is a Big ScamDid you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward his or her process of transmutation into a higher resonance? Suzanne LieDr Jordan Peterson Exposes Education System in Joe Rogan InterviewGiorgia Meloni Danielle Smith Scott Moe and Scott Harrison truly are servant leaders.High Heart Chakra – Light Language Clearing & Activation.- A videoHow Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck PodcastHow many of the people in government deserve our loyality?HUGO TALKS: TRUMP’S SATANIC NEW AGE NETWORK OF DOCTORS & SPEAKERS (PSYOPS)If you don’t know where you are going you might end up someplace else.” Yogi BerraINCREDIBLE AND RARE FOOTAGE OF RUSSIAN SCIENTISTS FREE ENERGYLeadership Emotional IntelligenceLisa Renee calls it the Separation of Worlds.MedBeds Tachyon Energy and Light Language are the healing methods of the future.NEW WORLD ORDER by Adam Calhoun and Tom MacDonaldOne World Religion: Chrislam Is Here NowOnly the sheeple still see MDs as the omniscient demi-gods of medical science.Reject the Great Reset. Accept the Good Reset.Sadhguru is a WEF LackeySpiritual ConsumerismSpiritual Consumerism by Lisa ReneeThe Cooperative Business Model — The Seven Cooperative PrinciplesThe people who opposed the lockdowns and refused the suicide jab will be recognized as the best of humanity.The ReAwaken America tour made a stop in Lancaster County-unites conservative Christians and conspiracy theoristsThose people who are trapped in the 3D power over others format will be taken to another planet.TRAILER FOR CANCER: THE FORBIDDEN CURESTransgender Operations: A Great Way to Reduce the PopulationUnconditional love is an energy field of acceptance support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another.We need open minded free thinkers who have a high EQ as well a high IQ.What the Arcturians have said about leadership.What we have in the world today is businesses based largely motivated by profit and run by greedy sociopaths to the detriment of society and the environment.

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