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James Gilliland, Reunion with Source

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My Transpersonal Release Session

In January of 2020 I chanced upon some very interesting interviews with James Gilliland. This guy was saying some very far-out stuff so of course, I was interested. I read his book, Reunion With Source which James channeled from Cazekiel. I started getting his emails in March and found out he offered Transpersonal Personal Release Sessions(TPRS). So I signed up for one. The procedure was as follows. First I filled out a form that stated I could ask three questions. I started meditating just before the time of my session. I had never done anything like this before so I was prepared for exactly nothing to happen and then having to request a refund of my $200 US. But something very definitely did happen. As I sat there wondering if I was deep enough to make contact because my wife was making a lot of noise in the other room I felt the presence of someone. I sent out the thought “Hello, welcome.” I was not aware of a reply but felt a lot of peace. What seemed like a minute later I sensed the session was almost over. I had the thought that I didn’t want it to end so soon so it continued for a few minutes more. Later that day I was sent the form you see below. The second page included brief answers to my questions which I will keep to myself. The next day I talked with Bonita Ferguson who had been present at the session with James and HJog. Who is HJog? (pronounced hay-og) Good question? From the form below and what Bonita told me. He is a male being from the 6D Orion Council of Light that focuses on Planetary Liberation and I had an initiation with him as my main teacher/guide.

Part of the purpose of the session was to get familiar with his frequency so I could contact him on my own. What I felt in his presence was great peace so now I know his signature frequency. I was pleased that traumas from ages three, eight and eleven and records from two non beneficial life times were cleared although I don’t understand how this could be done. According to the TSL teachings these clearances of karma are not possible through anything but service, suffering and/or the violet flame and come at a great price if someone does them for you. But since HJog has not insisted on my first born or my soul I guess everything is cool. Not that I feel any different. In conclusion it was a nice experience. Sometimes I ask for a little help from HJog and usually I get it. Have you had a TPRS with James? If so what did you experience?

The Upper and Lower Astral Planes

So are ascended masters at a higher level of consciousness that HJog? I don’t think so. But TSL and James use different terminology. In TSL Mrs. Prophet talked about 33 levels of the astral plane and 33 levels of the etheric plane. The lower astral is where you find dark, parasitic entities. Upper astral is beautiful for it is inhabited by gnomes, fairies, undines, sylphs, and nature devas. The book, Meeting Fairies My Remarkable Encounters with Nature Spirits A True Story by Ogilvie Crombie has the best descriptions of this enchanting realm of life. Now I can’t miss this opportunity to add my PicsArt image of elementals. 

The etheric is the plane of the ascended masters. James and Renee use a different system for they refer to densities. First density is mineral, the second animal, the third human or our third density hologram. Fourth equates with the astral and in the lower fourth densities, they tell us is where you find the greys and reptilians. Fifth density is the plane of the ascended masters although some have moved up higher than this. Cosmic beings and the Elohim are even in higher densities. So HJog is just as high as most ascended masters in consciousness and is just as compassionate. He must be compassionate since he is willing to try to guide me. In the TSL system when you ascend you go to the etheric level which is the same as the 5th density. In the book, Reunion with Source, by Cazekiel, received by James Gilliland, Cazekiel says,

“All higher density beings can manifest in a lower density but lower density beings are often unaware or not consciously able, to raise their frequency to see the higher densities. If a higher density being chooses to interact and a lower density being asks for an interaction, it is possible and often arranged.”

This is what happens in a TPRS a higher density being meets with a lower density being.

Gilliland and Brinkley are Near Death Survivers

 James Gilliland was born in southern California in 1952 on the Cancer/Leo cusp. He has had two Near-Death Experiences (NDE). The second one happened when a rogue wave hit him while he was surfing and pulled him under. Later he said, “It blew me wide open. It shifted me up into what I call the interdimensional mind.” He gave up his commercial real estate office spent years in meditation and then started his weekly As You Wish Talk Radio Program and founded Gilliand Estate, commonly known as the ECETI ranch.

 Dannion Brinkley also was blown wide open in 1975 from his NDE which was caused by lightning striking the telephone line and going into the phone he was holding. His body flew out of his shoes and hit the ceiling before collapsing on the floor. After he awoke in the morgue he remembered meeting thirteen angels who showed him his life review. He felt the pain he had caused others which was considerable since he had been a bully in his youth and later a black-ops assassin for the army. This experience transformed him into a compassionate person who spent over thirty years as a hospice volunteer. This NDE is well documented in his book Saved by the Light and the movie by the same name available on Netflix and YouTube.

Not only are the videos you saw of spacecraft if you followed the link in my last post amazing but more is amazing is the fact James can predict when one will become even brighter or “power-up” as he calls it. He has been encouraging people to open up to these friendly ETs for over 30 years. This quote from Reunion with Source elaborates on this idea,

The purpose of these contacts is threefold. The first phase is to document the events and establish public awareness which is almost complete. The second phase is to rise to the occasion training ambassadors of peace to inter-phase with these benevolent off-world visitors and secure a military stand down. In the interest of national security and common sense, it is wise to align with those of superior technology in peace as allies rather than greet them with aggression…The last phase is to create a template, a Galactic Exchange Center like none other where full inter-phase and exchange of wisdom and technologies can occur. This sharing or inter-phase will assist humanity in a quantum leap in evolution thus joining the rest of the universe, the greater family of man in a bold new adventure.

The James Gilliland “Lastest News” Emails

I have been receiving Jame’s ‘latest news” emails since March 3rd. These emails don’t arrive on a set schedule but average one per week. Many contain interviews with interesting people. Dr. Micheal E. Salla PH.D. talked about his book, Rise of the Red DragonOrigins & Threat of China’s Secret Space Program and why Corey Goode and others are attacked even by the UFO community when they talk about their experiences in the secret space force. Dr. Micheal Ledwith author of “Saving Jesus” reveals that, 

Over the centuries the warped belief that Jesus is a Suffering Savior, who came here to die for our sins, has dealt a crippling blow to the emergence of the spiritual power that he promised us…we can learn to change these deeply embedded and subconscious programs. As Jesus said: “Those who have ears to hear let them hear.”

Some of Jame’s emails are interviews by other people or an article he has written himself. His piece on May 7th hits the nail of the head.  

Facts About the Plan/Scamdemic 

The outbreak is a paper tiger, aggressive in spreading but mild to all but those who have a compromised immune system. “Usually the sick and elderly”. We are not saying there is no virus outbreak or diminishing the death of loved ones, we are saying let’s look at the facts. There is no evidence to prove social distancing has any measurable impact on the spread of the infection. European countries had a quicker downturn of infections that did not do social distancing or practiced limited social distancing. Herd immunity was responsible for the decline of cases and the rapid downward curve. New evidence as suggested by Governor Cuomo of New York is saying the majority of new cases are from people who stayed at home prolonging the epidemic.

On May 28th he starts with the “Executive Order to Prevent Online Censorship” signed by President Donald Trump. Then he continues with his thoughts. 

The biggest lesson of all is the realization that each situation has to be resolved internally not externally. The more external pressure to solve the situation the more things escalate. Resistance to going within, taking personal responsibility for the co-creation, and trying to force your will on another will be equally met with an escalation of the problem until everything goes nuclear. You are seeing the macrocosm of the microcosm being played out today. The reason things end up going nuclear is ignoring the warnings. The obvious mirrors, personal agendas taking precedence over service to the greater good. Personal problems come from ego and attachments. Our personalities saying this is the way it should be ignoring social programing and our unresolved wounds and traumas…We have to become frequency specific to the Earth and her ascension process. The action/reaction what some call karma is accelerating. Some call it the year of the boomerang. It is going to get crazy, but in the end, the light wins. Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for all will reign supreme. We will join the rest of the multiverse in peace. Did you really think you were alone? Extremely spiritual and technologically advanced off-world visitors, Masters, Saints, and Sages are all part of this planetary liberation. They have their ground crew. WWG1WGA. 

All the videos except one I have received from James have been excellent sources of information. The one he should have thought twice about sending out was this video,” FBI AGENT SAYS THE GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN INFILTRATED BY SATANIST WHO TRAFFICK CHILDREN!” It is a tirade from a black man whose vocabulary of adjectives is so limited he used the f-word continually and at least once the N-word. He said, “let’s throw all the people at the UN into jail. If there is not enough room in the jails then we can put them in the earth.” This is hate speech that promotes violence. More importantly, if people resort to violence the police and the army are ready to retaliate. And it gives the government a reason to take away even more freedom from the people.

The Introduction to Reunion with Source…

I am Cazekiel. I was better known as Ezekiel of the past. I am part of an unseen brotherhood that loves you greatly…Humanity has come to a point in evolution where it must replace its graven images in favor of an omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient God of pure unconditional love and joy…Fear and unworthiness are the barriers that separate humans from God. They are the by-products of ignorance.

Before I even finished reading the introduction I started to feel a shift in consciousness. In the chapter, “In the Beginning,” subheading, “The Seven Densities of God” he writes “Along the way through the higher densities, you will meet Orions, Pleiadians, Andromedans and a whole host of other diverse civilizations and their worlds. If you are threatened by this, or afraid of turning on your light, remember you don’t have to. You, and only you, determine which density you chose to identify with and express upon. A question you might ask yourself is, “Why limit myself?”

Here is an ascended master talking about beings we call ETs we will contact as we experience higher densities. So there is no separation, no disharmony between the ascended masters and these ETs even though Mrs. Prophet never spoke of them. There is a continuum of existence rising to ever-higher levels of love and freedom. And it’s the higher vibrational parts of you, your Christ Self and your I AM Presence that pulls your awareness up to these higher densities to use TSL terminology. 

Are you wondering what Orions, Pleiadians, and Andromedans look like? Here are three images from a video made by Peter Maxwell Slattery, “ET Races and their Crafts.”

On organized religion Cazekiel writes,

There are many small minds that have taken their own personal image of God and projected that image into the ethers. This image has inherent within it all of the limitations of the one projecting the image. In order to give this image validity, they seek the support and agreement of others. Those who have no image agree with them and gather around this image and thus is born organized religion. The reason there are over 11,000 religions is because there are over 11,000 images…The clarity of any truth is relative to the clarity of the mind it comes through. All experience is altered by the one who perceives it.

On the subjects of proof, the purpose of a master and the banksters, Cazekiel says,

I wish to speak on the desire for proof… You and only you, authorize what is to be your reality…Those whose minds are closed, who are extremely skeptical, do not want proof. What they desire is to remain in their present reality. And as God’s favorite words are, “As you wish,” there they stay. Their world is a reflection of a closed and skeptical mind, which is manifesting and validating their truth. 

On the purpose of a master,

The purpose of a master is to lift and empower the individual, awakening the unique, loving, joyous, wise, and powerful God in you. Those who gather around the true masters are not codependent. They are independent and unique. They share a common interest. 

On what the international bankers have not taken into account,

1) the awaking and empowering of the masses that will not so easily be herded like ignorant cattle, 2) those within their own ranks who are regaining their integrity and turning around 3) an ominous force called nature that will put an end to their plans in a moment. 

Sacred Law is the Law of Love

…whenever you give away your power to an external authority there will always be those who will snatch it up, betray a trust, and use it for their own self-interest. This includes governments, religious institutions, and in some cases, friends and lovers…All individuals must take the responsibility of governing themselves…Sacred law is the law of love. It is that simple. Love God with all your heart, honor each individual as a unique expression of God, and behave as if the God in all life matters.

I have to share this quote with you because it touched my heart, from the section called “Right to Joy”

You all have the right to joy. You have the right to live the most loving, joyous, abundant life imaginable. If anyone tells you differently, they are enslavers. They are trespassing on your divine right to free will and self-determination. The only thing you should do is that which brings you joy. God is bliss, and when you are following your bliss, you are following God. All that God wants is that you be happy. The unconditional love of God supports you in whatever makes you happy.

Reading this book brought me joy. The joy of illumination. It is one of the few books that has changed my life. There is so much more that has value in this book. The Jehovah vs.Yahweh story who were both powerful ETs. Jehovah came to earth first and enslaved the population with advanced weapons and cruel punishments for anyone who disobeyed him. The ascended masters did what they could to end his tyranny and prayed fervently for help. One day Yahweh’s starship came to earth which was much larger and more powerful than Jehovah’s ship. After Jehovah realized he was outgunned he left the planet and the people were treated with compassion by Yahweh. The two groups on Atlantis, the Sons of Belial and those that followed the Law of One, are very similar to the Democrats and Republicans of today. He says the school system is based on recycled ignorance. Cazakiel describes the monkey mind that causes us to project our fears and anger on the outer world, that may turn us into fixers who want to control others, or programs us to be consumers and keeps us in our comfort zone by distracting our thinking when we are challenged by new information. Then there are the fantasies, fables, and parables in chapter four that use compelling stories to bring us universal truths.

When you call upon the Light

 When we call upon the light a fire comes with it, and that fire evokes change. It is a fire of transmutation that amplifies and calls forward all that is of a lower vibration. The fire moves through your mental and emotional bodies, dissolving lower vibrational attitudes and emotions as well as any limiting mental concepts, bringing you forward into a greater truth, a greater reality, a higher vibration.  

 About being a part of the ground crew, Caezkiel says, 

Monitor yourself, honor your feelings; and if you don’t like what you are feeling do a healing. We will be with you, within you, all the way. Your help is greatly needed and appreciated, for there is not only work to do upon this plane, where you reside but on other planes as well. A ground crew is of the utmost importance in the healing and vibrational lifting of the planet. There are many, incarnate and discarnate, that need physical examples of the light on the earth. That is where their attention is focused and that is where they can best receive healing.

The book ends with a message from Mother Mary.

In the days to come it is imperative that each individual establish his or her own God connection, his is her own inner guidance and act upon it without attachment or denial. They will be the seed people after the changes for the Golden Age of God. 

The best movie about one of the appearances of Mother Mary is The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. ( 1952)

Here is my favorite image of Mother Mary and a quote from J.R.R. Tolkien that may surprise you.

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All my own perception of beauty both in majesty and simplicity is founded upon our Lady. J.R.R. Tolkien

In my next post I’ll write about the legendary, tenacious investigative reporter, David Icke who has written over twenty books and worked very hard for more than thirty years to expose the power elite, and their connection which the ET race known as the Reptilians and their plan for a New World Order.  I will review his book, “Human Race Get Off Your Knees The Lion Sleeps No More.” Here is one of his famous quotes, 

We laugh at sheep because sheep just follow the one in front. We humans have out-sheeped the sheep, because at least the sheep need a sheep dog to keep them in line. Humans keep each other in line. And they do it by ridiculing or condemning anyone who commits the crime, and that’s what it’s become, of being different.

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From Debbie Carson’s post on ECETI Family facebook page.

Update December 11th My opinion of James Gilliland has changed a great deal since I wrote this post. To find out why go to my post “Conclusion: The Truth Bites.”