2020 Posts Overview

Unlike most blogs my posts are arranged in chronological order, that is from the earliest to the most recent from July to December, 2o2o. All my post include oftentimes humorous, political cartoons, illustrations and photos.

Beliefs (PicsArt) Beliefs are like shoes. They have to be replaced from time to time.

The Only Truth Security (PicsArt) The only true security is to realize that we are not separate from God, humanity or nature. Cazekiel.

Three things…(PicsArt) Three things can not remain hidden for long. The Sun, the moon and the truth. Guatama Buddha

Covid 1984 (4427 words) George Orwell’s book 1984 was published on 8 June 1949. Thematically, Nineteen Eighty-Four centres on the consequences of government over-reach, totalitarianismmass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviours within society. More broadly, it examines the role of truth and facts within politics and their manipulation. The current lockdown which a clear example of government overreach that has violated many our freedoms is based on the claim that it will save lives has not saved any lives.

 Dr. Carrie Madej reveals the contents of the the Covid-19 vaccine. Synthetic DNA/RNA of a part of the virus which is meant to get your immune system familiar with the virus so it can fight it better when it enters your body. However it could become a permanent part of your genome.

David Icke (4581 words) A summary and review of his book Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More. In 1989 he started to feel a presence around him. In early 1990 he actually said out loud, “If you are there will you please contact me because you are driving me up the wall.” In March he was guided to a book by a professional psychic…On his third visit to this psychic she closed her eyes and saw a Chinese-looking figure which was only a projection from another plane for her to focus on. What this figure said was,

“He is a healer who is here to heal the Earth and he will be world famous. He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect him. He is still a child, but he will be given the spiritual riches. Sometimes he will say things and wonder where they came from. They will be ours words. Knowledge will be put into his mind and at other times he will be led to knowledge.”

In this well documented book Icke reveals the connection between the power elite and the ET race called the Reptilians.

Those in major positions of royal, political, banking, commercial, media and military power are invariably Reptilian-hybrids and the bloodlines have always performed sacrificial rituals going back to Sumer and the later stages Atlantis and Mu…Reptilian and other demonic entities operating just beyond visible light, feed off the energy of the terrified victims and the surge of energy released at the point of death.

Icke clearly states that George W. Bush and many other political leaders are hybrid reptilians. George W. Bush and the deep state were responsible for the hoax we now call 9/11. According to Khalezov in his book, The WTC Nuclear Demolition the videos of the planes hitting the towers were digitally manipulated fakes because a plane made of aluminum travelling at 550 mph could never penetrate the thick steel walls of the twin towers. Even greater deceptions are in the works such as the Project Blue Beam that can project holograms in the air of religious figures who will telepathically urge you to join the one world religion or project holograms of alien space crafts over every city to convince you of the need for a one world government to fight off these invaders. 

Infinite love is...(PicsArt) “Infinite love is the only truth. Everything else is illuson.” Ayahuasca through David Icke

Are You Scared Yet? (3397 words) Media Manipulation Falls to New Lows of Absurdity

A critical analysis of the photos and headlines of several articles that are meant to scare you may give you a chuckle instead. Please note the use of the words, “Some experts say” and later “for many health specialists.” This begs many questions, why are they considered experts, what are their credentials, why did they say this? Of course no one can call up and get answers from anonymous experts. They are as elusive as the virus.

This post includes this article by Daniel Horowitz and a link to a video by Richard Grannon.

Remarkably Low Coronavirus Death Rate. Where is the Media? By Daniel Horowitz. Posted on: Wednesday, July 8th 2020.”Most people are more likely to wind up six feet under because of almost anything else under the sun other than COVID-19″.

“The governments that have imposed a lockdown on their people are acting like bullies but we don’t have to behave like victims.” Richard Grannon.

David Icke 2 (4269 words) In this post I continue my review of Icke’s book Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More. In Chapter 12 Icke explains the symbols we see everyday relate back to the ancient serpent race, that is the reptilians.

“The serpent race was known as ‘the Watchers’, hence the all-seeing-eye symbol of the Illuminati which can be found in many guises, including on the dollar bill, on Credo Mutwa’s Necklace of the Mysteries, the Egyptian Eye of Ra, and so on.”

The book, The Vigilant Citizen -Symbols Rule the World, Not Words Nor Laws -The Ultimate Guide Guide Exposing Occult Symbolism explains why so many celebs cover one eye when they are being photographed. The symbol of the missing/hidden eye represents the loss of the half the victim’s vision of the world. The other half being taken out and controlled by the handlers.It indicates they are under Illuminati mind control known as Monarch programming previously called MK-ULTRA Katy Perry and Britany Spears are products of this programming.

Icke goes on the state that there are undergound reptilian bases all over the world and “they are especially prevalent in the United States where the underground bases and cavern cities are linked by tunnel networks with incredibly fast electromagnetic transport systems…”

He said that there is a large base under the Denver Airport which has some very strange and disturbing murals. I dug up this article that lends credence to that theory. “How D.I.A.’s Murals Feed Conspiracy Theorists.” April 12, 2020. By Cameron Bailey in Uncover Colorado.

Don’t Worry Be Happy A break from the doom and gloom with links to Bobby McFerrin’s video and the hilarious footage from the interactive Universal Studies photo booth.

David Icke 3 (7412 words) Icke reaches the same conclusion that author and researcher Don Wilson does in his book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, which is the Moon is an artificially-constructed spacecraft. But Icke goes one step farther. 

“It is the Reptilians’ control system. The placement of the Moon dictates the speed of Earth’s rotation and the angle at which it rotates – 22.5 degrees from vertical…The Moon is also the major location for the genetic program to produce the Reptilian-hybrid bloodlines. The ‘human’ monarchy is really the moonarchy, just as its major weapon of control, money, is mooney.

While in the Brazilian rainforest and Icke took a psychoactive drug made from the ayahuasca plant known as the teacher plant.When the drug kicked in a voice that told him that all that exists is one infinite consciousness but we had become caught up in the Matrix time loop, 

“The Time Loop is a Mind-construct that entraps people in a perpetually recurring cycle of repeating experience. ‘Time’ appears to be going ‘forward’ from ‘past’ through ‘present’ to ‘future’, but what we call ‘time’ in this reality is actually a ‘loop’. We only experience a small part of the loop in a single ‘lifetime’ and so we have the illusion of going ‘forward’ into the ‘future’. The only way to break the cycle is to become Conscious and perceive beyond Mind.”

On his ayahuasca trip he was taken to,

“…a realm of indescribable bliss. There was no ‘time’ and there was no ‘place’. Everything just was. I had no body, I was only Consciousness, and I was everything. There were no divisions, no polarities, no black and white, no us and them. I was Infinite, but I was also completely self-aware as an ‘individual’ with my own point of observation within the whole.”

He cites the very interesting case of an American neuroanatomist to show us how the left and right hemispheres give us very different views of reality. Jill Bolte Taylor, an American neuroanatomist, was given an extraordinary insight into how the brain decodes the virtual-reality universe and the very separate functions of the two hemispheres when a blood vessel burst in the left side of her brain.

Eckhart Tolle in the introduction to his book, The Power of Now describes his transition from left brain to right brain reality in the same way as Icke and Taylor. What reptilians have done is keep our consciousness lock up in the left brain by our education system and the moon matrix.

This post includes an excerpt from The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are by Alan Watts. A quote from C.W. Leadbetter about the planes of existance people go to after death. An artist sketch of a reptilian and a link to a video called “Zhanna The Russian Woman with Reptioid Eyes.”

David Icke 4 (9019 w0rds) I begin this post with a means to get into our right brain.When we do holographic breathwork or kundalini breathing techniques we take the control of our breath away from the reptilian brain from the website of Stanislav Grof. M.D.  www.dipsu.dk.

Icke has this to say about the effect of fluoride on the pineal gland and hypothalamus glands,

The pineal gland is activated by light and controls the body’s biorhythms in concert with the hypothalamus gland which regulates hunger, thirst, sexual desire and the biological clock that dictates how fast we age… This is the key reason for putting sodium fluoride into water supplies and toothpaste. The pineal gland absorbs more fluoride than any other part of the body and becomes calcified by this highly-damaging toxin.

Icke uses this quote by Michael Ellner to introduce six of his chapters,

“Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down. Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.”

This may be the most relevant and important passage in the whole book,

We must not succumb to compulsory vaccination, because the individual and collective consequences are potentially catastrophic. Most will, of course, but there are ever increasing numbers who do have a mind they can call their own and do have a determination to stand for what they know to be right. Those people need to be harnessed and brought together in a mass refusal to bow to this tyranny that demands we concede to the State the control of our own bodies.

The death George Floyd caused protests and riots across America. I provide links to videos that reveal that his death was a hoax.

David Icke 5 (9352 words) Icke begins the next section of his book with the topic, humanism and the targeting of our children.

In 1969 the British Humanist Association proclaimed: ‘… Some opponents of Humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.’ Humanism dismisses religion and the ‘supernatural’ while being basically a branch of the religion of ‘scientism’. It does not accept life after death and says that every human is a unit of mind, body and personality.

David Icke, Lisa Renee, James Gilliland and others have also stated that there are ETs here to help us but we have to raise our consciousness to be able to contact them telepathically. 

Icke mentions the documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell which tells the story of  how the women of Liberia in West Africa ended a bloody and horrific war by peaceful protest and non-cooperation. I provide a link to this movie.

Icke ends his remarkable book with this statement.

More than anything at this extraordinary time of transformation, the human race must get off its knees. It has been down there for far too long. ENOUGH! We are All That Is, All Possibility, All Potential, All Existence. What are we doing with our knees on the floor and our hands clasped together in worship or pleas for mercy? We are lions, not lambs, and lions refuse to be herded. Stand up, wake up and let’s get this sorted. We are lions disguised as sheep; but we don’t have to be. The lion within can awaken whenever we choose to set it free. As the poet, Percy Shelley, said:

Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.

Good News from Canada This post is based on a Rebel News interview with Rocco Galati’s lawsuit.(1224 w0rds)

The statement of claim is 191 pages long. You can read the whole statement of claim at InstitutionalRightsCentre.ca

Here are some excerpts.

The End of the Mask-erade (3275 words) This post covers the lockdown protests and law suits. It contains many covid cartoons and witty quotes. I have photos of large protests in Berlin, London, Belgrade, Dublin, Mexico City, seven states in the USA and Ottawa, Canada. None of these protests were reported by the mainstream media which makes them that much more important.

In this post I report on three lawsuits. NYC sues Como and De Blasio for two billion. RFK JR. and Children’s Health Defence sue U of California for making the flu shot mandatory. Dr. Reiner Fuellmich sues the doctor who invented the PCR test to detect Covid-19.

I provide the FDA’s long list of serious possible adverse event outcomes of the Covid-19 vaccines.

A report from Sweden which never went into lock down shows that country had 647 deaths per million in 2020. This is lower than 22 countries that did have a lockdown.

Lisa Renee (6714 words)

Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous  kundalini  event three decades ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Lyran-Sirians, Melchizedek Ur and Aurora Guardians. She says,

These are extradimensional beings that have lost their Consciousness connection to god source and are utilizing human and other beings as their food source (like a parasite) to live thousands of years. They do not have emotions as humans have but are highly intelligent as they are working on higher mind principles than the human Three Layers of Ego…The Negative Aliens have downloaded their genetic mutations through Mind Control technologies which manifest as a severe Lack of Empathy within the collective consciousness of the human race, in order to control the planet to serve their agenda.

Renee provides an chart of the real history of mankind called,”The Ages of Humanity From the Ice Age in 10,500 BCE”

In her post titled, “NRG Mission” Lisa writes about how soul energies are collected by the reptilian hybrids.
“This system collects and harvest human soul energies when collected by possessing or manipulating alien predators through rape, sodomy, an a variety of sexual abuses or deviations. When a child or adult is tortured and raped, the soul energies are collected in the anus and vaginal areas (perineum), and is why rape with a predator possession usually includes physical beating and multiple levels of abuses performed in conjunction with the sexual violation. The anger generated in such possession cases, helps the rapist become the possessor and dominator of the victim to steal the beings life force and “feed on it.”

Practicing Satanism = Human Sex Trafficking = Pedophilia=Blood Sacrifice.

I summerize the appendix of David Icke’s book where he records the “Confessions of a Satanist.” It purports to be a ‘deathbed confession’ about the nature of Satanism and the depth of its influence and control throughout global society. It includes descriptions of satanic child abuse. The text is said to be the words of ‘Petor Narsagonan’ – aka Frater 616 – ‘who died on 25th March 2004’.

I list the chapters titles of the most complete book on child sexual abuse and satanic ritual abuse is Pedophilia & Empire – Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State by Joachim Hagopian and provide a list of the chapters.

Lisa Renne concludes her post by first asking two questions,  

What if it was clear that the resolution to every problem that exists on this planet, economic, political or social, was fully resolvable by committing to and reclaiming your spiritual identity? That all pain, suffering, sickness and atrocity, even cataclysms, are based in spiritual disconnection, whether that form is human or nonhuman?… 

Lisa Renee 2 (5584 words)

After watching, the Spiro Skoupas video, “COVID-1984 FROM A TWO WEEK LOCKDOWN TO MANDATORY VACCINATION & LIFE IN PRISON.” I was eager to read what Renee wrote about informed consent on her website, energeticsynthesis.com.

Informed Consent is a legal term and ethical principle that describes biological ethics, which was introduced after World War II. It replaced the earlier medical attitudes that were founded on having implicit trust in a doctor’s decisions, and put patients in charge of their own care…Informed consent can be said to be given, when a person has been educated to understand the facts and considers the implication and possible consequences of an action, which will impact them. Informed consent is directly related to preserving a human beings right to self-ownership, autonomy and the prevention of abusive conduct…The fact we think the thought automatically under Mind Control programs, means we have given the thought consent even without our conscious participation with intent. This is the main factor in NAA (Negative Alien Agenda) human exploitation by Mind Control. By taking away knowledge of personal Intent, they remove personal consent in the laws.

We must remember we have returned to this earth to master ourselves and master these entities and the negative energies here. This requires we learn exactly how these entities think, what their strategies are, and where they came from, why they may be attached to us and how they infiltrated this planet. We are in a war over consciousness that requires we master the psychological-spiritual warfare being directed to humanity.

And nanobots and hydrogel will advance the transhuman agenda which will be completed in 2045 when they have created a hologram body according to Celeste Solum who worked for FEMA for 20 years. The technology to do this comes from the reptilians who are experts at genetic modification.

I conclude this post with a quote from “Plandemic 2 Indoctornation”

“Fears shuts down the part of our brains designed to solve problems. Without this ability we look to others to guide us and save us. In doing so we lose touch with our most primal nature…We forget we are an extension of the most brilliant ecosystem in the universe. The good news is that the story is not over. The climax is yet to come. That moment when the hero rises to feet summoning a force they forgot they had, a force within, the force of nature.” 

Lisa Renee 3 (6157 w0rds) In this post I talk about money. How it is manipulated and how it affects our psychology and behavior. I start with quotes from Antony Sutton start with how the banksters control the money supply and the economy.

In Sutton’s book, The Federal Reserve Conspiracy, he writes,

Chapter One:
Since 1913 politicians and media have treated the Federal
Reserve Bank as a kind of untouchable off limits semi-God…no
one except certified crackpots and kooks criticizes the Fed. The Fed has a legal monopoly of money granted by Congress in 1913 proceedings that were unconstitutional and fraudulent…The Federal Reserve has the power to create money. This money is fiction, created out of nothing…In brief, this private group of bankers has a money machine monopoly. This monopoly is uncontrolled by anyone and is guaranteed profit. Further, the monopoly doesn’t have to answer questions or produce books or file annual statements. It is an unrestricted money monopoly.

From America’s Secret Establishment, An Introduction to the Order of the Skull and Bones. 

“There is an Establishment history, an official history, which dominates history textbooks, trade publishing, the media and library shelves. The official line always assumes that events such as wars, revolutions, scandals, assassinations, are more or less random unconnected events. By definition events can NEVER be the result of a conspiracy, they can never result from premeditated planned group action. An excellent example is the Kennedy assassination when, within 9 hours of the Dallas tragedy, TV networks announced the shooting was NOT a conspiracy, regardless of the fact that a negative proposition can never be proven, and that the investigation had barely begun.”

But why do the black hats who care about no one except themselves,  have so much money and you and I who would like to create a world where there is enough for everyone have so little? Is it only the immense greed and total lack of ethics that has enabled these few families to become the super rich? Let’s take a look at what Lisa Renee has to say about the monetary system and black magic money.  

From Renee’s Shifting Timelines Newsletter. January 2017

POVERTY CONSCIOUSNESS: It is vital to have a basic understanding of how the monetary system has been designed on the earth to work as an enslavement tool that traps people in materialism, consumerism and Poverty Consciousness. The system of debt based currency used as the current global monetary system was originally brought to the earth by the Alpha Draconis Orion Group…Poverty Consciousness is directly connected to the social engineering of a slave race…The primary motivation of the Controller’s is to use threats and fears of personal safety in order to trigger insecurity in the people, which is used as a major mind control and manipulation mechanism to incite rampant materialism. In order to continually spread poverty consciousness on the earth, the Orion Group introduced a debt system of currency that would equate monetary enslavement with consciousness enslavement.

Most people are not aware that the US dollar and the paper it’s printed on, is printed with hidden esoteric symbols …This is to pay homage to theLuciferian Belial Suns, claiming them in the monetary system as the progenitors or owners of the human race. It signifies the prophecy or promise that at the end of the time cycle, they will return to earth to reclaim their subjects to take them to another planet. 

Renee provides some guidelines to remember in creating value exchange currency in the new energy architecture.

From the “Time Shift Blog Black Magic and Skin Eruptions.”

“The manipulation of consciousness technology and the world of forces for Service to Self and negative ego purposes without regard to the consent or consequence of others. There are many different levels of the propagation of Black Magic. Black Magic is a form of Satanism. Until a person has knowledge of what Black Magic actually is and how it is perpetrated and represented in energy, that person is not protected from the effects of black magic. Knowledge protects, while ignorance harms.”

Then Lisa gives us ten ways to define black magic and who is a black magician.

In closing I mention that there is a meditation on the energetic synthesis wesite called, “Clear Seed Fears, Slavery and Poverty Mind Control Meditation.” which addresses the causal timeline and the seed fears of slavery and poverty consciousness, as we clear these mutations and effects made upon our consciousness and human body. 

An Aurora Guardian defends the Earth from the Cabal of Super Villains (PicsArt)

The Strange Case of Donald Trump

Since Lisa mentioned that the Guardians asked her to hold space for Donald Trump to prevent an assissination attempt. I did some research on Trump and Q Anon. Trump has fast tracked the implementation to 5G throughout America. But there is a connection between 5G and Covid-19 that most people don’t know about documented in the video, “The Impact of 5G” Furthermore over 200,000 people many of them doctors or scientist have signed the International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space. Trump has promoted Operation Warp Speed to get the vaccine to Americans as soon as it is ready. But what the vaccine contains will surprise you for it is a big part of the transhuman agenda. As for QAnon, Caitlin Johnstone’s article “QAnon Is A Fake, Decoy Imitation Of A Healthy Revolutionary Impulse” provides the facts about this hoax in my

Christmas 2020, Mexico (PicsArt) Unusual trees in Mexico are transformed into enchanting works of art.