David Icke 5 The NWO Targets our Children

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Humanism and the targeting of our children.

You may recall that the Rothschild Zionist, Dr Richard Day, said in 1969 that the family was planned to diminish in importance, and in that same year the British Humanist Association proclaimed: ‘… Some opponents of Humanism have accused us of wishing to overthrow the traditional Christian family. They are right. That is exactly what we intend to do.’ Humanism dismisses religion and the ‘supernatural’ while being basically a branch of the religion of ‘scientism’. It does not accept life after death and says that every human is a unit of mind, body and personality. There is no dualism of body and soul and so mind and body cease to exist at death. Humanism is a front to remove the concept of eternal Consciousness from human perception.

The World Federation for Mental Health was established in 1948 in the same era as the United Nations and the World Health Organization and its first president was John Rawlings Rees, founder of the global social engineering operation, the Tavistock Institute, in London of which more later. Rawlings Rees pledged to transform society through mass behaviour manipulation. The United Nations has a ‘consultative relationship’ with the World Federation for Mental Health. This is highly significant given that the Federation’s founding document, ‘Mental Health and World Citizenship’, says this: Studies of human development indicate the modifiability of human behaviour throughout life, especially during infancy, childhood and adolescence … Social institutions such as family and school impose their imprint early … It is the men and women in whom these patterns of attitude and behaviour have been incorporated who present the immediate resistance to social, economic and political changes.

We are seeing an ever-lengthening list of excuses to remove children from their parents, and a common theme is to equate refusing to follow the official line with being a ‘bad parent’ or even ‘child abuse’. If you won’t do what the State decrees is best for your children the State must either make you conform or take them away. You can see this happening with vaccinations. Sandy Macara, former chairman of the Rothschildcontrolled British Medical Association, has said that if parents can’t be persuaded to give their children the highly-controversial MMR vaccine then it should be made compulsory. The next stage, if people continue to remain spectators in their own enslavement, will be to accuse those who still say ‘no’ of abusing their children and putting them in danger by not having them vaccinated.

The calculated programming of children and young people has been exposed by Charlotte Iserbyt, Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement at the US Department of Education during the first Reagan Administration. She reveals in her book, The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, and in media interviews, how she was trained to target those in the system who would ‘resist’ the transformation of American and global education. She reveals from insider knowledge that programmes engineered by the Illuminati Carnegie Foundation and Julian Huxley’s UNESCO set out to impose behaviour and perception modification through the ‘education’ system. Charlotte Iserbyt said: “It all started in 1934 when the Carnegie Foundation set the agenda for the next hundred years and that was to change our country from a free, individualistic economy to a planned economy – and to do it through the schools. American education would henceforth concern itself with the importance of the group rather than with the importance of the individual … The purpose of education would shift to focus on the student’s emotional health, rather than academic learning.”

The plan was to create new generations of Americans who would look to the United Nations as their ‘nation’ and not to the United States, opening the way for a one-world government. They wanted to program children and young people not to think for themselves, and the use of drugs was part of this. Everything Charlotte Iserbyt reveals about the calculated attack on the psyche of American children is happening in evergreater extremes around the world.

How the system treats foster children

The system itself doesn’t care about children. US government statistics show that children in the ‘welfare’ system are six to seven times more likely to be mistreated and three times more likely to be killed than children in the general population. More than 660 children in the LA County foster care system have died since 1991 and more than 160 were murdered. Imagine what the figure must be worldwide. The Miami Herald revealed that 31 per cent of teenagers in foster care in Florida have been prescribed psychotropic drugs. Neuropsychologist and attorney, Toni Appel, said: ‘One gets the impression that these drugs are utilised as chemical straitjackets, not for therapeutic reasons.’ He is right, of course, and it has become the norm. Foster children under government control are also used to test drugs and pesticides, as with the experimental AIDS drug covertly used on foster children as young as three months at a home run by the Catholic Church in New York. They became known as the ‘guinea pig kids’ after their suffering was exposed, and they are far from alone. Paediatric nurse, Jacklyn Hoerger, who alerted the world to what was going on, fostered two of the children and took them off the drugs. This resulted in an ‘immediate boost to their health and happiness’. So much so that the authorities took the children away, accused Jacklyn Hoerger in court of being a child abuser and prevented her from seeing the children again.

An investigation in 1992 by California’s Little Hoover Commission quoted experts who said that between 35 and 70 per cent of foster children in the state should never have been taken from their parents. These children had suffered deep psychological trauma, they said. About 175,000 children are in the state’s ‘protective system’ and, once again, think what the number must be now across the world. John Elliott, a special-effects technician, spent $150,000 to get his daughter back from LA County and he described the Social Services scandal as ‘legal kidnapping to make a profit’. He filed a claim saying that social workers made false statements to take his daughter into ‘care’ and she was eventually returned. He said: “They tell lies to keep your kids in the system. My daughter was abused the whole time she was there. It’s a multibillion-dollarbusiness. It’s all about profit.”

The Useful Idiots

I believe that political correctness can be a form of linguistic fascism, and it sends shivers down the spine of my generation who went to war against fascism. P D James

You might have noticed a pattern throughout the book in which the official reason for something turns out to be a cover for precisely the opposite, and so it is with political correctness. It is supposed to be the means to stop minorities being ‘upset’ by what people say, but it is, in fact, a very powerful form of mind-programming. It is also an insult to the very ‘minorities’ it is supposed to be ‘protecting’. What scale of child-like stupidity does it take to change the term ‘black coffee’ to ‘coffee without milk’, or ‘black pudding’ to ‘breakfast pudding’, so not to upset black people? What scale of contempt for the intelligence of black people does it take to think they could give a damn? Other ‘potentially offensive’ phrases being banned by government departments and taxpayer-funded organisations include: ‘whiter than white’, ‘gentleman’s agreement’, ‘black mark’, ‘black looks’, ‘black day’ (use ‘miserable day’), ‘right-hand man’ and ‘master bedroom’. We have ‘Christmas lights’ changed to ‘winterval lights’ to stop non-Christians being offended.

The callousness and contempt for common sense, decency and justice that now prevails throughout national and local governments around the world has happened in such a coordinated way that there has to be a common cause. On one level we are back to the Reptilian hive-mind of the Moon Matrix. As more people wake up from the collective trance, others are going deeper into it. A vibrational parting of the ways is going on here and those who have descended into the deepening trance are the ones getting the jobs that administer the system as government and agency personnel, council officials, parking attendants or police officers. They have been replacing their sensible and decent predecessors for many years and they are so controlled by the hive mind that they have little capacity for free thought… You can always tell an Illuminati front by its desire to centralise everything and that includes the centralisation of thought as diversity is scorned, ridiculed and dismissed in favour of a manufactured ‘consensus’. You can see the Orwellian Newspeak technique of promoting an organisation as standing for the very thing it is seeking to destroy. Common Purpose says its aim is to develop ‘diverse’ leaders, when the opposite is the case. Illuminati fronts also tend to use language that tells you nothing when describing what they do. You wouldn’t know by reading its blurb what Common Purpose teaches its leaders and, with its courses costing thousands of pounds, it would be expensive to find out. It will be founded, however, on manufacturing a consensus reality among its ‘diverse’ clientele. This is a foundation technique of the Reptilian bloodlines – to manipulate agreement on a range of issues that then become the ‘norm’ to be defended from all challenge and true diversity.

They are preparing (programming) the useful idiot ‘leaders’ for what Common Purpose actually calls the ‘post-democratic era’ and they all want to develop ‘leaders’ in the same way by manufacturing consensus that eliminates diversity and by using group pressure on anyone who won’t conform. Mind manipulation techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, are also liberally embedded within the language used to engineer the consensus. NLP is a technique of using words to re-program the body-computer to accept another perception of reality – in this case the ‘consensus’ agreed by the manipulators before their victims even register for the ‘course’. Apparently, the CIA refers to these pre-agreed ‘opinions’ as ‘slides’. As one Internet writer said: A ‘slide’ is a prefabricated, ‘politically correct’ blanket ‘pop’ ‘opinion’, ‘view’ or ‘take’ upon a particular issue of general interest which is designed to preclude further consideration, analysis or investigation of the issue in question. In other words, it is a ‘collectivised’ mental position which is never to be questioned. This is precisely the ‘product’ of the Deputy Prime Minister’s insidious neurological linguistic control programme ‘Common Purpose’.

Brian Gerrish, a former British naval officer-turned-researcher, is the outstanding expert on Common Purpose. He says that the organisation, in league with agencies of government and commerce, seeks out ‘narcissistic’ personalities. As I said earlier, narcissism is defined as: ‘excessive love or admiration of oneself … a psychological condition characterised by self-preoccupation, lack of empathy [note, a major Reptilian trait] and unconscious deficits in self-esteem’. These are the personality-types that have been placed in positions of administration and management throughout the system and so the attitude of authority to the population has changed dramatically in more recent times. Law-enforcement agencies and the ‘extended police family’ at all levels are employing these narcissistic personalities at the expense of the ‘old school’ and, once again, this is why the attitude of law enforcement to the population has also become so much more arrogant and authoritarian. The narcissistic ego is so flawed with its unconscious lack of self-esteem that it wallows and glories in having ‘power over’. It is also, apparently, much more susceptible to Neuro-Linguistic Programming and other forms of mind control. Common Purpose and company identify their target-type through psychometric testing. Psychometrics is the measurement of knowledge, abilities, attitudes and personality traits mostly using carefully designed questionnaires and tests. You are seeing this employed with job applications right across the system today. Being able to do the job expertly is not enough any more. You have to be the ‘right type’. Brian Gerrish says of the narcissistic personality: Their love of themselves and power automatically means that they will crush others who get in their way. I received a major piece of the puzzle when a friend pointed out that when they made public officials re-apply for their own jobs several years ago they were also required to do psychometric tests. This was undoubtedly the start of the screening process to get ‘their’ sort of people in post.

This is a summary of what Brian Gerrish has found to be the recurring themes with Common Purpose and the people that it ‘trains’: 1)The person’s life is normal until they are selected to get involved with CP and then the personality begins to change. 2)People who are trying to do something to help the community find themselves harassed and bullied, and their projects stolen or closed down. If they fight back they become aware that others are working against them in a secretive and coordinated way. 3)Those that have come forward to talk about bad experiences with CP are invariably frightened and do not want to reveal names. 4)CP personnel use mantras and repeating sound bites instead of reasoned argument. 5)They can take on a similar appearance in dress code, especially women – all in little smart business suits. 6)They can behave in a robotic way. This has been observed especially in Social Services where mothers describe the lack of compassion and normal human warmth. Local authority CP graduates will lie, cheat and falsify documents to protect CP and/or hide what they are doing. 7)CP is now collecting information on those asking questions about its activities. 8)Information is denied under the Freedom of Information Act after CP officials have told authorities how to avoid making the information public.9)CP is desperate to get to children and young people. 10)It targets the brightest children and adults because these are easier to ‘reframe’.

“It is interesting that many of the mothers who have had children taken by the state speak of the Social Services people being icily cool, emotionless and, as two ladies said in slightly different words, ‘… like little robots’. We know that NLP programming is cumulative so people can be given small imperceptible doses of NLP in a course here, another in a few months, next year etc. In this way, major changes are accrued in their personality, but the day by day change is almost unnoticeable.” Brian Gerrish

Common Purpose is still carrying on business today. This excerpt is from
But evidence shows that Common Purpose is rather more than a Charity ‘empowering’ people and communities’. In fact, CP is an elitest pro-EU political organisation helping to replace democracy in UK, and worldwide, with CP chosen ‘elite’ leaders. In truth, their hidden networks and political objectives are undermining and destroying our democratic society and are threatening ‘free will’ in adults, teenagers and children. Their work is funded by public money and big business, including international banks.

Mass Mind Control

Political correctness and the explosion of rules and regulations, dos and don’ts, musts and mustn’ts, are there to inflict mass mind control on the population, and Common Purpose-type ‘training’ organisations are there to mind-manipulate the administrators of the system to impose the rules and regulations that enslave the people. Mind control of the masses is deployed in the same way that rats in a laboratory maze have their behaviour manipulated by electric shocks or punishments. If they go down the ‘wrong’ channel they keep getting shocked until eventually they won’t go there even if you take the shock equipment away. Their mind has been reprogrammed to react as you desire using the carrot and the stick technique. Conform to everything we say and we’ll leave you alone; question or refuse and smack!

This is an excerpt form the website.

The next generation of leaders – many of whom are studying at university now – are preparing to live and work in a fast, fluid and disrupted world; a world characterized by rapid advancements in technology known as the fourth industrial revolution.

The fourth industrial revolution is the advent of “cyber-physical systems involving entirely new capabilities for people and machines. In plain English people will merge with machines through nanobots and implants and be totally controlled by AI. Personally I was born human and prefer to die a human. Here is a list of universities that have partnered with common purpose to train the people who plan to rule the world in the post democratic era.

The human psyche is being bombarded from all angles. The game is to subjugate the Mind to follow a pattern of response every bit as extreme as the laboratory rat or mouse walking round the maze no longer needing external intervention to dictate where to go. Unthinking acquiescence – the comfort zone where conformity = comfort. Aldous Huxley wrote in Brave New World that the infiltration of the mind by the State would continue through suggestion and punishment until … … at last the child’s mind is these suggestions, and the sum of the suggestions is the child’s mind. And not the child’s mind only. The adult’s mind too, all his life long. The mind that judges and desires and decides – made up of these suggestions. But all these suggestions are our suggestions … Suggestions from the State.

In pursuit of this, the Reptilian-hybrid families are planning to stage more terrorist events, wars and disasters, engineer a devastating economic crash, impose ever more authoritarian laws, including those to ‘save the planet’ from ‘climate change’, and increase the fear and stress of the people in every way they can. Underpinning this will be further centralised control of the media, vicious attacks on the alternative media and freedom of expression, and ever-increasing ‘hate laws’ and political correctness to ensure that the real story of what is going on cannot be heard by the public. We must not bow to this or the consequences will be unthinkable. Look at what I have written in the last few chapters alone about the worldwide manipulation of politics, the military, the media, medicine, law, Big Pharma, Big Biotech, ‘leadership training’, civil liberties groups, political correctness, and so much else. Is there anyone who still believes that all this has come about by accident or chance? Or that it is all orchestrated by men in dark suits sitting around a table deciding their next move? It is much bigger than that – fundamentally so. It has happened and is happening through the Illuminati global web that has ensnared the people of this planet and is increasingly dictating every facet of their lives. This web, in turn, serves the agenda of the Reptilians and is constantly supported by vibrational communications broadcast from the Moon to capture the collective mind in a false reality, the Moon Matrix. These communications are implanted in the Metaphysical Universe – the waveform blueprint for this holographic reality. This contains infinite possibilities and the Control System seeks to tune the global population into the low-vibrational Moon Matrix programs by manipulating people into low-vibrational states of Mind, all based on different expressions of fear. When people are tuned into the Moon Matrix blueprint they will play out the program just like the characters in a computer game will do whatever the program decides they will do. The ‘training’ organisations are seeking to connect the ‘leaders’ into the control blueprint in the Metaphysical Universe and once they are locked in they will all act according to the program. It is like making the movie in the Metaphysical Universe and manipulating ‘humans’ to project it onto the ‘screen’. This is how the Control System can be introduced with such speed and coordination. It is not being decided around a table ‘within’ this holographic reality. It is being ‘written’ into the waveform construct and merely played out in the ‘world’ that we directly experience. Only by becoming Conscious and expanding perception beyond Mind, can we override the Reptilian program ‘written’ into the Metaphysical Universe and so decode other possibilities into holographic reality. People have to open their perception to a dramatically greater sense of reality than the one we have been programmed to believe in. Only then can we understand the scale and depth of what is going on, and bring an end to this Reptilian dictatorship.

After Icke gives us twenty seven chapters that describe the mess the whole world is in he gives us two chapters on how to get out of the mess. He also has recently completed a book entitled the Answer. reviewed the book and tells us that the answer is…unconditional love.

Chapter Twenty Eight Breaking the Spell

We have got into this mess through manipulated ignorance of the reality we are experiencing; through being dominated by the traits of the reptilian brain and the false reality of the Moon Matrix; through refusing to honestly face the situation we are in; through not understanding what freedom is, nor standing together to defend it; through allowing ourselves to be divided and ruled; and through those twins of human enslavement: cognitive dissonance and denial.

Cognitive dissonance and denial, both forms of lying to ourselves, are a human plague and if this doesn’t change then nothing else will… Cognitive dissonance, as I said earlier, means to hold two contradictory beliefs simultaneously and accept that both are true. George Orwell called it ‘doublethink’. When two beliefs or behaviour patterns are fundamentally at odds within the same mind, it creates unpleasant emotional disharmony, an inner friction – dissonance – that somehow has to be dealt with… Instead, what most people do is agree from the start that their beliefs or view of themselves – ‘love and light, I love everyone’ – is immovable. It is taken as fact that this must be true. To overcome the cognitive dissonance they must find a way of explaining away to themselves their contradictory behaviour and this invariably means finding someone else to blame for why they act as they do. People in cognitive dissonance are invariably the victim, never the perpetrator, in their own little twilight world of self-denial. I have had characters in my life who have such extreme cognitive dissonance that they will cause enormous pain and hurt for others and disrupt the work they claim to ‘support’ in one moment, and then say they ‘love everyone’ and support the work in the next. What happens? These people never change because they have convinced themselves there is nothing to change. After all, they have such ‘love for the world’. They are so deeply controlled by cognitive dissonance that they can say that ‘people need to wake up and see what’s going on’ while doing everything they can to undermine the ability of another to circulate and communicate that very information. They see no contraction in this because of cognitive dissonance, the foundation mindset of so many frauds and fakes, and, my goodness, I have known some.

There is a collective version of this, too, and this needs to change urgently if the Control System is to be unravelled. There are still fantastic numbers of people who believe they live in a ‘free world’, when all the evidence points to the opposite. They go into cognitive dissonance to avoid accepting what they don’t want to face … the fact that they live in a fast-emerging tyranny. The Orwellian State is being introduced with the most extraordinary speed and coordination worldwide while so many people vehemently deny there is any conspiracy or common force behind it. On the one hand it seems there is incredible organisation and coordination, and on the other is the belief that it is not organised and coordinated. People would rather this not be true and so they convince themselves that it’s not. This is when people justify their governments going to war on the innocent by saying that you have to ‘fight for peace’, or that pepper-bombing civilians is somehow giving them ‘freedom’. The one I love is that taking away basic freedoms is necessary to ‘protect our freedoms’, as with the Orwellian laws justified by the ‘war on terror’. Cognitive dissonance and denial connect very powerfully with ‘wishful thinking’. Once again, you would rather it not be happening so you lie to the mirror and convince yourself that it’s not.

I find myself saying so many times these days: ‘It is what it is’. This is the antidote to cognitive dissonance. When you are facing a situation honestly, it can be dealt with. It is no longer a case of ‘I don’t want it to be what it is and so I will decide to believe that it isn’t’. Once we are prepared to accept what we see before us without editing and censorship to protect ourselves – temporarily – from changing our view or facing what we don’t like, cognitive dissonance cannot manifest. This is crucial. Unless people are honest and open enough to accept what is happening, how can they possibly do anything about it?

There is another aspect to this, too. ‘It is what it is’ brings you into the Now, the only moment that exists, and allows you to escape the illusory past and future. Only by being in the Now can we affect anything. If we ‘live’ in the past and the future we are ‘living’ – perceiving – in a world that doesn’t actually exist. It is just a belief-system. How can we change anything in that state and from that ‘place’? We can’t. We make ourselves impotent. The phrase goes ‘it is what it is’, not ‘it was what it was’ or ‘it will be what it will be’. It perceives from the ‘is’, the Now, and so gives us the power to change ‘what is’ in the only moment that anything can be changed.

I have learned from long and sometimes harsh experience that you can change your life by recognising what life is telling you. In effect, what one level of you is telling another level of you. Once you acknowledge what your experience is saying in what I call the language of life, the experience disappears. The experience is not about punishment, it is about expanding awareness and removing the blocks in perception. The situations we face, the people that come into our lives, whether life flows or goes nowhere, are all telling us about ourselves and the direction we need to go. Why is this experience happening to me? Why is this pain in the arse in my life? Why am I attracting these things into my energy field? Once the learning happens, there is no further need for the experience and so it dissolves into the ether.

We go nowhere with removing the Control System unless very large numbers of people are prepared to do that and what it takes to make it happen. If people reading this book decide not to commit themselves to this then they have wasted their time reading this far. They merely know a great deal more about their own prison, but without that total commitment to individual and collective freedom, the cell door will stay firmly locked. Once you make the decision to recognise your own slavery and commit yourself to freedom for yourself and others, everything changes – so long as it is genuine and not just words. That change of perception and desire for freedom changes the vibrational state of your energy field and you begin to attract to you the people, locations, experiences and knowledge to achieve what you have made a commitment to manifest. There is no need to organise anything, it just happens through ‘like-attracts-like’. It may appear to express itself as organisation, but it is really energetic waveform connections in the Metaphysical Universe playing out in the decoded ‘world’ of holographic form. The key is to change our perception and attitudes to make those connections in the Metaphysical Universe that express themselves as synchronistic organisation in this holographic realm. While we are in denial or cognitive dissonance over what is happening, or refusing to commit ourselves to securing freedom for all, the connections can’t be made and things must stay as they are. This is not esoteric navel gazing; it is the first and most important step in sinking the Control System.

We need to access levels of awareness that can perceive beyond the illusory holographic play-out realm of dense form. It is not that we have to go anywhere to make this connection; it is already part of us, at one with us. We need to remove the mental, emotional and vibrational barriers that prevent us from ‘hearing’ and feeling those expanded levels of our awareness. These barriers are Mind, in a closed-circuit, ‘loopy’ state, and they hold us in five-sense perception where we are isolated from Consciousness – the manipulators’ clump of virgin clay to make of whatever they want by programming the blueprint in the Metaphysical Universe. Mind, especially left-brain mind, deals in structure, hierarchy and rigid belief. These are body/mind realities and they must cease to dictate human perception of self and the world. This is how we got into this state and it is certainly not going to get us out of it – ‘you cannot solve problems with the same level of consciousness that created them’. Rigid belief has to go for a start … religious belief, political belief, racial belief, cultural belief, self-identify belief. We are being asked to transform our entire sense of reality from the small to the All; from the ‘little me’ to the All That Is; from Mind to Consciousness. This involves a total reassessment of how we see the world and ourselves and it means an end to the worship of rules, regulations, hierarchy and structure for their own sake…We are by far the most important contributors to our own enslavement, and that’s great news because it means we have the power to set ourselves free.

When a few wish to control the many they have to get members of the many to enforce the rules that give them the control they need. There are nowhere near enough manipulators, working in full knowledge of the agenda, to police and pen the masses. They have to get the masses to police and pen each other. To do this they need to target and develop the rule-book mentality which concedes all rights to free thought to people they have never met, and probably have never heard of, who have decided what the rules will be in any given situation.

Freedom is letting people say things you don’t like.

I have no problem whatsoever with homosexuality if that is how people want to live their lives, while Nick Griffin told the Question Time programme that he found the sight of two men kissing to be ‘repulsive’. Now, if I have the right to have no problem with homosexuality, why can’t Griffin have the equal right to find it repulsive? It’s called Freedom. What are we going to do, put his head in a vice until he repents? If Muslims can have the right to say that Islam is the only true religion and that Muslims are the ones chosen by ‘God’, why can’t Griffin have the right to say that Islam is a ‘wicked and evil religion’, as he does? The same with the Jewish faith. I don’t understand. Do these people have any concept at all of what the ‘freedom’ they shout about really entails? It means the freedom for others to say things that you don’t like. Oh, but of course, there is a difference between the ‘fascists’ who want to ban and burn and the ‘anti-fascists’ who want to ban and burn. The ‘anti-fascists’ are ‘right’ and because they are ‘right’ they have the high moral ground from which they can decree who and what is banned and who and what is not. Ahhh, but that’s exactly what the fascists say. Mirror, mirror, on the wall …

The target of what I call the Robot Radicals, or Kindergarten Anonymous, may be saying the opposite to what they are claiming, as with myself, but who cares? ‘I have shown myself, to myself, to be a good and pure person. What else matters?’ The Robot Radicals are being played like a stringed instrument by the very system they claim to despise. Why can’t we just debate with those who have another view, no matter how extreme it may seem to us? There are laws against inciting violence against others and so that side of it is sorted, anyway. What we need to do is provide information and awareness that will expose those we disagree with to be mistaken or extreme. If we can’t do that, then what’s going on? It is easy to say ban, ban, ban.

These collective behaviour patterns of conflict, division, competition and emotional reaction are being fed to us by the Moon Matrix through the reptilian brain and it is crucial that we disconnect from its influence. To break the control of the hive mind we need to do what the hive mind is programmed to stop us doing. We can override the system by collectively refusing to do what the hive mind wants us to do. In doing so, we disconnect vibrationally from the hive-mind frequency. Firstly, we need to bring an end to emotional reaction and start to calmly assess before jumping in. Counting to ten, or more, before responding emotionally to a situation is very powerful in switching off from the reptilian brain and the hive mind. The mass manipulation technique that I call Problem-Reaction-Solution is only possible because people react instead of taking time to check, research and consider. This emotional reaction comes from the ‘R-complex’ or reptilian brain, the centre of our survival reactions and ‘primitive emotional responses’ that connect us to the Moon Matrix hive mind by tuning us in to its frequency range. The hive mind does not want us to be peaceful, so we should be; it does not want us to be kind, so we should be; it does not want us to think of others, so we should do; it does not want us to have empathy with the consequences for others of our actions, so we should have; it does not want us to cooperate instead of compete, so we should do; it does not want the lion to lay down with the lamb (all expressions of life living in peace and harmony), and so the lion must do; it does not want us to do what is right, only what we think is right for me, me, me, and so we must do what we know to be right and fair in all circumstances. Not only would all this break us out of the program and the Reptilian hive mind, it would make this reality a lovely place to live and experience, which is the last thing the Reptilians want because of the energetic and control consequences this has for them.

A major consequence of reptilian-brain domination is that we stop thinking straight, or even thinking at all. This is why people say such stupid things when they are emotionally distraught or in a state of indignance. The reptilian brain is stupid even to the extent that it cannot even learn from experience. Other parts of the brain/mind do that and this inability to learn is one reason why the reptilian brain is the seat of ritualistic, repeating behaviour. How could it be any other way? What you don’t learn from, you are destined to repeat. Unless we break free of control by the reptilian response-system nothing will change, because it can’t. The ancient symbol of the snake swallowing its own tail is an image that perfectly describes the reptilian brain. Round and round and round, repeating, repeating, repeating – like the ‘loopies’ of the Moon Matrix.

Life as ‘a struggle’ is the realm of the body program, which is part of the Moon Matrix program, and it doesn’t have to be a struggle if we can break through the vibrational concrete that enslaves us to the will of the program. Laughing in the face of adversity and laughing in the face of danger and intimidation are two examples of this. It breaks the program because you are doing what the program does not want you to do. The idea is to keep us in fear so we give our power away to those we believe will protect us from what we fear – ‘Give the banks our money – bail them out – save us.’ We also need to be kept constantly worrying about the future, in a state of at least low-level depression that eats away our optimism and joy. This creates a dense (‘I feel so tight and heavy’) vibrational state which further disconnects us from a conscious connection with the All That Is. The more you think limited possibility the more you know you are in the program and not in Consciousness, and the energetic density that comes from depression and worry (expressions of fear) lock you into a sense of limited options and choice – limited possibility. It’s a cycle and it’s vicious. Our ‘human’ energy-fields constantly reflect our mental and emotional states in their vibrational resonance and, in turn, the resonance generates mental and emotional states. This is how low-vibrational influences such as drugs and chemical food additives can lead to hyperactivity and depression. It appears to be a chemical reaction that is behind the problem, but the chemical reaction is merely the ‘physical’ expression of a vibrational reaction…‘The System’ is ridiculous and we need to stop taking it and ourselves anything like so seriously. It is the major change of perception that will set us free. Yes, we need to know how we are controlled, why, and by whom or what. But the way we respond to that knowledge decides if we remain controlled or refuse to be bound by fear, worry and stress. Imagine if, instead of people having a mass protest to shout abuse at their darksuited targets, they just laughed at them en masse. It has now been shown in medical tests and trials that when you laugh it has a wonderful healing effect on the body (it is making energy flow and this affects the body’s chemical state).

Anything we can do, think and feel that is at odds with the program of the Moon Matrix and the reptilian brain will dilute the power they have over our perception and behaviour. So will acknowledging, if you feel to, that the Moon is indeed projecting a false reality and influencing human perception. This brings the Moon-Mind connection out of the hidden and subliminal realm – the Metaphysical Universe – and into conscious awareness. In doing so, the subliminal influence loses its power. The subconscious (waveform) reveals its secrets to the holographic level of awareness. It is the same principle as subliminal advertisements. You can’t see the subliminal implant until someone points it out to you but, once they have, the subliminal is the first thing you see whenever you look at the image again. It has moved from subconscious manipulation to conscious awareness and ceases to influence thought and behaviour. Whenever I see the Moon, I acknowledge what it is and what it is doing.

Chapter Twenty Nine The Uprising

A hero has faced it all: he need not be undefeated, but he must be undaunted –Andrew Bernstein
The ‘they’ who made contact with me in 1990 and have guided me through the maze and mind-field of suppression and secrets are part of a vast force of transformation that is going to change human reality on a scale that few could currently imagine. Some are what we call extraterrestrials, although I prefer ‘interdimensionals’, and some are expressions of pure Consciousness helping humanity to awaken. The energetic ‘Schism’ in the Metaphysical Universe caused by the Reptilian intervention, hi-tech wars and the Moon, which has brought such conflict, ignorance, suffering and disharmony, is in the process of being healed. It may not seem like that at this moment, or for a while, but it will eventually. The Reptilian manipulation is going to be ended, but it is not as simple as just sitting around and watching and waiting for it happen. We all have much to contribute and the more we do, the less traumatic this transformation will be as the world made manifest from the Schism is replaced by one made manifest from balance and harmony.

Lisa Renee, James Gilliland and others have also stated that there are ETs here to help us but we have to raise our consciousness to be able to contact them telepathically.

The ‘they’ who made contact with me in 1990 and have guided me through the maze and mind-field of suppression and secrets are part of a vast force of transformation that is going to change human reality on a scale that few could currently imagine. Some are what we call extraterrestrials, although I prefer ‘interdimensionals’, and some are expressions of pure Consciousness helping humanity to awaken. The energetic ‘Schism’ in the Metaphysical Universe caused by the Reptilian intervention, hi-tech wars and the Moon, which has brought such conflict, ignorance, suffering and disharmony, is in the process of being healed. It may not seem like that at this moment, or for a while, but it will eventually. The Reptilian manipulation is going to be ended, but it is not as simple as just sitting around and watching and waiting for it happen. We all have much to contribute and the more we do, the less traumatic this transformation will be as the world made manifest from the Schism is replaced by one made manifest from balance and harmony.

As the ‘Carl Sagan’ dream said, photons emitted by the Sun have a direct effect on the brain and DNA and they are code carriers that penetrate DNA and stimulate the visual centre of the brain. When those codes change, as are they doing now, everything must change – our whole sense of reality. To the human observer and experiencer, the world is going to change dramatically, and for the better, although it won’t seem so for some years yet. It has to be done gradually. If the change is made too quickly it will blow the gaskets – the minds – of those who have been tuned to the Schism’s energy. There is a vibrational chasm to bridge, but there is coming a ‘time’ when the ‘firewall’ vibrational/digital codes of the Moon Matrix, which are working against the Truth Vibrations and seeking to suppress their effect, are going to be unpicked and then things will really start to move very much faster. As people are released from the Moon Matrix vibrational suppression, they will be able to hold far more powerful vibrations and so the transformation can speed up dramatically. The Truth Vibrations are affecting planets as a whole as they change the nature of their magnetic fields among much else.

We need to be strong and refuse to acquiesce to these control freaks under any circumstances, no matter what the scale of intimidation and provocation. The Illuminati families may have the money, governments, banks, corporations, police and military, but the humanity that they so mercilessly target has the sheer numbers. The tiny few cannot impose their will on the overwhelming majority unless the masses succumb to fear, and to ‘divide and rule’, and allow their bodies to be accessed with high-technology via microchips and vaccines. There will be so many attempts to divide us between the vaccinated and unvaccinated, employed and unemployed, ‘haves and have nots’, religion, income bracket, and the fear of engineered terrorism and make-believe bogeymen. If enough people come together and don’t fall for this, the conspiracy cannot continue to advance at the speed it has in mind.

No matter what happens to us in this little sojourn to this tiny reality called Planet Earth we will always be All That Is And Ever Can Be. The ‘physical’ reality we think we are experiencing is only a point of attention – that’s all. This attention, or focus, on fivesense reality gives us the feeling of being ‘little me’ and separate from everything else. If we stay in that mode through the coming years, life is going to be very difficult. But if we move that attention, that point of observation, from ‘I am David Icke’ to ‘I am All That Is having an experience as David Icke’, everything changes. First of all, we start to consciously access levels of Consciousness that can inspire and guide us to be in the right place at the right time to both contribute to the human awakening and to avoid the traps and pitfalls set by the Control System. The perception of being eternal Consciousness having an experience also dilutes the emotional impact of the experience, whatever it may be, compared with those who think they are the experience. This brings me back to: why are we here?

The real motivation for being ‘here’ is to both experience, and make a contribution to, the exposure and dismantling of the Control System that has held this reality in servitude for thousands of years. What most people see as a challenge they would rather not face is actually an incredible gift of opportunity. This reality has been hijacked and it can be unhijacked if only we will redefine our selfidentity from powerless to All-Powerful, from little me to the All-Knowing ‘I’. This is the biggest challenge of all because everything comes from that shift in self-awareness. Once you open to that level of self you no longer need to ask, ‘What do I do?’ You know. You no longer have to summon the courage to do the right thing, you just do it.

When the proof is revealed of the extraterrestrial presence, those who have dismissed the very idea will see how silly and ridiculous it was to believe that life only exists on this one little planet in this one little solar system in this one little frequency range called visible light. Human perception of life and reality is about to go through an incredible transformation.

The documentary called Pray the Devil Back to Hell tells the story of the women of Liberia in West Africa and how they ended a bloody and horrific war by peaceful protest and non-cooperation. This miracle had three elements.

These are the three elements which together, as always, proved an unstoppable combination and made the apparent ‘miracle’ possible: 1)They said, ‘Enough!’ – and meant it. 2)They were not going to take ‘no’ for an answer, no matter how long it took or what sacrifices that entailed. 3)They crucially brought women together of different faiths and tribal loyalties behind the common goal of peace and freedom for all.A crucial aspect of the stand by the Liberian women was that they stayed peaceful and non-violent throughout.

This documentary is incredible. It’s only about 13 minutes long and well worth watching.

The system wants you to riot in response to its injustices and so many are duped into this. They want an excuse to bring in a fully-fledged police state all over the world and those who riot in their desperation (instigated invariably by agent provocateurs) are just the excuse they are looking for…Already waiting in the wings are the agent provocateurs and the useful idiots primed to start the riots and civil unrest that the idiots believe to be challenging the existing order. But the existing order was created by the same network of Illuminati families that are seeking to create the ‘new order’. To achieve this, as always, they need our cooperation and let no-one be in any doubt that those who choose to riot and loot in response to what is happening, and encourage others to riot and loot, are walking straight into the trap that has been laid for them. The government and military agent provocateurs will know that; the useful idiots will not, but it is time they did. The riots and looting they want to see – the chaos – will be met with the installation of a police state with curfews, jail without trial, the military on the streets, and the activation of the concentration camps for ‘dissidents’ that I and many others have long been warning about.

We need to start getting organised in communities and groups to support each other and to stop cooperating with the Control System, not to fight it. The system can only exist with our cooperation and acquiescence. We are holding it all together. They have their men and women of violence, called the military and ‘Swat’ teams, to deal with violent resistance. Their worst nightmare is our non-cooperation – the refusal to pay taxes; refusal to leave homes when banks foreclose on them because of an economic collapse caused by the same banks; refusal to ‘comply’ with our own enslavement in any form. The system couldn’t cope if this was done on a massive scale. And that’s the point: to do this we need to do it en masse and those not immediately affected need to support those who are. Instead of compliance, we need noncompliance, the non-comply-dance of people who beat to a different drum and will not comply with what is unfair, unjust, or targets their freedom and the freedom of others. This approach does not refuse to comply in a spirit of hostility, rage or violence, but with love, joy and laughter – and an unshakable determination not to cooperate with our own enslavement…At the moment, those who have enough commitment to decency and justice to make a stand are still in the minority, but the potential of this has no limit. Without the cannon fodder in uniform there can be no war. It is the same with the system itself that encompasses government, banking, business, the media, and so on. All these institutions of control and manipulation require our cooperation to function and without that their house of cards would collapse. We are cooperating with those who wish to enslave us and if we didn’t they would be powerless.

More than anything at this extraordinary time of transformation, the human race must get off its knees. It has been down there for far too long. ENOUGH! We are All That Is, All Possibility, All Potential, All Existence. What are we doing with our knees on the floor and our hands clasped together in worship or pleas for mercy? We are lions, not lambs, and lions refuse to be herded. Stand up, wake up and let’s get this sorted. We are lions disguised as sheep; but we don’t have to be. The lion within can awaken whenever we choose to set it free. As the poet, Percy Shelley, said:

Rise like lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number,
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you –
Ye are many – they are few.

David Icke pounded out this book using only two fingers on each hand because the others were useless because of the severity of his arthitis while being attacked by psychotronic energy. He was not at all popular until after 9/11 when people started to doubt the official version of the WTC disaster. He is a hard headed, determined, trail blazer and his book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More, is definitely worth reading.

David Icke has held public lectures around the world, and by 2006 had spoken in at least 25 countries. He spoke for seven hours to 2,500 people at the Brixton Academy, London, in 2008,[15] and the same year addressed the University of Oxford‘s debating society, the Oxford Union.[71][72][73] His book tour for Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More (2010) included a sold-out talk to 2,100 in New York and £83,000 worth of ticket sales in Melbourne, Australia. In October 2012, he spoke for 11-hours to 6,000 people at London’s Wembley Arena. Wikipedia

Like Lisa Renee and James Gilliland, David Icke has stated that he has had help from ETs that he would rather call interdimensionals. Also he would rather use the word “consciousness” than the word, “God,” which is perahaps a better word becuase we all have consciousness. I’m very happy to tell you that Icke spoke at a massive rally in Trafalgar Square in London.(August 29). Here is the link. He was a rip-roaring knockout. His first words were “What a joy it is to look upon an island of sanity in a sea of madness!”

I would definitely say that David Icke has accomplished a good deal of the mission assigned to him before his birth. May he continue for decades to inspire the people to “Rise like lions after slumber.”

Every month David does an interview with Brian Rose. You can watch the past interviews at All Icke’s videos as well as videos by healers and free thinkers are available at www.

My next post will be about Lisa Renee. I will take a look at her website, and review some of her videos and posts since she has not written a book. Since I’m a ES Foundations subscriber I can let you know what benefits a subscriber is entitled to. Here is some information about her from her website.

Lisa Renee experienced a spontaneous kundalini event several years ago that catalyzed a “Starseed Awakening” to perceive multidimensional realities and communication with the Evolutionary forces of Light. Lisa Renee has been personally contacted and then prepared, trained and downloaded by Interdimensional beings (Extra-terrestrial and Ultra-terrestrial, not from this Universe) known as the Lyran-Sirians, Melchizedek Ur and Aurora Guardians. Guided by Guardians, Lisa was biologically upgraded to be downloaded to comprehend the Science of Ascension through the Law of One and its dynamics upon the blueprint layers of energy fields.


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