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Randy Cramer Mars Super Soldier

This is the introduction that Randy Cramer received beforespeaking at the Alien Cosmic Expo 2019 in Canada.

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Our next speaker, Captain. Randy Cramer is an officer who has been given authority to address the public on behalf of the command staff of the United States Marine Corps special section that was created by President Eisenhower in 1953 as a Cold War Military Intelligence branch. This branch has specific authority over extraterrestrial multi dimensional non human and off world beings Consortium’s and collectives either sanctioned or unsanctioned within reach of any evolved territory. Randy is a product of the soldier augmentation project, Moonshadow a training program for children, which began at the age of four. And later, he spent a tour duty off world for over 17 years, of which was served with the Marist Defense Force, Randy finished his service aboard the EDF Nautilus under the command of Roger P. Kirkland, as a wing Air Command pilot under project Radiant Guardian. In August of 2013 his superior officers requested he considered going public with their blessing, and he began to share his personal experience in 2014.

I will provide excerpts from several interviews that Randy has given, review his book and access his value as a source of information.

This could be a photo of Randy on Mars

He has stated that the sky is blue and most of the planet is a desert because of the nuclear war that occurred thousands of years ago that caused the oceans to boil and lose all their water.

However NASA would have us believe that Mars looks like this.

This file handout photograph received from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) on September 30, 2014, shows the planet Mars in an image taken by the ISRO Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) spacecraft. PHOTO BY AFP/GETTY IMAGES

This photo came from the following article.

Aliens exist and they’re bunkered under Mars with humans, ex-Israeli space official says

He also says there’s such thing as a Galactic Federation

Author of the article: National Post Staff Publishing date:

Dec 08, 2020  •  December 8, 2020  •  2 minute read

If 2020 hasn’t been enough of a whirlwind for you, a retired Israeli general, who served as the head of the country’s space security program, says aliens exist and there is such thing as a Galactic Federation.

Haim Eshed, who is currently a professor, says both the United States and Israel have been dealing with aliens for years. There’s even an underground bunker on Mars, Eshed says, with human and alien representatives, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“The Unidentified Flying Objects have asked not to publish that they are here, humanity is not ready yet,” the 87-year-old professor told Israel’s Hebrew newspaper Yediot Aharonot.

This article published in the Illuminati controlled Jerusalem Post has a little truth and some falsehoods and an assumption that I will deal with later. In another post I will talk about Lorie Ladd who claims to be a spokesperson for the Galactic Federation.

The Dauntless Dialogue Interview

Here are some interesting statements made by Randy Cramer on a video from Dauntless Dialogue on the Breakaway show host Adam Riva. (Episode 13). With Randy is Antonio (Tony) Rodriguez who is another super soldier who spent most of his 20 and back program on Ceres and was on Mars for about six months.

I had these memories and had chunks of bits that, you know, would come to sometimes in dream state sometimes in waking states. But then I would ask myself the same question? When could that have happened? How could, how could I have been there for a longer period of time. I mean I was questioning my mental health for years before. Enough people, you know, really started to come forward that it opened up the narrative, and I was able to accelerate the process… Communicate with my cellular memory and say okay, so your memory, like, you know how long a period are we talking about we’re talking about a tour, a military tour How long are we talking about five years, eight years, 10 years, and my cellular memory was like 20 years, and I was literally just like no way. And I remember mentioning it to someone very early on in the process. And they actually mentioned, Michael Phelps. I’d never heard of him. And when I did an investigation of him and he mentioned, you know, 20 in back tours, I was just like, oh, okay, that makes sense. And I was able to piece it together and then in a similar fashion. Once my brain connected the dots and was like, Okay, this makes sense. Like, I can see how that would happen, then everything starts to fill in and it got became this complete narrative…

The Insectoid Species on Mars

So they’ve got, you know, a head, thorax, and abdomen and six appendages to appear in the middle to on the bottom that are primarily used with walking feet. The two in the middle, are the ones that can be either hands or feet, depending on what they need, if they need more stability or they’re carrying something they might use an extra appendage to hold themselves steady for something or to walk with…The drone is five and a half feet tall.

The drones seldom engage in battle

Cramer: They genetically engineer other insects to do most of the fighting for them so most of the time when we engage them in combat, we’re not fighting the drones we’re fighting their genetic creations which are pretty interesting. They vary from being sort of beetles to beetles like the size of a medium-sized dog. You just don’t know what terrified is until you see a swarm of beetles the size of dogs with mandibles. You know like these big flat pitchers that could cross like this. 

Rodriguez: I’m thinking like a big dog, they were a good size and they fluttered their wings, that helped them run. They didn’t fly but they flap their wings to make them run faster.

Cramer: Yeah, I remember that. Yeah, some of the beetles are flying beetles, some of them are just swarming jumpers, but probably the most terrifying creation that they had was this centipede, which was close to 20 feet long and had mandibles like a meter wide… They could slice you right in half, that’s no fun. Those are absolutely terrifying. 

The different structures on Mars,

But other than that, like, everything’s compartmentalised and that I’ve seen next to nothing else. But what I understand, because you’ve got multiple colonies systems that are essentially run by governments and by organizations from different countries and they’re all different.

Wormholes and Jump Gates

Cramer states that some ships could create a wormhole and jump from one place in the galaxy to another. “Typically… if the ship is big enough, they can generate a jump gate.” 

Cramer: And then, you know, opens up like a little wormhole in front of it. And then there is a pause because they have to make sure that it’s connected there’s some feedback process and the commands into the pair, making sure that you don’t end up in the wrong location that your exit point isn’t somewhere where you didn’t want it to be, or when, and then they go through so there is a pause point there for sure, but it’s not much my area to know much more about but the reason I asked is that when we, so we did missions, most of the time we jumped around the galaxy. When we did cargo. When we did extra galactic we had to use a natural portal. And whenever we did that there was so, so they rated our performance, there was always a score. And so certain people got really sick when they use the natural portals and it would be five or 10 minutes that you get nauseous. 

Rodriguez: And I remember that there was, there was a period of like two months where it was us, it was our ship, the MPL, and another ship and I don’t remember the name of it. That went out and we’re trading and for a while, we had the record for the farthest away. And so they would they came around across the intercom and said that everybody was stoked about it for a couple of days. But then the other ship broke the record and then I always thought like it’d be so easy for us to just go and break the record, but they didn’t do that because everything was very pre-planned and very permission based, like they, they couldn’t go there and just go exploring. It would violate something like they had to get permission. And that natural Portal was something that a lot of people just aren’t allowed to go there for any amount of reasons. 

Jump Rooms on Mars for soldiers

Cramer: Oh yeah I mean we use jump rooms to get from place to place when we were on Mars. So, not first, It was a technology that was integrated into our use some years after I got there so initially, we used to just take what we call a bulldog, a small transport about the size of a school bus. We got to a point where they were giving us more and more access to this jump gate technology that depending on how many people you were moving to what location for an emergency even back from a situation with depending on whether you got to use jump gates or the jump firms. And so those were definitely like a fixed location that you would go into, and then pop out wherever they wanted to send you and then for the emergency situations, you would, a wormhole would pop open on the field and you would just go in, but then you would immediately end up on a receiving pad in a medical unit. And so, you didn’t have to go to the jump room and then get carted off to the medical unit… Sometimes I mean you’d have to pick people up that were in pieces, you know, and take them with you and in most cases, if it was fast enough, they could take someone that had been torn apart and put them back together and save them. 

Excerpts from Adam Riva’s second interview with Tony Rodriguez and Randy Cramer. Both men did research to try to confirm the memories that we coming back to them. Randy got info from the series “Ancient Aliens” and the books by Zecharia Sitchin. Tony read religious texts and material from UFOology and borderline New Age. Both of them got turned off by the in fighting in these groups. This statement from Tony is so amazing.

There are Hundreds of Alien Species that Interact with Humans

Rodriguez: A lot of people think and…most of the ufology people that I’ve met think that there’s only a handful of ETS species that interact with us and that’s not the case, because they’ve drilled it into us that even if we do get spaceflight it’ll still take us a long time to go very far. Everybody thinks that, even if we get a ship, a UFO that it’ll take us months to get to the next star or go into the other side of the galaxy or into other galaxies, you know, Star Wars they were all in one galaxy, the whole thing. Right, so people think that even spaceflight is slow when really, we can go to any number of 1000s of galaxies… And be back for dinner. And so that many different galaxies interact with us. So you’re talking about hundreds and hundreds, those are hundreds and hundreds that have permission to be here. Others could pop in and have higher tech and not get caught, and come here. When I got my memories back I learned about the temporal technology of putting you back in time, or however, it works that you can be gone for 20 years and then go back to where you started. That’s what I was looking for. 

Both men agree that there are thousands of people who are beginning to remember being in the secret space program. Very few of them want to pursue the painful process that led to a more complete recall and just self-medicate with alcohol or drugs. Almost nobody wants to go public with this information. Tony is doing it because he doesn’t want to go to the grave with his knowledge inside him and people deserve to know the truth. Randy has gone public because his commanding officer asked him to. Randy has this advice for all those people who know that to heal they have to remember their life with the secret space force.

Cramer: And I haven’t done too much hypnotherapy. I’ve done a lot of meditation where I’ve done my own entered my own Alpha Theta states to recover my memories, but I do know people who have gotten a lot of help by getting hypnotherapy sessions done, and certainly, I know a bunch of hypnotherapists who were pretty good… Try to do your best to get to your sense of truth, don’t necessarily think that what I say is or what Tony said is the truth and you have to bend your truth of your experience because we all were somewhere different, doing something different from what we understand even from all these different people who have had these programs there are similarities in certain places but in some cases, there’s just huge differences. So I don’t want people to just say oh well that’s not what Randy did and that is what happened to me so that must not be my experience or I’m just going to negate this memory because that’s not what this other person experienced. No, don’t think about that, that way at all. You want to make sure that you’re remembering your experience. And you are feeling your truth about it. 

Cramer reveals two of the reasons that he is allowed to speak about the secret space program. 

… all of the pay was supposed to go into a fund that we were supposed to get later. But that’s a legal issue that we’re sorting out. So yeah, I have a back pay coming at some point…But we have to go through the paperwork process and through the right agencies to get the paperwork to go to the Defense Department to get them to stamp a piece of paper that says “oh we messed up” and then..they’ll probably issue a settlement, meaning you know there will be a calculation of how much they actually owe me and someone will say well how about we give you this much and we’ll go back and forth and I’ll probably agree on a settlement which is fine. I’m okay with that. I don’t get everything that I ever earned but you know there’s a principle of the matter of being paid at all…Otherwise, it’s slave labor…The command staff likes to address these issues by saying, one of the reasons why we think that we need these things to be brought to public light and why we need the exposure of these things is because that’s a crime.

It needs to be talked about so that the people who are suffering from their traumas can get support and get treatments and not just be left to their own devices which is pretty much what happens. Yeah. It’s sad. I mean high suicide rates of soldiers are high and across the board. So, naturally, people who serve in our branches also have high suicide rates.

To lessen the impact of fighting aliens Cramer received special training.

When I was a child, that there was definitely an acclimation process to what we call exotic environments and exotic environments which becomes weirder and weirder…I’m not even sure where all of the biological sources come from in training but yeah I mean eventually in training you’re dealing with live fire practices against things that aren’t human, you get used to it, you get acclimated to it because it’s all happening when you know we’re young, and so it’s not like full-grown adults who sometimes the first time they see an ET species they absolutely freak out there have been some cases where the regular military has been called in to deal with events on planet Earth where there were extraterrestrial problems, let’s just say, usually it’s very very bad like those soldiers have a really hard time coping and they have, you know, a really intense sort of reality shattering. You know, kind of experiences with that, it does way more damage to soldiers who are not prepared for it, than it does to us because we’re acclimated to it when we’re young so you are ready for extraterrestrial combat.

Women on Mars

In the soldier ranks it’s about two thirds male to about a third female… Their role was mainly fighting right alongside with us…No pregnancies but relationships that’s for sure that’s how I met my first wife.

The simulators helped those who missed life on earth.

We have simulators. They’re used for recreation. I would take walks in the forest, walks on the beach in a simulator. It was not exactly like being home again… No beach anywhere near you, so it doesn’t really make up for it but it also makes it feel like you haven’t gone years and years and years and years without seeing home, even though you have, because the simulator is pretty good.

The final excerpt from this interview is about what will happen when the travel embargo to earth has been lifted.

We’ll allow a certain amount of extraterrestrials to come and visit and do tourism and hang out our restaurants and our bars and take pictures for themselves by the Grand Canyon like we do.


Techology, Mind Control and Free Will by Randy Cramer

In 2005 Cramer published this book. I was going to buy it and review it but then I found out it cost $23 and is only twelve pages long. What was Randy thinking? Anyway I’m not going to bother to review it but here’s a review that is probably right on.

Yves Vidal
Review on

1.0 out of 5 stars

 What a waste of time, money and skills….

Reviewed in the United States on January 23, 2020

Randy Cramer….for those who do not know the author, randy is trying himself on this little booklet of 12 pages. To be honest, I was a fool and thought that Mr. Cramer would develop in his book, some of the information he has been distributing through public conferences and Television shows. But no! Big disappointment and big waste of money for something that is not worth more than 50 cents, including shipping.

The pamphlet approaches the subjects of Tools and technologies, Mind Control and Free Will. Randy tries to link them together and present his views on these subjects. There is a vast quantity of books on these topics and Randy does not bring anything new to the discussion. One thing is sure, Randy knows the three things:

– Technologies or more specifically Super-technologies….. He will not mutter a single word about them.

– Mind Control: As a member of the Secret Space Program, Randy knows what is mind control. His handlers and military hierarchy are experts at Mind Control.

– Free Will: Who knows how much of it he has left. I would suggest he has more free will than the average soldier and that is why his handlers have allowed him to leak out some of that extremely sensitive information that he has been made privy to. Don’t worry, nothing is revealed in the book, so we are all safe, happy and mind controlled.

Mr. Cramer is a very articulated individual who has tons of things to present to an audience and the public in general. It is infinitely regrettable that his book (if you can call that gathering of poorly written twelve pages, a book) does not elaborate on what makes Randy Cramer a very unique and precious individual. Mr. Cramer has been chosen to leak and educate the public about certain topics and as such, he ought to write a book about his life and experiences.

If you want to know more about Randy Cramer, don’t buy that pamphlet. Instead go to Amazon Prime, Gaia channel and watch Cosmic Disclosure Season 15 with Emery Smith. Then you will wonder why Randy wrote such useless 12 pages, when he has so much to offer.

Randy Cramer Speech at the Alien Expo in Canada 2019

So of the two things that I consider the most important. The first one is understanding something about the nature of a human being. Because when we talk to and communicate with extraterrestrials, there can be a lot of conversations, first of all, this notion that they’re all amazingly crazy, more technologically advanced, and we already have the notion that they’re all mightily militarily superior to us. When you’re talking about advanced technologies, there are awesome spaceships and great wormholes and free energy technologies, great cellular regenerating technologies.

The Brain is an Quantum Entanglement Computer that can Bend Matter and Energy

And when we talk to the older, more advanced species, they say, look, Tech is cool. But understanding that your brain is a quantum entanglement computer that can bend matter and energy is slightly more important.

So, one of the things that I do regularly back home where I live in Yelm, Washington, is I do a psyonix class where I will teach a special section psyonix manual, right discuss the basic principles of how your mind and your brain works with brainwave patterns to create discipline the fundamental principles and practices a person can take to engage their psychic abilities. And I have managed to get 100% of my students to replicate a telekinetic practice…to move an object without touching it.

So once you understand that, it’s about rewiring your brain, so that you can do things and believe and understand that you can do them this gives us an ability to have incredible potential over the bending and manipulation of matter and energy in our lives.

That’s more important in our evolution in our understanding of where we are in the universe, and whether we have cool spaceships.

Hoax Alien Invasion

So now let’s get on to what my superiors think is the most important topic that I should be talking about you today. My Brigadier General and I in one of our regular briefing session says to me, so you might want to think about having a different conversation at your next talk. And I was like, What do I want to talk about? He said, you might want to talk about a hoax alien invasion.

I said, Okay, why?

And he said, Well, some people dusted it off. We’re looking at it kind of seriously, and might be going in that direction. So at the advice of my superiors, I’m going to attempt to give you a little bit of a potential possibility to understand what may occur and why it may or may not be a good thing if we end up in a hoax alien invasion sometime in the next six to 24 months.

How many people want to meet an alien tomorrow?

However, two things to consider here. Okay, another quick poll. How many people want to meet an alien tomorrow? Your brain is telling you that you want to meet an alien, your frontal lobe, your frontal lobes are. Yeah, that’d be cool. Someone from another world, maybe learn something, new experience sounds like fun.
Now, if you have another biological entity that is standing next to you, that is not like you, two things are going to happen, your frontal lobe is going to go through this exercise.”I would very much like to talk to this person, that’s really cool.” Your frontal lobe is going to do that over a couple of seconds. But way before that happens, your amygdala in a couple of nanoseconds is going to make another decision for you. And that decision is whether or not you’re going to panic.
I guarantee you, more than 90% of you given that circumstance without any preconditioning or pre-training for such an event will panic because your amygdala is going to make that decision before your frontal lobe even has an opportunity to think about it.

Personal I don’t think that most people would panic. At least not those people who have watched the Star Wars, Men in Black and Guardians of the Galaxy movies.

So when we understand what disclosure means, we talked about all these things about what we think it means. But let’s talk about some nuts and bolts of what it means when it happens. Everyone’s going to have to go through a process mentally and emotionally and psychologically. Everyone, individually as a group, family members, communities, cities, states, countries, everyone’s gonna have to go through it together.
Statistically, about 85% of everybody within 14 to 90 days will acclimate and come to acceptance. Not too shabby. But it’s that 15% of mentally and emotionally unstable people that we’re concerned about15% of the population is a good chunk. You send those people off by shocking them, surprising them, making them think the world is going to end that the grand battle between light and dark and good and evil is happening before them that Armageddon is occurring unfolding before their eyes, they might freak out a little bit.
And they might do something stupid. And they might be something dangerous. They might not just decide to kill themselves, they might decide to kill themselves and their entire family with them, their wives, and their children. Or they may decide to get together with a religious organization that they participate in, lock themselves in a church, and burn it to the ground. These are not hypotheticals these have happened before when people thought the world was coming to an end. So we want to make sure that that doesn’t happen and that no one starts off a trend committing mass suicides and murders, again, with this tiny fraction of mentally and emotionally unstable people.

I don’t worry too much about the 15% of the population that has high anxiety because they are lining up to get the Covid-19 vaccine and so will be dead before the end of 2021.

Two Ways to have an Alien Disclosure Event.

One path is where we say we create a moment we call, “Take me to your leader,” Right? Someone lands on the lawn steps out and says “Take me to your leader” and we have this nice, peaceful Kumbaya moment with the extraterrestrial friend who plays the part of the first initial contact. Even though we’ve had that a very long time ago, it would be a pretend event to say oh, we’re just having contact right now.
Unfortunately, the negative side effect of that is the chaos of people not being sure where to self direct themselves. And the people not sure where their Compass Point is going to go, you create chaos. And the potential for that 15% to go absolutely apeshit under that plan A doesn’t look so good on paper.

What’s the other option? Okay, option B.
Where we have a similar neighbor and our friends show up and say I’m the bad guy. Then we get our asses handed to us at first for a little while. Gives us an excuse to bring out all of this covert technology that we’ve been hiding for so long, right? We can all of a sudden, because of a desperate immediate life or death need start building spaceships, railguns, plasma rifles, whatever we need, right.
And after a little while, we do a little better, but we still lose. And then someone else shows up. Another friend, but this is a friend who’s pretending to be our friend, not our enemy, and says, “I’m going to help you chase away the bad guys” And then they help chase away the friend who is pretending to be the bad guy.
And is childishly simple as it sounds, you get everybody focused on one thing. And that’s actually a good thing. If we get everybody to stop focusing on killing each other, for just a little while, reset some neural pathways, and focus on something that’s not us. So that around the firepit, you can have every person from every walk of life, every racial group, every religious background, and they can all agree on one thing. (In the USA this would prevent a civil war between the Democrats and the Republicans)
I am simply telling you the information is it has come to me that the decision is being directed this way. Because the people who get to decide this stuff are coming to an agreement that’s the best way for it to work out. Because on paper, it works out the best.
So the people who get to decide this are looking at projections are looking at numbers. This many people die this way this many people die this way. This is a percentage chance for civil war. If this happens, this is the percentage of civil war. And so we’ve kind of achieved a consensus that’s about 75%. From the people who are sitting at this imaginary table. So all the military intelligence, government, legislative, corporate personnel who have a vote at this table, that 75% have said, okay, we understand, we can’t do nothing, because we’ll die horribly. civilization will crumble and it will stop, the billionaires will lose money.

Both options are wonky. First, the 15% will panic more if there is an invasion situation compared to a peaceful meeting with aliens. Furthermore, Cramer seems to be unaware that the deep state/ Illuminate are going through with their plans to depopulate the earth and have no interest in alien disclosure. If there was a hoax alien whether it was created by Blue Beam technology or an invasion staged by friendly ETs the Illuminati would use it to create a one world totalitarian government.

So all the military intelligence, government, legislative, corporate personnel who have a vote at this table, that 75% have said, okay, we understand, we can’t do nothing, because we’ll die horribly. Civilization will crumble and it will stop, the billionaires will lose money. And I guarantee you, you want to motivate a billionaire. Tell him you’re he’s not going to make billions of dollars a year anymore.
Oh, you want to live in your bunker that you spent all your money on while civilization rebuilds itself? Okay. We’ll see how your grandchildren come out when they’ve never seen the sun. Right. We’ll see how you enjoy breathing recycled air for the next 90 years to job eating processed meals in a package. Oh, awesome. We tell you, bunker life ain’t so cool.

And then we tell the billionaires, if you go with this other plan so that we can change things, we guarantee we will enter an age of economic prosperity. Do you think the billionaires are motivated by that conversation? Oh, yes. Right, because we convince them through their greed. They think, “I get to be a trillionaire instead of a billionaire. I get 20 houses instead of 10. houses.

The List of Alien Species We Trade With is Close to 1000

What gets to happen when we do that is the coolest thing ever. Which is what we have now in the intergalactic trade system that we’re currently participating in. Right? There’s a lot of people that like our stuff. Anybody know why? We as humans make better stuff.
There are several species when they build something that works never change their designs and are flying around in the same freakin Model T spaceship that they invented 5000 years. We think that other species have the same level of creativity and ingenuity that we have, but it turns out it’s rare. A human being builds something within either a matter of seconds or minutes from having completed that thing, they’re thinking, next time I’ll put fins on it, boots on the back, paint a stripe on the side. We’re immediately thinking about how to make it better.
Not everybody does that. This is why in the last 70 years, we have gone farther in the development of spacecraft technology and weapon technology than most of our neighbors.
We also have a thing called mass manufacturing. Anybody ever worked in a factory. If you ever worked in a real factory, you know that they have that system design down to the pennies per second, that it costs to do something, and that they make a profit to do something, we have this incredibly efficient manufacturing system. So not only do we make better stuff, we can make more of it in a shorter period of time.

We Export Weapons, Beer and Childen’s Clothes to Other Planets

So it turns out we have three of the top exports that we export out of our solar system to other species. Number one, weapons technology. Like the crazy monkeys that we are, we have filled our entire planet with guns, bombs, rockets, and missiles we now have decided that we need to sell arms to the rest of the galaxy. Because we make better stuff. Right? Because we’re good at it because we’re angry, crazy monkeys, and we’re good at it.
Number two, anybody know the number two export? So where did beer come from? Where did we get beer? Who gave it to us? Maybe the Sumerians. Some aliens we regarded as gods. They taught us how to ferment beer because they wanted us to make beer for them because they’re lazy and they wanted us to do their work for them. It comes from off-world. So they brought it here. I guarantee I know brewmasters who, after they’re done making a proof they’re like, Okay, what am I next time is going to add more hops and…The same reason that we build better stuff is the same reason we make better beer. Because we’re perfectionists. About number three, export is children’s clothes. My notion on this, it’s not for children. This is one of my favorites because this is when my imagination starts to work. My imagination sees on some other world. Some little dude walking down the street. And then someone says, “Look he’s wearing those new jeans from Earth!”That’s hilarious to me.

Anybody know but the intergalactic norm of clothing. It’s an easy one. The robe. Two pieces of fabric stitched together. You got a robe.The most common article clothing worn by species all over they’re all over the known universe, the frickin robe.

Second, most common clothing is none at all. There are intergalactic nudists. Why should I cover myself because it offends you. So we make clothing. But more than that we have a fashion industry that makes new stuff every year. To most species that looks like we’re changing our fashion design every week to them. Like, how can you figure out what to wear, you’re changing what you think is cool to wear faster than we can catch up with what you guys are doing. That seems ridiculous to them. But that means that there are some places where just because we make better stuff.

So right now, that trade system has a cap on it. There are only certain people who have permission to participate. And they’re making all the money.

What if we all got to participate in that marketplace, then we get to get out of this back and forth where we’re constantly stealing from each other. Right? in a closed system, you’re fighting over all the same dollars. So if I tell you, in a post-disclosure environment, we get to enter a 10,000 years golden age of prosperity which this planet has never seen.
It is just so that you’re not caught with your pants around your ankles. We would prefer that people are not shocked and surprised because shock and surprise create fear. Fear creates thought waves that create and bend matter and energy and create a fear-based reality in which bad things will occur, the fewer people are afraid the less likely it that the creation of an outcome of terrible, horrible consequences will occur. It is true that if people are thinking better thoughts about the reality they live in, it will turn out that that is how our brains work and how our quantum entanglement computer works and the ability to matter and energy around us, especially collectively has improved.
So, more importantly, what I hope that you take away is that how you think about your reality makes a bigger difference than you think in the world. You have an impact on your reality in a bigger way than you imagined that it does. And so whatever the future holds your ability to understand yourself as a creative being is more important than anything else I can tell you. More important than advising you to build a bunker underground or anything like that.
The world will get crazier. And when it seems like it’s getting crazier and crazier and crazier expect that it’s going to get nuttier and crazier and crazier and just when you think, it can’t get any crazier, or it will. And then when you think, oh, that’s totally the top. No, it’s gonna get crazier. And when you think, Okay, this has got to be the maximum level of crazy that we can have in this world right now. It’s pretty crazy. When it is truly the craziest that anybody could have possibly imagined, to get. That’s when it will happen. And you’re going to continue to see the steps that other people have spoken about as far as members of the military the government, you know, throwing out these little test balloons and seeing what people, you know, who’s to say, send them to the flag pole to salute senate right. So they’re throwing this information out trying to get a response trying to get a reaction so that when something occurs, everyone’s not surprised. So they’re more than happy numbers. Right, that’s what we want we want people prepared not shocked because it’s the shock that will make people go crazy.

Why a Hoax Alien Invasion is a Bad Idea

I don’t think we are crazy monkeys and we are not by nature bellligerent. Remember what David Icke said? The Reptilians gave us their mind. I am not proud of the fact that we are a major exporter of weapons to other planets. Did anyone think about the fact that the species that plays the bad guy in the invasion scenario will be forever hated and distrusted by the human race? What species would want that stigma? An alien invasion would cause panic and deaths due to heart attack and suicide. There is another disclosure option. How about they just tell us the whole truth and stop trying to manipulate us with fear.
This section makes me angry because Carmer is saying that the military and the billionaires will decide the direction of the planet by using more deception which is what the Illuminati have been doing for thousands of years. An export that Randy didn’t mention is human beings that are used as slaves, sex slaves, or food. I don’t think that just because the psychopathic billionaires make more money than ever before we will have a golden age. Randy mentioned that humans are more creative than other species. But it is not the billionaires that are creative for they are just clever, unethical opportunist. If we have the power to influence the future by our thoughts then let’s imagine a world where there is no human trafficking and all the Illuminati, billionaires, Satanists, and Reptilians are imprisoned for crimes against humanity or taken to another planet. Then and only then will we have a chance to experience world peace and prosperity.
Randy is a man on a leash, his Brigadier General tells him what he can say and what he can’t say. In an interview, Tony Rodriguez talked about Satanic Ritual Abuse but when questioned about it Randy would not go there. Cramer provides us with a PG13 Stars Wars version of life as a super-soldier. Not a word about how the Reptilians invaded our planet and think they own it. Or about mind control or satanic ritual abuse to create alters or about intergalactic human trafficking. Penny Bradley who I will critique next provides a more complete view of life in space. I’m no longer interested in what Randy Cramer has to say because he takes his orders from the army and I’m not interested in what the military wants me to know or not know about the secret space program. I am only interested in the whole, uncensored truth.

Peter Maxwell Slattey released a video on YouTube, “ET Races” on March 2nd that has images of many ETs.

Paul (2011 Movie)
Earth Girls Are Easy (1988 Movie)

What do you think of this topic? I would love to hear from you marvelous, independent thinkers who are lovers of truth and freedom. I consider all of you to be members of the planetary liberation community. If you scroll way down past the donation block and the tags you will find an opportunity to leave a comment. I’m very interested in your opinion. 


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3 replies on “Randy Cramer Mars Super Soldier”

Thank you, I have just been searching for info approximately this subject for a long time and yours is the best I have found out so far. But, what concerning the bottom line? Are you certain concerning the source?|


Hey Harley,
I can only answer your question in a general way since it’s a general question. There are over 100 people who have come forward and stated that they were super-soldiers or connected with the MiLabs program in some way. Len Kasten has interviewed many of these people and written a few books on this subject. So I’m sure it real. But is Cramer or anyone else telling the complete truth or is everyone putting a spin on the story to serve their own agenda? This I don’t know.


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