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Let’s Imagine They’re Gone

The Controllers have to go. Retired, fired or arrested and jailed. Or taken to a different planet. Does that sound far fetched? That’s exactly what the Arcturians say will happen. Those who seek Power Over Others and those who are their victims will both be assigned to a different planet.

As we have often said, Gaia is an extremely loving Mother. Therefore, as long as She carries any remnants of third/fourth dimensional time, She will provide a place where her lost ones can decide to enter into the Light. This Higher Light will eventually engulf even the lowest astral plane, and the lost ones will need to re-locate to another planet on which they will, hopefully, release their habit of Power Over, as well as their need to be a victim, have an enemy, and suffer before they can change. You see Power Over can only exist when there are others who have chosen to be a victim. We are not saying that the choice to be a victim is a conscious choice, as it is usually an unconscious choice. Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled. This addiction will only fade when those trapped within the format of Power Over remember that Gaia is a planet that is ruled by free will. Because of Gaia’s free will, those who choose to be in the Power Over format in order to be a victim, can also choose to release that addiction and take charge of their own life.

Lie, Suzanne. Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You (p. 9). Multidimensional Press.

Lisa Renee calls it the Separation of Worlds.

Essentially, there is a frequency split occurring at the subatomic level of the blueprint of consciousness that is inherently connected to everything in creation. There are groups of humans that are connected to a third dimensional morphogenetic blueprint, and there are groups of humans connected to a fifth dimensional morphogenetic blueprint. Further, the first Ascension waves of Starseeds and Indigos are holding a blueprint beyond the fifth dimension where the GSF timelines for full liberation of consciousness exist. Starseed groups are also holding both the Galactic shield and Christos shield for the earth, as she undergoes the current phase of the Separation of Worlds occurring at the subatomic level.,_Ascension,_Disclosure_Hijack

Another aspect of the ascension cycle is the acceleration of the return of karma which means the Controllers will get what is coming to them sooner. If this happened today it wouldn’t be too soon for me.


In every area of our life, when we generate belief systems, thoughts, behaviors, emotions and actions, this accumulates into energetic content that combines with the vibrationally matched consciousness fields that are in the environment. Moving forward, the energetic content that we send out will return back to us with increasing immediacy, and even instantaneously. Whatever the quality of energy that we broadcast out into the Universe, it sets into motion the accumulative frequency of the energetic content that will be directly returned back to us. This is why it’s crucial to be able to find our inner stillness in meditation, and broadcast as much unconditional love, Forgiveness, peace and gratitude to the Universe, as possible.[3]

This is what John Lennon, who happens to be one of Lisa’s favorite musicians, predicted in the song “Instant Karma” released in February, 1970.

INSTANT KARMA! (WE ALL SHINE ON). (Ultimate Mix, 2020) – Lennon/Ono with The Plastic Ono Band  

This separation of reality bubbles has to happen before we can enjoy the Good Reset. But this will leave a leadership void. After being under the thumb of tyrants and decievers for thousands of years people will be extremely sceptical of anyone who would attempt to lead them.Who will the decision makers be? Who will lead us? Are there any examples of good leadership now? This post will look at leadership in five areas, business, health, education, politics and spirituality. I will briefly expose the current deplorable situation in each area and then suggest alternative leaders and technologies.

Leadership Vs. Tyranny

“We have been intentionally confused to discern the qualities of leadership and authoritative influence over others as defined by egocentric and alpha type of aggressive behaviors, which lead to control oriented and tyrannical oppression. We all want to stay clear of feeding the tyrant as a leader or giving them authority. Tyranny is no substitute for leadership and should never be confused with leadership. However, we have been conditioned to give our power away to tyrannical psychopaths, so to change the power structure we must become aware of how we have given our personal power away to people and structures that abuse authority.” Lisa Renee

The people who opposed the lockdowns and refused the suicide jab will be recognized as the best of humanity who have proven they have courage and are capable of independent, critical thinking and therefore are qualified to lead. Furthermore they will be still alive and in good health years from now which is more than I can say for the vaccinated.

We don’t want any former drama teachers, Hollywood or Ukranian actors or billionaires to lead us. Only in the movies or comic books does a billionaire come to the rescue of humanity. A PhD in history or political science doesn’t qualify someone to lead. Historical facts are mostly lies created by the controllers and political science is the study of how to deceive the people. Over educated “experts” like Professor Neil Ferguson, Imperial College of London who used a computer model to predict in 2020 that Covid-19 would kill 500,000 people in Britain and advised Boris Johnson to lockdown the country will be ignored. Most people believe experts because they are impressed with their academic degrees and don’t understand the nonsensical jargon they speak with unshakeable confidence. W.C. Fields puts it like this.

The Current Business Model

What we have in the world today is businesses motivated by profit and run by greedy sociopaths to the detriment of society and the environment. Some people think that it’s human nature to be greedy, Caitlin Johnstone disagrees.

“It is false to claim that capitalism, competition and greed are “human nature”. I cite as my source for this claim the fact that I am human. The truth is that those who claim capitalism, competition and greed are “human nature” are not actually telling you anything about human nature. They are telling you about their own nature.

And it isn’t even really accurate to call it their “nature”; it’s just their conditioning. And we can all change our conditioning. The only people who deny this are those who haven’t sincerely tried to yet.”

True leadership is not about controlling people it’s about caring for people and being a useful resource to help guide and develop people to reach their highest selves. The best leaders help people to harmoniously work together and do their best to inspire the group to achieve an important goal. Their actions are focused on accomplishing goals through unified cooperation, as a team effort, because working together as a group accomplishes much more than one person can do alone. Leadership is about helping people to find their highest expression in the process of attaining a goal, it is not about glorifying the leader. Tyrants do not serve others and humble servants do not control.

Leadership Emotional Intelligence

We need open minded free thinkers who have a high EQ as well a high IQ or high Leadership Emotional Intelligence, LEQ, talked about in this video.

The Leader Within: Leadership Emotional Intelligence

Let’s not forget that it was the reptilians, EQ = Zero, who introduced the concept of money to this planet which enabled them to create a hierarchy of control based on wealth and greed. Other alien races like the Acturians or Pleiadians have very high EQ and don’t use money on their planets.

People with high EQ will naturally gravitate towards a cooperative business model like Co-Mo.

The Cooperative Business Model — The Seven Cooperative Principles

An example of a company led by a true servant leader is Charity:Water led by Scott Harrison.

Believe or not the Arcturians have predicted that within your lifetime you will see the end of money. Not just paper money but all forms of money including cryptocurrency.

Many of you have asked us about the survival of your money. Many of you will live to see the end of money. Money was, and still is, the creation of the dark ones, who are often known as the Illuminati. Money in your reality is merely numbers or pieces of paper, and very little of the “money” that the people receive has any value at all. It has no value because the gold that is supposed to “back up the money,” is not at all affiliated with the holders of the money…

However, within your NOW, money primarily has “power over others,” and “a means to manipulate.” Very often, in fact, more often than not, those who give the greatest contributions to your world have much less money than the very rich who horde their money or use it to have power over others.

Since all fifth dimensional beings have the ability to instantly manifest whatever is necessary, there is no need to buy or sell. Instead, you simply go to your replicator and create it. Your Star Trek shows were correct about the “replicators.” In fact, you have them now, but the Illuminati have taken and hidden them. If everyone could simply replicate what they needed, how could the Dark Ones make you spend your “money” to get what you need? In fact, once the replicators are released to ALL of humanity, the Dark Ones will have NO power over, except through whatever violent acts they create to gain “power over” humanity. However, because of their need to have power over others, their consciousness is so low that they will not be joining you in the fifth dimension.

Lie, Suzanne. Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You (p. 277-78).

The Current Medical Model

In the field of medicine there are too few doctors like Dr. Gary and too many like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Dr. Anthony Fauci dispenses $6.1 billion in annual taxpayer-provided funding for rigged scientific research, allowing him to dictate the subject, content, and outcome of scientific health research across the globe—truly a dark agenda. Fauci uses the financial clout at his disposal in a back handed manner to wield extraordinary influence over hospitals, universities, journals, and thousands of influential doctors and scientists—whose careers and institutions he has the power to ruin, advance, or reward in an authoritarian manner.”
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Here is the link to the new movie based on the book, The Real Doctor Fauci by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Although he may well be the most evil doctor on the planet there are millions of others that are just arrogant, well paid salespeople for the pharmaceutical companies who never have had even one course in nutrition and know nothing of acupuncture, aromatherapy, ayurveda, homeopathy, naturopathy, chiropratics, Chinese or herbal medicine. Of course, if any MD dares to use alternative medicine they risk losing their board approved license. No license, no practice, no money. And med school was damn expensive wasn’t it? And you studied hard and long so you deserve a rich reward, right? Thus the foul stench of a sense of entitlement that permeates every doctor’s office. If you think that psychiatrists are doing less harm than the MDs please read my post, Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Insanity? Only the sheeple still see MDs as the omniscient demi-gods of medical science.

Cancer Research is a Big Scam

By 2021 the total gobal amount spent on cancer research was estimated at 187 billion USD. This is biggest hoax next to Covid-19 vaccines for in the last 100 years many effective cures for cancer have been found.


Of course you would think that those who been speaking out against the lockdowns and the vaccine would be our future leaders in the field of medicine. Well, here’s a shocker, Kennedy, Sayer Ji, Stew Peters, McCullough, Bigtree and many others have been acting in a very hypocritical way and may have been set up as the controlled opposition from the beginning of the Covid-19 scamdemic. This video exposes their hypocrisy.


To find out more about the ReAwaken America tour you can read this article.

The ReAwaken America tour made a stop in Lancaster County-unites conservative Christians and conspiracy theorists

Each stop of the ReAwaken America is part conservative Christian revival, part QAnon expo and part political rally.

I have often wondered why these people were not permanently silenced by the deep state when others like Brandy Vaughan, who was a vocal activist for the hazards of vaccines, Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test who said it should never be used to detect a virus and the former President of Tanzania, John Maguful who didn’t want his people to take the Covid-19 vaccine died under suspicious circumstances. For more about whistleblowers who all were suddenly taken out, go to my post, A Prayer for the Whistleblowers. If these speakers on this tour are in fact part of the controlled opposition then they would be allowed to continue delivering their message, gaining followers on YouTube and in some cases making a lot of money promoting products.

All these facts give credence to this comment by kg.

kg said (January 20, 2022):

My opinion is that all persons with a significant audience are useful idiots and/or controlled opposition. It is not okay to accept that some of their views are aligned with lies, “because they cannot be aware of everything.” Learning more about the Tavistock Institute has recently made me accept the likelihood of brainwashing and consequent control of all persons.

There are and have been thousands of secret groups focusing on owning or controlling everything of significance for thousands of years. I believe that these groups are often interconnected and controlled at the very top by a small number of people. Every country and every leader is controlled. Some leaders veer away from the agenda imposed on them so must be dealt with and are made examples to keep other leaders in line. Of course this is all easier now due to much better control of surveillance, data, money, food, energy, courts, media and education etc.

I believe this control agenda will collapse eventually due to the need for it to become more extreme causing many useful idiots to abandon their control positions for various reasons. The human condition will improve, after much death and suffering! and will be at a more advanced level than now, but will gradually begin another cycle where evil greedy people will again control everything through their control of finance and money.

When the entire medical profession is debunked as a profit driven business that has no interest in curing anyone because that would mean the loss of a customer the alternatives to healing will flourish.

Another exciting alternative for healing, anti aging and developing 5D consciousness is the MedBed as described by John Baxter in this video.

In the book, Connecting with the Arcturians by David K. Miller, the Arcturians say, “Tachyon energy is a pulsing energy…some have compared to the universal chi energy” They use it for healing on their starships. I was happy to find there’s a company that makes products charged with tachyon energy. I ordered some products from I’ll let you know how well they work for me. Here’s the owner of the company talking about tachyon energy.

In the future the use sound and light for healing will be popular.


The Pleiadians are known through out the galaxy for their healing abilities.

Light Language – Pleiadian Sound Healing Transmission

Call That An Education?

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teacher, leave them kids alone.

Lyrics to “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd

My school years were a disaster. I was bullied a lot in elementary school (grades 1 to 6 )and in Jr. High.(Gr. 7 to 9). I started doing pot at age 13. I was the depressed kid dressed in black who sat at the back of the classroom and stared out the window. Often I was suicidial. My drug use ended with a bad trip on LSD when I was 17. When I was 18 I began yoga and TM. My love of learning somehow survived and I went to University. After my first year of University I went to La Antia, Spain for ten weeks to become a teacher of TM which I thought was the answer to all the problems in the world. So idealistic and so naive. Two years later when I realized I couldn’t make a living teaching TM I returned to university and got my BSc in Psychology. Big deal. I wouldn’t do it again. Now that I can chose what I want to learn I love to do internet research on a variety of topics. Chris, who is a teacher is right on in his views about school.

School Is Prison

Sep 14, 2019

Why do we go to school? To learn to obey and conform? Or do we have higher aspirations than that? This video is about how school crushes childhood and habituates us to obey this capitalist system without question. This video is part 1 of a series on school and education, why school does not serve us but serves the people in power, and what to do about education for a new generation.

License Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

School vs. Education

Sep 28, 2019

This video is a follow-up to my last video on school, education and indoctrination. In it I talk about homework, competition, pressure, tests, grades and bullying. I hint at how to make education better but mostly you’ll need to wait for next week’s video to hear it in more depth.

What Chris fails to cover is the large number of children on Retilin in the USA so the pharmacuetical companies can make enormous profits and damage the physical, emotional bodies and the light body of children.

Six million children(ages 2 to 17) (9.1% of all children )in the USA have been diagnosed with ADD. 62% or 3,720,ooo are on an ADHD medication such as Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin, Strattera or Concerta

All ADHD Drugs have Detrimental Long Term Effects

Children on Ritalin: Long Term Effects

by CCHR Florida | Jun 22, 2016

Seeing as psychiatrists have been drugging children with Ritalin since the 1970s, some long term effects have now been studied and confirmed. Psychiatrist and whistle blower Peter Breggin reports these possible tragic outcomes for the victim of long term Ritalin use:
•Early Death
•Brain Atrophy
•Drug Addiction
•Institutionalization in a Psychiatric Hospital
There are many reasons why children labeled with some form of hyperactivity and given stimulants suffer these consequences.
According to Breggin, when a child is first given a stimulant drug, he or she experiences the adverse side effects of anxiety, depression, agitation, insomnia, psychosis and even aggression.
Compounding the Tragedy
Unfortunately, most psychiatrists are unable to observe the obvious: that the drug he has given the child is causing these effects. So instead of weaning the child from the damaging pharmaceutical, their faulty science leads them to believe the drug has somehow uncovered additional mental disorders.
What follows is a veritable cocktail of drugs to fix these supposedly unmasked set of problems.
OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) can be one result of psychiatric drugging. A child becomes less social and his spontaneous behavior may be stifled.
Dr. Breggin reports, “The initial diagnosis of ADHD ruins the child’s sense of personal responsibility and self-control, so that the child no longer thinks he can control himself. This almost inevitably disrupts emotional growth and renders the child less able to grow up into a mature adult.”

Alternatives to ADHD Drugs

What is ADHD & Why It’s a Nutritional, Not a Mental Problem?

Herbal Alternative Treatments for ADHD

These two school subjects do more harm than good.

Critical Race: Theory A Great Way To Create Division

This 15 year old succinctly describes the effect of critical race theory taught in high school and what to do about it.

The federal government recommends gender identity is taught in sex ed which in some cases leads to transgender operations.

Transgender Operations: A Great Way to Reduce the Population

Boston Children’s Hospital says Gender confusion among children has “skyrocketed” puberty blockers handed out “like candy”

Friday, October 21, 2022 by: Ethan Huff


In the clip, Carswell further reveals that puberty-blocking pharmaceutical drugs are now being handed out “a lot like candy” at BCH, which he says is “great” and “helpful.” He did add, though, that “you need to have the conversation about fertility,” the implication being that children who go trans will not be able to reproduce. (Related: Remember when a Biden regime attorney declared that calling out Boston Children’s Hospital for mutilating children is a “hate crime?”)

Puberty-blocking medication “shuts down your estrogen or shuts down testosterone entirely,” Carswell admits – but BCH website claims otherwise.

Real Education

Oct 5, 2019

In the first two videos in this series, I explained what is wrong with school. In this video, I talk about the alternatives to school, the ways in which children (or anyone) can get a real education. Some of the things I touch on are homeschooling, unschooling, apprenticeships or internships, self-directed learning and the role of the community.

Except for the last five seconds this is an excellent analysis of the current system of higher education and a viable, proven alternative.

Dr Jordan Peterson Exposes Education System in Joe Rogan Interview

Dec 12, 2016

Don’t Pay for Universities! Student Loans are a scam!! Our Education system was design in the 1800s to prepare students for factory jobs… Jordan Peterson, Professor Psychology and creator of the Self Authoring Suite explains why YOU should consider Trade Schools and Self-Education. visit for more info and to take the actual course.

We need a new political system

First we have to get rid of the party system. Whether a country has two parties or more this system pushes every politician to follow the party line on every issue or face penalties including being expelled from the party. If there were no parties then every elected representative would be free to follow the wishes of his constituents and/or his conscience.

The current system attracts greedy and unethical people. Not only do elected politicians get paid very well they also get big pensions for life even if they are in office for just four years. Add to that the bribes they get from big tech, big oil, big banks, big pharma and/or the arms industry. Others are compromised when they are lured into having sex with a minor which is covertly video taped. This and other kinds of blackmail are covered in the books, “One Nation Under Blackmail” Volume 1 & 2 by Whitney Webb. In this recent video, Glenn Beck says this is the most important interview he has ever done.

How Elites Will Create a New Class of Slaves | Whitney Webb | The Glenn Beck Podcast | Ep 162

Journalist Whitney Webb has worked to uncover some of the most dangerous stories of our lifetime, and she joins Glenn to reveal just how eye-opening it’s been. Her new two-volume book, “One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein,” examines Epstein’s elaborate network of corruption and power, from Bill Clinton to Ghislaine Maxwell and many more. Her research into transhumanism has given her a terrifying perspective on the World Economic Forum and tech elites, including Elon Musk. And she tells Glenn the dark truth about Biden’s push for electric vehicles that she noticed while living in Chile.

The answer to these problems is to drastically reduce the salaries and pensions of all politicians and only elect people who are completely trustworthy. Furthermore we should have the people vote each year if the politicians should get a raise instead of leaving it up to them to vote themselves a raise.

If millions of people can give a thumbs up or down for a video on YouTube why can’t people vote on a government bill using the same technology? Using this technology we should also be able to vote out of office at any time a politician that is not doing their job. Of course we also have to ensure that there is no way an election can be rigged. Perhaps we can persuade the Arcturians or Pleiadians to oversee our elections.

How many of the people in government deserve our loyality?

“MPs, provincial legislators and city councillors are known to be in the pay of foreign agents, a former espionage officer yesterday told the Commons ethics committee...What we know for sure is we have various foreign countries that succeeded in recruiting elected officials – again, municipal, provincial or federal.” Blacklock’s Reporter (Canada)

In the USA, Rand Paul and Ron DeSantos deserve the loyality of Americans. I hope you Americans know of some others. But don’t suggest Donald Trump until you have read my post, The Strange Case of Donald Trump

JUST IN: DeSantis Angrily Responds To CDC Advising COVID-19 Vaccine Addition To Children’s Schedule

In Italy the new Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni stands for family, homeland and common sense with fiery passion. The last three minutes of this video reveals her insight, courage and determination.

Christine Andersen, MEP, has been speaking out against the globalists for years.

In Canada I’m please to say we have two provincial premiers and pushing back against the madness spewing forth from the federal government and the WEF.

Drawing the Line: Defending Saskatchewan’s Economic Autonomy.

Premier Scott Moe, the premier of Saskatchewan has taken a firm stance against the federal government in a document entitled Drawing the Line: Defending Saskatchewan’s Economic Autonomy.

The paper clearly sets out a problem and then proposes specific solutions.

First, the problem…

The Saskatchewan government has identified nine different federal climate change policies that are estimated to cost the province a total of $111 billion between 2022 and 2035 – the approximate halfway point to the federal government’s 2050 net-zero targets.

The costs of each of the nine policies are:

  • Federal Carbon Tax: $24.7 billion;
  • Oil and Gas Methane Mandate: $6.3 billion;
  • Oil and Gas Emissions Cap: $2.6 billion;
  • Fertilizer Mandate: $19.3 billion;
  • Clean Fuel Regulations: $34.9 billion;
  • Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate: $10.3 billion;
  • Federal Output Based Pricing System: $12.5 billion;
  • Agriculture Methane Initiatives: $0.5 billion;
  • Landfill Methane Mandate: $0.2 billion.

Don’t forget – these are just the direct costs.

We all know that the energy industry powers every other industry and, since energy is required to create almost every other product, as energy prices increase, costs for consumer goods will undoubtedly rise across the board as well.

Scott Moe and his team have a clear understanding of the problem and are deeply concerned about the impacts federal environmental policy can have on the economy.

For a province like Saskatchewan, where total provincial revenue for 2022 was just $17.2 billion, $111 billion is a gigantic cost.

If we want to save this country, we need substantial reforms to the way this country is governed.

Thankfully, the Saskatchewan government’s paper also proposes some solutions that include:

  • Provincial legislation to clarify and protect constitutional rights belonging to the province.
  • Pursuing greater autonomy over immigration policy to ensure Saskatchewan has the people it needs.
  • Better recognition of Saskatchewan industry’s contributions to sustainable growth – for example, developing a carbon credit market to support our natural resource industries. 
  • Preparing to take legal actions, legislative or otherwise, to maintain control of electricity, fertilizer emission/use targets and oil and gas emissions/production.

Newsletter from Josh Andrus, Executive Director, Project Confederation. October 20th, 2022.

Derek Sloan an independent MP who was kicked out of the Conservative Caucus supports the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy in this video.

Derek Sloan Freedom Convoy 2022 Update, Day 1

Maxime Bernier, a federal party leader insists politicians be held accountable for the unnecesary lockdowns.

More and more people are calling for a “pandemic amnesty.” 

They’re calling for forgiveness for the misguided actions of government and public health authorities during the pandemic.

They want forgiveness for keeping our schools closed for too long… 

… for requiring masks or covid passports that do nothing to prevent the spread of the virus. 

… for censoring anyone who had a different opinion. 

… for causing people to lose their jobs and their small businesses. 

… for demonizing dissidents.

… for forcing us to take injections that they now realize aren’t effective. 

… for causing divisions among families and friends. 

… for bringing about an explosion of public debt and inflation. 

After everything they did to us, now they realize they screwed up and want to sweep it under the rug and move on!

We didn’t know any better! Or so they claim… 

You and I have known for a long time that these sweeping, society-wide authoritarian measures were unnecessary. 

That they were doing more harm than good. 

I started speaking out against this nonsense all the way back in Spring 2020. 

I was labelled crazy. A science-denier. A conspiracy theorist.

All for advocating for solutions that are now mainstream! 

Just forget about it! Move on! We all make mistakes!

I’m not ready to forgive and forget.

No, I will continue to fight every day to hold the government, the media, and public health officials accountable for what they did to us. 

One World Religion, Chrislam Is Here Now


Pope Francis stresses that a direct personal relationship with Jesus is dangerous and to be a Christian you have to be in the church. The danger is that Jesus might actually tell a person the truth; Pope is a satanist that promotes the One World Order.

“Humanity is becoming less religious as awareness expands that religions are nothing but a collection of unhelpful and unevidenced belief systems. In the same way, and for the same reason, humanity may one day do the same with the belief systems about self and separateness to which nearly everyone on earth is presently a devout adherent.” Caitlin Johnstone

If mainstream religion has turned you off then you might want to follow a new age guru-just not any of these people.

Sadhguru is a WEF Lackey

Top world guru, Sadhguru, Founder of the Isha Foundation,is a primary speaker at the United Nations World Headquarters and is also aligned with the World Economic Forum (WEF). In May of 2021 he instructed millions of his followers that they MUST get the COVID-19 injection. He advises that there are risks but that “it has been substantially established that the element of risk is miniscule…”

Sadhguru goes on to say, “Nobody should evolve philosophies of anti-vax. This is just rubbish right now, putting everybody’s lives to risk. Well if you want to be anti-vax go and live on a Himalayan peak where you are not in touch with any human being it’s fine, but if you are living in a city, town or community you MUST take vaccination.”

Sadhguru’s mission statement says his goal is “to raise every human being to the peak of their potential, so that they are exuberant, all-inclusive, and in harmony within themselves and the world.”

It would appear that the guru doesn’t practice what he teaches when the circumstances do not align with ‘his’ own personal philosophy…and that of the WEF.

Furthermore Sadguru cheated on his wife so she left him and a year later died under suspicious circumstances.

In my opinon other obvious fakes are Deepak Chopra, Teal Swan and the Dali Lama. They talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. But don’t take my word for it do your own research.

Spiritual growth is not spiritual consumerism. Excerpts from the Ascension Glossary

Spiritual Consumerism

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On the spiritual path, if we are being honest with ourselves, it is important to observe the exact same marketing schemes used to make ascension, or higher consciousness a consumer item that can be easily purchased. Marketing campaigns are being used with all the consumer key notes to attract a massive spiritual following, and are being introduced and peddled to the public through social media, and YouTube. People that generally are not equipped with strong Discernment and a cultivated b.s. meter, have the tendency to give away their personal power to an outside influence, such as a guru type, group consciousness or a Spiritual Consumerism movement marketing themselves as a spiritual authority. Too many people are believing that spirituality, Expanding Consciousness, and becoming enlightened can be achieved through the pathway of consumer spirituality and self-proclaimed experts that call themselves masters. They can buy enlightenment, have a glamourous spiritual life hanging out on the galactic planes, rather than commit to the deeper inner work of clearing the shadow, by observing the unruly ego in action and correcting abusive patterns of behavior…

If we are really being honest, we may know we need to change, but we will be faced with a test of self-responsibility. In the consumer spiritual market, we can transfer that responsibility onto something else, and pretend that we are actually doing something spiritual because we paid for a product or listened to a guru type that promised awakening. [1]

Organized Religion and Scientific Atheism

Organized Religion and Scientific Atheism are both schools of thought imposed by the NAA, which result in indoctrinated humans that suffer from the Mind Control system that extremely polarizes thinking into Confirmation Bias. Each side of the opposition, present an all or nothing model that severely limits the scope of human intelligence. The agenda is to keep people arguing in circular debates with no resolution, so that we waste our energies being distracted by ineffective projects or topics that lead nowhere. Political and financial interests dominate angry egos jostling for status or position, over finding the common ground that unites us to put our collective energies into serving humanitarian causes. We must stop contributing to the deadlock, and become a positive cause in finding the common ground, by focusing on the much larger picture. Always speaking compassionately and kindly towards others is the best place to begin the dialogue.[3]

The Arcturian viewpoint is,

“No one is more spiritual than another. None. The difference is that some know it and some don’t. Religiosity is has come to be thought of as spirituality. The trappings, rites and rituals of many religions will dissolve as mankind becomes increasingly aware that they are already one with Source and don’t need religious hoopla to make it happen.” That quote is taken from this video.


You probably noticed that not only am I quoting Lisa Renee who is a Sirian starseed but now I’m also quoting other starseeds, Suzanne Lie and David K. Miller. My attitude is if it resonates with me I don’t care if I get the information from Joe the plumber, Jessica the hair dresser or the someone on the Galactic Council.

Are you a starseed?

Maybe you can find out by watching this video. But first this important disclaimer by TGI FriJay who commented on the video, “All About Arcturian Starseeds & 8 Clear Signs You Are One” that Julie, The Spiritual Nomad, made which by the way led me to think that I’m an Arcturian.

“As an “Arcturian”, I must remind you that this name, along with “starseed”, “lightworker”, “Earth angel”, etc are merely human derived egoic labels to help the monkey mind conceptualize and internalize the principles of a higher vibrational existence. They do not reflect who or what we truly are. An ascended being knows that all labels are ultimately meaningless as what we all are is a part of Source, God, the I AM, or whatever you choose to refer to the all that is. It is also important to know that raising one’s vibration should not be seen as a goal, or achievement as that breeds ideas of competition and status which are also egoic constructs. What’s important is to merely live in the present moment, let go of the ego and embrace your own beingness. The more one can do this, the higher one’s vibration will naturally become until one becomes a part of the all that is.”

Are You A Starseed? 5 Starseed Traits & Signs

Of course, I’m leery about any transmission that supposedly has come from the Arcturians since there seems to be malevolent imposters for every benevolent being. Not only that but according to Renee channelled messages have been controlled since 1987 by a group who want to hijack the New Age, Ascension and Disclosure Movements.

Since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987, there has been a specific space task force assembled by Thothian Luciferians and the members of the Galactic Federation to fully control the information given to the awakening population, for the purpose of complete takeover of the New Age, Ascension and Disclosure movement. A comprehensive multiple pronged militarized approach was organized in order to gather and collect all of the technological and human resources that would be necessary to build an extensive artificial neurological network with Silent Sound Technology. This would be used to target Starseeds and Indigos, as well as control all transmissions of channeled material that would be sent to the awakening population in the guise of friendly ET’s, Ascended Masters, and even deceased famous figures in human history.,_Ascension,_Disclosure_Hijack

Renee claims that her knowledge which is extensive doesn’t come through channelling but through cellular memory of the akashic records.

This (akashic records) is a quick reference term used to define the Universal Matrix of Cellular Memory that has contained within it, the recorded event of every possible experience and permutation of consciousness existing in our 15 dimensional Universal Time Matrix. Many times other healers refer to this term as a part of clearing the soul record memory in the “Akasha” field of memory. The Akashic record or Akasha is a reference to the name of our Universal God Seed Code system that carries all the frequency and coding that created our Universe…

There are many references to the Akashic record, Hall of Records or the Eternal Book of Life from the many sacred texts of the ancients. The Akashic records emanate from the primordial substance of the Eternal God Source of which is projected as the DNA record and its instruction set (morphogenetic field) of all creation over time. They are comprised of the memory record of the entire consciousness journey over time, so every idea/thought, word, and action is registered in the Akashic record which can be accessed and interpreted over any point in the spiral of time. 

Nevertheless I find most the channelled material in the two books I’ve quoted from in this post have enabled me to get a better understanding of 5D consciousness. This statement encouraged me to start to trust the Arcturians since unlike the reptilians they respect our free will.

It is fascinating for us to view the many different entities that are appearing to interact with you. We can only tell you that each of you has your particular path and your guides to work with. Some of you are very attracted to the Arcturians, and are working with us. We do not ask for your allegiance; we do not ask that you give up any part of yourself. We do not want you in any way to give up your free will. We simply offer our information that we make available to those of a higher and purer heart.

Miller, David K.. Connecting with the Arcturians (p. 38). Light Technology Publishing.

Sounds like a good deal, eh? Well, it gets better.

Our healing methods have to do with aligning your frequencies and clearing all your bodies. We provide a direct connection with you by providing an interdimensional corridor, and by bringing our ships in a space over your physical presence. We send down a beam of light to help you become cleansed, feel lighter, and get in touch with yourself. We can raise your etheric self, and bring that part of you to our ship. On board, we use a healing library and healing chambers to activate and recharge your energy. You can also reconnect to earlier times and other soul lives when you are with us.

Miller, David K.. Connecting with the Arcturians (p. 138). Light Technology Publishing.

According to Lisa Renee, (Ascension Glossary)

The Arcturians are compassionate and benevolent extraterrestrial beings that are assisting humanity during the Ascension Cycle in accordance to the Guardian Host Law of One protocols, they are the closest example of our future humanoid family that has undergone a 5D ascension process, that is similar to the planet earth’s current Ascension process…In 2002 a Christed ET Group, called the Arcturians took me on their Lightship and showed me a Beautiful Color Holographic Image of my body being repatterned and rewoven through its multidimensional layers. I knew it had something to do with DNA activation but I still had no idea what all of that meant to human consciousness. It was a very sweet experience and I remember we all were laughing a lot. Later I found out they were showing me my future destiny in working with the QXCI body scanning technology and I did not yet realize it…Because it’s like being an inter-dimensional portal and realizing we are the sum total of everything. We are the Arcturians, we are the Sirians, we are the Pleiadians, we are connected to everybody in this divine angelic human form as we are. 

This is the coolest depiction of a Arcturian Lightship I could find.

And I guess the Arcturians look something like this.

Leadership by Default


We are enduring a massive paradigm shift on planet earth, with immense pressures accumulating towards revealing disclosure events as the War Over Consciousness is reaching its pinnacle stage of conflict, that can generate explosive changes in the way we live. Everything we have known and have been told about the nature of reality is to be gradually revealed as a mass deception. Humanity is standing in the crossroads of major transformation and powerful evolutionary changes that are inciting Spiritual Crisis, and this pressure will continue to mount into an assortment of global humanitarian crises.

Thus, developing Emotional Competence is mandatory for not only managing stress calmly and progressing in self-leadership, but in developing positive and effective teamwork, professional and strategic leadership models that will be required in order to move through this paradigm shift. With whistleblowers, independent journalists, disclosure teams, experiencers and spiritually awakening people acting as the main platforms of relevant news dissemination of ongoing planetary events, it becomes clear how important self-leadership is. As more people choose to become public figures to help guide the paradigm shift, they should also become aware of their sphere of influence, and recognize that they have become a leader by default. 

Real leadership is founded upon a deep appreciation of human potential and human dignity, and in our interpretation, recognizing and cultivating the highest expression within the divinity of each person. When a person is strong in Self-Leadership, these inner qualities are extended to others in order to appreciate the unique expression, creative potentials while holding dignity and respect for those around them.

Thus, in this collaborative and chaotic environment, training people to become self-leaders, helping to support spiritual group members who are self-aware, setting Intent and Consent, who can set clear space and take initiative, who are kind and can compassionately communicate to solve problems in any organization or group is more important than ever.

Many people on the Ascension path are guided into some form of spiritual or consciousness community. This is not only to learn and develop themselves spiritually, but to explicitly gain self-knowledge in how to successfully navigate group dynamics by improving conflict resolution and communication skillsets, without being negatively triggered. We have to learn how to get along with each other peacefully and harmoniously in a group setting, and many of us will be facing these kinds of social challenges now. As we face an array of social challenges, we will be measuring our energetic output and input as forms of available energy, in order to determine what activities expend too much energy, and when we need to conserve energy. Evolving into Group Consciousness does not mean we become homogenized as a race, it means we give up our intrinsic selfishness and learn how to preserve our Individualism, autonomy and be of service to the whole, by respecting and allowing others to be a reflection of our true interconnectedness. This is Unified Cooperation.

The Arcturians on Leadership.

Therefore, we remind the leaders that, “The Truth will set you free.” One truth is that, it is the NOW to separate the chaff from the wheat. Another truth is that it is the NOW in which the first leader will be called upon. In fact, our definition of a leader is: the one who goes first. Fortunately, there are many brave ones who have “gone first.” Being a leader doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a group following you. When we say leaders, we mean, “the ones who go first.” It is the NOW for the leaders to open the light portals and say to the ones who go first, “Dear Leaders, It is the NOW.” The fifth dimensional NOW doesn’t begin with going forward into the higher dimensions. The fifth dimensional NOW begins with letting go of what you cannot bring forward to your higher dimensional realities.

Fortunately, because you are a leader, you can do so much more than others. Because you are a leader, you recognize that there are many people, places, situations, things, animals, and nature beings that are in need of help. Because you are a leader, you want to help them all. However, Dear Leaders do not spread yourselves too thin or get too tired before you complete your inner orders. Your orders come not from outside of your self, or even from above you. You orders come from within your self, for that is how you receive them. The leaders will guide humanity into the next octave of reality.

Dear Leaders, IT IS THE NOW, to let go of our “stuff”. Pack your bags with all you have learned and remembered and let go of that which is more important than your own higher directives. Please remember that your higher directives will always consider your loved ones and those for whom you are responsible. Being a leader does not mean that you leave your life. Being a leader means that you are ready to create your life. Furthermore, leaders need to train more leaders. It begins by leaders finding leaders, assisting these leaders, and teaching these leaders.

In this manner, leadership becomes normal, and followers are just those who have not YET become leaders. As you begin your leadership, you will begin to understand how your entire life has prepared you for your leadership of others.

Recognizing the need for comprehensive educational training and guidance in multidimensionality, she (Suzanne Lie) has recently developed Multidimensional Leadership Training programs, in conjunction with the Arcturians, designed to train new leaders that will bring forth expanded, synchronistic guidance, support, leadership, and governance in the societal shift.

Lie, Suzanne. Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You (p. 226-331). Multidimensional Press.

However many starseeds/empaths are reluctant to assume leadership roles.

When the people who have suppressed free energy technology in order to continue to profit from the production of oil and electricity are gone then we will all benefit from technologies like the one described in this video.


It will be a wonderful,compassionate, and joyful world when they are gone. What we all need to do is stay heart centered and focus on unconditional love which Lisa Renee, David Icke and the Arcturians all have emphasized as the way to the Good Reset. First you learn to love yourself unconditionally then you extended this love to others. But what is unconditional love?

Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is an energy field of love, hope, empowerment, and promise…

However, unconditional love is also an energy field. This energy field is the collection of acceptance support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another. Because every person can love and accept them, they can also love and accept others.

Furthermore, just as the Unconditional Love we share with you transmutes your energy field into a higher resonance, your unconditional love towards those trapped in a power-over energy field will transmute their energy field into a higher resonance. Did you realize that you had that much power-within? Did you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward his or her process of transmutation into a higher resonance?

Lie, Suzanne. Preparing for First Contact: Landing in a Frequency Near You (p.10,11,12).

This meditation will help you open your heart center and experience unconditional love.

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