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The Death and Rebirth of Earth

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Illusion works impenetrable,
Weaving webs innumerable,
Her gay pictures never fail,
Crowds each on other, veil on veil,
Charmer who will be believed
By Man who thirsts to be deceived. 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Maya, (Sanskrit: “magic” or “illusion”) a fundamental concept in Hindu philosophy, notably in the Advaita (Nondualist) school of Vedanta. Maya originally denoted the magic power with which a god can make human beings believe in what turns out to be an illusion.

Our reality is a consciousness hologram. Holograms are manifestations of the properties of light, how light is produced and transmitted and how it interacts with itself. The Universe is a time matrix consciousness hologram. Reality is projected as illusion of timelines within the hologram. Our hologram is composed of grids of instruction sets (morphogenetic fields) created by the source consciousness then projected into awareness by electromagnetic energy at the physical matter and anti-matter level. The hologram is created and linked through a series of web networks, or multiple layers of grid matrices based on the patterns of Sacred Geometry or Creational Code Language.

We are living in the hologram that we created. What we created has been influenced to a large degree by what the invading aliens wanted us to create. They have shifted the collective consciousness of mankind using multiple implants in our physical and light bodies, trauma to cause soul fragmentation and non physical Nephilm Reversal grids that have siphoned our energy to create the illusions that have kept them in control of the entire planet for thousands of years. They have erased our memories and shortened our live span by altering our DNA and were even able to control the process of rebirth so that we would repeatedly reincarnate and experience a repetition of the same timeline in automatic time loops caused from the cellular memories of the past hidden histories of war, that have been erased from the conscious mind memories of humanity.

David Icke calls this hologram a simulation created by AI. He explains this concept in an interview with Jean Nolan on August 6th.

“I Believe Our Time Has Come!” NEW David Icke Interview

Premiered Aug 6, 2022

David Icke talks about how the vaccine is designed to keep us in the trap of the 3D matrix. What I would add to that is the spiritual effect of the vaccine is to open the body to posession from demons by dislodging the soul from the body and preventing the soul from leaving the 3D/4D matrix after death.

Covid Vaccines Consequences on the Soul, Spirit and Life after Death

by Bernhard Guenther

May 24, 2022 from VeilOfReality Website

Information sent by The New Agora


A few months ago, I came across a 100-page pdf document, “Corona Vaccines from the Spiritual Perspective – Consequences on Soul and Spirit and the Life after Death,” by Thomas Mayer. 

It contains some excerpts that were translated from the 491-page book originally published in German titled “Corona-Impfungen aus Spiritueller Sicht – Auswirkung auf Seele und Geist und das nachtodliche Leben“.

According to Thomas Mayer, 

a complete English translation will be available sometime in late summer 2022 based on what he told me in our correspondence…

I’m very grateful and impressed with Mayer’s in-depth research, careful analysis, and presentation of a topic that most people may reject right away or find “too far out there” as it may offend their materialistic worldview and beliefs about reality.

It’s certainly not a book for everyone, nor is everyone ready for it, similar to the topics covered on my website. However, in my humble opinion, it’s one of the most important books written in this day and age in light of the times we’re in, especially for anyone engaged in any spiritual work.

The book’s content is deeply revealing, confirming, and disturbing at the same time. 

Thomas Mayer and his team of “supersensible” practitioners and researchers verify my research and insights into the adverse spiritual/metaphysical consequences of the COVID vaxx (and the long-range matrix agenda)…

It is about a complete take-over of the physical vehicle (body) by the occult anti-divine forces, priming and genetically modifying human bodies for “incarnational opportunities.”

In short, full-on body-snatching and possession via dislodging the spirit/essence from the body. This ” hybridization program” is priming humanity’s transmutation into shell vessels for hyperdimensional possession...

It is not about a “harmless jab”, but about a powerful impulse to initiate a change in the human body, so that it is damaged in its basic evolutionary function as the vehicle for the soul-spiritual being of Man.

This impulse can also block human being’s existence after death.

In this respect it really is about the fundamental question of the future of mankind:

Do we want to become a kind of “human- machine” or do we want to remain soul-spiritual beings?

It transpires that the four main Corona vaccines,

It transpires that the four main Corona vaccines,

  • Pfizer BioNTech

  • Moderna

  • AstraZeneca

  • Johnson&Johnson,

…in the Western countries, taken as a whole, are a strong attack on the physical body and the energy body.

Through this attack, these bodies can become unreachable (blocked) for the higher members of the supersensible human being.


Likewise, the angel and the body-elemental-being can be pushed aside.


As a result, in the afterlife, this can lead to the condition of being chained to Earth and a very long suffering for the deceased.


Three Types Of Beings/Entities Gaining Access Through The COVID Vaccine

According to the research group, there are three groups of Beings (based on Steiner’s work) that appeared in vaccinated people.

Mayer outlines them below:

  1. The Vaccine-Being:

    These are spirit beings of the lower level of the spiritual world. They have a determining and intervening effect on almost all bodies of the human being and resemble various Illness-Beings. In the aura, one can experience these Vaccine-Beings as a taproot that goes down through the physical human being into all members of the human constitution. They are descendants and local representatives of the group souls or group spirits of specific vaccines.



  2. The Soratic Spirits of Transhumanism:

    The vaccine beings are related to soratic spirits of transhumanism, which through them gain access to the layers of human aura. There they appear as black, sharp, sucking formations or spots, especially in the radius of about three feet and more, in the whole aura as well as in the highest members of the human being (I, Spirit-Self, Life-Spirit, Spirit-Self).



  3. Small Ahrimanized Elemental Beings:

    These occupy especially the etheric body and the organs.

    These three groups of beings seem to be the main causes of the described displacements and blockages within the human constitution.

The video below is a testimony of a Greek Priest-Monk who received the Pfizer Vaccine. 

Father Savvas Agioritis is reading his confession.

The Priest-Monk started to feel himself more and more cut off from the spiritual world. He also came face-to-face with a demonic entity which may be the soratic vaccine being.

Corona Vaccination Damages In The Life After Death

Thomas Mayer and his research team also discovered that the effects of the vaccines don’t stop with death.

While the physical body is discarded at death, the spiritual beings and forces of the COVID vaccines continue to work.

Mayer shows some case studies of what this means for the deceased vaccinated people:

“On February 23, 2021, during a work meeting, I had the opportunity to perceive a deceased person, who had received a corona vaccination before leaving the body.

The etheric body of the deceased was contracted, slanted, and tense, the soul was chained to it, sad, suffering, lonely and disoriented in darkness. Normally, after death, the etheric body expands and the tableau of life becomes free, in which the deceased experiences all the memories of his or her past life in simultaneity and greater clarity.

This did not happen here, the life tableau was prevented, and the soul was stuck earthbound. No light of the spiritual world reached it. Normally, the deceased are received and enveloped by their angels.

That was not the case here, the angel was without connection on the sidelines.

From such blocked states souls cannot free themselves from their predicament in foreseeable time. They need an intervention from the outside. Spiritual interventions, which are stimulated by incarnated people, can help here.

We did our best for this poor soul to help it in a process of development. Was this just an isolated case or is it common after corona vaccination? That is a burning question.

If there is no one to take care of the earthbound deceased, it may take many centuries for their condition to change. It’s just a jab and then you can travel again“, announce the vaccinations commercials.

But in reality, it could mean that the soul cannot make its journey through the spiritual world for hundreds of years after death, stuck, suffering, and thus burdening living ones.” 

The Guardian Host Teams are rescuing souls who would otherwise be earthbound. This article contains a prayer for the vaccinated that I do everyday.

Organic Alignment


Sadly, we have been taking part in soul capture retrievals from current alien nanotech materials being exposed or injected into vulnerable souls, who passed their body from the toxic nanoparticle injections in which the nano was programmed to deposit soul groups into the past AI timelines in collection pits. The number of deaths from these injections are showing us to be from a few years of accumulated exposure, and the rate of death is much higher than it is being reported.  Guardian Host teams have been gathered as a special operation force to go find these human souls with lightbody damage from alien nanotech exposure and retrieve them from being stuck in past 3D phantom timelines with artificial memories inserting and transmitting mass human holocaust events.

David Icke talks about how the aliens have created and control the third dimension simulation from the lower fourth dimension. In the full interview at / he talks about how the Cabal has not been able to take him out because he is at a higher frequency than they are. Lisa Renee has given us this diagram that shows 15 dimensions of frequency or consciousness.

Alien technology has succeeded in keeping the consciousness of mankind in the first four dimensions. That technology is rapidly being dismantled so that humans can experience the natural expansion of consciousness to D15.

The pipe dream of the criminal globalists is to kill of billions of people by 2030 with vaccines, famine and war and establish a totalitarian world government. But this ain’t gonna happen.

The shifting architecture in the planetary grid network is worlds apart from what it was just a few short years ago, making the current crisis events much less effective than anticipated. The NAA will not be achieving the end game results that the Power Elite are expecting, by culling the masses.

Most people are trapped in the 3D slaughterhouse as Johnstone so aptly calls it.

Site logo imageCaitlin JohnstoneTrapped In The Slaughterhouse

Caitlin JohnstoneAug 1Listen to a reading of this article:

❖Western civilization is a story of full bellies and starving hearts. Of a feast of information and a famine of truth. Of conveyor belts churning out processed food, conformity-enforcing media and power-serving culture. Enough food to stay alive but not enough sustenance to live.They keep us alive but they don’t let us live. They give us enough carbohydrate to turn the gears of industry, but they keep us too busy, poor, propagandized, confused and crazy to actually drink from the waters of life. To actually experience the beauty of this world. To let the crackling potentiality of advanced terrestrial life blossom to fruition within us.The modern empire rules us by filling our markets with Wonder Bread and our schools and media with lies. By filling our bellies and starving our souls. By churning out mountains of useless landfill without ever producing anything of real value. By making more while providing less.They improve food production and medicine just enough to lengthen our lifespans, only so that they have more life to drain us of. They let us populate the earth with more humans only to drain us of our humanity.We’re not people to them. We are batteries. We are fuel.This is no civilization. It’s a slaughterhouse. A fake plastic performance staged to funnel human life into the gears of an insatiable machine. A fake plastic culture designed to keep us on the conveyor belt so that our life force can be converted into fuel for a soulless empire. A fake plastic society built to keep us marching into the food processor.There are so very many more of us than there are of them. We could crush them like an insect the moment we decided to. But the brainwashing is so very, very effective, and the matrix hallucination seems so very, very real. Our propaganda-induced coma keeps us fueling the machine.Not until we awaken ourselves from the coma will our adventure on this planet really begin. Not until we can unplug our minds from the empire’s life-siphoning control mechanisms we can begin to really live.We’ll either wake each other up, or we’ll remain trapped in the slaughterhouse._________________

Overthrowing The False Kings of Tryanny

The kings of this world, that is 95% of the billionaires, the politicians, the university presidents, social science professors, school superintendents, school trustees, medical doctors, the most famous TV, movie and rock stars, fashion models and writers are members of the club that controls the planet. Is it a bitter pill for you to swallow to think that your idol is actually hiding a black heart beneath those good looks and winning smile?

Let me tell you how it works. First you go down to crossroads and sell you soul to the devil and he increases your talent. Then the satanic, Cabal controlled MSM will promote you and you will promote their agenda, LGBQ+, transgenderism, transhumanism, Covid-19 vaccines, the war against Russia, climate change panic and the NWO. No matter how much talent you have if you are not part of the club you will be ignored or constantly criticized. It you are a politician and want to get elected you have to have the media on your side. If you are well known it’s because the MSM made you popular.

This is the trailer for the story of Robert Johnson who like many other musicians from Paganini to Bob Dylan went down to the crossroads and sold his soul to the devil for fame and fortune. It reminds me of the intiation in Freemasonry where you give your soul to the devil for seven years and he gives you anything in the world you want.

ReMastered: Devil at the Crossroads | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

I think the devil is actually the reptilians. But why would they be interested in a human soul? Every unique soul is an aspect of the eternal God source and therefore has a connection with Source that they don’t have. If you lose your soul you lose the possibility of the joy of experiencing reunion with God.

Some people don’t willing trade their soul for fame. These are the unfortunate souls who were mind controlled from a young age to become stars and make a fortune for their handlers. This episode of “Black Mirror” on Netflix reveals how this happens.

Miley Cyrus in “Black Mirror” as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It’s Not Fiction


In the Black Mirror episode “Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too”, Miley Cyrus plays the role of a mind-controlled pop star with a fake persona, who is tightly controlled and medicated by ruthless handlers. None of this is “science fiction”.

Published 3 years ago on June 20, 2019 By Vigilant Citizen 


leadashley2 Miley Cyrus in "Black Mirror" as a Mind-Controlled Pop Star: It's Not Fiction

I have the same concern as Krishnamurti.

To be free first do your own research and reach a decision about the big issues. Get answers to these questions by thorough research. ” How dangerous is Covid-19? Are any of the vaccines safe or effective? What are the adverse effects? How many deaths have there been due to the vaccines compared to the real number of deaths due to the Covid-19 virus?”

In regards to the climate change hoax you should ask, “Is the rush to move from fossils fuels really necessary? Can the alterative methods of energy production met the needs of the population? If the farmers in Holland which is the second largest exporter of food products go out of business because of the new standard of emissions for nitrogen oxide and ammonia is it really worth it? If billions starve to death who will be here to enjoy the planet that was saved by these extreme and some say unnecesary climate control measures?”

Tell other people what you have learned. The Cabal expects us to stay ignorant and slient. Talk to anybody who will listen and give them a website address so they can get more information. The best one for a totally unaware person is Children’ If they have a sense of humor chose links to some of JP Sears videos. Don’t lecture them. Ask questions to determine how much they know. Questions like, “Do you know anyone who has died from the Covid-19 virus who wasn’t over seventy with other health problems.” Or “do you know anyone who experienced an adverse effect from a Covid-19 vaccine?” Go slow and easy, like you are waking someone up from a deep sleep. If they react in a negative way wish them a great day and move on. If they want more information buy them a coffee and give them more. Before you leave them connect to one of the sites above and let them take a photo of it from your phone so they can find it later.

We all have to just stop being mindless slaves that obey our masters without question.

The Negative Aliens Archons group or the NAA do not want to heal thereby integrate into human society as an equal. They want to rule humans and earth as an absolute authority with an iron fist in the Controller archetype of the False King of Tyranny. This is also called Patriarchal Domination. The Power Elite are the group of humans that have been handed the control over the majority of the resources of the planet in order to carry out the Archontic Deception Strategy that the NAA has put into place to ensure the war Enslavement mind control programming continues to divide and conquer the human population on the earth. This is a self enforcing system of mind control promoted through all world organizations to shape ideologies and values based on the Archontic Deception Behaviors of the Predator Mind of the Negative Aliens. Those humans that feed the False King of Tyranny are rewarded monetarily or with status, power or fame over the rest of the underlings on the earth.

Caitlin Johnstone has a unique perspective on why the power elite have accumulated vast wealth.

If Everyone Is King Then No One Is




The ruling class continually extracts wealth from the public not so that they can become wealthier than they already are, but to keep the public from having that wealth. They’re not worried that they’ll be unable to support their needs in the future if they don’t extract another billion dollars, they just understand that the wealthier everyone else gets, the less their own wealth matters. They’re not wealth-hoarding, they’re wealth-obstructing

Wealth is meaningless if everyone is wealthy. Power is meaningless if everyone has power. The kings of our day have a vested interest in keeping everyone poor and powerless, because if everyone is king, then no one is king.

This is why our status quo systems work the way they work, and this is why you see a convergence of interests from such groups as corporate plutocrats, plutocrat-owned politicians and media, the arms industry, and military and intelligence agencies. These groups all have a vested interest in preserving the status quo and the ability to put that agenda in place, so they’ve fallen into a natural, de facto alliance with each other toward that end.

It’s why we’ve seen a historic upward transfer of wealth during the Covid pandemic, with billionaires raking in trillions while ordinary people struggle with unemployment and soaring prices. And it’s why that transfer of wealth has been happening for decades since long before Covid. In a system where money is power and power is relative, a ruling class naturally emerges which needs to suppress the wealth and power of its subjects in order to continue to rule.

Rulers do not historically give up their rule voluntarily, so we can expect this continual pattern of wealth obstruction via wealth extraction to continue until people get tired of being kept poor and powerless by those who benefit from their poverty and disempowerment and use the strength of their numbers to force the emergence of a more equitable system. We can also expect our rulers to do everything in their power to prevent this from happening, including propagandizing the public into accepting the status quo and believing that anything better is impossible.

Drastic change in the not-too-distant future does seem to be inevitable, though, if only because we’re headed toward environmental collapse or nuclear winter if we don’t rise to the revolutionary occasion first. Humanity’s self-destructive patterning is in a race with our better angels, and right now it’s anybody’s race.

The People of Shri Lanka Overthrew The Kings

In March of 2022 the people of Sri Lanka used demonstrations, internet activism, rioting and strike action against the government due to the economic crisis involving severe inflation, daily blackouts, and a shortage of fuel, domestic gas and other essential goods and eventually chased the president Gotabaya Rajapaksa out of the country. The Rajapaksa administration, the Prime Minister and the Central Bank Governor resigned. This is what was needed. However the Cabal was quick to fill the vacuum with other puppets.

Five Things to Know about Sri Lanka’s Crisis

Sri Lanka’s collapse should be a wake-up call to other countries, highlighting the perils of sovereign debt in an era of geopolitical competition. 

Friday, July 15, 2022 / BY: Tamanna Salikuddin


None of the current parliamentary leaders, most notably Wickremesinghe, enjoy much popular support, and protesters have opposed an all-party government because the Rajapaksa’s SLPP would still have a majority. Instead, they are calling for an interim government to prepare for elections. The most pressing priorities for the next government, in addition to the economic and humanitarian woes, will be finding a peaceful way to resolve the ongoing protests and unrest, seeking some political buy-in from the country’s polarized ethnic communities, and likely amending the constitution to undo the executive presidency.

But by far the largest portion of Sri Lanka’s debt is held by commercial institutions, per official government statistics. Over the last 20 years as Sri Lanka’s debt has gone from low interest rate concessionary lending from the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank to mostly commercial loans held by private banks at much higher interest rates. In 2019, 56% of Sri Lanka’s debt was held by commercial lenders, compared to only 2.5% in 2004. Much of this debt was used for large infrastructure projects that did not yield the returns to justify the loans.

Explained: What Happens When A Country Defaults On Its Debts 

Owing to an insufficient cash inflow, the country often fails to pay back to its creditors the principal amount as well as the interest amount of the loan. This is known as sovereign debt default.

Outlook Business Team

UPDATED: 17 APR 2022 8:00 PM


Last week, Sri Lanka joined the list of countries that have defaulted on sovereign debt. The island nation defaulted on its foreign debt worth $51 billion as it faces the worst economic crisis, for the first time since its independence in 1948. The South Asian country is grappling with soaring inflation at 17.5 per cent, a 12-hour power cut, and dwindling foreign reserves. 

A statement from the finance ministry said, “it shall be the policy of the Sri Lankan government to suspend normal debt servicing…..shall apply to amounts of affected debts outstanding on April 12, 2022”…

Nonetheless, Sri Lanka is not the first country to have defaulted on its debts. Over the past century, several countries have defaulted on their debts once or multiple times. According to the World Economic Forum, 147 countries have defaulted on their debts since 1960. 

147 countries have defaulted an their debts! This indicates that corrupt politicians were directed by their handlers to sign debt agreements that they know the country will not be able to repay. This is treason.

What Is Sovereign Debt Default?

Just like companies, countries borrow loans from domestic and international creditors. The countries issue bonds in exchange for the debt. However, owing to an insufficient cash inflow, the country often fails to pay back the principal amount as well as the interest amount of the loan to domestic or international creditors as well as organizations like the International Monetary Fund (IMF). This is known as sovereign debt default. 

Money and the entire financial system was created by the invading alien races to create the power elite (1.1%) who now have 45.8% of the total wealth of the world. Furthermore four corporations control all the companies on the planet.


The real wealth is the genetic material and consciousness energy of the people.

Genetics are Currency

The harvesting of genetic material and consciousness energy is the most valuable type of currency and is used as a medium of exchange by more advanced cultures than what we have currently inherited through the dark age of the NAA invasion. One should be aware that on many other planets monetary systems such as ours do not exist. For the invading species to continue to access the planetary consciousness energy supply without further resistance, humanity has been groomed to ignore genetics and consciousness access as a valuable currency and to focus instead only on an imaginary money supply that is completely controlled and manipulated. Humans are taught to worship the money supply as their primary identification with material success, power and personal fulfillment, as this mind control program to seek power through money has been explicitly designed by the Controllers as a hidden enslavement tool.[1]

More information about the money system can be found in my post, Lisa Renee 3 How the Iluminati Manipulates Money.

The people of Shri Lanka owe nothing to the World Bank, private banks or China. The loans were agreed to by traitors to the country acting on behalf of the Cabal which makes the agreements null and void. For more information about how entire nations are bought by international corporations read, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman, by John Perkins.

What the protestors failed to do is have an interm system of government and a new constitution ready to set up immediately after all the politicians were ousted from power. Forgive yourselves for electing traitors who were not serving the people but only serving themselves and don’t pay another dollar towards the unwarranted, dodgy debt. Become a self sufficient, independent nation. Clean the slate and start fresh with people who have intelligence, integrity and compassion.

Now the situation in Sri Lanka is going in the wrong direction.

Sri Lanka’s DIGITAL ID and SOCIAL CREDIT QR Code Fuel Rationing

More information about the walk out is available at www.

When the Cabal falls we will need leaders to step into the positions of power to insure everyone has access to food, water, fuel and power. A new medical system must be established to heal the vaccine injured and all the people traumatized by the shift into a free world. But who will assume these positions? Who is in alignment to service to others and not service to self? How can we trust anyone after enduring thousands of years of lieing megomaniacs? Will we get help from our galactic family? Answers to these questions and much more will be in my next post.

I published this post on August 10th because that’s when the Law of Suggestion is intensified on earth so that we can all use this period from August 10 to September 15, when the sun is in Leo to think and speak out about the kind of world we can create now. For those of you familiar with astrology you will no doubt be shaking your head because you think that Leo is from July 23 to August 22. A new system of astrology is needed now that the the NAA doesn’t have control over the twelve constellations transmissions. Lisa Renee describes the new zodiac in the Ascension Glossary.

Zodiac Alteration

The Zodiac as we have known it will be altered due to these magnetic changes during the Ascension Cycle, and the astrology influence or mental imprints will change, alter or amplify the birth chart depending on the level of awareness and the level of interaction with those cosmic forces and magnetic influences. This means that the magnetic imprint received from the zodiac constellation alignments at birth will cease to have the same influence upon our body, our personality, our mind and this will impact many other factors.

It is also accurate to say that the NAA had control over aspects of the twelve constellation transmissions, which had resulted in more extreme negative polarities in the world of forces, in order to achieve their intended objective of control over matter forms. They intended to radically increase Black Subtle Forces by filtering Negative Polarity aspects of the constellation archetypes, in order to influence humanity into the negative polarity and to use planetary dark matter for running AI machinery.[4]

In case you are wondering what your sign is according to the Galatic Zodiac check out this table.

Law of Suggestion

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Astrological Correspondence – Leo – Fire – Sun, Maldek (Asteroid Belt) Chakra and Sphere 5, Archetypal Mind of Solar Body, Royal Star – Regulus


Essentially, this means we are the sum total of our accumulated thoughts and beliefs, what has been suggested to us through spoken words, our direct experiences and interpretations of life, subconsciously, Consciously and through our spiritual bodies. Suggestion is the psychological process by which one person guides the thoughts, feelings, or behavior of another person.

What is spoken, what is heard, what is seen and perceived from this body filter, is the suggestion of what we become. This consciousness principle also explains the gathering of inner strength that is required to go beyond what is spoken and heard, therefore was suggested to us from environmental conditioning, such as the family of origin inherited beliefs and behaviors. How do we shift out from the accumulated results of the millions of suggestions sent out to us since birth? We must learn how to speak clearly by directing focused mental energy upon a positive idea or loving thoughtform, in order to magnify that spoken word or thoughtform substance into the manifest. Yet, holding Observer Point without attachment to how it actually manifests. Or this may define the discipline and inner strength we find deep inside our heart-based convictions, the power that is required to examine our thought processes and motivations that have been inherited, and to choose to redirect the spoken words into more positive thoughts and loving behaviors that serve one’s highest expression.

As I listen to this song this is what I imagine with all my heart.

One fine morning I’m reading the latest news on the internet. Here are the headlines.

Larry Fink Resigns as CEO of Blackrock. Justin Trudeau Missing! Has Anyone Seen Joe Biden? Klaus Schwab Confesses to Crimes Against Humanity. Steve Hasker Resigns as CEO of Rueters. Pope Francis Convicted on 69 Charges of Child Trafficing. Emmanuel Macron Retreats to the Swiss Alps. Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping Fly to Hidden Base in Antartica. Where is Anthony Fauci? Bill Gates Leaves the US in his Super Yacht. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds Are Broke After Being Sued for 800 Trillion to Compensate for Vaccine Injuries and Deaths. Boris Johnson Seen Boarding a Flight to Thailand. George Soros Arrested in his Underground Bunker. Dr. Tedro, WHO Director Caught Attempting to Leave the US. Globalist Rats Abandon The Sinking Ship. Arrest Warrants are Issued for 741,277 People Charged With World Genocide.

Then I see a worldwide celebration. The war is over. The people have won. There’s dancing and singing in the streets all through the day and into the night.

Hi-Finesse – Rebirth (ft. Natacha Atlas) [Epic Music – Vocal Powerful Emotional]

396,734 views Apr 9, 2017 ➝ For More Powerful Epic Music: Composer: Erich Lee……more5.4K

Update September 8, 2022.

Nolan talks about the signs that people are waking up, finally.

The People Are Taking Back Their Power!

Many people think that their opinion doesn’t matter and doesn’t have any effect on world events. But this article by James Corbett reveals that nearly all the governments in the world spend billions of dollars to influence our perceptions of the world because our opinions do matter.

The Story of the Century Just Broke (And No One Noticed)

The Corbett Report


Although you might have missed it if you blinked while scrolling through your news feed last week, the very same mockingbird repeaters who have just spent the last decade ginning up a neo-McCarthyist New Red Scare over ChiCom/Best Korea/Russkie hackers have just admitted that the biggest purveyor of online mal- mis- and dis-information is . . .

. . . (are you ready for this?) . . . 

. . . the US government!

Surprised? I didn’t think so.

I’m sorry if I’m just breaking this to you, but it’s not just Russia, China, North Korea or whatever bogeymen happens to on the State Department’s hit list this week who employ hackers and digital spies and bot armies and psyops soldiers in their quest to influence online discourse. It’s the US and Israel and Britain and Canada and every other nation in the world that is engaging in these silicon shenanigans.

More to the point, as I’m sure you’re already aware the internet was literally created by the US military. Starting out as the ARPANET, the impetus behind the creation of the internet was—as Vint Cerf, now hailed as one of the “fathers of the internet” casually admitted in 2018—”a belief that command and control could make use of computers in order to enable the Defense Department to use its resources better than an opponent.”

And, as researchers like Yasha Levine, author of Surveillance Valley: The Secret Military History of the Internet, have pointed out, the internet was from its very earliest incarnation a weapon of surveillance and control to be deployed against anyone the US military deemed to be a counterinsurgency threat…

With that context in mind, it’s easy to see the hundreds of data points connecting US military and intelligence operations and the internet as just pieces of that overall puzzle. Although an exhaustive list of such puzzle pieces would take a dozen articles to properly enumerate, they include:

I could go on and on. But it isn’t just the US that is involved in these types of operations, of course.

It’s Canada, too, where the government is “employing Internet Trolls, Shills & PR Agents to ‘correct misinformation’.”

In fact, when you really begin to look into it, every country in the world is engaging in online “perception management” activities or attempting to develop its military capabilities in the “information battlespace,” whether to hack into foreign countries’ corporate mainframes and vital infrastructure or to manipulate public perception via internet propaganda campaigns.

So, you might ask, if everyone is doing it, then why does it matter?

The lie that is propounded by the MSM talking heads—the one that holds that it’s only the Russkie/Chinese/NK bogeymen who are engaged in hacking and online propaganda campaigns—is a particularly insidious lie for three reasons.

Firstly, it provides a perfect cover for one of the most important agenda items on the powers-that-shouldn’t-be’s checklist: shutting down the free flow of information on the internet. As viewers of The Media Matrix and students of Mass Media: A History will know, clamping down on the internet in this neo-Gutenberg moment is as important to the oligarchs’ goal of maintaining power as it was for the oligarchs of a previous era to clamp down on the printing press. What is at stake is nothing less than the continued survival of the information oligopoly that is the core of their mechanism of control over society, so it should be no surprise that they would use their enemies’ information operations as an excuse to engage in online censorship.

Secondly, the bogeyman hacker myth allows the establishment mouthpieces in the media to demonize State Department enemies by accurately pointing out these countries’ cyber sleuthing and hacking operations, while simultaneously ignoring the US and its allies’ own such operations and preparing the public for a virtual false flag event that could plausibly be blamed on those enemies and used as an excuse for the passage of the cyber PATRIOT Act.

And thirdly, the bogeyman narrative distracts the public from the most fundamental question: why is every single government in the world so intent on manipulating and deceiving the public with online misinformation campaigns spread via fake social media personas? By their actions, governments and intelligence agencies the world over have revealed that they are truly afraid of the free flow of information online. But why? The underlying truth that is right under our nose is that our perceptions and our actions do matter and they do make a difference. This is precisely why governments the world over spend so much time and energy and resources trying to make us believe their propaganda: so that we don’t recognize that the true governing power of society is (and always has been) ours to wield.

By victorswhyte

Creative writer, light painter, Youtuber, and bloger

One reply on “The Death and Rebirth of Earth”

One thing for sure I’m thankful for this email. Also, the cranial testimonies was the best yet sad. I’m a highly sensitive person. I can detect vaccine takers. At first I thought I was imagining things but when they walk past me something touches my clothing. If they’re within 2 feet it feels like something long and stringy is catching my clothing. It happened yesterday and before turning around I knew they probably have a mask on as well. Yes, they did and they also seem to have this attachment in the back of them most of the time draping down towards the feet. I can’t see it but can feel it or if they walk.  Things have cooled down some but last year I was gangstalked terribly. Store to store and some of them disguised as human. This was the worse! I even had a witness and I said what do you think about what just happened? She was floored and her eyes were fearful. So, it was constant harassment. What is it ? Who is it? Not having my phone on me helps and if it’s turned off in settings. Does anyone experience constant ear ringing? Linda  

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