Conclusion: The Truth Bites

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Knowledge is learning something everyday.

Wisdom is unlearning something everyday.

Zen Proverb

Who Can You Trust?

This year in my search for truth and for people I can trust I started with four individuals. That list is now down to two. I keep Elizabeth Clare Prophet and James Gilliland on my website because there is some truth in what they say but significantly less than I originally thought.

First I’ll deal with the fall from grace of James Gilliland who is unabashedly pro Trump and even claims that the Galactics and the Orion Counsel of Light are pro Trump according to his October 31, 2020 email. I feel I better point out that I am not pro Joe Biden. In my opinion both men are puppets for the illiminati. Gilliland wrote,

“Why do corrupt politicians, the global elite, the deep state, the corporate owned extremely bias and deceptive main stream media and social media hate Trump? Why do the Satanic/Luciferians and pedophiles hate Trump who has broken up massive human trafficing and pedophile rings that operated with ambiguity during the last administration? A man’s character is established by his actions. It should not be established by his adversaries with a long history of deception and corruption. 

 Who do you think the Galactics and the Heavens are behind?

In my post “The Strange Case of Donald Trump,” I provide an abundance of evidence that Trump is part of the swamp he said he would drain.

When you read this post you will know why Gilliland is not on my A-list 0f reliablity sources of the truth anymore. The ETs he claims to be in contact with must know what Trump is all about. If he was really in contact with the ETs he talks about I would think they would let him know. Maybe they tried to inform him but he has such a strong biased they couldn’t get through to him. I don’t doubt that the numerous sightings, photos and videos of UFO’s over the ECETI ranch are authentic. I do question Gilliland’s ability to contact ETs or heavenly beings.

The final nail in the coffin of James Gilliland’s reputation

This nail has the face of Corey Goode embossed on it. Gilliand has been a close friend and supporter of Corey for years.

When I took Corey’s course, Accerating Ascension in the spring I was impressed by him. Most of the course material was totally new to me such as the Secret Space Force (SSF) and the genetic seeding of the human race by aliens. Corey claimed he had done three twenty and back stints with the SSF. A twenty and back is where a person works for twenty years for the SSF then is taken back in time to the point he started his service. He was physically regressed to the age he was twenty years ago and mind wiped of all memories of his experiences. I thought that Corey was unique since he was able to break through the mind wipe and remember his experiences. In his course there was bonus material such as guided meditations and interviews with a breathwork guide, a psychologist among others. The slides done by Stephen Cefalo were fantastic.

Still keen on this subject I read “Dark Fleet” by Len Kasten who mentions in his acknowledgements, twenty one researchers/writers including Icke, Renee and Goode and ten super soldiers from the SSF. So obviously other people remembered their experiences on the SSF and were willing to talk about them.

Then I came across this article by Jason Rice who claims he was also in the SSF and provided proof that Corey’s lawyer send him a letter that stated he would be sued if he used the terms Secret Space Force or Twenty and Back etc. since Corey was in the process of copy writing these terms.

EMN  Earth Mystery News    October 17, 2018

No One Owns Disclosure 

Disclosure is not something anyone can just ask for.

Many people do not know who I am so let me share a few words of introduction. My name is Jason Rice and I recently came into public awareness on the Gaia series, COSMIC DISCLOSURE. This is the platform that I chose to go public for the first time about my experiences in MILAB and SSP programs. At risk to my personal safety and my professional life working as a multi-discipline Civil and Electrical Engineer for over 21-years, I decided in 2017 to go public because I feel it is time to disclose my involvement in ongoing unacknowledged special access programs with the explicit hope of contributing valuable information to the Disclosure effort.

When deciding upon going public with my experiences, I was fully aware of the potential ramifications from various government and non-government agencies involved with the SSP. The agencies’ typical whistleblower discredit playbook includes the usual media manipulation, civil legal actions, slander, ridicule, and even perhaps, threats as a result of my coming forward. I did not, however, imagine that another SSP veteran would fulfill the role of bullying, ridicule, civil legal action and manipulation of the alternative media to further a narrative, agenda and/or opinion.

At 10:46 a.m. (PST) On October 3, 2018 I was served with a legal letter from the attorney of James Corey Goode mere hours before my interview with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black. A copy of the letter is included with this article. The main goal of coming forward with my experiences is about contributing to the goal of full disclosure. There are many voices out there who have spoken about the SSP and other classified programs that date back to the late 1980s. Many more are in a position to come out but are cautious because of the ridicule and overtly aggressive behaviors from within the truth seeker community, not to mention the very real threats from and targeting by SSP involved government and non-government agencies alike.

Whistleblowers and Insiders have a tremendous amount of information to contribute. The SSP-puzzle has many pieces and many compartmentalized parts. I do not pretend to know all the thousands of people that have been/are involved. This secrecy within the SSP is deliberate in order to specifically restrict knowledge in the event of leaks and/or whistleblower testimony. There are many factions with assets, people, interests and agendas in the SSP. The best thing we can do to further the disclosure movement is to encourage those who are willing to come forward to do so. This movement is far bigger than any one person, group, narrative or interest.

In September 2017, I was invited by Gaia to be a guest on Cosmic Disclosure. I was told shortly after that Corey Goode refused to appear with me on the show. Gaia conveyed my offer to meet and discuss my experiences but this opportunity was declined by Corey Goode. I am not alone in this arbitrary “blacklisting” experience either. There are other whistleblowers that were similarly blacklisted long before I ever stepped foot on Gaia property. It is not my place to provide their names and those who experienced it firsthand will speak out if that is their wish. The point here is that a SSP whistleblower decided FOR YOU what information you are given.

Gaia was hopeful that Corey would reconsider his position on my testimony, given Corey Goode originally refused to appear with Emery Smith on the series as well. Honoring Corey’s request, Gaia then invited me to appear on a different series in Feb 2018.

In March 2018, Corey Goode filed for copyright protection with the USPTO for intellectual property protection of the terms “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, and “countless other topics and areas of interest.”

No one owns these terms or programs, nor the efforts to bring this information forward. To trademark and thus control or restrict use of the terms “20 & back”, “SSP”, “Secret Space Program”, “and “countless other topics and areas of interest” by Corey Goode is contrary to what the Truth Seeking community has been working towards for decades.

There also are several videos on YouTube by J. Weidner of Gaia that indicate that Corey wants to silence all his critics. This is one of them.

What Corey is doing is attempting to control the narrative just as the illuminati have been doing for thousands of years and so I can’t believe anything he says now and his friends Wilcock and Gilliland are either blind to who he really is or complicit in his agenda. Penny Bradley, the former Nacht Waffen pilot for the German secret space force said that all the people who were programmed by torture by the CIA were spilt into many alters. The CIA sold these people to the Americans and the Germans. These mind slaves can’t control when one of their alters will take over and talk about something totally irrelevent to the topic. If someone who claims to be have been apart of the secret space force does an interview and one of their alters doesn’t make an appearance they are a phony. I took Goode’s Accerating Ascension course. Never once in the many hours of the live course did one of his alters appear and only once or twice did he lost this train of thought.

It is worth noting that Corey Goode is becoming more popular everyday. He even appeared on Saturday Night Live. He may have been selected by the Illuminati to present a lie wrapped in the truth about aliens before the real disclosure. He may not even be conscious that he is being used for this purpose. Considering how close James Gilliland and Corey Goode are and Gilliland’s pro Trump position I no longer consider Gilliland to be a reliable source of information.

The Alien Galactic Federation

On Dec 10th, Goode made a video called Israel Ex. Mil. Space Chief, US and Alien Galactic Federation with Dr. Micheal Salla discussing how thrilled they are that the disclosure they have been working on for years is finally going mainstream. The disclosure they are talking about is in the article Aliens exist and Trump is keeping it secret in case we panic, claims Israeli scientist published in Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper. Here comes the fake disclosure, a little truth wrapped in a lie. To begin with if it’s on the MSM you can bet that it is part of the globalist agenda. The article states that Trump knows about an agreement with the Galactic Federation. So Trump is a special person with knowledge few people have. lol. To me he is just mouth piece for the cabal pumped up to appear to be a big deal even the savior of America. Finally the Rothchilds created the country of Israel and control the newspaper and almost everything else. What this is leading upis more false flag events to create a new world religion based on alien worship who will no doubt tell us to accept the Covid-19 vaccination so we can connect our brains to AI and become as super intelligent as they are.

As for the month of December and the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction Lisa has this to say, (paraphased)

‘We will see the return of the Sophic Christ consciousness which is the female aspect the Christ. The Central Sun is returning to align with our sun. It will be virtually impossible for the Satanic Councils and the World Economic Forum and their cohorts to roll out what they are planning.(world genocide although there will be causalties). The spiritual grid work that supported them is not there anymore. They will be very surprised because they have had their way with us for thousands of years.”

The message was much longer but the excerpt above is the most understandable part. Lisa was very happy and excited as she gave us this information.

There are many interesting videos on YouTube about the coming Saturn-Jupiter conjunction on YouTube. One is from Lorie Ladd made December 8 titled, A Message for Humanity /Stay Focused on You. From Lori,

“December is a month where we can take a massive leap in consciousness and release old programs, beliefs and systems. We will recieve more light than ever before which will give us an opportunity for personal transformation. Pay attention to your physicality. Pay attention to what is trying to be cleaned and cleared out of you.This is the most miraculous time to be on the earth.”

I think this is good advice whether it comes from the GFL or not.

I have now completed what I set out to do in June which was analyze the information from four people who I believed had a handle on the truth. I found that Gilliland and Prophet are not completely reliable sources. I still would recommend Renee or Icke. Besides these people my primary sources have been,, the GreenMedInfo newsletters and Rebel News. To understand your psychology, Richard Grannon is excellent. I hope you will share (Copy/Paste) information on the plandemic and the witch’s brew called the Covid-19 vaccine with your family and friends from these three posts which I will update as needed, “Covid-1984,” “Are You Scared Yet,” and “The End of the Mask-erade.” I recommmend you copy/paste because many people may not be ready for the more far out material they will find in my other posts. The GreenMedInfo newsletter is the least far out anti-vax information. There are two movies on the subject of vaccination. Vaxxed One and Vaxxed Two. Vaxxed Three will be out soon. These movies document the damage done by vaccines prior to the Covid-19 vaccine. It is essential that everyone knows what the globalist agenda is and how they can be harmed if they get the vaccine which can never be removed from their bodies. Furthermore they can’t sue the government or the pharmaceutical company if they become ill and are inable to work.

As I have said before we all have to develop our intuition to survive the years ahead which means setting your mind aside and asking yourself, “Does this resonate with me?” ” How does this information or person make me feel?”

The Only Two Beliefs That I Have Held All My Life

There are two beliefs that I have held most of my life. Humans have much more potential than we have been able to access. If you hold in your heart and mind that you want the truth you will be guided to the increments of the truth you are ready to accept and assimulate. I will continue to try to clear my mind of all belief systems so that I’m like an empty cup ready to be filled.

Please always remember…

Micheal Love, Channel for the Pleiadian Light Forces

I will conclude this post with a video by Micheal Love, who is a channel for the Pleiadian Light Forces, called The Event 2020 December 21, 2020 Planetary Activation. Renee has said that it is impossible pinpoint with any accuracy the beginning of a new cycle like they do in this video. Regardless this video is well done, dramatic and uplifting.

What do you think of this topic? I would love to hear from you marvelous, independent thinkers who are lovers of truth and freedom. I consider all of you to be members of the planetary liberation community. If you scroll way down past the donation block and the tags you will find an opportunity to leave a comment. I’m very interested in your opinion. 


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