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David Icke 3 The Moon is a Spaceship

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To confirm his research Icke refers to the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, who was a deity of the Egyptians found beneath a Mayan temple in Mexico. They describe the Reptilians, their ability to shapeshift, and how they possess the bodies of people in power. It is claimed that they date back 36,000 years and were written by Thoth, an ‘Atlantean priest-king’ who, it is said, founded a colony in Egypt. His tablets, the story goes, were taken to South America by Egyptian ‘pyramid priests’ and eventually placed under a Mayan temple to the sun god in the Yucatan, Mexico. The translator of these tablets, Maurice Doreal, claims to have recovered them and completed the translations in 1925.

To read the tablets and the interpretation go to: Here is an except from the Emerald Tablets and then Icke’s commentary.

In ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence they came. But some there were who remained, hidden in spaces and planes unknown to man. Live they in Atlantis as shadows, but at times they appeared among men. Aye, when the blood was offered, forth came they to dwell among men. In the form of man moved they amongst us, but only to sight, were they as are men. Serpent-headed when the glamour was lifted, but appearing to man as men among men. Crept they into the councils, taking form that were like unto men. Slaying by their arts the chiefs of the kingdoms, taking their form and ruling o’er man. Only by magic could they be discovered, only by sound could their faces be seen. Sought they from the kingdom of shadows, to destroy man and rule in his place. But, know ye, the Masters were mighty in magic, able to lift the veil from the face of the serpent, able to send him back to his place. Came they to man and taught him the secret, the Word that only a man can pronounce; swift then they lifted the veil from the serpent and cast him forth from place among men. Yet, beware, the serpent still liveth in a place that is open, at times, to the world. Unseen they walk among thee in places where the rites have been said; again as time passes onward, shall they take the semblance of men. Called, may they be, by the master who knows the white or the black, but only the white master may control and bind them while in the flesh. Seek not the kingdom of shadows, for evil will surely appear, for only the master of brightness shall conquer the shadow of fear. Know ye, O my brother, that fear is an obstacle great; be master of all in the brightness, the shadow will soon disappear. Hear ye, and heed my wisdom, the voice of LIGHT is clear, seek the valley of shadow and light only will appear.’

Interestingly, the Emerald Tablets say that ‘in ages past were they conquered by the Masters, driven below to the place whence they came’. This is so similar to the biblical passage in the Book of Revelation where the ‘Devil’ is described in reptilian terms: And the great dragon was cast down, the old serpent, he that is called the Devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world; he was cast down to Earth and his angels were cast down with him. … And he laid hold on the dragon, the old serpent, which is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and cast him into the abyss, and shut it, and sealed it over him, that he should deceive the nations no more. The term ‘Satan’ comes, as I mentioned, from a Sumerian ‘god’, Satam, Sandan, Santana, who was represented with a trident, or pitchfork, and these now universal deities known as ‘Satan’, the ‘Devil’ and ‘Lucifer’ are all names for the Reptilian gods, either a specific entity or collectively. The Emerald Tablets also identify the reason why Satanism and the Reptilian-hybrids are so connected: Forth came they into this cycle, formless were they, of another vibration, existing unseen by the children of earth-men … Only through blood could they form being, only through man could they live in the world.

Who were these ‘Masters’? Unascended masters of the GWB perhaps as was Toth the priest-king of Atlantis. This is possible because one of St. Germain’s embodiments before he ascended was as the high priest of the Violet Flame Temple on Atlantis 13,000 years ago.

In chapter thirteen David Icke attention leaves the underground lairs of the Retilians and focuses on the moon.

The book,Who Built the Moon? by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler details many extraordinary mathematical and other connections between the Moon, Earth and the Sun. The key to these alignments and connections is the size, position and movement of the Moon. It is well beyond miraculous ‘chance’ that the Moon is what it is and where it is. Moon anomalies are so many and so various that Irwin Shapiro, from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, said: ‘The best explanation for the Moon is observational error – the Moon doesn’t exist.’ Knight and Butler write: Figure 154: The Moon is not a natural ‘heavenly body’ – it is an artificial construct, a gigantic spacecraft The Moon is bigger than it should be, apparently older than it should be and much lighter in mass than it should be. It occupies an unlikely orbit and is so extraordinary that all existing explanations for its presence are fraught with difficulties and none of them could be considered remotely watertight.

Isaac Asimov, a Russian professor of biochemistry and writer of popular science books, said of the Moon,

… In general, then, when a planet does have satellites, those satellites are much smaller than the planet itself. Therefore, even if the Earth has a satellite, there would be every reason to suspect … that at best it would be a tiny world, perhaps 30 miles in diameter. But that is not so. Earth not only has a satellite, but it is a giant satellite, 2,160 miles in diameter. How is it then, that tiny Earth has one? Amazing.

Furthermore there is evidence that the moon is hollow.

The Apollo 12 mission to the Moon in November 1969 set up seismometers and then intentionally crashed the Lunar Module causing an impact equivalent to one ton of TNT. The shockwaves built up for eight minutes, and NASA scientists said the Moon ‘rang like a bell’. Maurice Ewing, a co-director of the seismic experiment, told a news conference that he had no idea why this had happened: ‘As for the meaning of it, I’d rather not make an interpretation right now, but it is as though someone had struck a bell, say, in the belfry of a church a single blow and found that the reverberation from it continued for 30 minutes.’

Icke reaches the same conclusion that author and researcher Don Wilson does in his book, Our Mysterious Spaceship Moon, which is the Moon is an artificially-constructed spacecraft. But Icke goes one step farther.

It is the Reptilians’ control system. The placement of the Moon dictates the speed of Earth’s rotation and the angle at which it rotates – 22.5 degrees from vertical. This angle creates the four seasons because of the way planet faces the Sun during its annual orbit. The Moon has a major influence on the tides – far more than the Sun – and with the human body consisting of some 70 per cent water it is bound to have a fantastic influence on us, even on that level alone. The Moon also dictates so much of our relationship with time, and the term ‘month’ is really Moonth, a period based on the cycles of the Moon. The realisation that the Moon is a gigantic spacecraft is the strand that connects all the rest, not just in relation to Moon anomalies, but also to life on Earth and the conspiracy to enslave humanity. The fact is that the Reptilians in the Moon and in underground bases on Mars depend on humans and the Earth for food – their very survival. This is one key reason why they are desperate not to be exposed.

I asked (Credo Mutwa the Zulu shaman the question: what do Zulu shamans say about the Moon? He said that they believed the Moon to be hollow and the home of the Python, or ‘Chitauri’ – what I call the Reptilians.

There are many examples of folklore around the world that say there was a time ‘before the Moon’. Ancient Greek authors, Aristotle and Plutarch, and Roman authors Apollonius Rhodius and Ovid, all mentioned a people called the Proselenes who laid claim to lands in Arcadia because their ancestors were there ‘before there was a moon in the heavens’.

There is more evidence 12,500 ft up in the Andres Mountains of Bolivia.

Tiahuanaco is the ruins of a once-fantastic city believed to pre-date the Inca civilisation. The name is said to mean ‘City of the Decaying Moon’ or ‘City of the Doomed Satellite’, according to the late researcher and author, Dr Hans Schindler Bellamy. Tiahuanaco was built before the ‘Great Flood’ and is estimated by some to go back at least 17,000 years. Ancient Indian legends say that Tiahuanaco was built by the ‘star gods’ who came in their ‘fiery chariots’. It certainly wasn’t built by human technology, with its massive blocks of stone weighing between 100 and 150 tons (one block weighing 440 tons) and carried very long distances. Even modern technology could not build the city as it was. It is said that the same ‘gods’ who built Tiahuanaco also made the mysterious Nazca lines in Peru, those depictions of animals, birds and insects that can only be seen in their entirety from aircraft.

The Disclosure Project is an organisation headed by American, Dr Steven Greer, that campaigns for governments to reveal what they know about extraterrestrial activity.

Greer arranged in 2001 for presentations at the National Press Club in Washington DC by more than 20 witnesses from the military, intelligence, government, industry and science who told of their experiences. Sergeant Karl Wolf told the Press Club about how he saw photographs of an ‘alien base’ on the ‘dark side’ of the Moon. Other witnesses explained how pictures of structures on the Moon and UFO activity were airbrushed out before the pictures were released to the public.

The Moon is the key to understanding how humanity and life on Earth has been, and is being, manipulated by a hidden force. It is the centre of Reptilian operations and their spacecraft are constantly to-ing and fro-ing between the Moon and underground facilities and bases on Earth. The Moon is not just a ‘physical’ phenomenon; it is a technologically-generated interdimensional portal that allows Fourth Density Reptilians and other entities and energies to enter Third Density reality (Fig 161). They can then travel in spacecraft or be teleported, still cocooned from the Third Density vibrational field, to underground locations within the Earth that give them protection from Third Density consequences for Fourth Density entities.

The Moon is also the major location for the genetic program to produce the Reptilian-hybrid bloodlines. The ‘human’ monarchy is really the moonarchy, just as its major weapon of control, money, is mooney. The money/mooney system comes from the Reptilian hierarchy in the Moon and has been used to subjugate many ‘worlds’ and peoples. There is a blueprint playing out here in which they use their spaceship moons to hijack planets and then impose upon them a control system to suppress and manipulate the population with a view to complete takeover. They do what they do so well, because they have done it so many times before…

The Matrix is a vibrational/digital transmission that you could liken to a television channel that is broadcast from a transmitter and decoded into pictures by the television set. In this case the pictures decoded by the body-computer are holographic, but the principle is the same. The virtual-reality universe in its entirety is like that, though far less limited; but the Matrix has a different motivation. It is a sub-realm of the virtual reality, a vibrational/digital transmission created to entrap awareness in a false self-identity. This transmission is coming from the Moon.

Icke goes on to explain that the first moon landing was a complete fraud for it was filmed on earth for NASA by Stanley Kubrick. He learned about this from Jay Weidner in 2008. For the full story visit the website,

In 2002 Icke was invited to an event in the Brazilian rainforest and took a psychoactive drug made from the ayahuasca plant known as the “teacher plant.” When the drug kicked in a voice that told him that all taht exists is one infinite consciousness but we had become caught up in the Matrix time loop,

The Time Loop is a Mind-construct that entraps people in a perpetually recurring cycle of repeating experience. ‘Time’ appears to be going ‘forward’ from ‘past’ through ‘present’ to ‘future’, but what we call ‘time’ in this reality is actually a ‘loop’. We only experience a small part of the loop in a single ‘lifetime’ and so we have the illusion of going ‘forward’ into the ‘future’. The only way to break the cycle is to become Conscious and perceive beyond Mind…

He was taken to

…a realm of indescribable bliss. There was no ‘time’ and there was no ‘place’. Everything just was. I had no body, I was only Consciousness, and I was everything. There were no divisions, no polarities, no black and white, no us and them. I was Infinite, but I was also completely self-aware as an ‘individual’ with my own point of observation within the whole. This is what we all are – awareness looking at infinity from our own point of observation. If only people could experience the bliss of Oneness, the world of the five senses would be transformed…

The following words then began to repeat over and over in my mind: Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion; Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion; Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion.

It then said something very profound that made total sense a little later when I had other experiences along the same theme: If it vibrates, it is illusion. The Infinite does not vibrate; it is the harmony and Oneness of all. Only illusion vibrates – that which is created by the imagination and delusion of mind. I mentioned earlier that when I experienced the state of Oneness and infinite unity there was no vibration, only stillness and at most a slow-motion wave….

‘You are the Infinite so you know everything. Do you think the Infinite asks questions when it knows all there is to know?’ Whenever we identified with limitation, ignorance and our illusory personality we were disconnecting from the Infinite that knows all, and is all. When we ask questions we are accepting that we don’t know the answer. Would the Infinite do that? Stop asking the question and you will know the answer,

The definition of maya in Hinduism is the supernatural power wielded by gods and demons to produce illusions. The Reptilians have this power and have used it for thousands of years. Even as a teenager I felt a weariness of the world, a sense that everything was annoyingly repetitive. This idea of being Infinite is not new to me. In TM Maharishi told us that the goal of meditation was to reach pure consciousness, a state of no thought. Alan Watts uses this delightful analogy in his book, The Book On The Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are,

“God also likes to play hide-and-seek, but because there is nothing outside God, he has no one but himself to play with. But he gets over this difficulty by pretending that he is not himself. This is his way of hiding from himself. He pretends that he is you and I and all the people in the world, all the animals, all the plants, all the rocks, and all the stars. In this way he has strange and wonderful adventures, some of which are terrible and frightening. But these are just like bad dreams, for when he wakes up they will disappear. “Now when God plays hide and pretends that he is you and I, he does it so well that it takes him a long time to remember where and how he hid himself. But that’s the whole fun of it—just what he wanted to do. He doesn’t want to find himself too quickly, for that would spoil the game. That is why it is so difficult for you and me to find out that we are God in disguise, pretending not to be himself. But when the game has gone on long enough, all of us will wake up, stop pretending, and remember that we are all one single Self—the God who is all that there is and who lives for ever and ever. Watts, Alan (2011-09-27T23:58:59). The Book . Knopf Doubleday

What is new for me is to try to hold on to my infinite self while simultaneously experiencing this third density reality. The other new concept that Icke puts forward is,

We are experiencing what can be likened to a cosmic virtual-reality game, and the human body is a computer system that connects us to this game, just as a computer reads information on a software disk and projects it as images onto the screen. The body-computer/mind is the interface between Consciousness and the ‘game’. I call our reality the ‘Cosmic Internet’, because the Internet analogy is very apt. If you log on to the World Wide Web with a computer anywhere in the world you are connecting to the same collective reality. What you make of it may vary, but it is the same collective ‘world’; so it is with our virtual-reality universe. The body-computer/mind is the interface that allows ‘us’ (our Consciousness, Awareness) to ‘log on’ to the Cosmic Internet. This is a vibrational construct made up of information which the body-computer decodes into an apparently, though illusory, ‘physical’ reality. Being born is like Consciousness going online…Consciousness experiences this reality through the ‘lens’ of the body computer. It doesn’t go anywhere. It is always where it is and when the computer/lens/telescope ‘dies’ we – Consciousness – are still where we always were. It is just that we are not looking through the lens anymore and thus our reality changes. When we turn off the desktop computer after a period on the Internet we are still where we were when we were on the Internet. We look into the World Wide Web; we don’t actually go into it. The virtual-reality universe can be so compelling, however, that Consciousness becomes mesmerised and bewildered into believing it is inside the game. This transfers attention to the five senses alone and people become trapped in mind and body reality. When the body ‘dies’, the lens ceases to function and Consciousness starts to remember what the lens had caused them to forget, although the imprint of the virtual-reality experience can continue to powerfully affect the sense of reality even after the body has gone. What we call ‘death’ is simply ceasing to look through the lens. ‘Death’ is putting your telescope down.

Humans were once connected in full awareness to their greater self, but the Reptilian intervention has entrapped ‘incarnate’ humanity in Mind and detached them from Consciousness. Only by doing this could the Reptilians and their hybrid bloodlines have secured the level of control that they have… The other point to make here is that the toxic cocktails called ‘vaccines’ are themselves data that disrupts the brain/genetic decoding system.

I can feel you are getting bored so let’s talk about sex for a little while. Icke says that consciousness has no sex, it is all possibilites and Mrs. Prophet has said that we have experienced lifetimes in both male and female bodies. He also says that consciousness was androgynous before the Reptilian geneticists intervened. Regarding sexual desire he says,

Consciousness does not desire sex; that’s a program of the body-computer, not least to ensure continued ‘human’ existence and produce the orgasmic energies on which the Reptilians also feed. Did you see that scene in the Matrix trilogy when the appropriately-named ‘Merovingian’ (a major Illuminati bloodline or software program) accessed a woman’s body-computer via a cake (information) and caused her to become sexually aroused and attracted to him? That is based on fact because sexual desire can be activated by accessing the body-computer through one or more of the five senses, or electrochemically. That’s what Viagra is doing, also pornography and thought (fantasy). What we call sexual fantasy or ‘what turns you on’ is so often the result of inherited programs and mental and emotional thought patterns. I cannot imagine Consciousness ogling across a bar and saying, ‘Cor, I’d give ‘er one.’ There is absolutely nothing wrong with enjoying sex, it is one of the many sensations that attracts Consciousness to the human experience. Conscious people are quite capable of enjoying sex without being controlled by it, just as sex is also a potential addiction and trap like everything else – and is meant to be.

This next statement Icke makes is why I stopped reading science fiction because reality, at least the reality that he describes, is more far out and fantasic than any Sci-Fi novel.

What we call mind is an energy field containing information and it is possible to make a copy of this field and implant it into someone else, even a digital construct or robot. The major Reptilian-hybrids pass on their minds when they ‘die’ so the knowledge base doesn’t die with them. It continues in another body and there are specific rituals they do during the death process that downloads the mind into someone else. These bloodlines are, as I have been saying for years, just versions of the woman in the red dress ( in the Matrix movie) – digital software that act as conduits for the Reptilians to manipulate this reality. Satanists talk of receiving the soul or energy of a dying Satanist or sacrificial victim, and the principle is the same.

How does the illusion fool us?

The brain/body decodes vibrational information into electrical information and then the digital information that we perceive as the ‘physical’ world. But this ‘world’ only exists as an illusion in our ‘heads.’

Holographic reality is not a continuous construct; it is like the pixels that make up the television screen. Look at the television from your sofa and it seems to be a continuous picture, but look at it in close-up and you see it is a series of dots. If you could follow this process of reality-decoding in reverse you would start with the holographic form and as you went deeper into it you would see the pixels that make up this digital-holographic level of reality. Keep going and the pixels would give way to electrical signals which, in turn, as you headed back to the five senses and beyond, would become just waveforms. But all of these stages, levels and expressions are just different forms of the same information. This explains so many of the ‘mysteries’ that currently baffle mainstream ‘science’. After years of talking and writing about our illusory reality and its holographic nature, I picked up a copy of the UK’s mainstream science magazine, New Scientist, in early 2009. It proclaimed on its front cover: ‘You Are A Hologram … projected from the edge of the universe’. The article inside, headed ‘All the world’s a hologram’, was based on the work and speculation of Craig Hogan, director of the Fermilab Center for Particle Astrophysics in Illinois.

Icke provides an explanation of how UFOs suddenly disappear from sight.

It’s all in the information and the decoding process. At a waveform or vibrational level, the slower something is vibrating the denser and more ‘solid’ it appears when decoded by the brain. The faster it vibrates the less solid it appears to us. When it is resonating beyond the speed that the senses can decode it ‘disappears’ from human sight, but it hasn’t de-manifested; it’s just left the frequency range that the human body-computer can access. This is what is happening when people say they saw a UFO or ‘alien’ appear and disappear ‘before their eyes’. What they are observing ‘arrives’ from and ‘leaves’ into another vibrational reality which the human body-computer is not able to access. So the object, whatever it may be, gives the impression of disappearing into ‘nowhere’.

The corpus callosum is the ‘bridge’ that passes information (perception) between the left and right hemispheres of the brain Fundamental to understanding the way the body-computer decodes reality are the two hemispheres of the brain. The right and left hemispheres are connected by a ‘bridge’ called the corpus callosum . The left side of the brain is our ‘this world’ reality of language and structure, what passes for ‘logic’, and the general ‘physical’ world perspective; the right side is the creative, the artistic, the ‘out there’ connection to levels of consciousness beyond five-sense reality (Fig 200). In a balanced ‘whole brain’ state, the two sides are in harmony, neither dominating the other, with the bridge passing information and insight between the two. But almost everyone in human form is a prisoner of the left-brain and the more you are subjected to the pea-sized box called mainstream ‘education’, ‘academia’ and ‘science’ the further you are enslaved in left-brain reality. This is not by accident, but by design. There is nothing wrong with the left-brain as such; it plays an essential role as our interface with five-sense reality, and that’s as it is meant to do. The problem comes when it is the total arbiter of perception. Then what should be a servant to our experience becomes the governor, the jailer, the dictator.

This statement that “the more you are subject to the pea-sized box called mainstream education…the further you are enslaved in left-brain reality” may be true because Icke himself and Mark Prophet never finished high school and both are great examples of out of the box thinking and new thought trail blazers. Mrs. Prophet once said that the people who had the hardest time understanding the Teachings of the Ascended Masters were the ones holding Phds. Icke says almost the same thing,

Some of the most academically qualified people I have met were also the most stupid – or ‘educated idiots’, as my father used to call them. ‘Education’ is far less important than being Conscious and connecting into the stream of infinite knowledge and awareness that is sharing the same ‘space’ as we are and is available to anyone who can free themselves from programmed mind and tune into it.

I was bored to tears in high school and only attended university to study psychology to understand what I experienced on LSD which I know now is a right brain experience. So there is some truth to Pink Floyds Song “Another Brick in the Wall.” From their video it is apparent that school dehumanizes kids to prepare them to work as robotic slaves in factories. Schools are now where kids are sent to undergo social engineering to fit in nice and neat into the new world order. Celine Dion has even designed unisex new order clothes for kids.

Here are some of the lyrics to “Another Brick in the Wall,” so you can sing along.

We don’t need no education
We don’t need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey, teachers, leave them kids alone
All in all it’s just another brick in the wall
All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

On the subject of the education of children Icke has this to say,

The Reptilian quest for left-brain domination is also why the education system is almost entirely dominated by left-brain emphasis and information, and why governments (those who control governments) are seeking to start left-brain ‘education’earlier and earlier in toddlers at the expense of right-brain ‘play’ which stimulates the imaginative and the spontaneous.

Regarding sex education he says,

Rapid brain development ends at puberty and the Reptilians and their bloodlines are seeking to hasten the onset of puberty to reduce the period of such development. This is why children are being encouraged to ‘grow up’ ever more quickly and become teenagers at nine or ten. It is also the reason why children are being exposed to more and more sexual stimulus by the media and ‘education’.

This commentary on the movie, “Cuties” on NetFlix focuses on teh hypersexulazation of chidren but misses the fact that this movie is just another way to encourage girls to growup faster to insure their brains never fully develop.

He cites the very interesting case of an American neuroanatomist to show us how the left and right hemispheres give us very different views of reality.

On the morning of 10th December 1996, Jill Bolte Taylor, an American neuroanatomist, was given an extraordinary insight into how the brain decodes the virtual-reality universe and the very separate functions of the two hemispheres. She woke up feeling very strange and although she didn’t realise it immediately, a blood vessel had burst in the left side of her brain…

I look down at my arm and I realize that I can no longer define the boundaries of my body. I can’t define where I begin and where I end, because the atoms and the molecules of my arm blended with the atoms and molecules of the wall. And all I could detect was this energy. Energy. And I’m asking myself, ‘What is wrong with me, what is going on?’

And at first I was shocked to find myself inside of a silent mind. But then I was immediately captivated by the magnificence of energy around me. And because I could no longer identify the boundaries of my body, I felt enormous and expansive. I felt at one with all the energy that was, and it was beautiful there. Then all of a sudden my left hemisphere comes back online and it says to me, ‘Hey! We got a problem, we got a problem, we gotta get some help.’ So it’s like, OK, OK, I got a problem, but then I immediately drifted right back out into the consciousness, and I affectionately referred to this space as La La Land. But it was beautiful there.

Jill couldn’t remember the phone number at work, but she had a business card with the number on. As she looked through a pile of business cards all she could see were pixels and not the ‘physical’ cards. Pixels are the smallest item of information in a digital image. The problem in her left hemisphere had caused it to stop decoding information as it normally would and she was now seeing a deeper level of the virtual-reality digital construct. American physicist, Craig Hogan, said in that New Scientist article about holograms that at a certain level of magnification ‘the fabric of space-time becomes grainy and is ultimately made of tiny units rather like pixels …’ But, of course that must be so if the Universe is a virtual-reality hologram that functions on one level as a digital construct – which it does. Jill said that the pixels of the words on the business cards blended with the pixels of the background and the pixels of the symbols, and she couldn’t tell the difference.

In an old interview with Lisa Renee she talks about being in a store and experincing for a minute that the fabric of space-time becoming grainy and like pixels. She said she had a glimpse of what the matrix is made of. Jill later explained her experince in these terms.

…the right hemisphere functions like a parallel processor and the left as a serial processor. Parallel processing is the ability to perform multiple operations or tasks simultaneously, and serial processing is when a computer decodes data in a sequence. This is why the experience of the right-brain is so expansive with everything happening at the same ‘time’, while decoded left-brain reality is one of apparent sequences and linear ‘time’. There is no time; it is just the program being decoded in a sequence to seem as if there is. The ‘speed’ that the left-brain decodes the sequence decides how ‘fast’ or ‘slow’ we perceive ‘time’ to be passing. Everything we think we are experiencing ‘physically’ is illusion.

Eckhart Tolle in the introduction to his book, The Power of Now describes his transition from left brain to right brain reality.

Icke summerizes brain functioning like this,

I say that the right-brain operates overwhelmingly in other ‘dimensions’ of reality and the corpus callosum is the bridge into this reality – the left-brain. If you can close down, or massively suppress, information crossing that bridge you isolate humanity in the left-brain – five-sense – reality. This is what the Reptilians have done. The human body-computer is, in other words, a ‘portal’ between this reality and others, and the Reptilians have sought to close that ‘door’. When it is reopened through escaping from Mind, or damage to the left-brain, all possibility and potential can be accessed. Musical geniuses like Mozart, who began writing symphonies at the age of nine, are getting their incredible abilities and creativity through the right-brain ‘portal’…I would say that the most profound reason for the neurological ‘Fall of Man’ was genetic manipulation (with the reptilian brain, especially) and the right-brain influence was artificially suppressed – with all the limitless potential that goes with it. This is why billions of neurons in the corpus callosum, the bridge between the two hemispheres of the brain, don’t appear to have any function. They have been switched off. This genetic suppression also explains why we use only a fraction of our brain capacity, within five-sense reality, anyway.

After I read this I remembered a meditation I had purchased from the website called “Brain Integration Treatment” (21:01 min Cost for download $5 US). In this meditation Lisa Renee guides you through imaging the balancing of the parasympathic and sympathic nervous systems and increasing the connection between the all parts of the brain including the left and right hemispheres by strengthing the corpus callosum. As she speaks in a gentle, soft voice you hear jungle bird calls and the occasional sounding of a chakra sound bowl in the background. My first experiences were somewhat unusual for I heard a humming sound travel across though my mind on one occasion and the sound of a gun being fired another time while I was resting afterwards. I’m definately going to keep doing this meditation and hopefully become a whole-brain person.

Icke goes into more details regarding the mass mind manipulation,

The Reptilians and their hybrid networks are not actually manipulating the ‘physical’ world directly; they are manipulating the information blueprint that we decode into the ‘physical’ world. The Rothschild global money system construct that I described earlier was created in the Metaphysical Universe and only plays out in the holographic. Once the blueprint is in place in the Metaphysical Universe it basically runs itself unless that program is changed. The Orwellian agenda can play out with such synchronicity and speed for the same reason that when you have programmed a computer with information everything happens in synchronistic order once you press ‘Enter’. When we decode the waveform into the holographic we are also pressing ‘Enter’ and choosing an outcome from the vibrating ‘pool’ of possibility in the Metaphysical Universe. All the mass mind manipulation and subliminal triggers and instructions that bombard us every day are aimed at the subconscious, our waveform level of being that operates in the Metaphysical Universe. They are also seeking to implant a sense of self and reality that will lead people to decode the Reptilian program into holographic reality rather a mass of other possibilities that are also in the waveform fabric of the Metaphysical Universe. It is like tuning the human decoding system to their ‘channel’. The Reptilian cabal is writing, or rewriting, the program at this level which is then decoded and played out in the holographic realm, and to do that they need to keep us in Mind and out of Consciousness. Once you know this, the way global society has been structured and manipulated starts to make perfect sense. They are manipulating and programming the Metaphysical Universe with their sacrificial and other rituals which are based on interacting with the vibrational realm of waveform. When you know how all this works, the conscious mind can stop being just the spectator and experiencer and start working with the subconscious to change the blueprint of the Metaphysical Universe – individually and collectively – and so change the ‘physical’ level of experience and perception. This is how the Control System is going to be dismantled … the waveform information construct on which it is founded is being rewritten. Did you hear that, you guys with the scales? Rewritten.

Do you doubt that reptilian hybrids exist? Then watch this video about Zhanna The Russian Woman with Reptiloid Eyes.

Another way out idea is the brain doesn’t store memories,

Our information source is the vibrational wave-construct we know as the auric field and that’s the location of the memory, too. The brain reads that information in the aura – it doesn’t actually hold it, except very short-term; and when you are searching for ‘that name’ or ‘that address’ in your mind you are searching the auric field, the ‘interference pattern’.

This next statement shifted my perception of the Reptilians from a powerful race of interdimensional beings to a race that is limited to the third and fourth densities by their constant state of fear, desire to control others and their service to self rather than service to others. The fifth density where there is unity, joy and love is out of reach for them. The Law of One books, also known as The Ra Material which was channeled by Carla Rueckert also stress that a person doesn’t rise to higher densities without proving his dedication to the service of others.

It would appear that the Fourth Density is the furthest you can progress while still serving self, and that’s where the Reptilians are, though they work in Third Density, too. They have used their ‘intellectual’ levels of awareness through technology and energy-manipulation to reach that point, but that’s as far as they go until they move into a mode of service to others. In fact, they are so stuck in their sense of reality, fear and the need to control that they have no desire to progress vibrationally. They just want more control in order to pacify their constant state of fear. All desire for control over others, control over anything, is a manifestation of fear and insecurity and these guys are consumed by it. This explains their obsession with control. Conscious people don’t seek control over others because they know they are the others.

Why humans don’t live long lives and why the Covid-19 death count was greatly exaggerated,

The Reptilians don’t want people living incredibly long lives as humans once did. For them, there is great energy potential in the ‘death’ process with all the low-vibrational emotion that is generated both from the dying and from the pain and grief of their loved ones. Also, the more people that die, the more there will be a fear of death, which is a major control mechanism and, again, energy source.

Icke deals with fact that psychics who contact departed realtives of their clients often say they are in a heaven just like the scriptures describe.

…there are ‘between life’ realms that include Muslim ‘heavens’, Christian ‘heavens’, ‘Jewish ‘heavens’, and so on. They are the collective-mind creations of those who have left the body, still disconnected from higher Consciousness, with their religious beliefs still dominating their perception and so their manifested experience. They are still in a form of Mind. Death is no cure for ignorance, as they say. When we withdraw attention from the body, the soul and its subtle body (the experiencer of the virtual realities), transfers that attention to the ‘between-life’ realms. This is what is happening when people have near-death experiences and pass through the ‘tunnel’ and all that stuff. The vibrational resonance of the soul decides the between-life reality, and the effect of the human experience in the Matrix can so lower the vibrational state of the soul’s awareness that it becomes entrapped in a cycle of ‘death’ and reincarnation, or the perception of it. The subtle body, which has directly experienced material reality through the ‘physical body/mind’, repeats its role in these various incarnations and is imprinted vibrationally with the results of those experiences. This is another reason why someone may have an unexplainable mark on their ‘physical’ body which is a throwback to another incarnation of the subtle-body/soul. The vibrational consequences of these incarnations and experiences will either increase the resonance to the point where they can escape the reincarnation cycle, or they will slow the resonance and keep the subtle-body/soul trapped in the vibrational range of the reincarnation cycle. It is for this reason that so many people drop back into the program so easily when they return to the Time Loop.

I would say these souls have risen to the higher levels of the fourth density where life is very pleasant, a reward for their good deeds on Earth.

To be continued in David Icke 4


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2020 Post Book review

David Icke 2 Occult Symbolism

(4100 words)

Part two of my review of Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More.

Chapter 12 Encoded Truth 

In this chapter, Icke creates a convincing argument that the serpent race has encoded the subjugation of humanity in ancient languages using the book, “The Murder of Reality,” by Pierre Sabak (his pen name), who is a ‘comparative linguist and symbologist.’ This book is a detailed study of word derivations, associations, and true meanings. These words and meanings have since been passed through into what we call ‘modern languages’. Sabak states that language encodes all the major aspects of the conspiracy. 

The serpent race was known as ‘the Watchers’, hence the all-seeing-eye symbol of the Illuminati which can be found in many guises, including on the dollar bill, on Credo Mutwa’s Necklace of the Mysteries, the Egyptian Eye of Ra, and so on. The theme of the ‘Bringer of Light’ is a name given to ‘Lucifer’ and the planet Venus. The serpent ‘gods’ are also symbolized as stars, or ‘star people’, and are associated with the symbol of the goat head and ram head. The symbolism of the serpent race as types of bird, including the owl, phoenix, eagle, hawk, falcon and dove. A famous example of this is Quetzalcoatl, the ‘feathered serpent’ or ‘plumed serpent’ god of Central America, known to the Mayan people as Kukulkan. The association between the serpent race and fire, as in the fire-breathing dragon, and the Greek Salamandra (salamander). •The themes of blood-drinking and human sacrifice to ‘the gods’, and the drinking of menstrual blood, often symbolized as a fish, or the ‘menstrual fish’. The theme of shapeshifting between human and reptilian form.The description of the serpent race as rapists, liars and deceivers who hide their existence behind symbolism that only the chosen ones are meant to decode. The pentagram, the symbol of Satanism, and the theme of ‘Satan’ as the ‘dragon’. The reptilian race was known by some as the ‘Shatani’, or ‘Satani’, translated into Greek as ‘Teitan’, known collectively as the ‘Titans’, the giant race and a type of ‘fallen angel’. The constant theme of the serpent race giving advanced knowledge to their chosen representatives (the hybrid bloodlines), and the subsequent description of the serpent race as the ‘talkers’ (remember the reference to the ‘talker’ in the Hopi legend).

The power of symbols and mentions the website,

Not only did I go to this website but I purchased the book offered on this site, The Vigilant Citizen -Symbols Rule the World, Not Words Nor Laws -The Ultimate Guide Guide Exposing Occult Symbolism. The author is VC Resources. Have you wondered why so many celebs cover one eye when they are photographed? The symbol of the missing/hidden eye represents the loss of half the victim’s vision of the world. The other half being taken out and controlled by the handlers. It indicates they are under Illuminati mind control known as Monarch programming. Below are photos and excerpts from The Vigilant Citizen. 


MK-ULTRA Is Now Known As Monarch Programming

Monarch programming is a method of mind control used by numerous organizations for covert purposes. It is a continuation of project MK-ULTRA, a mind-control program developed by the CIA, and tested on the military and civilians. The methods are astonishingly sadistic (its entire purpose is to traumatize the victim) and the expected results are horrifying: The creation of a mind-controlled slave who can be triggered at anytime to perform any action required by the handler. While mass media ignores this issue, over 2 million Americans have gone through the horrors of this program. 

Monarch programming is a mind-control technique comprising elements of Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) and Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). It utilizes a combination of psychology, neuroscience and occult rituals to create within the slaves an alter persona that can be triggered and programmed by the handlers. Monarch slaves are used by several organizations connected with the world elite in fields such as the military, sex slavery, and the entertainment industry.

When a person is undergoing trauma induced by electroshock, a feeling of light-headedness is evidenced; as if one is floating or fluttering like a butterfly. There is also a symbolic representation pertaining to the transformation or metamorphosis of this beautiful insect: from a caterpillar to a cocoon (dormancy, inactivity), to a butterfly (new creation) which will return to its point of origin. Such is the migratory pattern that makes this species unique.

The victim/survivor is called a “slave” by the programmer/handler, who in turn is perceived as “master”or “god.” About 75% are female since they possess a higher tolerance for pain and tend to dissociate more easily than males. Monarch handlers seek the compartmentalization of their subject’s psyche in multiple and separate alter personas using trauma to cause dissociation.

 Ellen P. Lacter, Ph.D., has made a list of thirty kinds of torture endured in ritual abuse and trauma-based mind control. Some of the methods on this list are confinement in cages or coffins, near drowning, blinding light, surgery to insert implants, electroshock, hunger and thirst, forced to perform or witness torture and sacrifice of people and animals with a knife, drugs to create illusion, confusion or amnesia.   

The basis for the success of the Monarch mind-control programming is that different personalities or personality parts called alters can be created who do not know each other, but who can take the body at different times. The amnesia walls that are built by traumas, form a protective shield of secrecy that protects the abusers from being found out, and prevents the front personalities who hold the body much of the time to know how their System of alters is being used. The shield of secrecy allows cult members to live and work around other people and remain totally undetected. The success rate of this type of programming is high but when it fails, the failures are discarded through death. Each trauma and torture serves a purpose. A great deal of experimentation and research went into finding out what can and can’t be done.

Monarch slaves are mainly used by organizations to carry out operations using patsies trained to perform specific tasks, who do not question orders, who do not remember their actions and,if discovered, who automatically commit suicide. They are the perfect scapegoats for high-profile assassinations (see Sirhan Sirhan), the ideal candidates for prostitution, slavery and private movie productions.They are also the perfect puppet performers for the entertainment industry.

Britney Spears is a pop icon who simultaneously embodies the glamour of stardom and the destructive side of fame. She has reached the heights of super-stardom and the lows of tabloidhumiliation. Her erratic behavior led to numerous questions regarding her mental stability, but most are unaware of the most important fact: She is a product of Illuminati mind control. In fact, the video for “Hold it Against Me” symbolically portrays the manipulation and mind control she goes through.

BETA programming which refers to the EEG beta brain wave pattern is “sexual” programming (slaves). This programming eliminates all learned moral convictions and stimulates the primitive instinct, devoid of inhibitions. “Cat” alters may come out at this level. Known as Kitten programming, it is the most visible kind of programming as some female celebrities, models, actresses, and singers have been subjected to this kind of programming. In popular culture, clothing with feline prints often denotes Kitten programming.

Monarch mind control is covertly used by various groups and organizations for various purposes. According to Fritz Springmeier, author of The Illuminati Formula Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave, these groups are known as “The Network” and form the backbone of the New World Order. Movies such as The Manchurian Candidate (2004) have directly referred to the subject, even depicting actual techniques, such as electroshock, the use of trigger words and microchip implementation.

Hide and Seek  (2005) Depicts Trauma Based Mind Control

This movie starring Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning is a deeply symbolic movie that depicts, in careful detail, the process behind Trauma based Mind Control. It’s a story about a traumatized child who followed a Monarch butterfly into a dark cave full of pain and horror that sums up the entire plight of Monarch slaves. But it played out before the eyes of most viewers without them even realizing the deeper meaning. The same way Charlie stood in the dark in his deadly game of hide-and-seek with Emily, the truth about the movie is hidden in the darkness of people’s ignorance. However, simply flicking on the light of knowledge reveals the movie’s true meaning: A description of the ugly, disgusting world of Monarch Programming. 

Even at the end of the film when we think she has been rescued Emily  draws this picture that clearly indicates that she is aware she has another personality. 

As strange as it may seem I believe that the same decree of mind control can be achieved without any of the trauma or torture that Dr. Ellen Lacter describes. By the injection of nanobots via a “vaccine” into the human body and specific 5G frequencies which can cause pain, confusion and a disassociation of the personality. 

Ronald Bernard Spoke Out and It Cost Him His Life

 I watched an interview with Ronald Bernard who testified for the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse. In the that interview he talked openly about his past. How his father beat him often and when he was nine he was sent to a Catholic school where the priests sodomized him for two years before he was reunited with his mother. He grew up angry and hateful of everyone and got into criminal activities. He was spotted by a member of the Illuminati from Brazil and invited to become involved in currency trading. As an international banker he helped crash economies and bankrupting companies which led to suicides and destruction-successes worth celebrating according to his colleagues. 

 From News Punch August 10, 2020.

Ronald Bernard blew the whistle on occult practices and child sacrifice among banking industry elites, describing his experiences in a gut-wrenching TV interview that went viral earlier this year.  Sharing explicit details about the way the Illuminati uses child sacrifice to test and blackmail its members, he said he was asked to sacrifice a child at a party.

I was warned off when I got into this – don’t do this unless you can put your conscience 100% in the freezer. I heard myself laugh at it back then, but it wasn’t a joke at all.”

“I was training to become a psychopath and I failed.

Near the end of the testimony he talked about the years he spent in therapy after leaving the banking business and how he discovered that he had an inner child that wanted to love and be loved and was eager to be set free. He said that all the victims of sexual and physical abuse have an inner child screaming to be let out. So we should pity Brittany Spears and others like her and hope that she gets the healing she needs.

At 8:24 p.m.,on August 9th the Polk County, Florida helicopter spotted the body of Bernard, age 61, who was face down in shallow water about 300 yards away from the last known location of his cell phone. 

Satanic Symbols are Found on many Famous People

Satanic symbols are found on or near many famous personalities. For this interview Melinda Gates wore an inverted cross which is found on altars of Satanic Churches. Satanists are becoming more bold about their agenda and their religion because they think they can’t be stopped. 

The symbol of a diamond that Angela Merkel is so fond of displaying is very close to the symbol of the Thelema religion developed by Aleister Crowley in the early 1900s which inspired Wicca, modern Paganism and some variations of Satanism.

Where are the Reptilians Hiding?

David Icke’s discloses in chapter 13,  “So Where are They?” that the Reptilians once walked the earth but they now hide behind the form of their hybrid families who they can possess far more completely than the general population because of the compatible vibrational resonance that comes from compatible DNA.  

They have to use the hybrid bloodlines to manipulate this reality because when they do come here through interdimensional craft and interdimensional energetic ‘gateways’ they can’t stay for long or they are confined to the areas technologically-manipulated to vibrate closer to their frequency range…There are also underground colonies of Third Density Reptilians connecting with underground military bases all over the world, including Antarctica, and they are especially prevalent in the United States where the underground bases and cavern cities are linked by tunnel networks with incredibly fast electromagnetic transport systems…They have what some researchers refer to as ‘jump rooms’ in underground and secret above-ground bases which transport the occupants to other parts of the world in an instant and also to extraterrestrial underground bases on Mars. An insider called Arthur Neumann told the 2009 European Exopolitics Congress in Barcelona: ‘There is life on Mars. There are bases on Mars. I have been there.’ He says he has been involved in top secret technology programmes in the United States and the UK and he described how he had been teleported to an extraterrestrial base on Mars where he said he took part in a ‘project meeting’ attended by representatives of ‘an intelligent civilization that lives in cities under the surface of Mars’.

One of his sources for these fantastic claims was Phil Schneider who said he was commissioned to build a number of deep underground bases in the United States who had made videos of his talks on the underground network of bases, cities and tunnels throughout the  USA. Schneider died in suspicious circumstances that were claimed to be a suicide. Other contacts who have been underground at the Denver Airport claim that there are slaves many of them children working there under the control of the Reptilians. The gruesome murals in the airport bears witness something is very wrong going on under this building. The following recent article by Cameron Bailey does more to validate Icke’s claim than debunk it. 

How D.I.A.’s Murals Feed Conspiracy Theorists

April 12, 2020. By Cameron Bailey in Uncover Colorado

Among some of the strangest art that populates the surrounding grounds and terminals of Denver International Airport (DIA) are two murals that were commissioned and installed when the airport was being built in 1995, by local artist Leo Tanguma.

Background Information on Denver International Airport

Before we get into the murals themselves, I’ll give a little bit more information about what makes these theories come to life. To be clear, like all great conspiracy theories, there is plausibility and some fact at the base of many of the theories surrounding DIA.

The first reason why there are so many theories thrown around is the fact that when it was built, Denver already had a well-functioning airport in the Stapleton area. But for some reason, residents were unhappy with noise and traffic congestion, and politicians always have stars in their eyes to build the newest, biggest, and best, so that is exactly what Denver did, built an unneeded airport.

Beyond the airport being unneeded, which in itself lays the groundwork for some of these wild theories, is the fact that the airport was also completed two years behind schedule (weirdly due to many contractors being fired during construction) and grossly over budget by the time it was finished.

Theorists surmise that switching contractors so many times made sure that nobody truly understood the true scope of the project with many levels underground and tunnels throughout the area. Also, the fact that the project was initially supposed to cost only around 1.5 billion but ended up costing 5.6 billion leaves room for outrageous speculation.

This difference between the initial estimate for the cost of construction and the actual price of building tells theorist that there might just be much more to the airport than meets the eye on the ground levels.

And that brings us to the murals by Tanguma. Two oddly out of place pieces that many believe tell the true story of the airport, or at least offer clues into the actual intended use of the buildings and surrounding land.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature before mural.

The first section of this mural by Tanguma shows a brightly colored horrific scene of trees burning in the background, animals in glass cages, girl lying in a coffin, and young people fleeing the scene while crying. Some seriously dark and scary stuff to be sure. In the second section of the mural though, we see a diverse number of children and animals coming together around a futuristic plant.

In Peace and Harmony with Nature after mural.

The initial known theme of environmental destruction vs. environmental healing is easy to see, but many people believe there is more than meets the eye to this famous work.

For instance, in the first section of the mural, the bird that is in the middle is a Quetzal bird, which can sometimes be used as an allegory for extinction. One of the main conspiracies surrounding the airport is that a mass extinction event will happen soon and DIA was built as a type of sanctuary for those selected to emerge in the new world unscathed. Similarly, on the other side of the mural, the plant that all the children are gathered around can be seen as a symbol for the new world government that everyone will have to follow once that extinction event is over. This extinction event is pictured clearly in the other mural.

Children of the World Dream of Peace

Children of the World Dream of Peace before mural. Photo: Higher Forces

In the first section of this mural, a gas masked soldier wreaks havoc with a gun and a sword. There is also a caravan of refugees trudging onward away from him, a hiding child with a teddy bear, a dead child in someone’s arms, and ruins everywhere. In the second section of the mural, there is celebration of many young people with the same soldier dead below them. Doves rest on his body and his sword is being disassembled by a kid with a hammer.

The war vs. peace themes of this mural are quite clear yet there are some alternately curious ideas as to what this mural truly symbolizes. Themes of genocide, death and destruction are clearly recalled by the imagery here, which easily goes along with the idea from the other mural of an extinction event that is about to happen.

One way that these two murals work is by telling a story, yet if we told those same stories again but in reverse order, there would be staggeringly different messages. In Peace and Harmony with Nature, we would see a picture of our society which was already one with nature and now only recently are we truly breaking away from being environmentally friendly.

When it comes to Children of the World Dream of Peace being reversed, we are shown that a great evil was previously driven out of society and society is currently working together. However, the second section of the mural shows that evil has come back to society and might destroy it.

Children’s letter. Photo: Higher Forces

The Child’s Poignant Letter

This poignant letter written by a child who was forced into a living nightmare is an obvious clue that the painter of the mural knew the horrible truth about this facility. If you are ever in this airport with small children I advise you to keep them close. When you start looking for validation of Icke’s claims you realize the phrase “hiding in plain sight” is exactly what is happening. 

The Repitilians Want to Repeat the WW2 Timeline

Icke writes about how the Reptilians by virtue of being in the fourth dimension have a different relation to time. Lisa Renee also talks about timelines and the hijacking of time lines by malevolent aliens and wrote that now they are trying to repeat the pre WW2 timeline. However she also mentions that there are benevolent ETs that function in  dimensions much higher that the Reptilians and have technology that is more advanced  and so can easily defeat them. In fact they have prevented a world war many times by flying over missile silos and causing the missile to malfunction and fail to launch. From David’s book, 

The Fourth Density Reptilians operate in the different reality and have a different relationship to ‘time’. This means they can move up and down our ‘timeline’ and introduce their technology at the most appropriate moment to best advance their agenda of control. This allows those at the highest levels of the Illuminati (symbolised by Neil Hague as the bearded man in Figure 150) to know the long term projections for how global society is designed to change. This is how ‘prophetic’ books can be written, many in novel form like 1984 and Brave New World, that prove to be so accurate decades later. This includes the use of technology that wasn’t known about when the books were written.

I watched both movies, 1984 and Brave New World for free on YouTube. My guess is we will see the 1984 scenario first followed by the Brave New World, New World Order scenario after that, if the globalists get their way. These quotes reveals the extent of these underground cities. 

Underneath most major cities, especially in the USA in fact, there exist subterranean counterpart ‘cities’ controlled by the Masonic/hybrid/alien ‘elite’. Often surface/subsurface terminals exist beneath Masonic Lodges, police stations, airports and federal buildings of major cities … and even not so ‘major’ cities. The population ratio is probably close to 10% of the population (the hybrid military-industrial fraternity ‘elite’ living below ground as opposed to the 90% living above). This does not include the full-blood reptilian species who live in even deeper recesses of the Earth.

New York City, I can confirm, is one of the largest draconian nests in the world. Or rather the ancient underground ‘Atlantean’ systems that network beneath that area. They literally control the entire Wall Street pyramid from below … with more than a little help from reptilian bloodlines like the Rockefellers, etc. In fact, these reptilian genetic lines operate in a parasitic manner, the underground society acting as the ‘parasite’ society and the surface society operating as the ‘host’ society …

What Do The Reptilians Look Like?

It is little wonder that from ancient times hell was always portrayed as being below the ground. What do these Reptilians look like and how do they abduct humans?

Abductees report experiences with a variety of non-human entities, such as tall blonde ‘people’, the classic ‘Greys’, reptilian types, and crossbreeds. The Reptilians are described as very tall – seven feet and more – with scaly, green-brown and sometimes almost albino-white skin, with webbed, clawed ‘hands’, and golden eyes with split pupils. Some are reported to have tails and there are clearly many different types, as with humans. These entities are said to have the ability to control the minds of their victims while various procedures, often painful and distressing, are performed on them. Most human abductions are not physical, as they appear to be to the victim. Their body-energy field or human awareness – the ‘lower mind’ – is taken, and this is why abductees have talked about being removed from their homes by passing through the walls. This energetic awareness, or ‘lower mind’, is not vibrating to the same frequency as the wall and so it can pass through in the same way that radio frequencies pass through walls to your transistor. There are physical abductions, but mind abduction is the primary method and it gives them access to human frequency codes and allows them to program the reality of the abductee. When the awareness returns to the body it appears in their memory as a physical experience, when it wasn’t.

And they smell like sulphur (rotten eggs) which is also has long been associated with hell and the devil. In other words they really stink in multiple ways. You can see I’m starting to be influenced by Icke’s fearless and demeaning attitude towards these creatures.

Sorry for the multiple digressions but I just couldn’t resist. I hope you found them as interesting as I did. In David Icke 3 I’ll get back to my review of his book, Human Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More.


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2020 Post Book review

James Gilliland, Reunion with Source

(3418 words)

My Transpersonal Release Session

In January of 2020 I chanced upon some very interesting interviews with James Gilliland. This guy was saying some very far-out stuff so of course, I was interested. I read his book, Reunion With Source which James channeled from Cazekiel. I started getting his emails in March and found out he offered Transpersonal Personal Release Sessions(TPRS). So I signed up for one. The procedure was as follows. First I filled out a form that stated I could ask three questions. I started meditating just before the time of my session. I had never done anything like this before so I was prepared for exactly nothing to happen and then having to request a refund of my $200 US. But something very definitely did happen. As I sat there wondering if I was deep enough to make contact because my wife was making a lot of noise in the other room I felt the presence of someone. I sent out the thought “Hello, welcome.” I was not aware of a reply but felt a lot of peace. What seemed like a minute later I sensed the session was almost over. I had the thought that I didn’t want it to end so soon so it continued for a few minutes more. Later that day I was sent the form you see below. The second page included brief answers to my questions which I will keep to myself. The next day I talked with Bonita Ferguson who had been present at the session with James and HJog. Who is HJog? (pronounced hay-og) Good question? From the form below and what Bonita told me. He is a male being from the 6D Orion Council of Light that focuses on Planetary Liberation and I had an initiation with him as my main teacher/guide.

Part of the purpose of the session was to get familiar with his frequency so I could contact him on my own. What I felt in his presence was great peace so now I know his signature frequency. I was pleased that traumas from ages three, eight and eleven and records from two non beneficial life times were cleared although I don’t understand how this could be done. According to the TSL teachings these clearances of karma are not possible through anything but service, suffering and/or the violet flame and come at a great price if someone does them for you. But since HJog has not insisted on my first born or my soul I guess everything is cool. Not that I feel any different. In conclusion it was a nice experience. Sometimes I ask for a little help from HJog and usually I get it. Have you had a TPRS with James? If so what did you experience?

The Upper and Lower Astral Planes

So are ascended masters at a higher level of consciousness that HJog? I don’t think so. But TSL and James use different terminology. In TSL Mrs. Prophet talked about 33 levels of the astral plane and 33 levels of the etheric plane. The lower astral is where you find dark, parasitic entities. Upper astral is beautiful for it is inhabited by gnomes, fairies, undines, sylphs, and nature devas. The book, Meeting Fairies My Remarkable Encounters with Nature Spirits A True Story by Ogilvie Crombie has the best descriptions of this enchanting realm of life. Now I can’t miss this opportunity to add my PicsArt image of elementals. 

The etheric is the plane of the ascended masters. James and Renee use a different system for they refer to densities. First density is mineral, the second animal, the third human or our third density hologram. Fourth equates with the astral and in the lower fourth densities, they tell us is where you find the greys and reptilians. Fifth density is the plane of the ascended masters although some have moved up higher than this. Cosmic beings and the Elohim are even in higher densities. So HJog is just as high as most ascended masters in consciousness and is just as compassionate. He must be compassionate since he is willing to try to guide me. In the TSL system when you ascend you go to the etheric level which is the same as the 5th density. In the book, Reunion with Source, by Cazekiel, received by James Gilliland, Cazekiel says,

“All higher density beings can manifest in a lower density but lower density beings are often unaware or not consciously able, to raise their frequency to see the higher densities. If a higher density being chooses to interact and a lower density being asks for an interaction, it is possible and often arranged.”

This is what happens in a TPRS a higher density being meets with a lower density being.

Gilliland and Brinkley are Near Death Survivers

 James Gilliland was born in southern California in 1952 on the Cancer/Leo cusp. He has had two Near-Death Experiences (NDE). The second one happened when a rogue wave hit him while he was surfing and pulled him under. Later he said, “It blew me wide open. It shifted me up into what I call the interdimensional mind.” He gave up his commercial real estate office spent years in meditation and then started his weekly As You Wish Talk Radio Program and founded Gilliand Estate, commonly known as the ECETI ranch.

 Dannion Brinkley also was blown wide open in 1975 from his NDE which was caused by lightning striking the telephone line and going into the phone he was holding. His body flew out of his shoes and hit the ceiling before collapsing on the floor. After he awoke in the morgue he remembered meeting thirteen angels who showed him his life review. He felt the pain he had caused others which was considerable since he had been a bully in his youth and later a black-ops assassin for the army. This experience transformed him into a compassionate person who spent over thirty years as a hospice volunteer. This NDE is well documented in his book Saved by the Light and the movie by the same name available on Netflix and YouTube.

Not only are the videos you saw of spacecraft if you followed the link in my last post amazing but more is amazing is the fact James can predict when one will become even brighter or “power-up” as he calls it. He has been encouraging people to open up to these friendly ETs for over 30 years. This quote from Reunion with Source elaborates on this idea,

The purpose of these contacts is threefold. The first phase is to document the events and establish public awareness which is almost complete. The second phase is to rise to the occasion training ambassadors of peace to inter-phase with these benevolent off-world visitors and secure a military stand down. In the interest of national security and common sense, it is wise to align with those of superior technology in peace as allies rather than greet them with aggression…The last phase is to create a template, a Galactic Exchange Center like none other where full inter-phase and exchange of wisdom and technologies can occur. This sharing or inter-phase will assist humanity in a quantum leap in evolution thus joining the rest of the universe, the greater family of man in a bold new adventure.

The James Gilliland “Lastest News” Emails

I have been receiving Jame’s ‘latest news” emails since March 3rd. These emails don’t arrive on a set schedule but average one per week. Many contain interviews with interesting people. Dr. Micheal E. Salla PH.D. talked about his book, Rise of the Red DragonOrigins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program and why Corey Goode and others are attacked even by the UFO community when they talk about their experiences in the secret space force. Dr. Micheal Ledwith author of “Saving Jesus” reveals that, 

Over the centuries the warped belief that Jesus is a Suffering Savior, who came here to die for our sins, has dealt a crippling blow to the emergence of the spiritual power that he promised us…we can learn to change these deeply embedded and subconscious programs. As Jesus said: “Those who have ears to hear let them hear.”

Some of Jame’s emails are interviews by other people or an article he has written himself. His piece on May 7th hits the nail of the head.  

Facts About the Plan/Scamdemic 

The outbreak is a paper tiger, aggressive in spreading but mild to all but those who have a compromised immune system. “Usually the sick and elderly”. We are not saying there is no virus outbreak or diminishing the death of loved ones, we are saying let’s look at the facts. There is no evidence to prove social distancing has any measurable impact on the spread of the infection. European countries had a quicker downturn of infections that did not do social distancing or practiced limited social distancing. Herd immunity was responsible for the decline of cases and the rapid downward curve. New evidence as suggested by Governor Cuomo of New York is saying the majority of new cases are from people who stayed at home prolonging the epidemic.

On May 28th he starts with the “Executive Order to Prevent Online Censorship” signed by President Donald Trump. Then he continues with his thoughts. 

The biggest lesson of all is the realization that each situation has to be resolved internally not externally. The more external pressure to solve the situation the more things escalate. Resistance to going within, taking personal responsibility for the co-creation, and trying to force your will on another will be equally met with an escalation of the problem until everything goes nuclear. You are seeing the macrocosm of the microcosm being played out today. The reason things end up going nuclear is ignoring the warnings. The obvious mirrors, personal agendas taking precedence over service to the greater good. Personal problems come from ego and attachments. Our personalities saying this is the way it should be ignoring social programing and our unresolved wounds and traumas…We have to become frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process. The action/reaction what some call karma is accelerating. Some call it the year of the boomerang. It is going to get crazy, but in the end, the light wins. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all will reign supreme. We will join the rest of the multiverse in peace. Did you really think you were alone? Extremely spiritual and technologically advanced off-world visitors, Masters, Saints, and Sages are all part of this planetary liberation. They have their ground crew. WWG1WGA. 

All the videos except one I have received from James have been excellent sources of information. The one he should have thought twice about sending out was this video,” FBI AGENT SAYS THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY SATANIST WHO TRAFFICK CHILDREN!” It is a tirade from a black man whose vocabulary of adjectives is so limited he used the f-word continually and at least once the N-word. He said, “let’s throw all the people at the UN into jail. If there is not enough room in the jails then we can put them in the earth.” This is hate speech that promotes violence. More importantly, if people resort to violence the police and the army are ready to retaliate. And it gives the government a reason to take away even more freedom from the people.

The Introduction to Reunion with Source…

I am Cazekiel. I was better known as Ezekiel of the past. I am part of an unseen brotherhood that loves you greatly…Humanity has come to a point in evolution where it must replace its graven images in favor of an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God of pure unconditional love and joy…Fear and unworthiness are the barriers that separate humans from God. They are the by-products of ignorance.

Before I even finished reading the introduction I started to feel a shift in consciousness. In the chapter, “In the Beginning,” subheading, “The Seven Densities of God” he writes “Along the way through the higher densities, you will meet Orions, Pleiadians, Andromedans and a whole host of other diverse civilizations and their worlds. If you are threatened by this, or afraid of turning on your light, remember you don’t have to. You, and only you, determine which density you chose to identify with and express upon. A question you might ask yourself is, “Why limit myself?”

Here is an ascended master talking about beings we call ETs we will contact as we experience higher densities. So there is no separation, no disharmony between the ascended masters and these ETs even though Mrs. Prophet never spoke of them. There is a continuum of existence rising to ever-higher levels of love and freedom. And it’s the higher vibrational parts of you, your Christ Self and your I AM Presence that pulls your awareness up to these higher densities to use TSL terminology. 

Are you wondering what Orions, Pleiadians, and Andromedans look like? Here are three images from a video made by Peter Maxwell Slattery, “ET Races and their Crafts.”

On organized religion Cazekiel writes,

There are many small minds that have taken their own personal image of God and projected that image into the ethers. This image has inherent within it all of the limitations of the one projecting the image. In order to give this image validity, they seek the support and agreement of others. Those who have no image agree with them and gather around this image and thus is born organized religion. The reason there are over 11,000 religions is because there are over 11,000 images…The clarity of any truth is relative to the clarity of the mind it comes through. All experience is altered by the one who perceives it.

On the subjects of proof, the purpose of a master and the banksters, Cazekiel says,

I wish to speak on the desire for proof… You and only you, authorize what is to be your reality…Those whose minds are closed, who are extremely skeptical, do not want proof. What they desire is to remain in their present reality. And as God’s favorite words are, “As you wish,” there they stay. Their world is a reflection of a closed and skeptical mind, which is manifesting and validating their truth. 

On the purpose of a master,

The purpose of a master is to lift and empower the individual, awakening the unique, loving, joyous, wise, and powerful God in you. Those who gather around the true masters are not codependent. They are independent and unique. They share a common interest. 

On what the international bankers have not taken into account,

1) the awaking and empowering of the masses that will not so easily be herded like ignorant cattle, 2) those within their own ranks who are regaining their integrity and turning around 3) an ominous force called nature that will put an end to their plans in a moment. 

Sacred Law is the Law of Love

…whenever you give away your power to an external authority there will always be those who will snatch it up, betray a trust, and use it for their own self-interest. This includes governments, religious institutions, and in some cases, friends and lovers…All individuals must take the responsibility of governing themselves…Sacred law is the law of love. It is that simple. Love God with all your heart, honor each individual as a unique expression of God, and behave as if the God in all life matters.

I have to share this quote with you because it touched my heart, from the section called “Right to Joy”

You all have the right to joy. You have the right to live the most loving, joyous, abundant life imaginable. If anyone tells you differently, they are enslavers. They are trespassing on your divine right to free will and self-determination. The only thing you should do is that which brings you joy. God is bliss, and when you are following your bliss, you are following God. All that God wants is that you be happy. The unconditional love of God supports you in whatever makes you happy.

Reading this book brought me joy. The joy of illumination. It is one of the few books that has changed my life. There is so much more that has value in this book. The Jehovah vs.Yahweh story who were both powerful ETs. Jehovah came to earth first and enslaved the population with advanced weapons and cruel punishments for anyone who disobeyed him. The ascended masters did what they could to end his tyranny and prayed fervently for help. One day Yahweh’s starship came to earth which was much larger and more powerful than Jehovah’s ship. After Jehovah realized he was outgunned he left the planet and the people were treated with compassion by Yahweh. The two groups on Atlantis, the Sons of Belial and those that followed the Law of One, are very similar to the Democrats and Republicans of today. He says the school system is based on recycled ignorance. Cazakiel describes the monkey mind that causes us to project our fears and anger on the outer world, that may turn us into fixers who want to control others, or programs us to be consumers and keeps us in our comfort zone by distracting our thinking when we are challenged by new information. Then there are the fantasies, fables, and parables in chapter four that use compelling stories to bring us universal truths.

When you call upon the Light

 When we call upon the light a fire comes with it, and that fire evokes change. It is a fire of transmutation that amplifies and calls forward all that is of a lower vibration. The fire moves through your mental and emotional bodies, dissolving lower vibrational attitudes and emotions as well as any limiting mental concepts, bringing you forward into a greater truth, a greater reality, a higher vibration.  

 About being a part of the ground crew, Caezkiel says, 

Monitor yourself, honor your feelings; and if you don’t like what you are feeling do a healing. We will be with you, within you, all the way. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated, for there is not only work to do upon this plane, where you reside but on other planes as well. A ground crew is of the utmost importance in the healing and vibrational lifting of the planet. There are many, incarnate and discarnate, that need physical examples of the light on the earth. That is where their attention is focused and that is where they can best receive healing.

The book ends with a message from Mother Mary.

In the days to come it is imperative that each individual establish his or her own God connection, his is her own inner guidance and act upon it without attachment or denial. They will be the seed people after the changes for the Golden Age of God. 

The best movie about one of the appearances of Mother Mary is The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. ( 1952)

Here is my favorite image of Mother Mary and a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien that may surprise you.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is beyond-beautiful-mother-mary.jpg
All my own perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded upon our Lady. J.R.R. Tolkien

In my next post I’ll write about the legendary, tenacious investigative reporter, David Icke who has written over twenty books and worked very hard for more than thirty years to expose the power elite, and their connection which the ET race known as the Reptilians and their plan for a New World Order.  I will review his book, “Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More.” Here is one of his famous quotes, 

We laugh at sheep because sheep just follow the one in front. We humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because at least the sheep need a sheep dog to keep them in line. Humans keep each other in line. And they do it by ridiculing or condemning anyone who commits the crime, and that’s what it’s become, of being different.

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From Debbie Carson’s post on ECETI Family facebook page.

Update December 11th My opinion of James Gilliland has changed a great deal since I wrote this post. To find out why go to my post “Conclusion: The Truth Bites.”

Book review

David Icke Human Race Get Off Your Knees

(4558 words)

 “Truth is so obscure in these times and falsehood so established, that, unless we love the truth, we cannot know it. 

Blaise Pascal (June 19,1623-August 19,1662)  

A year ago I found about about David Icke. ( b.April 29,1952) the lover of truth. He taught me about courage and that you have to speak up when you see something wrong is going on. He said you get a great sense of freedom when you “escape the sheep pen called, what will other people think.” Most of my life I’ve been a coward like my father. My father got nervous even when talking on the phone to order a cab. He had a rough life, both his parents died before he was twelve, he had to go to school where everyone spoke English and he only spoke Ukrainian so he was unable to speak up for himself even if the other boys blamed him for something he didn’t do. Somewhere in my unconscious, in my cellular memory, those memories live on and have influenced my behaviour all my life. To attempt to distance myself from these experiences is part of the reason I chose to write under a pen name rather than my father’s surname.  

When I was in the TM movement and then the Summit Lighthouse group for many years I never questioning the doctrine, never argued with anyone about what Maharishi or Mrs. Prophet said. When I finally reached the age of sixty and I started writing my novel, Stars of Aquarius without any prompting or encouragement from anyone, totally on my own initiative, I was scared that my friends would criticize it and the church leaders would say it’s not appropriate and I would be excommunicated. I would lose all my friends and I would be alone. But I knew I had to do it anyway. None of these things happened. What has happened the book, which promotes creating a relationship with an ascended master was just basically ignored by everyone. 

On a hike in the TSL Inner Retreat going up Lord Maitreya’s Mountain I met Roger. This was the first person that I ever met that actually would admit that his third eye was open. I don’t remember what we talked about but I remember he said “There are no cowards in heaven.” This statement has stayed with me for two decades. With this website I’m stepping away from TSL. I’m finding the courage that I never thought I had to speak out about what I think is true and it feels great. I am finally able to say I don’t care; I’m going to send the truth out there and what happens happens. I don’t want to lose friends but if it happens, it happens, the truth is more important to me than having friends. 

Below is one of the marvellous illustrations by Neil Hague in David’s book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More. The text is typical Icke, sarcastic humor that makes his point perfectly. 

In the first chapter “I Am Not David Icke” he says he can make this statement because he doesn’t identify with the human body/mind/personality. What we are experiencing is not what we are for we are pure consciousness, that is our eternal self. How did an ex-footsballer, sports commentator for the BBC and national spokesman for the Green Party come to experience this transformation? It happened in stages. In 1989 he started to feel a presence around him. In early 1990 he actually said out loud, “If you are there will you please contact me because you are driving me up the wall.” In March he was guided to a book by a professional psychic. When he contacted her she told him creation is made up of frequencies sharing the same space. The five senses can perceive a very limited frequency range. Many other frequencies and therefore many other realities exist. On his third visit to this psychic she closed her eyes and saw a Chinese-looking figure which was only a projection from another plane for her to focus on. What this figure said was,

He is a healer who is here to heal the Earth and he will be world famous. He will face enormous opposition, but we will always be there to protect him. He is still a child, but he will be given the spiritual riches. Sometimes he will say things and wonder where they came from. They will be ours words. Knowledge will be put into his mind and at other times he will be led to knowledge. He was chosen as a youngster for his courage. He has been tested and has passed all the tests. He was led to football to learn discipline, but when that was learned it was time to move on. He also had to cope with disappointment, experience all the emotions and how to get up and get on with it. The spiritual way is tough and no one makes it easy. We know he wanted us to contact him, but the time wasn’t right.

Two parts of this message are important. The first is “we will always be there to protect him.” The cult as Icke calls them would have made him disappeared long ago if not for this spiritual protection. I watched an interview with Daniel Estulin the author of Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses, which describes Freudian mass brainwashing and mind control through television and programs such as the CIA’s psychedelic revolution, MK-ULTRA, and the transhumanist agenda. Estulin said he must be on the move constantly to avoid being caught by the people he has exposed. The second is “he has been tested and passed all the tests.” This is the path of initiation by the GWB described by Mrs. Prophet. First you are tested and if you pass the test an increment of light is added to one of your chakras. The mysterious figure goes on to say in the next session,

One man cannot change the world, but one man can communicate the message that will change the world…He will write five books in three years. Politics is not for him. He is too spiritual. Politics is anti-spiritual and will make him very unhappy…Time will have no meaning. Where you want to be, you will be. 

Shortly after this session he was told he had no future at the BBC after eleven years at his job. He was free to write his first book, Truth Vibrations which went to the printers just before Christmas 1990. Then he suddenly got the urge to go to Peru. He began to see the word “Peru” everywhere-in books, magazines and the windows of travel agents. He followed his intuition and flew to Lima in February of 1991. He connected with a guide and they traveled  around much of the country. After seeing the Sillustani ruins he was heading back to the hotel when he saw a mound and heard a voice in his head repeat, “Come to me…come to me…come to me.” So he asked the driver to stop and climbed the mound. At the top he found a circle of waist high standing stones which couldn’t be seen from the road. He walked to the centre of the circle and looked back towards Sillustani feeling the heat of the sun on his head. Then he felt rooted to the spot unable to move, his arms stretched out above his head without any conscious decision from him. For over an hour he stood like that as he felt energy flow into the top of his head and up through his feet. He heard a voice say, “They will be talking about this moment a hundred years from now. It will be over when you feel the rain.” The flow of energy increased until his body was shaking. He kept moving in and out of consciousness. In the distance he saw a curtain of clouds moving towards him from the mountains at an extraordinary speed. The moment he felt the rain on his face the flow of energy stopped and he staggered forward, legs like jelly, shoulder and arms muscles stiff and painful. Energy was pouring from his hands and his feet continued to vibrate and burn for 24 hours. The next day his mind was flooded with new perceptions and thoughts as his psyche was opened to other levels of awareness. 

If I was given the choice of having a NDE or a kundalini awakening like David had to get opened up, I would ask if there was another choice. 

David experienced a great deal of ridicule after his book Truth Vibrations came out and he was interviewed on the Terry Wogan show where he referred to himself as a “Son of God.” He couldn’t walk down any street in Britain without some one pointing at him and laughing. This is when he broke completely free of caring what people thought of him. But he was not trying to say he had come to save the world what he was trying to say is that “we are all the symbolic sons and daughters of God.” This is the same thing that Mrs. Prophet has said for we are connected to our God Self or I AM Presence which I think is the pure conscious that David talks about. 

About religion he is blunt as usual,

Religion was created from the start to control us and drain us of energy and it has worked magnificently right up to the present day. If you want to be free, have nothing to do with it…The religion then becomes a self policing perpetual energy machine fuelled by the energy of fear…The Reptilians and their hybrid families are desperate to stop people from opening their minds and making the connection to Infinite Self so they created Mind-prison religions…The need to worship and submit to the will others is another trait of the reptilian brain.

I disagree that religion was created from the start to control us. I think the major religions started off with a message that would free the people but the message was distorted to become a tool for control. For example in the second century when Emperor Constantine realized that he couldn’t obliterate the Christian faith no matter how many christians he killed, so he “became a christian’ and set up the Roman Catholic church. He had the bible rewritten and dropped almost all references about going directly to God and omitted some books that would empower the people. One reference they missed was “Ye are Gods.” Now the people were safe from prosecution but imprisoned by a false doctrine in which priests became mediators between them and God. But despite being entrenched in corrupted religion some people have managed to become powerful spiritual beings. Padre Pio,(May 25, 1887-September 23, 1968) was an Italian friar, priest, stigmatist and mystic. Those close to him attest he manifested several spiritual gifts, levitation, bilocation (he was seen in two places at once), prophecy, the ability to read hearts and the power to heal. From September 20, 1918 he had the stigmata on his hands and feet. From 1922 to 1931 the Church didn’t allow him to hear confessions or publicly celebrate the Mass. From 1924 to 1931, Pope Pius Xl made statements denying the events of Pio’s life were due to any divine cause. Through all his tribulations including being beaten by demons he remained a joyful man. In 2002 John Paul ll canonized him. Padre Pio has left us with many memorable sayings, one is, “Pray, hope and don’t worry. Worry is useless. God is merciful and will hear your prayer.” Padre Pio is one of the many saints that have proven a rose can grow in a patch of thistles. Here’s the link to a documentary about his life. 

Although the scriptures have been corrupted the bible still inspired great works of art by Tintoretto, Paolo Veronese and Michelangelo and marvellous music by J.S. Bach Handel and Mozart that continue to uplift the souls of people.

 I agree we should not submit to the will of others but what about submitting to the will of God and become in service to others rather than in service to self? What is worship in its purest form but placing our attention on a being that has a higher frequency and in doing so raise our vibration and become more like that being? 

On New Age movements he blasts Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the Great White Brotherhood. (GWB).

The name Great White Brotherhood seems to have been an invention of the Theosophical Society, an organization founded and led by the Russian woman and world traveler Madam Blavatsky in the mid-nineteenth century. But well before Blavatsky’s time the GWB was know as the Solar or Serpent Brotherhood.

So according to Icke the GWB is actually just another invention of the reptilians. So where all the saints and sages that truly served mankind now? Could it be that they became part of the GWB and continue to serve mankind? Blavatsky took dictations from the GWB just as Mrs.Prophet did. Both were criticized and ridiculed by the press and gained nothing for their efforts to bring forth new information about the nature of reality.

Now lets get on with what Icke does best, hammering the power elite,

Those in major positions of royal, political, banking, commercial, media and military power are invariably Reptilian-hybrids and the bloodlines have always performed sacrificial rituals going back to Sumer and the later stages Atlantis and Mu…Reptilian and other demonic entities operating just beyond visible light, feed off the energy of the terrified victims and the surge of energy released at the point of death. This is the origin of and meaning of the age-old term “sacrifice to the gods,” the Reptililians especially desire the energy of pre-pubescent children. After puberty, there are chemical and energetic changes that make human energy less “pure” to these insane entities…Sacrificing their own children is also the cults way of demanding total obedience. The satanic ritual network extends into social services, runaway hostels, and toddler’s nurseries to ensure a constant supply of children…Amazing numbers of children, many millions, go missing every year throughout the world never to be seen again. 

I believe this is true, although it is so tragic, so shocking, I wish it wasn’t true. Just recently President Trump spoke about the necessity of a wall between America and Mexico to stop human trafficking. If you doubt what Icke says is true then you should read what Mel Gibson said recently about the Hollywood elite on the BBC, “Graham Norton Show.”  


In a shocking exposé, movie star Mel Gibson has blown the whistle on the epidemic of “parasites” who “control Hollywood” that are involved in child sacrifice and pedophilia.

The Lethal Weapon star said that “every studio in Hollywood is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent children,” adding that the “most valuable currency is the blood of babies.” While in London, England promoting his latest role in Daddy’s Home 2, Gibson described entertainment industry elites as an “enemy to mankind who feast on the blood of innocent children.”

He said key players in the movie business “get their kicks from destroying the sanctuary of children” as they “thrive on breaking every God-given taboo known to man.”

“They have a blatant disregard for the good of the people. Destroying people’s lives is just a game to them – the more pain they can cause, the better the thrill. Children are just sustenance to them. They feast on the pain and fear, and the younger, the better.”

“These people follow their own religion and use it for moral guidance. It’s not the sort of religious teachings you folks would ever hear about. They perform sacred rituals that are sick and totally at odds with the moral fabric that binds most patriotic Americans. The worst part: It’s an open secret in Hollywood and everyone wants in on it.”

Mel Gibson appeared on British prime-time BBC chatshow, The Graham Norton Show on Friday, where the veteran actor answered questions from shocked guests, in the green room backstage after his appearance, regarding the true nature of Hollywood “elites.”

He explained how he had been blacklisted by Hollywood’s controlling oligarchs in 2006 for voicing his opinions about the industry that clashed with their liberal agenda.

He said that since then he has been “working outside of the system” which has given him a fresh perspective, saying:

“It’s difficult to comprehend, I know, and I’m sorry that I am the one to break this to you, but Hollywood is an institutionalized pedophile ring. They use and abuse kids for their own sick ‘spiritual beliefs,’ if you can even call them that. I don’t fully understand it myself, but they harvest these kids for their energy and feast on their blood. They don’t do it mercifully either, they scare the sh*t out of them before they sacrifice them. The more innocent the child, the more terrified they are, the more they thrive on it,” said the Braveheart star.

What does that mean? They aren’t doing this as some form of artistic expression, they are harvesting the blood of children and eating their flesh because they think it gives them some sort of ‘life force.’

“If the child was mentally and physically suffering when they died, then it gives them ‘extra life force. I don’t understand why they do that, but that’s what they do. Most of us have a moral compass that guides us through life, right? These people don’t have that, or if they do, it’s pointing in the opposite direction.”

Gibson, who has spent the last 30 years working inside and outside of the Hollywood regime, says that the industry’s hierarchy “thrives on abuse, pain, torture, stress, and suffering.

According to Gibson, the desire to inflict such abuse isn’t limited to just the elite, but only “those at the top of the food chain can afford such a ‘luxury,’” although, it’s a “goal for most people in the industry.”

“Hollywood is drenched in innocent children’s blood. The references to pedophilia and cannibalism have always been there, but for years they were cryptic or symbolic. I was introduced to these practices in the early 2000s and was threatened with serious repercussions should I ever speak out. And, I don’t just mean my career, I mean my life was threatened, my family’s life would be in danger. I can only talk about it now as those people, those industry executives, they’re all dead now.”

“They see the blood of a sexually abused infant as the ‘ultimate prize’ and say that it’s ‘highly enriched. Babies are like a ‘premium currency’ and hold a higher value of anything else you can think of: Diamonds, drugs, caviar, you name it. They are literally trading these kids like a currency for favors, movie roles, kickbacks…”

According to Gibson, this perversion isn’t just the latest fad but has been a deep-threaded culture in Hollywood for generations, and is something popular among both men and women.

“This isn’t anything new and has been taking place since before Hollywood was even founded. If you research this phenomenon, you will find lurking in the shadows of every dark era in history. These dark, multidimensional occult practices have been used in secret societies for hundreds of years. Hollywood is being used for social programming and mind control and their message is being projected into the psyche of the American people…People everywhere.”

Now back to David’s book. 

I have heard from many sources that incest is rife among the Reptilian bloodline families…bloodlines are possessed by demonic entities in rituals…The more powerful the Reptilians/demons that you allow to possess you and take over your mind and body, the higher you are in the hierarchy of global power. [At the top are the Rothschilds]

Phillip Eugene Rothschild who escaped his allotted role in the family bloodline named the people who are part of this hierarchy. Alan Greenspan, Bill Clinton, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, Teddy Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Father Bush and Boy Bush, Reagan, Al Gore, the Rockefellers, Henry Kissinger, Warren Christopher, William Casey and most of the leadership of the CIA for the last forty years.

Last week I found out how George W. Bush and the Deep State were able to stage the disaster on September 11, 2001 in New York. 

Dimitri Khalezov. 9/11 – The WTC Nuclear Demolition  4hrs 10 min. 

3,753 views•Jun 8, 2018  

Dimitri Khalezov is a former officer in the defence ministry of the former USSR. He had access to the reports on underground nuclear explosions used to make tunnels, artificial lakes and chambers to hold gas. According to the building code in New York in the 60s a contractor had to provide a demolition scheme before he received a permit to build in NewYork. The World Trade Center contractor hired Controlled Demolition Inc. to devise a demolition scheme. What they decided on was to plant a 150 megaton nuclear device under each of the towers. When these devices were detonated on September 11, 2001 the resulting explosion pulverized the steel and concrete of about 90% of each tower which caused the top floors to fall to the ground. The Peaceful Use of Nuclear Energy Treaty between the USA and the USSR disclosed the existence of these devices so Khalezov knew what had caused the collapse of the twin towers. 

According to Khalezov in his book, The WTC Nuclear Demolition. The videos of the planes hitting the towers were digitally manipulated fakes. A plane made of aluminum travelling at 550 mph could never penetrate the thick steel walls of the twin towers. Only a missile made of tungsten traveling at Mach 3, (2300 mph), could penetrate the armour of a tank. The steel in the towers was much stronger than tank armour.  He also explains the other two plane crashes. The attack on the pentagon was a missile launched from a submarine. The plane that crashed in a field in Stonecreek Township, Pennsylvania was shot down by an American fighter pilot. 

The 9/11 disaster and cover-up reveals the incredible resources the Deep State has and to what lengths it will go to achieve it’s goals. In this case the goal was to get the American people to support an invasion of Iraq. This mission did not find any weapons of mass destruction which George W. Bush said were there. It accomplished four goals. The takeover of the oil fields, the destruction of artifacts from ancient history and the control of the stargate in this area. The men who were in the Iraqi army found themselves out of work after the war and formed the core of what is known as ISIS today.  

After you watch this you will realize what the Deep State is capable of doing. They had the technology to perpetrate this hoax and no empathy for the people they killed. There are greater deceptions in the works such as the Project Blue Beam that can project holograms in the air of a religious figure who will telepathically urge you to join the one world religion or project holograms of enormous alien space crafts over your city to convince you of the need for a one world government to fight off these invaders. The movies Independence Day and Independence Day Resurgence were made to prepare us for this false flag evnet. Will you fall for it or will your intuition which is really contact with your higher self or a being in a higher density help you discriminate between the truth and the lie?   

Project Blue Beam experiment.

From Humanity Get Off Your Knees…

Another reason for the rituals is to create an energetic ‘doorway’ or ‘gateway’ between vibrational realities that allows the Forth Density Reptilians to manifest in our world of ‘visible light.’ The structure of the ritual, especially the use of sound, can create a vibrational ‘stepping stone’ through which the Reptilians can enter this reality…Satanism at its ‘highest’ levels is also designed to…imprint its low-vibrational mind-patterns into the waveform fabric of our reality. Satanism…has left strong impressions upon the Morphic field! This is the ‘sea’ of energy in which we all live in and if you want to manipulate every fish at the same time, what do you do? You manipulate the sea.  

As for how successful the cult have been at manipulating the sea, the morphognenic atmosphere around us you only have to look at the rise of bullying, sociopathy, psychopathy and narcissism. These are all traits of the Reptilians. In her book, The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout, a Harvard psychologist, reveals that 4% of the population are sociopaths. 

One of their chief characteristic is a kind of glow or charisma that makes sociopaths more charming or interesting than the other people around them…He or she has no ability whatsoever to feel shame, guilt or remorse…they cannot love…Sociopaths learn early on to show sham emotion, but underneath they are indifferent to other’s suffering. They live to dominate and thrill to win.  

In Kevin Dutton’s book, The Wisdom of Psychopaths, he provides a list of the professions that have a higher percentage of psychopaths than other professions. They are politician, CEO, attorney, military officer, movie star and psychologist. 

Richard Grannon has made a series of videos on how to identify a narcissist, and how to heal from a relationship with a narcissist. To me a narcissist is very similiar to a sociopath. Many people are damaged emotionally, financially and sometimes physically by these people. Martha Stout wrote, I have never had a sociopath in my office. They don’t think they need help. But I have treated hundreds of people who have been hurt by a relationship with a sociopath.

This is one of the excellent videos Richard Grannon has made to help people who have been involved with a narcissist.

“Don’t Get Fooled Again” Red Flags of Narcissist Relationships 499,130 views Feb 19, 2014   Richard Grannon 

This is the end of part one of David Icke and my review of Mankind Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More. I know there was some very heavy information provided in this post. So I would like to end on much lighter note. In January of 2003 Icke was invited to speak at an event in the Brazilian rainforest that involved taking a psychoactive drug called ayahuasca. On the second night he took an increased amount of this drug. He laid down, closed his eyes and began to seeing swirling colors and images. Then he heard in his mind a dignified female voice that told him,

‘This is the Infinite, David, the Voice said. ‘This is where you come from and this is where you shall return.’ The following words then began to repeat over and over in my mind:

Infinite Love is the only truth – everything else is illusion.


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2020 Post Book review Media Mind Manipulation

Covid 1984

(4427 words)

George Orwell wrote this famous novel that was published in 1949. In the novel there were screens everywhere even in people’s homes to watch everyone 24/7. How did Orwell know of this technology and the plans to use it in 1949? He was a member of the Fabian Society founded in 1884, which pr0moted socialism in its various forms, Marxist, National and Fabian. In 1945, 229 members of the Fabian Society were elected to Parliament. David Icke in Appendix 1 of his book, Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More provides a list of former students and staff at the Fabian Society’s London School of Economics. The list which includes people who became presidents, prime ministers, ministers of finance, Pulitzer Prize Winners, historians, economists and Noble Prize Laureates and runs no less than 37 pages long! It’s a who’s who list of influencial people all trained in the same way in the same place to usher in the New World Order that was planned a hundred years ago. Orwell knew about computers and a world totalitarian government from his brief membership in the Fabian Society and he revealed their plans and tactics in his book.

Fabian Society member and eugenicist, Bertrand Russell, wrote in his 1953 book, The Impact of Science on Society: I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass psychology … Its importance has been enormously increased by the growth of modern methods of propaganda. Of these the most influential is what is called ‘education’. Religion plays a part, though a diminishing one; the press, the cinema, and the radio play an increasing part … It may be hoped that in time anybody will be able to persuade anybody of anything if he can catch the patient young and is provided by the State with money and equipment. Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be allowed to know how its convictions were generated. When the technique has been perfected, every government that has been in charge of education for a generation will be able to control its subjects securely without the need of armies or policemen … … Fitche laid it down that education should aim at destroying free will, so that, after pupils have left school, they shall be incapable, throughout the rest of their lives, of thinking or acting otherwise than as their schoolmasters would have wished. Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible. Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.

Nineteen Eighty-Four: A Novel, often published as 1984, is a dystopian novel by English novelist George Orwell. It was published on 8 June 1949 by Secker & Warburg as Orwell’s ninth and final book completed in his lifetime. Thematically, Nineteen Eighty-Four centres on the consequences of government over-reach, totalitarianismmass surveillance, and repressive regimentation of all persons and behaviours within society.[2][3] More broadly, it examines the role of truth and facts within politics and their manipulation.

The story takes place in an imagined future, the year 1984, when much of the world has fallen victim to perpetual waromnipresent government surveillancehistorical negationism, and propaganda. Great Britain, known as Airstrip One, has become a province of a totalitarian superstate named Oceania that is ruled by the Party who employ the Thought Police to persecute individuality and independent thinking.[4] Big Brother, the leader of the Party, enjoys an intense cult of personality despite the fact that he may not exist. The protagonist, Winston Smith, is a diligent and skillful rank-and-file worker and Party member who secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion. He enters a forbidden relationship with a colleague, Julia.

Nineteen Eighty-Four has become a classic literary example of political and dystopian fiction. It also popularised the adjective “Orwellian” as an adjective, with many terms used in the novel entering common usage, including Big Brother (often used to refer to secret surveillance and government over-reach), doublethinkthoughtcrimeNewspeakRoom 101telescreen2 + 2 = 5 (propaganda), prole, and memory hole (manipulation of recorded history by totalitarian or authoritarian states). Time included it on its 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005.[5] It was placed on the Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels, reaching No. 13 on the editors’ list and No. 6 on the readers’ list.[6] In 2003, the novel was listed at No. 8 on The Big Read survey by the BBC.[7] Parallels have been drawn between the novel’s subject matter and real life instances of totalitarianismcommunismmass surveillance, and violations of freedom of expression among other themes.[8][9][10](Wikipedia)

Programming the Language A theme of Orwell’s 1984 is mass and individual mind control through the manipulation of language. This is most obviously expressed today through ‘political correctness’ and ‘hate speech’, or ‘hate crime’. These terms alone could have been invented by Orwell who explained how vital language is to perception. He coined the term Newspeak for the official language of the superstate called Oceania and the number of words available was reduced every year – see political correctness, ‘hate speech’, and the mobile-phone text ‘language’ which are fulfilling precisely this role today. Newspeak was based on the premise that the fewer words you have available, the less efficiently you can articulate your views, but it goes even further than that. In this reality we also think in words, and limiting the language available diminishes your ability to even think freely. As one Internet article put it: ‘… Can we communicate the need for freedom or organise an uprising if we do not have the words for either?’ Newspeak was designed to eliminate all meaning from language, leaving only blandness that says nothing (see most political speeches) and it replaced the previous vibrant language known as Oldspeak. Once more, this is what is happening today. The word free still existed in Newspeak, but could only be used in statements like ‘the dog is free from lice’ or ‘this field is free from weeds’. It could not be used in its old sense of ‘politically free’ or ‘intellectually free’, since political and intellectual freedom no longer existed, even as concepts, and were, therefore, nameless. All words relating to concepts of liberty and equality were contained in the single word, Crimethink, while all words relating to objectivity and rationalism were contained in the single word, Oldthink. When Tony Blair came to power in the British Labour Party he denounced ‘old Labour’ and renamed the party ‘New’ Labour. With that, all ‘old Labour’ thinking and language were expunged from debate. Words which powerfully express the opposite meaning to those promoted in the propaganda are eliminated in the world of 1984. The opposite of ‘good’ was ‘bad’ and thus bad is replaced by ‘ungood’. Instead of meaningful words like ‘best’, comes the term ‘doubleplusgood’. Very bad becomes ‘doubleplusungood’. We are seeing the ever-increasing introduction of such meaningless words into our language to hide the reality of what is happening. One example of how words are used to obscure the truth is the way that ‘civilian casualties’ or ‘dead people’ have become ‘collateral damage’. They are also used to discredit opponents by the implication behind the terms used to describe them. If you challenge the impositions of the authorities you are an ‘anti-government group’; if you suggest, indeed prove, that the government is lying you are a ‘conspiracy theorist’. I said in the first edition of my last book, published before Obama came on the scene, that ‘change’ is another word spun by the Orwellians. This is generally used to suggest that a particular idea is good, because it is newer; but newer is not always better.

Icke, David. Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More (pp. 1100-1101). David Icke Books Limited. Kindle Edition.

Here’s a link to the third version of the movie 1984.

Released in 1984, starring John Hurt and Richard Burton.

A great and humorous example of the manipulation of language is J.P. Sears video, “Wokecabulary.”

The current lockdown which a clear example of government overreach that has violated many our freedoms is based on the claim that it will save lives has not saved any lives. Many doctors have testified that they were forced to write the cause of death as Covid-19 when it was apparent that there was a very different cause. Months ago you could find doctors speaking out onYouTube about fake Covid-19 deaths but due to censorship these videos have been banned. Furthermore Google has a black list of phrases you will not find any information on. I googled natural cures for cancer and found only articles warning against all natural cures because the same people who profit from the horrific medical cures such as chemo and radiation therapy control Google.

Facebook also is supporting the globalist narrative.

The website x22 Report has articles and videos that YouTube has banned that dispute the official narrative like the one below.

What the lockdown is doing is causing the small and medium business to close so there is more business for the giants like Wal Mart, Costco, Amazon, Home Depot and MacDonalds. Furthermore millions of people have become unemployed and now depend on government handouts. These people have lost their freedom to make a choice regarding getting vaccinated or anything else the government wants them to do.

‘The Fear, the Panic, Is a Bigger Problem Than the Virus,’ Says New York’s Governor

The “panic” Andrew Cuomo has in mind is a rational response to the threat of an economically ruinous government overreaction.

JACOB SULLUM | 3.19.2020 1:10 PM

(Marcus Santos/Zuma Press/Newscom)

“The fear, the panic, is a bigger problem than the virus,” says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is resisting calls for “shelter in place” orders as a way of curtailing the COVID-19 epidemic. Telling New Yorkers they must not leave their homes “scares people,” he told The New York Times yesterday, and he will not approve such edicts in New York City or elsewhere. “That is not going to happen,” he promised, contradicting warnings to that effect from New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

“If you can feel that staying human is worthwhile, even when it can’t have any result whatever, you’ve beaten them.” George Orwell

The Covid-19 test is just another propoganda tool. The formula the globalists follow is Problem, Reaction, Solution. They create a problem then the public reacts in fear, anger or grief then they introduce a solution that gives them more power.

Is it selfish to refuse to wear a mask?

Post on Facebook by Jeremy Bee.

This makes perfect sense.

Double Speak

People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome. George Orwell

Karina González De Cucalón Facebook post.

Think on this, if you’re immune, of course you’re asymptomatic.

Now there’s something they don’t accept and don’t explain and it’s: that the ′′ asymptomatic patient ′′ is the greatest medical contradiction ever.

An asymptomatic person is a healthy person. It’s someone who has a virus but his body developed Antibodies, this is called ′′ dimmed virus “, that is, he won the virus thanks to his healthy living habits.This person doesn’t spread the virus, but communicates Antibodies to the rest of people and generates mass immunity.

We must be careful with fear, because what is the lowest energy in the universe and Love is the highest energy, which you have to bet on. If they manage to scare you your defenses come down, your immune system lowers and any disease can enter your body. Many people in this pandemic were terrified and lost faith. Everything is energy, it’s time to regain faith and turn up that group energy.

In this pandemic the more fear you have the more vulnerable you are.

Let’s rise again, it’s times of change.Let’s fall in love with life, to fill ourselves with love for others, to fall in love with the creation of God, let’s not fall into fear and fear, that all you seek is to lower your defenses and get sick and be a victim of the pandemic. Don’t watch TV. It is just about the death and death, all it does is make your mind sick.

Facebook post.

My problem in trying to give people the truth is succinctly expressed in this quote.

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

Or as Orwell puts it,

This guy tells it like it is. The Covid-19 hoax should be considered a the greatest crime in history. We all have to refuse to comply and insist that the lockdown end now.

The lockdown causes stress and stress hormones shut down the immune system.

Orwell defined totalitarianism “as a society living by and for continous warfare in which the ruling caste have ceased to have any real function but succeed in clinging to power through force or fraud.”

In order to keep the people from realizing that the government is the real enemy the power elite instigates wars. Here is partial list of armed conflicts since 1898. The international bankers usually fund both sides and thereby double their profits.

1898–1901 Boxer Rebellion
 Boer War
 Russo-Japanese War
 Mexican Revolution
 First and Second Balkan Wars
1914–1918 World War I
 Armenian Genocide
1917 Russian Revolution
 Russian Civil War
 Irish War of Independence
1927–1937 Chinese Civil War
1933–1945 Holocaust
 Second Italo-Abyssinian War (also known as the Second Italo-Ethiopian War or the Abyssinian War)
1936–1939 Spanish Civil War
1939–1945 World War II
 Cold War
1946–1949 Chinese Civil War resumes
1946–1954 First Indochina War (also known as the French Indochina War)
1948 Israel War of Independence (also known as the Arab-Israeli War)
1950–1953 Korean War
1954–1962 French-Algerian War
1955–1972 First Sudanese Civil War
1956 Suez Crisis
1959 Cuban Revolution
 Vietnam War
 Six-Day War
1979–1989 Soviet-Afghan War
1980–1988 Iran-Iraq War
1990–1991 Persian Gulf War
1991–1995 Third Balkan War
1994 Rwandan Genocide

Then in 2001 we had the 9/11 disaster and the War on Terror and now we have the war on Covid-19 and riots arising out of Black Lives Matter protests.

“The shortest time it takes to create a vaccine for any disease is seven years. The average time is twenty years. To suggest a magic bullet for Covid-19 can be made in a matter of months borders on the absurd.”

Authur Caplan, Professor of Bioethics.

So whatever is in this vaccine has been under development for a long time and the Covid-19 outbreak/lockdown is just the reason they use to administer it now.

Dr. Carrie Madej talks about what is in the Covid-19 vaccine from Moderna. Synthetic DNA/RNA of a part of the virus which is meant to get your immune system familiar with the virus so it can fight it better when it enters your body. However it could become a permanent aprt of your genome so you become a GMO human with some DNA/RNA that is patented and owned by Moderna, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and/or Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency, (DARPA) who all worked to create this synthetic DNA/RNA. There an enzyme called Luciferase which will reveal a bar code under your skin if scanned by a special cell phone app as prove you have been vaccinated. Finally it will contain hydrogel which was developed by DARPA which is nanobots that grow in size in your body and which can assemble into different forms and will be connected to AI. They can send information about your blood pressure, O2 level, blood sugar level etc. so your emotional state can be determined. They can also recieve information/commands to alter your physiology, mood and perhaps even your memory. David Icke has said there’s another ingredient in this potent cocktail; an agent that will cause sterilization.

We must not succumb to compulsory vaccination, because the individual and collective consequences are potentially catastrophic. Most will, of course, but there are ever increasing numbers who do have a mind they can call their own and do have a determination to stand for what they know to be right. Those people need to be harnessed and brought together in a mass refusal to bow to this tyranny that demands we concede to the State the control of our own bodies. Icke, David. Human Race Get Off Your Knees: The Lion Sleeps No More (pp. 875-876). David Icke Books Limited.

Two excellent sources for information about vaccinations are: to download your free copy of Truth Will Prevail by Dr. Alan Palmer (736 pages-updated May 2020. Includes references to the Covid-19 plandemic) and

In conclusion I want you to remember two things. One is that the decision to get the vaccine is not reversible. Once it is in your body you can never remove it. The second is that if you have adverse side effects, if you become ill and can’t work or develop a chronic condition you can’t sue the pharmaceutucal company that made it. You are totally on your own.

Update September 15th, 2020.

In 1961 The Manipulation of Human Behavior by Alfred Biderman was published. This chart summarizes his book.

All if these coercive methods are being used now to elict compliance.

Munchausen syndrome is a certain type of mental disorder referred to as a factitious disorder. These disorders are different than other mental disorders because they seem to be, to a degree, self-inflicted—they are categorized as mental problems in which a patient acts as if they are struggling with a medical condition, either physical or mental, when they are not actually ill. Munchausen syndrome is still classified as a mental illness because the patients often experience serious emotional problems as a result of their behavior. The condition is named after Baron von Munchausen, a German officer who lived in the 1700s. Munchausen syndrome is the most intense and debilitating form of a factitious condition, and patients can experience psychosomatic symptoms as a result—they will develop actual physical and mental symptoms that can be observed as a result of placing themselves under physical and mental stress.

Excerpts from

Genetic Modification of Human DNA July 2020

We are currently living through multiple trigger events purposed to permanently modify and eclipse all that makes us human. Many are awakening to see more clearly some of the players, institutional structures and hidden motivations working to achieve the transhumanist agenda and enslavement of humanity. The choice is before us, will we become AI assimilated into the Technocracy or awaken human consciousness to a much higher potential?

We have been told by the current public faces trotted out by the Controllers, the unelected and elected representatives, that personal freedom and normalcy will not return to our daily lives unless we submit to their authority and participate in a mandated global vaccination plan…Despite the urban legends, the public vaccination campaigns since the early 20th century were designed by the Controllers for genetic modification purposes and as controlled medical experiments. Public health and eradication of diseases were not the actual goal of these mass marketing campaigns. Behind the public façade, they were supporting the agendas of directed evolution and eugenics via the administering of synthetic compounds and chemical based genetic engineering, then marketing it to the masses as progressive science and medicine. Today, most medical authorities and patients actually have no idea what ingredients are being injected directly into their bloodstream through vaccinations. A payload of neurological toxins designed to Genetically Modify Human DNA and bypass all of the human body’s natural and true immunity is being delivered, forfeiting protection from pathogenic foreign invaders…The Controllers have used the influence of the mainstream media and the mass promotion of the academic-science-medical system to prepare the masses over the past hundred years through chemical, social and genetic engineering programs to make the current generations much more susceptible to the idea of genetically modifying themselves to ultimately carry out transhumanist goals. When Cybernetics was popularized in the academic circles after World War II, ongoing conferences were organized by scholars throughout many disciplines for the purpose of study and experimentation on the types of control and communication that could be exerted over “the animal and the machine”, and then ultimately finding ways of merging them together…Thus, it was important for them to repeat the same false narratives over many years and to run marketing campaigns in order to condition the masses to trust the credibility of medicine by accepting the science journals, global health authorities and pharmaceutical corporations without question. High statistics of mortality and disability from hospital medical negligence, along with known pharmaceutical and vaccine damage has been completely ignored or brushed aside, to withhold that critical information from the public.  It has taken years of brainwashing through the mainstream media to train consumers to over-rely on the authority of the medical system, foregoing their own intuition, in which the medical consumer submits to the medical deity to prescribe various delivery methods of chemical based genetic engineering. 

Genetic modification of human beings is carried out by mind control methods and uses the umbrella of the current medical industry as its main delivery system in order to make humans more genetically hospitable for the NAA species to colonize and finally inhabit the earth surface. The goal for infiltrating the medical system was to first torture and inject us as babies coming into this world, and to continue this medical torture and inject us on the way out, to capture our consciousness in physical pain, torment and spiritual disconnection. This in itself is an effective set up for demonic possession of the human soul, while in a most vulnerable transition of being birthed into this world and then setup to be sick or in pain when leaving this world, through current medical design. Over the last hundred years with Rockefeller and other bloodline families heading several storefronts of medical philanthropy organizations, the forced exposure to many chemical compounds, toxins and poisons combined with experimental genetic engineering began, using human beings of all ages as their lab rats. The medical industry was cleverly hidden as the perfect delivery system, consumer products being peddled as health care, when for the most part the design is purely profit driven, cruel and satanic.

The use of vaccinations for chemical based genetic engineering, mind control and eventual surveillance, as well as generating illness and disability in the most vulnerable population, has been a well-funded and incredibly organized campaign since 1955 when Jonas Salk headed the polio vaccination crusade. Hailed as a medical research genius and hero of the American public, he was one of the first architects of instituting the plandemic, along with the “flood the zone” public relations campaigns to shift perception that vaccinations were absolutely necessary for guaranteeing healthy immunity…Many people have believed the mainstream narrative that the current state of world suffering, poverty, disease and violence was created accidentally, and that what we see today in the globalscape was the organic evolution of humanity since the industrial age. This is inaccurate. The elite bloodline families have methodically and patiently grown their global agenda through specific objectives, which they sought to create through the use of social engineering and hidden technological mind control, along with gaining surveillance over our every move. What we see happening now in the globalscape is the plan that has been in place since World War II, when nonvisible electromagnetic technology weapons and the blueprint of cybernetics became available as the result of exchanges made with the Greys.

They wanted to combine the medical delivery system methods of assorted synthetic chemicals, injections and drugs, and measure the effects this would have for mass mind control purposes to further dumb down and enslave the population. With every injection of neurotoxins, swallowing of chemicals, combined with MKUltra mind control transmissions and classical conditioning tactics saturating the mainstream media, how many IQ points would be lost? When they had bombarded the children via the vaccination schedule with enough neuro-toxins to finally hit the autism spectrum and spur the endless classifications of auto-immune diseases in adults, they must have thought they hit the jackpot. A high number of profoundly sick people served to completely distract the population to become fully dependent on their inverted system as lifelong medical consumers, involved in never ending doctor visits, multiple prescriptions, and sometimes bankrupted from supposed lifesaving operations. This would keep a large segment of the population busy in survival mode trying to dogpaddle to keep their heads above water, entrained to be devoted medical consumers from cradle to grave, while they could not see the predators hidden in plain sight.   

Forced vaccination is designed to destroy the laws that protect informed consent and medical freedom, and all people should be mindful of this attack made against our human rights and our bodily health.

Genetically engineered pathogenic material through the use of chemicals, nanobots, virus or other types of genetically modified organisms like viruses can be weaponized as delivery systems into the human body for the purpose of robotic automation, mind control, extracting religious or spiritual beliefs, while tracking bio-metric measurements and energy output for social energy credits. That person is also being exposed to technological systems designed to target microwaves or other specific frequencies of electromagnetic technologies that excite the weaponized particles or genetically modified organisms, being directed by devices using artificial intelligence systems. Recent gridwork projects reveal artificial energetic fields organized by AI networks transmitting weaponized particles into certain areas of the planetary grid network, which appear to be experimenting with these effects impacting the population during the recent global plandemic. 

Calling upon Spiritual Strength with a Loving Heart

During this time more than ever, there is critical importance in making the daily effort to preserve our sacred hearts, to remain open by feeling, experiencing and exchanging loving feelings. This means that in all things that we decide for ourselves, in every moment, that we do not ever forget what love and compassion feels like when flowing through our heart. This heart-based quality is a distinctly angelic human quality, it is our sacred crystal heart that defines what it truly means to be a spiritualized and eternal human being. To become aware so that when we face adversity, that we are not disconnecting any part of our body from the forces of love; from giving, receiving and exchanging love, compassion, and empathy for life. We must keep our mind and thoughts focused upon those higher qualities of love and appreciation that we experience in our daily lives, and identify that which we can share to circulate more unconditional love and kindness with other people.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Christos Sophia heart path. Please be kind to yourself and each other. GSF!

With a Loving heart, Lisa

The Cabal of Super Villians Attack the Earth

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