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This post is about those people and organizations that are either violating or supporting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those who are trampling on the rights of the people and those are defending our security and freedom, the enemies and allies of the Charter and all Canadians.

John Carpay from the The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms which defends the constitutional freedoms of Canadians through litigation and education in this video bemoans the serious charter infringements that have occurred in the past two years.

The Charter at 40 : Canadian Politicians Should Be Embarrassed

Posted On: April 24, 2022

April 17, 2022, marks 40 years since the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms became a part of Canada’s Constitution. But this date has been marred by the long list of serious Charter infringements perpetrated against Canadians by the federal and provincial governments over the last two years.

When it comes to defending the fundamental freedoms of Canadians, some Supreme Court judges are more likely to approve of government restrictions on freedom than others. This was the finding of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms’ Judicial Freedom Index.

Canadian politicans are not embarassed because most of them are psychopaths. Psychopaths don’t feel shame, guilty or remorse. These politicians see protests as a way to identify the most ardent dissents so they can be tracked, smeared, harassed and have their bank accounts frozen. Carplay mentions that a constitution case may take years before it’s heard by a Supreme Court Judge who usually sides with the government. This should be no surprise since these judges are appointed by the party in power and therefore are just an extension of the government. If you take a look at the victories of the Justice Centre you will find only a few minor cases. In the immortal words of George Carlin (RIP),

“It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.” George Carlin

As of May 9, 2022 a petition to remove Trudeau from office had 433,356 signatures but neither the Mary May Simon, Governor General of Canada or the House of Commons has taken action to remove Trudeau.

1 Million Signatures to Remove PM Justin Trudeau

By admin

Jan 6, 2022

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada, call upon the Governor General of Canada and/or House of Commons to dissolve Parliament and call a Federal Election. We, the undersigned citizens of Canada further demand that Justin Trudeau step down as Prime Minister AND as Leader of the Federal Liberal Party. 

Sign NOW ! Sign HERE

We, the undersigned citizens of Canada have lost confidence in him as Canada’s Prime Minister and we feel he no longer serves the best interests of Canadians. His reckless disregard to preserve, protect and endorse the citizens of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms, along with his current negligent spending of over $300 billion of our tax dollars to drag our economy into a depression, as well as for following the wrong and disastrous protocols of a privately owned corporation called the World Health Organization. The bottom line is indisputable….We, the undersigned citizens of Canada are casting our votes of No Confidence vote against  Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his liberal party until a new Federal Election to replace him.  We also demand all Premiers remove all Provincial Emergency Acts in full immediately and restore all Canadians their rights as explained in the Canadian Charter of Rights. No exceptions!!!

The following video reveals that a person who has been vaccinated can still contract and spread Covid-19. So why are they allowed to travel freely and the unvaccinated are not in violation of the Mobility Rights laid out in the Charter? (1) Every citizen of Canada has the right to enter, remain in and leave Canada.

Vax Nation: The Pandemic of the Vaccinated

Posted On: February 8, 2022

Covid shots have not stopped the spread of Covid spread, as admitted publicly by health authorities and by the vaccine manufacturers themselves. The shots have also not prevented people from catching Covid and dying from it. In some cases, the shots themselves are being blamed for deaths and adverse reactions. Growing evidence from the government’s own data suggests that the hospitals are being overwhelmed by the vaccinated or those within 14 days of an mRNA shot.

If the vaccinated can both catch and transmit covid, then what purpose do vax passports serve besides dividing society, promoting segregation, and discriminating against individuals for exercising bodily autonomy in their own medical choices?

Watch Part One of Vax Nation – Show me your Papers

Watch Part 2 of Vax Nation – Trust “the Science”

The situation is even more absurd when you consider these studies.

Studies show vaccinated people more likely to catch COVID than the unvaccinated

Several European countries have recently reported higher COVID infection rates in ‘fully vaccinated’ people.

Featured Image Shutterstock

Raymond Wolfe

Wed Jan 12, 2022 – 4:22 pm EST Excerpt

(LifeSiteNews) — Vaccinated people are more likely than the unvaccinated to catch COVID-19, and particularly the omicron variant, according to new European data.

A study released late last month by Danish researchers found that people with two doses of an mRNA COVID vaccine have a higher likelihood of catching omicron than those without a jab. Based on Danish nationwide data, Pfizer’s shot dropped below -50 percent efficacy against the variant after three to five months. The effectiveness of the Moderna jab similarly fell to around -50 percent in the same timeframe.

In a war the terms enemies and allies are frequently used. I believe we are in a war. A war for not only for our freedoms but for our lives.This post is about who should be in an enemies and allies directory. I’m using Canada as an example but this kind of directory could be made in any country. An Enemies and Allies Directory reveals who is and who isn’t trustworthy. A directory is needed because our enemies are posing as our allies. They claim what they are doing is for our safety or for our health when the opposite is true. They appear to be in service to others when actually they are always in service to self. But is there really a war against humanity? Mike Adams and Steve Quale certainly think so.


Catherine Austin Fitts one of our allies puts it this way. (Excerpt)

We Are at War Right Now – Catherine Austin Fitts

By Greg Hunter On April 16, 2022 In Political Analysis

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Catherine Austin Fitts (CAF), Publisher of The Solari Report and former Assistant Secretary of Housing (Bush 41 Admin.), says, “We are at war right now, and they are trying to kill us.”

Fitts is not talking about war with the Russians, but satanic Deep State globalists who are spraying us, injecting us and, at the very least, bankrupting us.  CAF explains, “We are in a war. . . . What this is about is the ‘Great Poisoning’ with spraying aluminum overhead, nano particles in the food, they are trying to feed us insects and synthetic food and inject us with secret ingredients. What about this is not obvious? . . . Stop worrying about if the collapse is going to come or the war is coming.  It’s here, you are in it.  This is what it feels like, and I am not saying it cannot get worse, but this is now.”

Five Times August sings about the silent war.

When Fitts writes about injecting “us with secret ingredients” she is referring to the Covid-19 vaccine which is toxic according to this report.

In many countries including Canada some Covid restrictions have been lifted but according to Marion Koopmans the Who has plans for more pandemics.

The World Health Organization has an official plan for 10 years of ongoing infectious diseases. 

From 2020 to 2030: a decade of pandemics. 

Marion Koopmans, a WHO virologist from the Netherlands who worked at the Wuhan biolab, said on Dutch television that the World Health Organization has been working on this agenda for a long time.

More pandemics means more vaccines. Isn’t the Covid-19 vaccine bad enough?


stopworldcontrol .com

Evidence of millions of deaths and serious adverse events
resulting from the experimental COVID -19 injections

B Y D A V I D J O H N S O R E N S E N & D R .V L A D I M I R Z E L E N K O M D
V E R S I O N 1 . 0 S E P T E M B E R 2 0 2 1





VAERS published 726,963 adverse events, including 15,386 deaths as of September 17, 2021
CDC fraud expert says that number of deaths is at least five times, and possibly ten times higher
A whistleblower from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Service (CMS) revealed how almost 50,000 people died from the injections. They represent only 20% of the U.S. population, meaning
that if this data is applied to the entire population 250,000 have died
150,000 reports have been rejected or scrubbed by the VAERS system
The actual number of anaphylaxis is 50 to 120 times higher than claimed by the CDC
Everyone who dies before two weeks after the second injection, is not considered a vaccine death, which causes the majority of early vaccine deaths to be ignored
Moderna received over 300,000 reports of adverse events in only three months-time
The Lazarus Report shows that only 1% of adverse events is being reported by the public
The majority of the population is not aware of the existence of systems where they can report vaccine adverse events
Aggressive censorship and propaganda told the public that adverse events are rare, causing people to not understand how their health problems stem from past injections
The shaming and blaming of medical professionals who say anything against the vaccines, cause many in the medical community to avoid reporting adverse events
The fear of being held accountable after administering an injection that killed or disabled patients, further prevents medical personnel from reporting it
Having accepted financial incentives to promote, and administer the covid vaccines, also stops medical personnel from reporting adverse events
Profit driven vaccine manufacturers have every reason not to report the destruction their untested experimental products are causing
200,000+ Facebook users comment about vaccine deaths and serious injuries.


This rapper has some good advice for anyone considering getting vaxxed.

Best antivax rap song. Canada in the house.

Jacques Attali revealed the plan for world depopulation.

Canada and 194 other nations have signed UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 which includes massive depopulation which will be achieved through sterization and death caused by the Covid-19 vaccine and starvation.

The UN 2030 Agenda Decoded: The Blueprint for Global Enslavement

This document describes nothing less than a global government takeover of every nation across the planet.

The “goals” of this document are nothing more than code words for a corporate-government fascist agenda that will imprison humanity in a devastating cycle of poverty while enriching the world’s most powerful globalist corporations like Monsanto and DuPont.

In the interests of helping wake up humanity, I’ve decided to translate the 17 points of this 2030 agenda so that readers everywhere can understand what this document is really calling for.

To perform this translation, you have to understand how globalists disguise their monopolistic agendas in “feel good” language.

Here’s the point-by-point translation. Notice carefully that nowhere does this document state that “achieving human freedom” is one of its goals.

Nor does it explain HOW these goals are to be achieved. As you’ll see here, every single point in this UN agenda is to be achieved through centralized government control and totalitarian mandates that resemble communism.

Translation of the UN’s “2030 Agenda blueprint for globalist government” (controlled by corporate interests)

Goal 1) End poverty in all its forms everywhere

Translation: Put everyone on government welfare, food stamps, housing subsidies and handouts that make them obedient slaves to global government.

Never allow people upward mobility to help themselves. Instead, teach mass victimization and obedience to a government that provides monthly “allowance” money for basic essentials like food and medicine. Label it “ending poverty.”

Goal 2) End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

Translation: Invade the entire planet with GMOs and Monsanto’s patented seeds while increasing the use of deadly herbicides under the false claim of “increased output” of food crops.

Engineer genetically modified plants to boost specific vitamin chemicals while having no idea of the long-term consequences of genetic pollution or cross-species genetic experiments carried out openly in a fragile ecosystem.

Goal 3) Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages

Translation: Mandate 100+ jabs for all children and adults at gunpoint, threatening parents with arrest and imprisonment if they refuse to cooperate.

Push heavy medication use on children and teens while rolling out “screening” programs. Call mass medication “prevention” programs and claim they improve the health of citizens.

Goal 4) Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all

Translation: Push a false history and a dumbed-down education under “Common Core” education standards that produce obedient workers rather than independent thinkers. Never let people learn real history, or else they might realize they don’t want to repeat it.

Goal 5) Achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls

Translation: Criminalize Christianity, marginalize heterosexuality, demonize males and promote the LGBT agenda everywhere. The real goal is never “equality” but rather the marginalization and shaming of anyone who expresses any male characteristics whatsoever.

The ultimate goal is to feminize society, creating widespread acceptance of “gentle obedience” along with the self-weakening ideas of communal property and “sharing” everything.

Because only male energy has the strength to rise up against oppression and fight for human rights, the suppression of male energy is key to keeping the population in a state of eternal acquiescence.

Goal 6) Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Translation: Allow powerful corporations to seize control of the world’s water supplies and charge monopoly prices to “build new water delivery infrastructure” that “ensures availability.”

Goal 7) Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all

Translation: Penalize coal, gas and oil while pushing doomed-to-fail “green” energy subsidies to brain-dead startups headed by friends of the White House who all go bankrupt in five years or less.

The green startups make for impressive speeches and media coverage, but because these companies are led by corrupt idiots rather than capable entrepreneurs, they always go broke. (And the media hopes you don’t remember all the fanfare surrounding their original launch.)

Goal 8) Promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Translation: Regulate small business out of existence with government-mandated minimum wages that bankrupt entire sectors of the economy.

Force employers to meet hiring quotas of LGBT workers while mandating wage tiers under a centrally planned work economy dictated by the government. Destroy free market economics and deny permits and licenses to those companies that don’t obey government dictates.

Goal 9) Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation

Translation: Put nations into extreme debt with the World Bank, spending debt money to hire corrupt American corporations to build large-scale infrastructure projects that trap developing nations in an endless spiral of debt.

See the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man by John Perkins to understand the details of how this scheme has been repeated countless times over the last several decades.

Goal 10) Reduce inequality within and among countries

Translation: Punish the rich, the entrepreneurs and the innovators, confiscating nearly all gains by those who choose to work and excel. Redistribute the confiscated wealth to the masses of non-working human parasites that feed off a productive economy while contributing nothing to it… all while screaming about “equality!”

Goal 11) Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable

Translation: Ban all gun ownership by private citizens, concentrating guns into the hands of obedient government enforcers who rule over an unarmed, enslaved class of impoverished workers.

Criminalize living in most rural areas by instituting Hunger Games-style “protected areas” which the government will claim are owned by “the People” even though no people are allowed to live there. Force all humans into densely packed, tightly controlled cities where they are under 24/7 surveillance and subject to easy manipulation by government.

Goal 12) Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Translation: Begin levying punitive taxes on the consumption of fossil fuels and electricity, forcing people to live under conditions of worsening standards of living that increasingly resemble Third World conditions.

Use social influence campaigns in TV, movies and social media to shame people who use gasoline, water or electricity, establishing a social construct of ninnies and tattlers who rat out their neighbors in exchange for food credit rewards.

Goal 13) Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts

Translation: Set energy consumption quotas on each human being and start punishing or even criminalizing “lifestyle decisions” that exceed energy usage limits set by governments. Institute total surveillance of individuals in order to track and calculate their energy consumption.

Penalize private vehicle ownership and force the masses onto public transit, where TSA grunts and facial recognition cameras can monitor and record the movement of every person in society, like a scene ripped right out of Minority Report.

Goal 14) Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Translation: Ban most ocean fishing, plunging the food supply into an extreme shortage and causing runaway food price inflation that puts even more people into economic desperation.

Criminalize the operation of private fishing vessels and place all ocean fishing operations under the control of government central planning.

Only allow favored corporations to conduct ocean fishing operations (and make this decision based entirely on which corporations give the most campaign contributions to corrupt lawmakers).

Goal 15) Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss

Translation: Roll out Agenda 21 and force humans off the land and into controlled cities. Criminalize private land ownership, including ranches and agricultural tracts.

Tightly control all agriculture through a corporate-corrupted government bureaucracy whose policies are determined almost entirely by Monsanto while being rubber-stamped by the USDA.

Ban woodstoves, rainwater collection and home gardening in order to criminalize self-reliance and force total dependence on government.

Goal 16) Promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development, provide access to justice for all and build effective, accountable and inclusive institutions at all levels

Translation: Grant legal immunity to illegal aliens and “protected” minority groups, which will be free to engage in any illegal activity — including openly calling for the mass murder of police officers — because they are the new protected class in society.

“Inclusive institutions” means granting favorable tax structures and government grants to corporations that hire LGBT workers or whatever groups are currently in favor with the central planners in government.

Use the IRS and other federal agencies to selectively punish unfavorable groups with punitive audits and regulatory harassment, all while ignoring the criminal activities of favored corporations that are friends of the political elite.

Goal 17) Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

Translation: Enact global trade mandates that override national laws while granting unrestricted imperialism powers to companies like Monsanto, Dow Chemical, RJ Reynolds, Coca-Cola and Merck.

Pass global trade pacts that bypass a nation’s lawmakers and override intellectual property laws to make sure the world’s most powerful corporations maintain total monopolies over drugs, seeds, chemicals and technology.

Nullify national laws and demand total global obedience to trade agreements authored by powerful corporations and rubber-stamped by the UN.

Total enslavement of the planet by 2030

As the UN document says: 

“We commit ourselves to working tirelessly for the full implementation of this Agenda by 2030.”

If you read the full document and can read beyond the fluffery and public relations phrases, you’ll quickly realize that this UN agenda is going to be forced upon all the citizens of the world through the invocation of government coercion.

Nowhere does this document state that the rights of the individual will be protected. Nor does it even acknowledge the existence of human rights granted to individuals by the Creator.

Even the so-called “Universal Declaration of Human Rights” utterly denies individuals the right to self defense, the right to medical choice and the right to parental control over their own children.

The UN is planning nothing less than a global government tyranny that enslaves all of humanity while calling the scheme “sustainable development” and “equality.”

1984 has finally arrived. And of course it’s all being rolled out under the fraudulent label of “progress.”

By Mike Adams, Natural News

Is there a difference between Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030?

“The 2030 Agenda is nothing more than a reboot of Agenda 21. The UN uses such updates of plans to keep their people excited and involved. The 2030 Agenda simply goes in to more detail as to how and what they intend to do. Remember, Agenda 21 was introduced as the “comprehensive blueprint for the reorganization of human society.” The 2030 Agenda gives more detail on how that is to be done, along with providing a more specific date for its full implementation. In reality there’s nothing new here. It’s still Agenda 21! 

The 2030 Agenda to “Transform the World” is to be built on the ruins and desolation of a thousand such schemes for control over human life. Each time they have failed to achieve their lofty goals but have brought about a slow decline in liberty and self sufficiency.  And each time they have come back with a new “plan.” The 2030 Agenda is Agenda 21 re-booted.  But this time you and I don’t have an excuse to ignore it. We know what it is from the start. Now we have a new opportunity and the obligation to stop it dead in its tracks.   We’ve been given a second chance.  Let’s not waste it.”

Tom DeWeese is one of the nation’s leading advocates of individual liberty, free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence.

Anyone in Canada who is in a position of leadership or influence that is aggressively promoting the Covid -19 vaccine, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030 or climate panic is an enemy of the Charter, the sovereignty of our nation and the life of every Canadian.

Ariel, a very talented singer/songwriter reminds us that the war is for our minds and souls.


How Can We Win This War Against the Cabal?

A question that has been on my mind for over a year now is “How is it possible that the Cabal will ever fall when they have members in positions of leadership in the government, the judicial system, finance, the church, the police, the army, the CIA, NSA, FBI, RCMP, CSIS, MI 5, Mossad, Big Tech, the medical system, the media and the largest social media platforms?

Do you think I have gone to far when I suggest that the loyal patriots that work for the NSA, FBI, CIA etc. who have been thoroughly vetted before they were hired are not trustworthy? Perhaps you even think that they are going to arrest all the enemies of the people any day now. Most of the employees in these agencies are good people but Corser who worked for three of them tells he has observed a very different reality inside these organizations.


Powerful corporations can get criminal investigations quashed when their highest leaders request help from the highest levels of our government, as happened when NSA dropped the ground imaging radar investigation.

Our intelligence agencies operate outside statutory laws and oversight when sharing our most sensitive secrets and information, as happened with the crypto-mathematical technique at NSA that found its way into the marketplace.

High ranking officials are above criminal prosecution, as happened in the FBI when my Agent friend had investigated and proved “high crimes and misdemeanors” to successively higher levels of government investigators.

People inside the intelligence agencies operate under a different structure from what is reported in official documents, as I observed in the FBI when Agents were disciplined or answered to people not officially in their chain of command.

Important investigations, which involved multiple agencies and extremely serious national security concerns, have been dismantled and its investigators silenced as I witnessed at the FBI.

There exists a class of fabulously wealthy people in the United States whose entire lives, attitudes and mentality are focused almost exclusively on the acquisition of money and how to use it’s raw power in the world. The foregoing list of serious problems was not deduced by me, or the result of study. I observed them first hand. I did not have to rely on the conclusions or testimonies of others to know of their veracity. I observed them. I lived them!

Corser, Bernard. CONFESSIONS of a US Intelligence Officer: One Mormon’s Witness Against the New World Order, Volume I . Amazon Publishing.

You would think that any Act of Parliament that allowed a communist country to station soldiers in Canada would be strongly opposed by David Vigneault the head of CSIS, Brenda Lucki, Commissioner of the RCMP and General Wayne Eyre. But it was not opposed by any of these people before it was enacted or now which clearly reveals that they are enemies of the section of the Charter that states, “Everybody has the Right to Life, Liberty and Security of the Person.”

Tag: Foreign Investment Protection Act (Excerpt)

China Amassing “Tens-of-Thousands” of Troops in Canada

Article by Hal Turner                                     October 9, 2020 

What are Chinese troops doing on the US border in British Columbia, Canada? According to a January 15, 2020 Canadian Independent Press Review report: “Under the terms of the Foreign Investment Protection Act (FIPA), a bi-lateral treaty ratified with China by the Trudeau government in 2019, Chinese security forces can be stationed on Canadian soil to protect vital Chinese investments, without the knowledge or consent of local authorities.”

This Rise to Positions of Power was the Cabal’s Plan Since 1489.

On May 1st, 1776  Adam Weishaupt founded the order of the perfectionist, later to be called the order of the Illuminati. It was the fusion of the financial empire of the Rothschilds, and the wealth and power of the Military Order of the Jesuits to achieve the creation of a world government, and world dominance. Not many people are aware of the fact that he based his order of the Illuminati on ancient documents, one of which was a letter that was given to him by Rothschild. This letter, referred to as the Constantinople letter was old and of extreme value to the Ashkenazi. It was 287 years old, written in 1489, by the Nasi, the chairman of the Jewish High Council in Constantinople, as a response to an outcry for help by the head of the Ashkenazi Jews in France. Remember the Aryans who had fled from the Russia army and who had changed the name to Ashkenazi Jews. They now felt threatened by the other ethnic groups in France, the king of even told them they had to convert to Christianity. The reply of the Nasi in the Constantinople letter was as follows. 

“As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians do it since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts. As for what is say about the demand to despoil you if your goods, make your sons merchants that little by little, they may despoil the Christians of theirs. As for what you say about them making attempts on your lives. Make your son’s doctors and apothecaries as they make take away Christian lives. As for what you say about them destroying your synagogue, make your son’s cannons and clerics, in order that they may destroy their churches. As for the many other vexations you complain of arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of state, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them. Do not swerve from this order we give you, for you will find by experience that as humiliated as you are now, you will reach the actuality of power.”

Excerpt from by Janet Ossebaard and Cyntha Koeter.

I have to admit they have succeeded in this goal of attaining immense power. Unfortunately they are hungry for more. Will we see the Great Reset or the Great Resist and The Great Awakening?

There are many people who have been fatalities of this war on the people who died because of the clot shot called the Covid-19 vaccine and never suspected that their death was scheduled even before the beginning of the plandemic. That’s because the enemy always hides his real intentions and constantly claims that he’s serving the best interests of the people. They would be easy to identify if they wore black hats or just once told the truth and said, “I’m a lying, satanic pedophile who is doing all I can to terminate 95% of the useless eaters on this planet.”

The Psychological Profile of the Enemy

To win this war we must understand the enemy’s personality, what motives them and how they think. This excerpt from Lisa Renne’s Time Shift Blog describes the three stages of insanity displayed by the enemy.

Egotism – The First Stages

Egotism is the drive to maintain and enhance favorable views of oneself and generally features an inflated opinion of one’s personal features and importance at many levels; intellectual, physical, social and other. The conceit of egotism describes a person who acts to gain values in an amount excessively greater than that which he or she gives to others. This profile fits the Service to Self identity. Egotism may be fulfilled by exploiting the sympathy, irrationality or ignorance of others, as well as utilizing coercive force and fraud. The egotist has an overwhelming sense of the importance and centrality of the ‘Me’ and of their personal qualities and desires. Egotism means placing oneself at the core of one’s world with no real concern for others, including those loved or considered as close, in any other terms except those that are set by the egotist. 

Narcissism – The Secondary Stages

Narcissism is used to describe the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism: 

  • Shamelessness: Shame is the feeling that lurks beneath all unhealthy narcissism and the inability to process shame in healthy ways.
  • Magical thinking: Narcissists see themselves as self-justified or perfect, using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. They also use projection to dump their unwanted negative emotions, such as shame onto others.
  • Arrogance: A narcissist who is feeling deflated may reinflate by diminishing, debasing, or degrading somebody else.
  • Envy: A narcissist may secure a sense of superiority in the face of another person’s ability by using contempt to minimize the other person.
  • Entitlement: Narcissists hold unreasonable expectations of particularly favorable treatment and automatic compliance because they consider themselves special or more important. Failure to comply is considered an attack on their superiority, and the perpetrator is considered an awkward or difficult person. Defiance of their will is a narcissistic injury that can trigger narcissistic rage.
  • Exploitation: Can take many forms but always involves the exploitation of others without regard for their feelings or interests. Often the other is in a subservient position where resistance would be difficult or even impossible. Sometimes the subservience is not so much real as assumed.
  • Bad boundaries: Narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate individuals and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist are treated as if they are part of the narcissist and are expected to live up to those same expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.

Psychopathy – The Third and Final Stages of Insanity 

Sociopathy and Psychopathy are often used interchangeably, but in some cases the term sociopathy is preferred because it is less likely than is psychopathy to be confused with psychosis, whereas in other cases the two terms may be used with different meanings that reflect the user’s views on the origins and determinants of the disorder. Sociopaths are masters at influence, Emotional Manipulation and deception. Very little of what they say actually checks out in terms of facts or reality, but they’re extremely skillful at making the things they say sound believable, even if they’re just making them up out of thin air.

Psychopathy as a personality disorder is characterized by enduring antisocial behavior, diminished empathy and remorse, and disinhibited or bold behavior. Behaviorialists suggest that different conceptions of psychopathy emphasize three main observable characteristics to varying degrees:

1. Boldness. Low fear including stress-tolerance, toleration of unfamiliarity and danger, and high self-confidence and social (alpha) assertiveness. Fearless dominance. May correspond to differences in the amygdala and other neurological systems associated with fear responses.

2. Disinhibition: Poor impulse control including problems with planning and foresight, lacking affect and urge control, demand for immediate gratification, and poor behavioral restraints. Impulsive antisociality. May correspond to impairments in frontal lobe systems that are involved in such control. Higher level satanics are highly organized and have been trained to project a socially acceptable personality out to the public, while redirecting addictive or deviant impulses to be dealt with and released in privacy. 

3. Meanness: Lacking empathy and close attachments with others, disdain of close attachments, use of cruelty to gain empowerment, exploitative tendencies, defiance of authority, and destructive excitement seeking. Coldheartedness, black hearted and meanness may possibly be caused by either high boldness or high disinhibition combined with constant exposure to traumatizing conditions and an adverse environment…

It is very common for people that base their leadership or authority on controlling behaviors and tyrannical principles, to aggressively manipulate others by creating a façade of charisma from mimicking what they have found people want to hear from their wounded ego parts. Many people do not want to hear or know the truth; they want to be lulled to sleep by fantasy delusions. Megalomaniacs that thrive on taking power and having control over others, are master manipulators of telling people lies based on what they want to hear or believe.

This is the tough part. We have to ask if we are able to seek the honest factual truth of behavioral interactions or have people feed us lies that are flattering or comfortable for our wounded ego parts.

Canadian Enemies The People of the Lie

Before I name some of our enemies here in Canada we should consider the different deception techniques that involve lying according to Lisa Renee. 

  • Misinformation: To invent or perpetrate a false story with the intent to deceive or mislead. This story may be pathologically believed or exaggerated in its importance from lack of clarity and discernment. Conversely the disinformation and discredit agenda is to make the information lack credibility, to ridicule or diminish its quality. This will be attempted publically, if the person feels threatened, or as such, the NAA seeks to damage the character credibility through humiliation and ridicule based on control and tyrannical principles. (i.e. bully, victim, etc.)
  • Confuse: to employ tactics to divert attention from the real issue, to argue and create dissent specifically with intent to confuse the issue, confuse the group, or deliberately use ambiguity or Doublespeak in order to deceive or mislead. This is many times shows up as, “do not look here, let me confuse you to stay focused on minutiae of unrelated details, or divert energy and attention to me and my agenda”.
  • Derail: To change the subject of discussion or inquiry in order to avoid the truth (for example, one might pretend to be offended in order to stop a conversation about one’s questionable actions). Also a egocentric personality may have a hard time not being the center of attention and will act in ways to derail focus of a person, or group, in order to gain attention, accolades or approval. Persons with Guru Complex may potentially use the derailing technique to divert attention to them. This is to gain followers, friends and feel influential through the use of false friend flattery and other types of seductive and charismatic communications. Guru types can act like a salesman that promotes themselves.
  • A Lie of Omission is the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie that is perpetuated on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie have tricked themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up, is not a lie at all. This is used as a tactic to generate false impressions, to promote something that appears to be something that it is really not. 

This human frailty of lies of omission is 100% responsible for the Negative Alien Agenda and its Archontic Deception promoting psychopaths as leaders which influence the population, and to note these are the public faces manipulated to enforce the controlled narrative of deceptions and lies of the shadow government on planet earth. The anti-dote to lies of omission, is to speak the honest truth to the people around you in the best way you are capable.

Gaslighting is a form of psychological-emotional abuse that Controlling types of personalities use to which a victim is manipulated into doubting and discrediting their own memories, perceptions, experiences and sanity. Sociopaths and Narcissists frequently use gaslighting tactics, on individuals or to control larger groups of people to their personal advantage. Gaslighting is also used commonly in the mass media, as a form of controlling the dissemination of information given to the public, such as intended for political control, or to control the perception of the public to be favorable in moving in the direction of supporting specific agendas. It is a mass psychological tool that spins half-truths and deceptions in order to manipulate information and factual data in ways that obfuscate the whole picture. Controllers and tyrants, whether they are personal family members or active in public affairs, want to remain in control and their agenda is more important to them than anyone else’s.

Thus, they seek to suppress or remove any information they feel is threatening to their agenda, and stop it from being made public knowledge. These people are duplicitous, and they show different faces to different people, in order to get whatever they want, and usually they could care less about the cost that will have to other people. When people do not have the whole picture of events, and they are being deceived and manipulated with only limited access to the truth contained in circumstances, it obfuscates their ability to make informed, clear and well thought out decisions. No person can be truly self-determining and make positive choices in their life direction, if they are reliant on people that are lying and deceiving them with false information. This is a critical reason to discern liars and manipulators, and get them out from influencing our life decisions, stop giving them access to our most intimate and vulnerable aspects. All people need to earn our trust by demonstrating trustworthiness.

Justin Trudeau the Crime Minister of Chinada.

Of course, Trudeau, WEF global leader, has to be at the top of the list of enemies of the people of Canada. Next would be Chrystia Freeland, Duputy PM, whose grandfather was a Nazi.

And let’s not forget Dr. Theresa Tam who may not even be a doctor. The evidence against these people is covered in my post,

The Canadian Cabal, Pedophilia, Murder and Treason

Also in this post is a list of Canadians who attended the World Ecomomic Forum in Davos, Switzerland in 2020. Davos Switzerland is where the Cabal elite meet every year. They plan the steps they will take to destroy the democracy and sovereignty of every nation and therefore are all guilty of treason. They should all be locked up.

Did you ever wonder how the WEF got started? With funding from the CIA, of course. Excerpts from Vedmore’s article.

Johnny Vedmore

Mar 10 This is it! Explosive!! 🤯👇👇

This is the true story of the men who recruited Schwab via a CIA funded course & who were the REAL driving force behind the creation of the WEF.

Klaus Schwab: or How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John K. Galbraith a… 

Klaus Schwab’s father was a man named Eugen Schwab. He worked for a ‘Model Nazi Company’ called Escher Wyss and managed the companies Ravensberg factory. Schwab’s Nazi factory made large turbines for the secret Nazi heavy water-based atomic bomb project. 

Klaus wouldn’t take a specific course at Harvard, instead he was invited to be a participant in Henry A Kissinger’s “International Seminar” which had been set up by CFR grandee William Yandell Elliott & received $135,000 in funding from the CIA.…  

Schwab was soon noticed & recruited by Kissinger, who would introduce Schwab to two other very powerful US political advisors who’d help Schwab create the World Economic Forum. The first of these men was a CFR member named John Kenneth Galbraith… 

I consider every MP who voted in favor of the unnecessary Emergencies Act a traitor to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The webpage containing the names of the people who voted in favor of this power grab can found at,

Below is a summary of the vote on the Emergencies Act.


Motion for confirmation of the declaration of emergency

Motion Text

That, pursuant to section 58 of the Emergencies Act, this House confirm the declaration of a public order emergency proclaimed on February 14, 2022.

See the published vote in the Journals of February 21, 2022


Results: Agreed To

Yea: 185

Nay: 151

Paired: 0

Total: 336

If 18 people who voted “yay” voted “nay” the nays would have won. I guess we should be happy it was that close. I’m sure Trudeau dreams of the passing of the Emergency Act so that he can become the King of Canada, the undisputed dictator that can imprison and execute everyone who opposes his rule. His dream would be our most terrifying nightmare so we must make sure it doesn’t happen. What we can do is send emails to all of our MPs that voted for this power grab and tell them we didn’t like how they voted. If you live in Ottawa and see one othem on the street let him/her know that they should uphold the Charter. If you are in a position where you can deny them any service, large or small, deny it for any reason you can think of at the time. In other words stop being so damn nice to our enemies.

In the current Progressive Conservative leadership race there are two candidates that have ties to WEF

Get The Conservative Party Out Of WEF Hands 

Byadmin Apr 27, 2022 Excerpt

It should be no surprise that the two candidates whom the corrupt state propagandists tell us are in the lead (Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest) both have a WEF background.

NOTE: To check if someone is a WEF operative, simply enter their info into the “way back machine”  (–lastname

We applied this test to the list of PC leadership candidates from the official site and generated the table below:

It should be no surprise that the two candidates whom the corrupt state propagandists (lame-stream media) tell us are in the lead (Pierre Poilievre and Jean Charest) both have a WEF background. It’s also nice to see that there are some candidates who are not WEF.

Can you guess which candidates will get most of the media attention?

Where are These Psychopaths Taking Canada?

This article by Brad Salzberg succinctly sums it up.


Justin Trudeau Walking Canada Down A Path To Totalitarian Status

Definition, to·tal·i·tar·i·an·ism

“A system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state.”

Skill-testing question: Does Canada’s federal government in 2022 require complete public subservience to the state? Correct answer: Not yet. Such is the nature of systems of government based on the authoritarian. The history of totalitarianism reveals that incremental implementation is most effective. Beneath the surface of the Covid pandemic is a seldom-discussed social issue:

To what extent has the pandemic paved the way for an emulation of authoritarian governance in Canada? The school of political science speaks of core competencies required for conversion to a totalitarian state. Critical in the process is “mass communication to spread propaganda.”

A cornerstone of state authoritarianism is found in media censorship. At present, Canada is staring this in the face. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is hell-bent on limiting freedom of speech through internet censorship legislation. Wrapped in a cloak of corporate business concern, a hidden agenda has targeted the keyboards of Canadian citizens…

Authoritarianism, a derivation of the totalitarian ethos, is defined as:

“Favouring or enforcing strict obedience to authority, especially that of the government, at the expense of personal freedom.”

Erosion in the power of Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms is a by-product of Covid regulations. Other than during a time of war, never before in our nation’s history has the rights of individuals been suppressed as they are under the premise of the pandemic…

Moving to the topic of leadership, let us consider what defines a dictatorship:

“Form of government in which one person or a small group possesses absolute power without effective constitutional limitations.”

Does Canada have constitutional limitations at present? We certainly do. Yet, these limitations are today less potent than at any point in history other than during a time of war. Media neglect the reason: the coming of the Covid pandemic.

An article from The Spectator in the U.K. speaks to the situation: 

“Judging by his behaviour, [Justin] Trudeau has been hoping for some kind of violence ever since the truckers’ movement started. He needed something, anything that could serve as a Canadian 6 January moment so as to arrogate even more dictatorial powers than Canada’s existing state of emergency allowed.”

As a result of the pandemic, never before have non-elected, state-empowered figures held power like they have over the past two years. The finest example being Dr. Theresa Tam. Canadians did not elected this person, nor any provincial health minister. Non-elected is non-democratic— Trudeau government specialty.

As defined in Wikipedia, totalitarian regimes are characterized through “widespread personality cultism around the person or the group which is in power.”

Enter stage leftist, Justin Trudeau—the most unfathomable political figure in Canadian history. A three-term winner who has done more to benefit foreign nations than he has to improve the lives of Canadians. There is no question that the Liberal Party maintain cult-like characteristics. This we discover in a government which maintain control based not on policy– but rather through ideology. At the root of their success is an emotional charge– a phenomenon common to all dictatorships.

We unearth another commonality. Dictatorships of history accelerate their success through designation of a “villain” community. Step right up, unvaccinated Canadians. Don’t you know? You are responsible for all the troubles in society. Government and media have corralled you into an outsider community. Ostracized, the controlling institutions sneer and jeer in your direction.

Extend to which media reflect what is herein expressed? Zero is the word—government control of media being yet another hallmark of totalitarianism.

Obvious as the back of our hands? It should be– but darn well isn’t. To think that Trudeau accomplished all of this within a six-year time period should boggle the Canadian mind. Based on a consistent line of media propaganda, it doesn’t.

To accomplish these goals, Justin Trudeau has torn a page from the Marxist handbook. Position all decisions as assistance to society’s “suffering classes” and government can get away with anything.

There is another group of people who try very hard to appear to be good Canadian citizens who do charity work for their communities. But there’s a secret society within the secret society of Freemasonry in Canada. These people have taken the following oath.

Royal Arch degree is the 13th.

The Royal Arch Degrees is where the candidate suffers a severe shock for the candidate must swear to the following: The candidate must swear to keep the secrets of a fellow Mason murder and treason not exempted.“   With his hand on the Bible, the candidate for the Royal Arch Degrees must swear the following: “I will aid and assist a companion Royal Arch Mason when engaged in any difficulty, and espouse his cause so far as to extricate him from the same, if within my power, whether he be right or wrong.” He then goes on and swears: “To keep in my heart all the secrets that shall be revealed to me. And in my failure if this my oath, I consent to have my body opened perpendicularly, and to be exposed for eight hours in the open air that the venomous flies may eat out my intestines…and I will always be ready to inflict the same punishment on those who shall disclose this degree or break this oath. So may God help and maintain me. Amen.”

Beyond the Light by William Schnoebelen

Why would Freemasonry require its members to swear “to keep the secrets of a fellow Mason, murder and treason not exempted?”

Because the author of this vow knew damn well that Masons engaged in murder and treason on a regular basis. So why isn’t Freemasonry banned in every country to protect its sovereignty? That’s because the government of every county is made up of mostly Freemasons. There are 195 countries in the world today. This total comprises 194 countries that are member states of the United Nations and 2 countries that are non-member observer states: the Holy See and the State of Palestine. All members of the UN. Interesting but hardly surprising. So how many have banned Freemasonry? Only three, Italy, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. 

Some well know Freemasons in Canada are Glen Clark, Jim Pattison, Conrad Black, Maurice Strong, Alison Redford, John Deifenbaker, Brian Mulroney, Harold Ballard, Paul Bernado, Colin Thatcher, Tommy Douglas, Jack Layton, Jean Charest, Justin Trudeau, Preston Manning and Stephen Harper.

These people are obviously enemies of the Charter and the people of Canada. For more information go to

What Can We Do To Stop Our Enemies From Taking Complete Control of Canada?

We can bother people with the truth. We can be like a loud and persistant alarm clock that doesn’t have a snooze button that continues to ring until they wake up.

Every federal, provincial and civic employee should get a flyer or an email that states.

You Are Collaborating With The Enemy and Don’t Even Know It.

Why are we in this battle to restore the freedoms that we thought were guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms? The answer is here. (Example for government workers in Ontario)

Ontario Enemies and Allies

If you can get the address of anyone who attended the WEF in 2020 or any MP who voted in favor of the Emergencies Act you can put a flyer in the mail boxes of their neighbours that reads,

Did You Know Your Neighbour, (insert name and address) is an Enemy of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms?

Then you provide the URL of your Enemies and Allies Directory website so they can read what their neighbour has done.

Our enemies can’t win this war and create the New World Order (NWO)without a great number of loyal soldiers who just follow orders. What I would like to say to them is,”Your obedience is prolonging this nightmare.”

Did you know that police officers take an oath to uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? Canadian Girl give us all the details.

Every RCMP and police officer in Canada should get a copy this video.


First published at 11:45 UTC on February 22nd, 2022.

Ken Drysdale also thinks that the police are not doing their job properly and wrote a report which Odessa Orlewicz calls,

“An absolute bombshell report using the Canadian government’s OWN statistics and hospital facts researched and written by Ken Drysdale is currently being sent to RCMP and government officials regarding smoking gun evidence of fraud by the Canadian Government and The Hell(th)Authority. The statistical evidence of criminal activity is overwhelming. Ken provides every Canadian (YOU) the report to send in to the police, the senate, liberal government, conservative government,  judges, MP’s, MLA’s, university faculty, high schools, principals, parents etc…”   

This report is 89 pages long so I will not reproduce it here. Below is the table of contents and the link to the entire report.

Soon a one world government will be proposed as the answer to what appears to be national governments inability to manage the problems effecting the people in their countries. Only a few will be aware that the government has caused the problems. People who are weary of pandemics, inflation, food and fuel shortages will welcome a world run by non elected experts and scientists. This is part of the plan for the New World Order which is clearly laid out in the Protocols of Zion.

Janet Ossebaard who created the series of videos called the “Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal” prefaced her excerpts from the Protocols of Zion with this statement. 

They were published in Russia, in 1905. As a linguist, with a degree in palaeography, the study of ancient documents, I can assure you that most statements about the Protocols of Zion, are incorrect… (The alterations were the change of the words Khazars to Jew and Khazarian to Jewish.) This is the perfect text to use as a trigger for anti semitism in the Russian Revolution, and both World Wars, to turn the Jews into the ultimate scapegoats. The more we studied this subject, the more we came to realize how the Jews have been used by the Ashkenazi throughout the ages to receive the blame of everything that went wrong. Everything they did. 

The protocols are a description of all the possible ways the Cabal use to control, manipulate brainwash and dominate the goyim or ordinary people. There are not only 24 protocols but also 293 paragraphs, we filtered them all down to the most essential ones, and in some cases, slightly altered the syntax of the sentences so that the old use of words, became more understandable. First of all, their disdain, their contempt is shocking. 

The Protocols of Zion describe the transition period we are in now.

There will be a transition period. In order to put public opinion into our hands, we must bring it into a state of bewilderment, by giving so many contradictory opinions that the goyim will lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in political matters…

It will discourage any kind of personal initiative, which might hinder our affair in any degree. There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative, if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more harm to us than can be done by millions of people, among whom we have so discord.We must so direct the education of the goyim communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative, They may drop their hands in despairing impotence. We shall so wear down the goyim, that they will offer us international power that will enable us without any violence, gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world  to form a super government. In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a super government administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions, and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions, that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world. The moment of the recognition of our despot will come when the peoples, utterly weary by the incompetence of their rulers, matter which we shall arrange for, will cry out away with them, and give us one king over all the earth that will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders, who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives. Then will the mob exalt us, and bear is up in their hands in an unanimous triumph of hopes and expectations. Voting, the instrument we have made to set us on the throne of the world will then have served its purpose and will play its part for the last time…

The new kingdom will be blood curdling. We shall create an intensified centralization of government, in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all liberties of the goyim and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions that we can wipe out any goyim who oppose us by deed or word. The word freedom brings out the communities of men to fight against every kind of force, every kind of authority, even against God, and the laws of nature. For this reason, when we come into our kingdom, we shall have to erase this word freedom from the lexicon of life as implying a principle of brute force, which turns mobs into bloodthirsty beasts.

Our Allies The Brave Truth Tellers

These Canadian heros have risked their reputations and careers to speak the truth. They are either smeared or ignored by the MSM. Doctors face losing their licences or their positions. I consider them all to be respected members of the planetary liberation community.

Dr. Francis Christian, Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan was fired in September of 2021 for releasing a statement to over 200 doctors in which he expressed his concerns about injecting children with COVID shots and for the advocating for the informed consent of COVID vaccines for children.

Action4Canada is a grassroots movement reaching out to millions of Canadians and UNITING our voices in opposition to the destructive policies tearing at the fabric of this nation. Through Call To ACTION campaigns, we equip citizens to take action.
We are committed to protecting… FAITH, FAMILY and FREEDOM.

Who We Are and What We Do

The Canadian COVID Care Alliance is Defintely an Ally

Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows how Pfizer committed massive fraud during COVID-19 vaccine trials

Sunday, May 01, 2022 by: JD Heyes
Tags: adolescents, Animal testing, badhealth, badmedicine, badscience, Big Pharma, clinical trial, demographics, efficacy, emergency use, fake science, fraud, Pfizer, Phase I, Phase II, phase iii testing, Plandemic, protocols, science, vaccine injury, vaccine passports, vaccine wars, vaccines
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Image: Stunning video by Canadian doctors shows how Pfizer committed massive fraud during COVID-19 vaccine trials


(Natural News) A group of Canadian doctors has painstakingly demonstrated how Pfizer committed monumental fraud in conducting rapid clinical trials of its COVID-19 vaccine as they present evidence refuting nearly all claims that the jab is safer and that getting one reduces the incidence and seriousness of the coronavirus.

The organization called the Canadian COVID Care Alliance, representing more than 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists and health care practitioners, presented a 40-minute video and accompanying slide presentation explaining exactly how Pfizer fudged numbers and testing in order to get its shot approved quickly under a program launched by former President Donald Trump, who very likely had no idea what the big pharma giant had done when his administration green-lighted Pfizer’s mRNA vaccinefor emergency authorization.

In short, according to The COVID World, “The full 40-minute video presentation by the group includes PDF slides that show evidence that Pfizer misrepresented data to hide the fact that their COVID injections came with an increased risk of illness and death when compared to the placebo group in their trial…”

Here is the full video:

Dr. Charles Hoffe made this video in July of 2021 that describes how the vaccine created blood clots in 62% of his patients.

Published on 15 Jul 2021 / In Health

Dr Charles Hoffe, from Canada, explains that the majority of people tested after the “vaccine” show signs of new onset blood clotting. This is in no way a rare side effect.

LifeSite News is now reporting that Dr. Hoffe was relieved of his emergency room duties, which has resulted in him losing half of his income, because he dared to tell the truth.

Another truth warrior from BC. recently released this video.


Another unsung Canadian Hero is Jerry Flynn who wrote 5G Hidden Dangers.

He reveals that the US and Canada have standards for EMF emission that are 10,000 times higher that European countries and this has contributed to the increase of many diseases.

Sixty years ago: few people had heard of autism, ADHD, leukemia, brain tumors and many other cancers, Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, asthma, depression, suicides, miscarriages, sterility, memory problems, etc., but today these are common in most communities! the incidence of autism in children was said to be about 1 in 10,000, but the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s 2016 survey showed that it is was then a shockingly terrifying 1 in 36 – and 1 in 28 for boys! It was almost unheard of for a child to die from cancer, now cancer is the most common cause of death from disease in children! “Special needs” teachers in schools were unheard of; whereas today they are commonplace! The culprit? Scientists and health care experts say that the major contributor is the invisible, silent, odorless and tasteless ‘electrosmog’ comprised of man-made non-thermal EMFs produced by anything in which 50 / 60 Hz electricity is flowing, and by all of today’s extremely profitable – but never independently tested for safety to human health – wireless radio products, devices and gadgets, all of which produce hazardous pulsed non-thermal RF EMF radiation (also called, simply, EMFs). Yet no government seems to be aware of or concerned about this?

He also provided us with this incredible information.

Flynn, Jerry. Hidden Dangers 5G: How governments, telecom and electric power utilities suppress the truth about the known hazards of electro-magnetic field (EMF) radiation . JGF Publishing.

Rebel News which has over 1 million subscribers often discloses the deception in stories that the MSM foist on us. Unfortunately in Canada journalists now require a licence and Rebel News was not granted one. This short article tells the tale.

Canada descends further into darkness: government licenses now required for “journalists”

Elections, Free speech under siege, Government licensing

by Lysander

Every government in history has sought to control news reporting about itself. Now Canada is requiring journalists to obtain government licenses.

And only pro-government “journalists” are given such licenses.

Rebel News, Canada’s largest independent news agency, has been denied a license due to its occasional reporting criticizing government operations.

Rebel News is banned from attending government press conferences and many other public events.

The Canadian government is forcing Facebook and Google to downrank Rebel News.

Canadians will now be able to deduct their subscriptions to government-supporting mainstream news outlets.

1,500 Canadian “news” organizations received payments from the government prior to the last election to reward them for reporting on government themes such as the COVID-19 PANIC. None of these media organizations reported on these payments at the time.

The 151 MPs that voted “Nay” for the Emergencies Act are our allies.

To learn who voted “Nay” go to,

Two of them are true freedom fighters, Derek Sloan and Randy Hillier.


HealthImpactNews Published June 18, 2021 27,649 Views

Canadian Politician Derek Sloan uses Parliament Hill to give voices to censored doctors and scientists blowing the whistle on COVID-19 genocide and Crimes Against Humanity.

These men are true heroes! They have put their careers and lives on the line to speak the truth about the genocide currently being carried out and the crimes against humanity over the COVID-19 response and bioweapon shots.

MPP Randy Hillier calls out ‘the enemies that seek to destroy our freedom’

Rebel News  Published January 26, 2022 2,272 Views | Help us fight vaccine passports across Canada.

On January 22, 2022 thousands of protesters gathered in Toronto’s Queens Park as part of the World Wide Rally for Freedom. Independent MPP Randy Hillier was among those in attendance and spoke to the crowd of those protesting COVID mandates.


MPP Randy Hillier released after arrest on ‘Freedom Convoy’ charges

Excerpt from the always biased CTV News

Hillier released on $35,000 bond

Hillier was released on a combined $35,000 bond between him and his surety. He will not be allowed to visit downtown Ottawa except to meet with his lawyer.

Hillier is also prohibited from posting on social media about the ‘Freedom Convoy’, COVID-19 mask and vaccine mandates. He is also forbidden from attending or providing any support to the ‘Freedom Convoy’ or any anti-mask or anti-vaccine organizations or causes.

Hillier’s lawyer argued those conditions were too restrictive, and Hillier should just be prohibited from posting about, attending or providing support for the ‘Freedom Convoy.’

But Justice of the Peace Christina Logue sided with the Crown, citing the “undeniable concerns with respect to the safety of the public in relation to these protests.”

In her ruling, she noted that the ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest against COVID-19 mandates “is not over,” referencing a convoy that passed through Ottawa on the weekend.

Hillier is also banned from communicating with a number of other people facing charges in relation to the protests.

Hillier is also facing previous charges stemming from protests he organized last year in relation to COVID-19 public health measures. He told reporters Monday that he is facing 25 charges in relation to those rallies, which could result in $2.5 million in fines and 25 years in jail if he’s found guilty.

“Differing and dissenting views are now apparently criminal,” Hillier said. “So that’s a disturbing trend.”

Hillier was first elected to the Ontario legislature in 2007. He was permanently kicked out of the Conservative caucus in 2019, and is not running for re-election this year.

Hillier is a great, fearless truth warrior. He has also spoken out against the Quarantine Dententions Centers that have been built across Canada. This article reveals another enemy of the Charter, Justice of the Peace, Christina Logue.

There were four Pasters in Canada who were arrested because they stood up for our right to assemble. They are Tobias Tisson, Artur Pawlowski, Tim Stephens and James Coates.

Allies with You TubeChannels

Jordan B Peterson has a YouTube channel with 546 videos and 4.96 subscribers

Jordan B. Peterson is a Canadian professor of psychology, clinical psychologist, YouTube personality, best-selling author and host of the #1 Education Podcast, “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast” He has spoken out many times against the Trudeau government so I consider him an ally and a rational voice in a world gone mad. However to stay on YouTube he must limit his comments to what YouTube accepts so he is not able to tell the whole truth. I can’t even mention the URL of my website in any YouTube comments section without having it deleted within an hour. In this video Peterson exposes Trudeau and the CBC as sources of disinformation.

“Justin Trudeau Is A Narcissist” Jordan Peterson Reacts To Justin Trudeau

May 13, 2022 Dr. Peterson reacts to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau’s remarks on swastikas and confederate flags during the trucker protests, dubbing him a narcissist better fit for Broadway than Parliament Hill.

Jasper Sunshine is a Canadian social media star who has gained popularity through the eponymous Instagram account. Jasper Sunshine is deemed as one of the popular influencers in Canada with 224K subscribers on YouTube. Jasper Sunshine has set the username as @mistersunshinebaby on Instagram. Jasper Sunshine hails from Canada. He also has an account on Here’s a recent video by him exposing yet another one of Trudeau’s lies.

PM Trudeau CAUGHT LYING about Emergency Act

23,949 views May 11, 2022

Candice Malcolm

Candice Malcolm is a notable Canadian author, and journalist. She has a column in the Toronto Star and has published three books, Generation Screwed, Losing True North, and No Border.

Candice Malcolm has more than 54k followers on her official twitter account @candicemalcolm and has 70.2 subscribers on YouTube. Here’s one of her excellent videos.


Life Site News is a non-profit Internet service dedicated to issues of culture, life, and family. It was launched in September 1997. LifeSiteNews Daily News reports and information pages are used by numerous organizations and publications, educators, professionals and political, religious and life and family organization leaders and grassroots people across North America and internationally. Daily News reports are widely circulated reports on important developments in the United States, Canada and around the world. Their purpose is to provide balance and more accurate coverage on culture, life and family matters than is usually given by other media.

LifeSite News has a US and a Canadian website and a YouTube channel with 95K subscribers.

Independent Vloggers

In Canada we are fortunate to have five professional, independent journalists who made many videos and have a substantial number of subscribers.

None of these brave, truth warriors would last a day if they opened a channel on Youtube which is a definite sign the power elite doesn’t like what they have to say.

This is Press for Truth which has 30,137 subscribers.


So the CTV told the truth when they said that 10,781 of the 10,947 total Covid deaths were in long term care homes. Then they realized that if someone did the math they would find that only 166 people in all of Canada that were not in long term care homes died of Covid-19, which is not scary at all. So they edited out that section of the newcast that displayed the numbers. This excellent piece of journalism reveals that the CTV News lied to increase the amount of fear of Covid-19 to herd people into the clinics to get the clot shot.

Wendy Freeman was vice president of CTV News at the time of this video editing fiasco she retired on Jan 4, 2022 and was replaced by Micheal Melling. Perhaps Freeman got tired of lying to the public? I’m sure Melling will keep up CTV’s tradition of misinformation. Let’s add both Freeman and Melling to the list of enemies.

CTV News is owned by Bell Media which owns 30 local TV stations in Canada. Wade Oosterman is the president of Bell Media.

Toronto Mayor Faith Goldy Reads Ad Banned By Bell Media – Vote Oct 22nd

This headline is misleading since Goldy was a candidate for mayor and unfortunately never became major of Toronto.

Bell Media’s refusal to run Goldy’s ad is enough evidence to get Wade Ooserman’s name on the list of enemies of the Charter.

In this video Amazing Polly who has 111,349 subscribers talks about the Global Shapers who are advancing the WEF agenda in 482 cities. The Global Shapers are enemies of the Charter. We need to know who they are and what they are doing.


The three other major channels are Wil Paranormal with 55,468 subscribers, Tim Truth 18K and Son of Enos with 16,167 . I’m mentioning the numbers of subscribers so you know that many Canadians are willing to turn off the MSM propaganda and turn on the truth. Other video bloggers are Classic Canadian, Truth Video 1984, God’s Grave and Bamba Ferko. All these heros were found on They may have channels and subscribers on other platforms like,, or UGE I have not watched all the videos from these people but what I have watched contain what David Icke calls “the truth vibration.”

The People’s Party of Canada ran candidates in 315 of the 338 ridings in Canada in the last election.

Here’s an excerpt from their website.

Our Party The People’s Party of Canada

The People’s Party of Canada brings together common sense, populism, classical conservatism, and libertarianism to create solutions adapted for the challenges of the 21st century. Our beliefs are succinctly summarized in our four founding principles: Freedom, Responsibility, Fairness and Respect. These principles guide and inform the policies of the People’s Party.

Maxime Bernier, a former Conservative MP and Cabinet Minister in Stephen Harper’s government, formed the PPC in 2018 after realizing that the Conservative Party of Canada was too intellectually and morally corrupt to reform, having abandoned conservative principles long ago.

Our mission is to offer Canadians a real principled alternative to the corrupt establishment parties, which rely on pandering and vote-buying schemes to further their interests and those of lobbyists, rather than those of the people.

We envision a bright future where the government puts Canadians first, instead of trying to please other countries and global organizations. Where politicians and bureaucrats get out of your way rather than trying to control the economy and every aspect of your life. Where our country is united in pursuit of common goals instead of being divided by identity politics.

These Canadian websites provide a ray of truth that pierces through the smog of propanganda created by the MSM.

The Voice of the Covid Counter Narrative |

The Voice of the Covid Counter Narrative Petition Against Mandatory Vaccines, Masks and Lockdowns.

The pandemic is to force you to get the vaccine. The vaccine is to force you to get the vaccine passport. The passport is to force you to get the social credit score. The social credit score is to force you to obey the government.

The government can now deny you food, medicine, housing and travel.

Excerpts from the “About Brian” page on right edition .com.

Brian Lovigs’ is the epicenter of Brian’s fight for the right. Capitalism, gun rights, to personal freedoms and rights.

Brian brings his no-holds barred right wing personal opinions and facts to people on the internet every day. His
comments and topics are mostly about Canadian and American issues and are enjoyed by people from all areas of the world every day.

Born in small town Alberta, Canada and raised by enterprising parents, Brian learned from a young age how to thrive as a right wing capitalist. He grew up buying and selling land, livestock and businesses…

Now with the Right Edition, he enjoys a powerful sounding board for preaching the strengths and virtues of capitalism while exploiting the nonsensical values of the left. Brian says that there is too much government, too many rules, too much red tape and basically that the left has complicated our lives while taking our freedoms. And he’s going to keep fighting the system.

Brian recently released this video slamming the Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) These great images were in the video. backs up what Brian says about the CBC with this article.

CBC admits that it spread disinformation on ‘Freedom Convoy,’ retracts false story

  by Mark Slapinski

March 24, 2022 MSM Fact Check, Trucker Convoy 

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), which relies on generous pay-outs from the taxpayer to function, has admitted to spreading disinformation on the Freedom Convoy. The network confessed in a statement that it shared incorrect information about the source of the donations to the protesters. This isn’t the first time CBC has been caught disseminating false information.

CBC is under fire on social media after it admitted to spreading false information on the Freedom Convoy. According to Blacklock’s reporter, “the CBC has retracted another false Freedom Convoy story that suggested foreigners played a large role in the protest. The claim was made on a radio broadcast of The World This Hour, self-described as ‘Canada’s most trusted audio newscast.’” In response, Rebel News founder Ezra Levant labelled CBC the “greatest source of fake news and disinformation” in Canada. Philanthropist and oil-and-gas advocate Brett Wilson chimed in, suggesting CBC do a story about eco-terrorism movements, add that they collaborate to “fuck Canada.”

Catherine Tait (born 1958) is a Canadian business executive who currently serves as the president and CEO of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. She succeeded Hubert Lacroix for the position in 2018. Considering the CBC’s biased news coverage and misinformation Catherine Tait and all the executives at CBC deserve to be on the list of enemies of Canadians.

Declaration of Canadian Physicians for Science and Truth

We are a broad and diverse group of Canadian physicians from across Canada who are sending out this urgent declaration to the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons of our various Provinces and Territories and to the Public at large, whom we serve.

Articles by Paul Kincaid dating back to 2010.

Paul Kincaid is a Corruption Investigative Journalist and Editor at PRESS Core based in Richibucto, New Brunswick.

I couldn’t find any information about the author of the history lessons deleted but he or she certainly does write good articles.

Henry Makow published in five languages, English, French, German, Polish and Spanish. 

Other Websites  Genre Women & Gender Studies 

Henry Makow (born November 12, 1949) is a Canadian author, columnist, and inventor of the boardgame Scruples.

Makow was born in Zürich, Switzerland. As an infant, he moved with his family to Canada, settling in Ottawa.

Makow postulates a hidden hand shaping modern history according to a long-term occult (Satanic) agenda. He argues that democracy today is a charade and serves as an instrument of social control; the mass media generally stifles information and channels thought; and popular entertainment degrades us and diverts the audience from what is really happening.

The occult force, which operates through Freemasonry, is empowered by the London-based central banking cartel which must bring about world tyranny to defend its monopoly on credit.[citation needed] His collection, Illuminati: The Cult that Hijacked the World (2009), documents this view of history. In 2010, he published “Illuminati 2 – Deceit & Seduction” which provides further evidence that mankind is being subverted and enslaved.

He believes the Protocols of the Elders of Zion are authentic and are the blueprint of the New World Order. However, he believes they represent a small cabal of Masonic Jews, central bankers who direct organized Jewry, but not Jews in general. He argues that programs espousing “tolerance,” “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are social engineering by this powerful cabal. Excerpts from Wikipedia   Excellent posts since 2008 written by Brad Salzberg   More posts by Brad Salzberg

Linkedin provided this information about Brad Salzberg.


Cultural Action Party Of Canada

Sep 2016 – Present 5 years 9 months

Vancouver, Canada Area

The Cultural Action Party (CAP) is a Canadian provincial political party. Founded by social conservative activist Brad Salzberg in October 2015, the populist party is registered in the provinces of British Columbia and Ontario. CAP ran three MP candidates for office during the 2018 Ontario provincial election.

B.C. Regional Director Putting Canada First

Feb 2013 – Apr 20141 year 3 months Vancouver, Canada Area

Putting Canada First is a registered not-for-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and advancement of Anglo-Canadian heritage within Canadian society.

Librti is Canada’s social media platform, where you can connect with people that value the free flow of information, critical thinking, and individual liberty. has many excellent articles disclosing the truth about the abuse of power, climate change, free speech, political correctness and technology.

Micheal Easton has two websites that have many articles that cover topics of interest to Canadians.

Bright Light News is a non-partisan, independent media organization shining a light on the science and data of COVID-19. We provide you with information to investigate and arrive at your own conclusions.

ABOUT CHRIS from his website.

Chris Sky is a motivational speaker and the world’s most prolific human rights advocate. His vast knowledge and articulate delivery are second to none when it comes to examining and presenting the facts to find the truth.  The truth that is intentionally kept hidden from you.  Chris Sky not only provides the knowledge to assert your rights and preserve your freedoms.  He leads by example and puts his very life on the line, everyday.  His mission to help and educate others has seen him targeted and persecuted by our own government in previously unspeakable ways, which are now becoming a common place as our country and much of the world slides steadily towards tyranny.  Chris has been the victim of personal and even physical attacks. His message of truth and advocating for basic human rights has made him a target of our government. Placed on the “no fly list” and having his verified instagram of almost 250,000 followers disabled. Even his personal website was removed the very first day it was published! All attempts to de-platform him and to stifle free speech were ultimately carried out to violate and suppress the rights of all of us. is here to provide you the knowledge and courage you need to preserve your future.

Another ally is


“We are focused on providing information and enabling Canadians to take action to take back their lives.”

Who are We?

Take Action Canada is comprised of a group of Canadians concerned with the legal, economic and bodily infringements that we have experienced since the beginning of March 2020.

Our two prong strategies are about Education and Action


We aspire to provide useful and accessible information about Covid19, from a variety of sources, in order to educate on issues relating to health, human rights and freedoms


We support the many activists working to end lockdowns, forced masking, censorship, health intimidation, and political cancelling (amongst many other issues of this time) by aggregating all petitions, notices fundraising activities and events.

It’s time to let your voice be heard. It’s Time to Take Action, Canada!

Of course, all the people who participated in the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy or Rolling Thunder are our allies.

Who Would Use the Enemies and Allies Directory

People who suspects someone is not who they appear to be can go to the Directory and see if that person is listed there. The directory will have their photo, home address and all the evidence against them. What value is their home address? On April 14th, 2022 Owen in “The War Room” interviewed Diego Rodriguez who told the horrible story of the kidnapping of baby Cyrus by Child Protective Services (CPS) who claimed that he was in imminent danger which was totally false. During the kidnapping Cryus’ mother, Melissa live streamed the event on Facebook. Cyrus’ grandfather contacted People’s which alerted its membership in the area. Over four hundred people showed up for a protest in front of the hospital that night. When baby Cyrus was moved to the CPS building the protests moved over there. The CPS was bombarded with thousands of phone calls and emails. But the patriots didn’t stop there. They protested in front of the homes of the doctor, the social worker and all the police who were involved in the kidnapping. They also handed out flyers to the neighbours with the link to Melissa’s video. After about a week baby Cyrus was returned to his family. Here’s the link to the War Room video.

This story demonstrates that if the people unite and stand up for their rights they can beat the system. Rather than going to court and paying thousands in legal fees only to have the case dismissed by a judge who is a member of the Cabal the family of baby Cyrus with help from People’s Rights were able shut down the CPS office by their barrage of emails and phone calls so they had to return baby Cyrus. They also shamed the perpetrators by protesting in front of their homes.

If someone needs to find a person in their province they can trust for any type of advice or facts on a given subject or a group that will help them fight an injustice like the people rights group they can consult the allies section of the directory.


We can’t rely on the White Hats the Galactic Federation or anyone else to rescue Canada from its accerated slide into a totalitarian prison. The Canadian Enemies and Allies Directory is way to alert people of this on going war and exactly who our enemies and allies are. This is a war we didn’t start but have to finish.

There are ten provinces and three territories in Canada. What I need is at least thirteen patriots to create websites that provides the names, photos, addresses and evidence against our enemies that live in their province or territory. No one is exempt from consideration because they have a veneer of respectablity, multiple degrees or immense wealth. All professors, priests, clergymen, businessmen, lawyers, doctors, judges, politicians at any level of government, police chiefs, police officers, RCMP officers, army officers, or employes of CSIS or CSEC who are acting in a way that harms Canadians or decreases our freedom should be in the directory. If we can reach the people who provide any service for the enemies of Canadians such as secretarial or administrative tasks or even repairing their cars, chauffeuring their limos, cooking, cleaning and even cutting their hair or mowing their lawns maybe some of these people will just stop collaborating with the enemy.

If you want to help to expose our enemies and honor our allies by starting a Enemies and Allies website for your province leave a comment below. I have the option to make a comment public or not so if you want to keep your comment confidential just let me know.

Update May16th, 2022.

This is the best news since the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy.


First published at 23:48 UTC on May 8th, 2022

The Missing Link(Love Inspiring New Knowledge)


Marcus Anthony Ray
International Award winning Speaker
International Best Selling Author
Founder of the Constitutional Sheriff’s Association of Canada.
I am sure by now you have noticed it seems that the freedom movement is quieting down, that the attendance at rallies is shrinking, that the convoys going through cities are disappearing, this is the sign of Canadians that are giving up. It is a warning to all who stand for freedom that the time for action is now. If we lose faith, our children lose their futures.
What we have chosen to do, is to form the Constitutional Sheriffs Association, we are now waiting to be sanctioned so the event that we have planned can move forward. It is our intention to have International law on our side. All our Constitutional Sheriffs were former Peace Officers or Military. It is our intention to move forward and hold accountable all individuals responsible for the assault on Canadian men, women, and children. We will be forming an International Court and are moving forward with an International Advocate, the entire event will be executed under the white flag, this stands for parle.
It is our intention to motivate international media to be on our side. At this time they are intrigued by the strength and commitment of the Canadian people.
Thanks to the truckers convoy, the world is looking to Canada in hopes that we can set the example on how to end government tyranny.
Finally, those of you who have remained here with us are the Canadians that will make the difference, we can watch our country be twisted into a home that we do not recognize or we can stand and restore this land back to its original glory. As you have already witnessed, the government only has fear as its weapon, from personal experience I believe love can conquer fear every time. If we love our country as much as we love our children, our victory is inevitable.

The Freedom Convoy served to ignite the flame of freedom in the hearts of millons of Canadians. That protest is over but our fight for freedom which is sustained by our love for Canada is far from over.

Freedom Convoy Tribute – Stand On Guard/Oh Canada by Summit Sounds

Update August 21, 2022

In this video Sears talks about the need to recognize evil when it is staring you in face.

Why I Changed My Mind About Evil! (I Was WRONG)

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear from you marvelous, independent thinkers who are lovers of truth and freedom. I consider all of you to be members of the planetary liberation community. If you scroll way down past the donation block and the tags you will find an opportunity to leave a comment. I’m very interested in your opinion. 


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2020 Post Disclosure

Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Insanity?

(17,408 w0rds)

On January 1, 2022 Pamela made the following comment on my post, “The Canadian Cabal, Pedophila, Murder and Treason”

Pamela says: 

dr kola kolawole, male psychiatrist from Hamilton Ontario had been convicted of second degree felony, forcible sexual abuse, and third degree felony forcible sodomy molestation of three juvenile patients at the ontario facility where he worked and sexual assault of a highschool girl in a park. He destroyed my daughters life, and my daughter constantly suffers and is haunted with mental health problems.

I’m dedicating this post to Pamela and her daughter.

Are you depressed?

Many people are. The lockdowns and fear mongering about Covid-19 caused a steep rise in the use of anti-depressants from 2019 to 2020. In fact in the USA 45,204,771 people took antidepressants in 2020.

It saddens me to see that the two groups under 26 years old both showed an increase of more that 40% in the use of antidepressants in 202o compared to 2019. These young people represent the future. They need to be emotionally strong and clear headed not addicted to a mind warping substance.

Some of these people may be Indigos who even before 2020 were having trouble coping. Excerpt from Awakening Child website.

Indigos are children that are born spiritually aware and are highly sensitive, empathic, and intuitive. Indigos are known to have highly developed senses such as acute hearing and eyesight, and sensitivities to smells. This can also develop into extreme sensitivities to foods, sounds, emotions, and chemicals which in turn can cause allergic responses. Anything that is inorganic is an insult to their nervous system.

Because Indigos are naturally intuitive they process information much differently than most humans. Instead of processing information linearly, they process information cyclically or multidimensionally. These beings will not read a book from beginning to end, instead they are able to scan large amounts of information and pick out what information is pertinent and discard the rest, often reading a page from the middle of a book, or even from the middle of a page.

Indigos are not concerned with anything that is not of interest to them, the minutia of conventional classroom learning is a nightmare for them. They think differently and have different neurology, therefore many are diagnosed as having disabilities such as ADD/ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, and Dyslexia. These children need to be supported and taught in ways that allow them to cultivate their creative abilities and immense potential.

Indigos are also highly telepathic, if they are exposed to energy fields that are not in alignment to their personal vibrations it can feel excruciating to them. Because they are so empathic, they may absorb the thoughts, feelings, and energies of the people around them which is severely painful and can make them physically ill. As adults, these sensitivities may lead to self-medicating with alcohol or drugs to cope with these intense energies.

And the market for antidepressants is expected to keep growing.

Global Antidepressants Market (2020 to 2030) – COVID-19 Implications and Growth

April 21, 2020 08:03 ET | Source: Research and Markets

Dublin, April 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Antidepressants Global Market Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Implications and Growth” report has been added to’s offering.
The global antidepressants market is expected to grow from $14.3 billion in 2019 to about $28.6 billion in 2020 as mental health issues are expected to surge due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic making an impact on the global economy. The market is expected to stabilize and reach $19 billion at a CAGR of 7.4% through 2023.

The antidepressants market has also surged during the covid-19 outbreak. The increasing number of cases and fatalities is affecting the mental health by elevating anxiety worldwide. People who are already living with mental health problems are experiencing increased stress levels over the Covid-19 outbreak. This has triggered the demand for antidepressant drugs.

In 2012, Dr. James Davies who holds a PhD in medical and social anthropology from Oxford published the book, Cracked The Unhappy Truth About Psychiatry. This book is well written and well researched. Davies lists in the appendix the 219 studies that influenced his opinions. I discovered his book because of a video he released two years ago in which he quotes extensively from his book. The timing of the release of this video validates my theory that we are in a time of maximum disclosure when the truth can no longer be hidden, a time when the public is ready to hear the truth.

Dr. James Davies interviewed people who did research on the effectiveness of psychiatric drugs or participated in the writing of the DSM. What he found out is astonishing.

Are anti-depressants the best way to treat depression?

This chart represents the results of the Kirsch-Sapirstein second meta-analysis study done by Professor Irving Kirsch, who was an associate director at Harvard Medical School and Guy Sapirstein, a graduate student. This meta-analysis included all the published studies and the unpublished studies from pharmaceutical companies that were accessed through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Hamilton Scale was used in all the studies considered in the meta-analysis study.  This is a scale that runs from 0 to 51, and the task is to work out where you sit on this scale. Your doctor explains that all the trial researcher will do to work out where you sit is ask you a number of questions about yourself, such as whether you are sleeping well, whether you have an appetite, whether you are suffering from negative thoughts, and so on. You’ll then be given points for each of the answers you give. 

On a scale of 51 in improvement between placebo (sugar pill) and antidepressant groups is only about 0.4 points, which led Kirsch to state, “antidepressants did not work moderately better than placebos; they worked almost no better at all.”

Davies, James. Cracked (p. 65)

Kirsch, I “Challenging Received Wisdom: Anti depressants and the Placebo Effect” McGill Journal of Medicine, 11 (2) (2008) 219-222.

And then there is the all the negative side effects a person experiences on antidepressants.

A Psychiatrist Explores the Terrible Side Effects of Antidepressants — Stuart Shipko M.D.

35,652 views Premiered Dec 23, 2019

The DSM Medicalized Normal Behavior Which Caused the Over Prescribing of Psychiatric Drugs.

Medicalization is the process by which more and more of our human characteristics are seen as needing medical explanation and treatment. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the main cause of medicalization. This year is the 70th anniversary of the creation of the first DSM which is sometimes referred to as the psychiatrist’s bible. The first edition was published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1952 and contained 102 mental health disorders. The original DSM has been revised and expanded six times. The latest edition published in May of 2013 contains 157 disorders.

Renee Garfinkle, a psychologist who participated in two DSM advisory committees, also confirmed the unscientific processes by which key decisions were made. “You must understand,” Garfinkle bluntly said to me, “what I saw happening on those committees wasn’t scientific. It more resembled a group of friends trying to decide where they want to go for dinner. One person says ‘I feel like Chinese food,’ and another person says ‘no, no, I’m really more in the mood for Indian food,’ and finally, after some discussion and collaborative give and take, they all decide to go have Italian.”

 …Because the data and research were lacking to guide what disorders should be included and how they should be defined, all the task force could largely rely upon was professional agreement, consensus, and, in the event of continued disagreement, majority opinion attained by a vote. 

The problem here is obvious. When a group of scientists sit down to decide whether something is true, they consult the evidence. If the evidence points to a clear conclusion, then irrespective of whether an individual scientist likes it, the result has to be accepted. That is how science works. The evidence is king. But when you don’t have evidence to decide the issue for you, people’s opinions, beliefs, hopes, and prejudices begin to intrude. In this instance, the scientist who desires a particular conclusion suddenly speaks up, argues loudly, and may, through sheer force of character, have his preferences accepted.

Davies, James. Cracked (p. 36). Pegasus Books

Viewed from this standpoint, the DSM committee did not actually discover mental disorders, at least not in any traditional scientific sense. Rather, they literally contrived them, by drawing lines between painful, emotional experiences. One disorder linked up fear, panic, and uncontrolled bouts of anxiety (this would be called Specific Phobia); another disorder linked up low self-esteem, lethargy, and a low capacity for pleasure (and this would be called Dysthymia).

This is a good example of the medicalization of normal human behavior.

Due to the widespread influence of the DSM disorders like Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Major Depression, Social Phobia, Borderline Personality Disorder, and so on, gradually became as real and solid in the popular imagination as tonsillitis, shingles, or the common cold yet none of these disorders have a biological basis.

 The National Institute for Mental Health in the United States in 2012 claimed that about 26.2 percent of all American adults suffered from at least one of the DSM disorders, a figure made more startling when in the 1950s it was more like one in a hundred, and at the beginning of the twentieth century a meager one in a thousand.

Davies, James. Cracked (p. 189). Pegasus Books

As soon as you are assigned a diagnosis of “depression” or “anxiety disorder” or “attention deficit disorder”… From then on it is harder to think of yourself as a healthy participant in normal life, or as a person in control of your own fate. You have a psychiatric condition that has seized control, that has set you apart, and that has made you dependent upon psychiatric authority.

Davies, James. Cracked (p. 189).

One in five Americans is taking a psychiatric drug, including millions of children. Pharmaceutical companies have over-hyped the benefits of these drugs while hiding the risks and severe side effects including physiological dependence. The movie, Medicating Normal explores what happens when for profit medicine intersects with human beings in distress.

The DSM has caused Three False Epidemics in Psychiatry

“We added a Bipolar II [this is for individuals who have manic episodes, who also might have a bipolar tendency]. We also added Asperger’s disorder [this was to cover people who didn’t have full-blown autism but who had considerable problems with autistic-like symptoms] and finally we added ADHD [for people who had attention issues coupled with hyperactivity]. And, well, these decisions helped promote three false epidemics in psychiatry.”

“We now have a rate of autism that is twenty times what it was fifteen years ago. By adding Bipolar II, we also doubled the ratio of bipolar verses unipolar depression, and that’s resulted in lots more use of antipsychotic and mood-stabilizer drugs. We also have rates of ADHD that have tripled, partly because new drug treatments were released that were aggressively marketed. So every decision you make has a tradeoff, and you can’t assume the way you write the DSM will be the way it’ll be used. There will be so many pressures to use it in ways that will increase drug sales, increase school services, increase disability services, and so forth.”

Dr. Allen France, head of the task force for DSM 4 quoted in Cracked by James Davies.

Considering how mental disorders are made up for the DSM and the damaging effect of being diagnosed with a disorder I agree totally with the following song.

 Don’t Want Your Diagnosis (Song to a Therapist/Psychiatrist) Rebecca Stabile/Daniel Mackler

7,331 views Jun 13, 2017

So a sugar pill will help you as much as an antidepressant if you think it’s a drug. But what do the millions of people who take antidepressants experience? Does their personality change?

A recent study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry by a team of researchers from Oxford University strongly confirms the view that most psychoactive effects are neither useful nor beneficial. To reach this conclusion, the researchers assessed thirty-eight patients who had taken SSRI antidepressants for periods between three and forty-eight months (the median length being twenty-three months). The researchers then undertook in-depth interviews with all of the patients to find out how the pills affected them. The results they uncovered are so at odds with the modern myth of the “happy pill” that it is worth paraphrasing them almost in full:

• Most participants described a general reduction in the intensity of all the emotions that they experienced, using words like “dulled,” “numbed,” “flattened,” or completely “blocked” to capture how they felt.

• A few participants described feeling no emotions at all, while others reported their emotional experience had become more “cognitive” or “intellectual.”

• A few participants described how the emotions that were at times present seemed “unreal,” “fake,” or “artificial.” And almost all participants, paradoxically, described a reduction in their positive emotions, including a reduction in emotions like happiness, enjoyment, excitement, anticipation, passion, love, affection, and enthusiasm.

• Most participants also described feeling emotionally detached or disconnected from their surroundings. Most also described this detachment as extending to a detachment from other people. Specifically, they felt reduced sympathy and empathy, and felt detached during social interactions. Many participants also described an emotional detachment from their friends and family, including their partners or children.

• Almost all participants described not caring about things that used to matter to them. They cared less about themselves, about other people, and about the consequences of their actions. Not caring could have both helpful and unhelpful consequences: it could reduce the sense of pressure and stress, but it could also increase the likelihood that important tasks were neglected.

• Many participants described a general feeling of indifference to things in life that used to matter to them. Some felt they just did not care as much about the consequences to themselves of their behavior. A few participants went further, mentioning thoughts of self-harm or suicide that they related to their emotional detachment and numbness. One participant had started to self-harm in an effort to feel emotion. Many participants reported not caring as much about others, being less sensitive or courteous toward other people, having reduced concern for others’ feelings, and reduced concern about other people’s opinions of them. Some participants described being less concerned or even unable to care about responsibilities in their everyday lives.

• All participants experienced a reduction of intensity or frequency of negative emotions. Most considered that at some stage the reduction in negative emotions was beneficial to them, bringing relief from distressing negative emotions like emotional distress, anger, irritability, aggression, anxiety, worry, or fear. Although this reduction was usually at some stage a relief, many participants also reported it impaired their quality of life. Participants described the need to be able to feel negative emotions when appropriate, such as grief or concern. Some were unable to respond with negative emotions, such as being unable to cry when this would have been appropriate or respond appropriately to bad news.

• Some participants felt their personality had changed in some way. They felt they were not the person that they used to be. Participants also reported that specific aspects of their personality and, in particular, emotional aspects had been changed or lost. Some participants believed that at times their antidepressant had made them behave out of character. One participant believed that the medication had changed their personality permanently, having a lasting effect beyond finishing their medication.

“The Psychoactive Effects of Antidepressants and their Association with Suicidality” Goldsmith, J. and Moncrieff, J. Current Drug Safety 6 (2) (2011) 155-21. And “Let Them Eat Prozac” Healy, D. New York, University Press, 2006, Chapter 7. Davies, James. Cracked

The inability to feel negative or positive emotions is a type of insanity. A disconnection with your soul which is often referred to as your inner child. What if your soul is telling you through the emotion of dislike or discontentment that it’s time to leave your job or your narcissistic partner and instead of paying attention to this message you sedate yourself? How can you hope to be happy?

There are two movies that show us what it would be like to live in a society where everyone is medicated to the max. Brave New World and Equilibrium. Brave New World based on the novel by Aldous Huxley depicts a society where everyone believes they are free and are conditioned to be perpetually “happy” with the use of a drug known as “soma.” All births are test-tube and “pre-conditioned” and “pre-ordained” to a specific class. Henry T. Ford is considered to be God in this new society. I highly recommend Equilibrium(2013) starring Christian Bale which has far out fight scenes as good as those on the Matrix movies. In an oppressive future where all forms of feeling are illegal, a man in charge of enforcing the law rises to overthrow the system and state.

The biggest trick Big Pharma has used is to perpetuate the myth that a mental illness is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain which only can be managed but never cured by a drug.

The Tricks Big Pharma Uses to Promote Their Products

The ‘Chemical Imbalance’ Myth

8,734 views Mar 15, 2018

Certainly the DSM has played a major role in the massive surge in mental disorders and the pharmaceutical companies have promoted the classification of normal behaviors as mental disorders in order to sell more drugs but they have a large bag of other tricks.

Big Pharma knows how to increase the expectation that a drug will have the effect they claim it will. They know that the color of the pill, if it has a brand name on it, if it has been advertised on TV and if it is prescribed a trusted physician all contribute to the placebo effect. Since it has been proven that an expensive drug is no better than a sugar pill Big Pharma relies on these tricks to make a person expect positive results from their drugs so that they will want to try them and to continue to take them.

Repackaging is a trick they use to sell an old product to a new market under a different name. In DSM 4 Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD) was first presented as if it were an exaggerated form of PMT—premenstrual tension. In the early 2000’s many women were diagnosed with PMDD. Eli Lilly came up with a chemical solution called Sarafem. Years later it was discovered that another Eli Lilly product, Prozac that they had sold before Sarafem had exactly the same chemicals as Sarafem. They just changed the color of the pills. Prozac is green and white, while Sarafem is pink and lavender.

Cherry Picking, Salomi Slicing and buying a good reputation

Cherry picking is the name given to the process that’s in common use by Big Pharma in which only some the the data from clinical trails are picked for publication and the rest ignored.

Salami slicing is where a company publishes the positive studies many times over in different forms and locations which gives the false impression that many studies have been conducted all showing positive results when all the positive studies stem from one data set. 

Drug companies buy advertising and reprints of articles from medical journals so none of them dare to question the validity of a study. Doctors are influenced by a reprint sent to them by a drug company because it was published in a so called “reputable” medical journal.

Big Parma donates millions to universities to do research that promotes their products.

Most of the people who were on the committee that made DSM 5 owned shares in a pharmaceutical company. Most of the people who work for the FDA either were formerly employed by or owned shares in a drug company.

Big Pharma frequently pays psychiatrists to give lectures or write articles to endorse their products. A study revealed that psychaitrists who received at least $4,500 in lecture fees from the makers of the new generation of antipsychotic drugs wrote three times as many prescriptions to children for the drugs than psychiatrists who received less money or no money.

Do you think that your doctor is on the take? You can find out for sure by going to this website that will tell you if your doctor is accepting bribes.

This tool will show you if your doctor is accepting Big Pharma bribes

by Caitlyn McClure 5 years ago

ProPublica, the excellent independent investigative journalism outlet, has been publishing data on pharma bribes and conflicts of interest in medicine since 2010. And they’ve turned up a lot of dirt. But this one is a doozy:

ProPublica analysis has shown that most U.S. doctors are taking payments from either drug corporations, medical device corporations, or both. More importantly, the data shows that doctors who receive payments are much more likely to prescribe a higher percentage of brand-name drugs than their colleagues who don’t take any money at all.

Now you can easily look up your doctor or hospital to find out if they’re part of this corrupt system. Just head over to the Dollars for Docs tool and get searching!

(And keep in mind that this is just the data that these corporations are forced to disclose under the Physician Payments Sunshine Act [another part of that pesky Obamacare that Republicans hate so much]. It doesn’t include research payments or physicians’ stocks in these corporations.)

Big Pharma Exploits the Highly Hierarchical Nature of the Medical Profession.

Junior doctors defer to registrars, who defer to consultants who bow to more senior consultants. So drug companies convert those at the top to spread the message down the chain to the medical students, primary care givers most importantly the GPs who are the ones who write the most prescriptions for antidepressants. 

As Kimberly Elliott, who handled Key Opinion Leaders for a number of pharmaceutical companies, put it: “Key opinion leaders were salespeople for us, and we would routinely measure the return on our investment by rating prescriptions before and after their presentations.” She continued, “If that speaker didn’t make the impact the company was looking for, then you wouldn’t invite them back.” 

Davies, James. Cracked (p. 213)

On this planet we find hierarchy everywhere. In finance, government, the judiciary, education, in large companies and even in religion. This is how the few rule the many.

Have these tricks worked? You bet they have! The global pharmaceutical market made $1.2 trillion in 2018. 

Pfizer sponsors programs on ABC, CNN and CBS so none of these networks are going to say a word against any of Pfizer’s products. The montage of the programs that Pfizer sponsors begins at 11:10.

The montage of the programs that Pfizer sponsors begins at 11:10.

Joe Rogan UNMASKS CNN’s True Agenda

3,996,648 views   Oct 28, 2021

Other videos by Russel Brand on this topic are “Thought Big Pharma Couldn’t Sink Any Lower? THINK AGAIN!!! ” “Are We Being Denied Good Health So Big Pharma Can Make Money?” and “THIS Is Why You Can’t Trust Big Pharma.”

Then there’s this gem that was released January 9th, 2021

Gravitas Plus: How Big Pharma pushes dangerous drugs and reaps profits

1,480,577 views Premiered Jan 9, 2022

Is it dangerous to see a Psychiatrist?

Psychiatric Drug Facts with Peter R. Breggin M.D.

The Most Dangerous Thing You Will Ever Do

By Peter Breggin MD

March 2, 2020

The most dangerous thing you will ever do is see a psychiatrist.

Why? Because there is a near certainty you will be given a neurotoxic psychiatric drug or even electroshock; and because the information given to you will totally mislead you about your real problems and how to overcome them. Without realizing what is happening, you will be seriously at risk of becoming a lifelong prisoner of psychiatric drugs and the demoralizing misinformation provided by your doctor.

I am a psychiatrist and I have been watching my profession deteriorate for many decades. This is my most direct written statement about the dangers of stepping inside a modern psychiatrist’s office. My conclusions are the culmination of mountains of research authored by me and by an increasing number of other psychiatrists, scientists and journalists.1

How Psychiatric Drugs Take Your Mind Prisoner

When the brain is harmed by almost any widespread intrusion—multiple concussions and traumatic brain injury (TBI), severe infections (encephalitis), lightning strikes or electroshock treatment, and psychiatric drugs—the ultimate result is generalized harm to mental functioning. These global injuries always include harm to the frontal lobes, the seat of consciousness, rationality, the ability to love and all our other highest human capacities.

Injury to the frontal lobes, whose functions also include self-insight or self-awareness, renders victims unable to personally assess the degree of harm being done to them. I have called this effect medication spellbinding—how psychiatric drugs render us unable to fully grasp the harm they are doing to us.2

All psychiatric drugs are potent neurotoxins that so disrupt higher mental functioning and emotional regulation that people taking them almost never have adequate awareness of how much harm the drugs are doing to their body, brain and mind, their energy and will power, and their overall quality of life.

Practicing psychiatry and psychotherapy in a university town, I have frequently found these impairments in otherwise very high functioning people. College and graduate students with high academic achievements, university professors, mathematicians, and scientists often barely suspect, or do not suspect at all, that they are not nearly functioning at their best. Their neurotoxins (erroneously called antidepressants, stimulants, antianxiety drugs, mood stabilizers or antipsychotic drugs) are wearing down their cognitive abilities, motivation, and emotional sensitivity.

With help they can identify the decline in their overall performance and quality of life; and if they have not been bombarded with multiple drugs for years at a time, they typically achieve complete recovery after withdrawing from the drugs. When drug-free, they can see the improvement in their mental functioning and quality of life. Tragically, this is not so for tens of millions of people who never realize how they are being harmed by their psychiatric drugs.

Withdrawal Symptoms Make Escape from the Drugs Extremely Difficult

When stopping psychiatric drugs on their own, people can experience dangerous, frightening withdrawal symptoms, such as anxiety, agitation, depression and suicidal feelings, mistakenly leading them to believe that they need the drugs to stay sane.3

Misled by their doctors in countless ways, believing they need medical help, unaware of the dangers in abruptly stopping the drugs, convinced they are “mentally ill” when they are mentally impaired by neurotoxins—these unfortunate people understandably cannot break free of the psychiatric prison system in which they are unwittingly trapped.

The more drugs these victims are prescribed, the more difficult it becomes for them to appreciate what is happening to them or to muster the will power to protest. Even though they are slurring their words and walking like zombies, some will cling to their medication. Their brains are too impaired by neurotoxins for them to know what it is happening to them and they feel too intimidated to try living without the very chemicals that are destroying them.

Meanwhile, psychiatrists will frequently cover up what is happening by telling their patients and their families that the drugs are needed and that the obvious symptoms of brain injury are instead products of the patient’s supposed mental illness. In my experience, the worst psychiatrists are often the most prestigious with positions at places like the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) and at university medical schools. Why? Because they are among the most on the take from the drug companies.

Psychiatry Itself Is a Prisoner of Sorts

Psychiatry itself has become a willing, thriving prisoner of the pharmaceutical empire. Along with the fallacies of its medical orientation and medical treatments, being indentured to the drug companies has caused much of psychiatry’s drastic decline in recent decades.4

To begin remedying the prevalent drug-company driven psychopharmacology, I have offered what I call “principles of rational psychopharmacology.”5 It is based on the brain-disabling principle,6 that all psychoactive substances, including psychiatric drugs, can only produce their sought-after effects by harming the function of the brain and mind, usually by blunting emotional responsiveness and engagement with life. The same, of course, is true of shock treatment.

Are Psychiatrists More Informed than Primary Care Physicians?

Since most psychiatric drugs are prescribed by primary care doctors and other non-psychiatrists—including family docs, internists, Ob-Gyns, pediatricians and nurse practitioners—some people are more wary of them than they are of psychiatrists. They think the psychiatrists know more about the drugs and will prescribe them more safely. This commonly held belief is dangerously false.

As a group, psychiatrists are by far the most arrogant and cavalier prescribers in the field of medicine. They commonly do things that your family doctor would feel is beyond his or her skill level and even unwise, such as starting patients on several drugs at once, giving multiple drugs at maximum doses or higher, changing and stopping drugs without a taper, and getting very angry when their patients complain or want help in lowering doses or getting off the drugs.

Less commonly, but at least as harrowing, many psychiatrists still refer people for electroshock or administer it themselves at the local psychiatric unit, where shock treatment makes tons of easy money for the shock doc, the anesthesiologist, and the hospital.

This is no exaggeration. Going to a psychiatrist is the most dangerous thing most people will ever routinely do. And as a psychiatrist, I advise against it, unless you have proof positive that the psychiatrist will talk with you instead of drugging or shocking you—which is highly unlikely.

Most psychiatrists have not been adequately trained and have little interest in talking with people about their lives and how to live more effectively and happily. They do not know how to do psychotherapy and are constitutionally unsuited for it because of their authoritarianism and their lack of empathy. In addition, they have false beliefs about genetic and biological causes, and the usefulness of drugs, that trash their own brains and undermine their patient’s self-confidence, self-reliance and understanding of their problems.

Psychiatrists Are Extremely Ignorant About Life

Few psychiatrists have any awareness that a positive relationship is the safest and most effective way of helping someone who is suffering emotionally, regardless of the severity of their psychiatric diagnosis. For anyone to genuinely help another human being with emotional problems or “psychiatric disorders,” they must first understand the power of empathy and love. They must understand and address the trauma and neglect in childhood that underlies so much seemingly intractable adult suffering and incapacity. They must understand how social factors impact the experiences of children and adults, and how difficult it can then be to create egalitarian and loving relationships between men and women.

In other words, to know what they were doing, psychiatrists would need a broad education, an understanding of child development and attachment psychology, insights into family life and society, an understanding of abuse and trauma, and other knowledge of why and how people need help with their emotional and psychological life, sometimes falling into despair or psychosis. Almost none of this is taught in a college premedical curriculum, medical school, and psychiatric residency—making many psychiatrists less informed about life than most of their patients who have some curiosity about psychology and who have not been rigorously indoctrinated and inducted into the inner sanctum of biological psychiatry.

Because they know so little and have so little to offer, psychiatrists must dumb down and misguide both themselves and their patients about what really makes people suffer and what really helps them recover and lead good lives. Instead of wisdom and understanding they rely on cookie-cutter diagnoses and drugs. The great majority of psychiatrists know no other way to make a living than to act as medication dispensing machines, cramming multiple patients into an hour for “med checks,” and collecting a steady stream of reimbursements from the insurance companies and government programs.

In addition to their ignorance, there is another powerful reason why psychiatrists know so little about their patients and what they need. People who control and abuse other people are always unwilling to have understanding, empathy and concern for them. That was nowhere more grossly obvious than in psychiatry’s organized, systematic murder of tens of thousands of mental patients in Germany in what has been called “the entering wedge” or prototype for the Holocaust.7 Even if today’s psychiatrists were caring and empathic in their youth, their years of training and the abuse they have heaped on their patients has rendered them incapable of offering informed, empathic, caring and even loving human services.

How Shock Doctors Make Escape Totally Impossible

Even when the brains and minds of patients are being obliterated by continuous electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), usually along with multiple drugs, shock doctors regularly lie by saying that the massive memory loss and cognitive dysfunction is a result of their “mental illness.”8 The patients become so befuddled and helpless that it usually requires an outraged family member to intervene to stop the electroshock and the drugs.

As a medical expert against psychiatrists who perform ECT, I have seen this dismaying situation documented many times in medical records and in the depositions of the doctors. Fortunately, my scientific report in a 2018 case against a shock manufacturer recently contributed to forcing a settlement and an acknowledgment from the drug manufacturer that ECT can cause brain damage and widespread memory loss.9 But we have a long way to go before stopping this atrocity.

The Risk of Getting Physically Locked Up

Everywhere in America, and probably elsewhere in a world, any psychiatrist on an emergency basis can fill out a form that will require police authorities to lock you up.10 Sometimes it may require a second professional signature as well, but that is rarely hard to find.  The technical basis for this unconstitutional and inhumane process is usually that the psychiatrist guesses that you are a “danger to self or others,” although there is no evidence that psychiatrists are particularly good at making this guess.

Once you are locked up, you become fair game for being involuntary committed by a rubber-stamp judge for a much longer time. The patient/defendants are almost always too drugged and too distressed to defend themselves or to look normal when being evaluated in these hearings, which are probably the nearest thing to a genuine kangaroo court in the Western World.11

Psychiatry Is an Alternative Reality

Psychiatry has created an alternative reality or extreme state for itself,12 based on drug company marketing slogans, false science, fake medicine, and fabricated claims of superior knowledge. Psychiatry has created for itself an alternative reality or extreme state that is more bizarre and unreal than those of most of the patients they claim to help. In psychiatry’s worldview, people are nearly inanimate and devoid all higher human qualities—at least when in respect to why they are unhappy or suffering. Instead of being understood as struggling human beings, in essence no different than any other person trying to make their way through life, psychiatrists see their “patients” as afflicted by diseases comparable to malignancies of the brain that need to be wiped out or subdued.

Like cancer patients being given highly toxic drugs or radiation, the “collateral damage” is largely ignored or denied in the effort to wipe out the malignancy and to maintain the doctor’s status. Unlike cancer patients, the neurotoxins are aimed at and inflicted upon entirely normal brain tissue, making it even harder for people who are already having a difficult time struggling to manage their lives.

It is a profoundly tragic irony: The personal realities of most people who see psychiatrists are not nearly as alternative, extreme or dangerous to others as the alternative realities of the vast majority of psychiatrists who live within a web of self-deceptions to justify poisoning and shocking the brains of the people who come to them for help.

Comparing the Good and the Bad

On February 19, 2020 Mary Neal Vieten, PhD, retired Navy Commander and founder and director of Warfighter Advance, was my guest on my weekly radio/TV hour. Warfighter Advance is the best program I have found for helping returning soldiers who are suffering from the emotional scars of war, along with the neurotoxic effects of multiple psychiatric drugs.  Military doctors have given a dozen or more psychiatric drugs at a time to many of these soldiers and yet Warfighter Advance training and education helps almost every single one of them leave their drugs behind while building better lives for themselves.

With intensive seminars, including a primary role for one of my books,13 Commander Vieten educates her military colleagues about the dangers of psychiatric drugs and how to safely withdraw from them. Her Warfighter Advance program also teaches its clients how medical concepts like “mental illness” and biochemical imbalances are both false and demoralizing.

Her stunning work and her presentation on my radio/TV hour inspired me to say it outright on the air: As a group, psychiatrists are the most stupid people on Earth about human beings. They have to be stupid about people in order to go on harming them without experiencing guilt, shame and anxiety over what they do.

Where and How to Get Help

If you feel in need of help for a mental health or psychological problem, one of the most dangerous things you could ever do is to choose to see a psychiatrist. If you want professional help, look for non-medical professionals, such as clinical social workers, clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, or mental health counselors. Even a good coach without professional credentials is likely to be safer and more helpful than a psychiatrist.

Read what therapists say about themselves on their Internet websites or on platforms that advertise therapists. Ask yourself, “Does this person seem kind and thoughtful, someone who will be a caring and empathic listener and possess wisdom and experience to share?”

Vet your potential therapists before meeting them by asking questions on the phone before the first visit. Hearing their responses will be better than emailing or texting. Especially ask for a guarantee not to be pushed to take medications or to see a psychiatrist. That may weed out the first few professionals you call—and that’s the way it should be.

Finding a good therapist can be as difficult as finding a good friend, so do not be afraid to shop. Always reserve your right to reject someone who does not seem like a good fit for you or fails to be respectful, understanding and helpful on the first visit. Yes, cancel your second appointment if you have doubts.

I believe that a good therapist should be so helpful on the first visit that you feel eager to return for the next session and that you should be drug-free enough to enjoy and benefit from the help.

Here is a sample of the many professional and scientific books that are deeply critical of psychiatry:
Breggin, Peter. (2013). Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal: A Guide for Prescribers, Therapists, Patients and their Families. New York: Springer Publishing Company
Breggin, Peter. (2008a). Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Case of Violence, Suicide and Crime. New York: St. Martin’s Press.
Gøtzsche, Peter. (2013). Deadly Medicines and Organised Crime: How Big Pharma Has Corrupted Healthcare. London: Radcliffe.

Moncrieff, Joanna. (2013). The Bitterest Pills: The troubling story of antipsychotic drugs.Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK: Palgrave Macmillan.
Whitaker, Robert. (2010). Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America.
Whitaker, Robert. (2001). Mad in America: Bad Science, Bad Medicine, and The Enduring Mistreatment of the Mentally Ill. Boston: Perseus Publishing. 

Wow! If you go to see a psychiatrist you may be given a prescription for an addictive drug or a brain damaging ECT or even be ordered to be locked up by someone who is actually more insane than you are! Here’s a great example of someone being locked up against their will.

First published at 18:00 UTC on December 13th, 2021.

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A rally was held (Dec.12/21) for Dr. Mel Bruchet, who was wrongly imprisoned in the psyche ward at Lions Gate Hospital in North Vancouver on Wednesday, December 8, 2021. In this video, Svetlana of Ezra Wellness and Dr. Daniel Nagase begin the rally.

Breggin said “Even if today’s psychiatrists were caring and empathic in their youth, their years of training and the abuse they have heaped on their patients has rendered them incapable of offering informed, empathic, caring and even loving human services.”

I see a similarity between the steps of Freemasonry and the years of training that a psychiatrist goes through. In both cases the lure of a large income and better social status motivates a person to go through a process that gradually closes down their heart centre. They lose the ability to be empathic and this opens them up to demonic possession. 

Maybe you were thinking that the title of this post, “Do Psychiatric Drugs Cause Insanity?” was just click bait. Not so, my friend. Dr. Peter Breggin answers my outrageous question in this video.

Dr. Peter Breggin has been referred to as the “conscience of psychiatry” is a brave, truth teller who says that these drugs cause an imbalance of chemicals in the brain and what psychiatrists call the symptoms of the mental illness are actually caused by the medication. He slams most psychiatrists as nothing more that salespeople for Big Pharma and describes psychiatric drugs as neurotoxins. Breggin has fought against the use lobotamies and ECTs and advocades for therapies that focus more on care, love and empathy.  For those people who now want to get off their medication check out Breggin’s book, Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal The Guide for Therapists, Patients and their Families or his less expensive version called, Medication Madness.

Why Psychiatric Drugs Are Killing Your Brain And How To Get Out Of The Bind With Dr. Peter Breggin

8,099 viewsAug 18, 2020

As a final testimony to the fact that psychiatric drugs can cause insanity here’s an article that connects school violence with the use of psychiatric drugs. You may ask why the main stream media has not revealed this connection. Of course it’s because Big Pharma controls the media by providing millions of dollars of advertising.

Fact: At least 37 school shootings and/or school-related acts of violence have been committed by those taking or withdrawing from psychiatric drugs resulting in 175 wounded and 82 killed (in other school shootings, information about their drug use was never made public—neither confirming or refuting if they were under the influence of prescribed drugs).  The most important fact about this list, is that these are only cases where the information about their psychiatric drug use was made public. (See full list below)

The below list includes individuals documented to have been under the influence of psychiatric drugs and not only includes mass shootings, but the use of knives, swords and bombs.  27 international drug regulatory agency warnings cite side effects including mania, violence, psychosis and even homicidal ideation.

Note: Clicking on the reference number after the story will take you to the source of the story.

  1. May 1, 2017 – Austin, Texas: Kendrex J. White, 21, stabbed four people with a machete-like hunting knife at the University of Texas, killing one and wounding three. The stabbings occurred within a one-block area as the attacker “calmly walked around the plaza,” according to the chief of police.  After he was arrested, White told police he did not remember the attack.  The police department said that White had recently been involuntarily committed in another city, and county records showed that he had been arrested and charged with a DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) on April 4, 2017.  When an officer spoke to him, White said he had taken two “happy pills,” listed as the antidepressant Zoloft.[1]
  2. November 20, 2014 – Tallahassee, Florida: 31-year-old Myron May, a Florida State University alum, opened fire in the school’s library where hundreds of students were studying, wounding three before he ws shot and killed by police. According to May’s friends, after going to see a psychologist because of trouble concentrating, he had been prescribed the antidepressant Wellbutrin and the ADHD drug Vyvanse, a combination which can cause paranoia.  He started acting strangely and hearing voices, convinced that he was being spied on.  He then checked himself in to a mental health center called Mesilla Valley Hospital around September of 2014.  Shortly after this, his friends discoverred a new pill bottle among his prescriptions, the antipsychotic Seroquel. In addition, ABC Action News found a half-filled prescription for the antianxiety drug Hydroxyzine in his apartment after the shooting.[2]
  3. June 5, 2014 – Seattle, Washington: 26-year-old Aaron Ybarra opened fire with a shotgun at Seattle Pacific University, killing one student and wounding two others. Ybarra planned to kill as many people as possible and then kill himself.  In 2012, Ybarra reported that he had been prescribed the antidepressant Prozac and antipsychotic Risperdal.  A report from his counselor in December of 2013 said that he was taking Prozac at the time and planned to continue to meet with his psychiatrist and therapist as needed.  His lawyer said Ybarra had a long history of mental health issues for which he was taking Prozac at the time of the shooting.[3]
  4. April 25, 2014 – Milford, Connecticut: 16-year-old Chris Plaskon stabbed Maren Sanchez, also 16, to death in a stairwell at Jonathan Law High School after she turned down his prom invitation. According to classmates and a former close friend, Chris was taking drugs for ADHD.[4]
  5. October 21, 2013 – Starks, Nevada: 12-year-old Jose Reyes opened fire at Sparks Middle School, killing a teacher and wounding two classmates before committing suicide. The investigation revealed that he had been seeing a psychotherapist 3 days before the shooting and was prescribed an antidepressant.  He had a generic form of the antidepressant Prozac (fluoxetine) in his system at the time of death, police said.[5]
  6. January 15, 2013 – Louis, Missouri: 34-year-old Sean Johnson walked onto the Stevens Institute of Business & Arts campus and shot the school’s financial aid director once in the chest, then shot himself in the torso. Johnson had been taking prescribed drugs for an undisclosed mental illness.[6]
  7. October 24, 2011 – Snohomish County, Washington: A 15-year-old girl went to Snohomish High School where police alleged that she stabbed a girl as many as 25 times just before the start of school, and then stabbed another girl who tried to help her injured friend. Prior to the attack the girl had been taking “medication” and seeing a psychiatrist. Court documents said the girl was being treated for depression. [7]
  8. September 21, 2011 – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: 14-year-old Christian Helms had two pipe bombs in his backpack, when he shot and wounded Socastee High School’s “resource” (police) officer. However the officer was able to stop the student before he could do anything further. Evidence showed that he was planning an attack similar to the Columbine High School shooting and had even made a list of who he was going to kill.  Helms had been taking drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression.[8]
  9. December 13, 2010 – Planoise, France: A 17-year-old youth held twenty pre-school children and their teacher hostage with two swords for hours at Charles Fourier preschool. The teen was reported to be on “medication for depression.” Eventually, all the children and the teacher were released safely.[9]
  10. February 5, 2010 – Huntsville, Alabama: 15-year-old Hammad Memon shot and killed another Discover Middle School student Todd Brown. Memon had a history of being treated for ADHD and depression.  He was taking the antidepressant Zoloft and “other drugs for the conditions.” He had also been seeing a psychiatrist and psychologist.[10]
  11. September 23, 2008 – Kauhajoki, Finland: 22-year-old culinary student Matti Saari shot and killed 9 students and a teacher, and wounded another student, before killing himself. Saari was taking an SSRI and alprazolam (Xanax). He was also seeing a psychologist.[11]
  12. April 24, 2008 – Fresno, California: 17-year-old Jesus “Jesse” Carrizales attacked an officer at Fresno high school, hitting him in the head with a baseball bat. After knocking the officer down, the officer shot Carrizales in self-defense, killing him. Carrizales had been prescribed Lexapro and Geodon, and his autopsy showed that he had a high dose of the antidepressant Lexapro in his blood that could have caused him to be paranoid, according to the coroner.[12]
  13. February 14, 2008 – DeKalb, Illinois: 27-year-old Steven Kazmierczak shot and killed five people and wounded 21 others before killing himself in a Northern Illinois University auditorium. According to his girlfriend, he had recently been taking prescribed drugs Prozac, Xanax and Ambien but had stopped taking Prozac three weeks before the shooting. Toxicology results showed that he still had trace amount of Xanax in his system. He had been seeing a psychiatrist.[13]
  14. November 7, 2007 – Jokela, Finland: 18-year-old Finnish gunman Pekka-Eric Auvinen shot and killed eight people and wounded a dozen more at Jokela High School in southern Finland before committing suicide. He had been taking antidepressants.[14]
  15. November 7, 2007 – Tyler, Texas: 17-year-old Felicia McMillan returned to her former Robert E. Lee High School campus and stabbed a male student and wounded the principle with a knife. McMillan had been on drugs for depression, and had just taken them the night before the incident.[15]
  16. October 10, 2007 – Cleveland, Ohio: 14-year-old Asa Coon stormed through his school with a gun in each hand, shooting and wounding four before taking his own life. Coon had been prescribed the antidepressant Trazodone.[16]
  17. January 19, 2007 – Sudbury, Massachusetts: 16-year-old John Odgren stabbed another student to death with a large kitchen knife in a boy’s bathroom at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School. In court, his father testified that Odgren was prescribed the drug Ritalin.[17]
  18. December 4, 2006 – North Vernon, Indiana: 16-year-old Travis Roberson stabbed another Jennings County High School student in the neck, nearly severing an artery. Roberson was in withdrawal from Wellbutrin, which he had stopped taking days before the attack.[18]
  19. August 30, 2006 – Hillsborough, North Carolina: 19-year-old Alvaro Rafael Castillo shot and killed his father, then drove to Orange High School where he opened fire. Two students were injured in the shooting, which ended when school personnel tackled him. His mother said he was on drugs for depression.[19]
  20. April 24, 2006 – Chapel Hill, North Carolina: 17-year-old William Barrett Foster took a shotgun to school and took a teacher and a fellow student hostage at East Chapel Hill High School. After being talked out of shooting the hostages, Foster fired two shots through a classroom window before fleeing the school on foot. Foster’s father testified that his son had stopped taking his antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs without telling him.[20]
  21. November 8, 2005 – Jacksboro, Tennessee: Kenneth Bartley, 14, a student at Campbell County Comprehensive School, shot and killed the assistant principal and wounded another assistant principal and the principal. He was taking Xanax at the time of the shooting. Just before the shooting, Bartley had also snorted a crushed Valium pill.[21]
  22. March 21, 2005 – Red Lake, Minnesota: 16-year-old Jeff Weise, on Prozac, shot and killed his grandfather and his grandfather’s girlfriend, then went to his school on the Red Lake Indian Reservation where he shot dead 5 students, a security guard, and a teacher, and wounded 7 before killing himself.[22]
  23. February 9, 2004 – Greenbush, New York: 16-year-old Jon Romano strolled into his high school in east Greenbush and opened fire with a shotgun. Special education teacher Michael Bennett was hit in the leg. Romano had been taking the antianxiety drug Xanax. He had previously spent time in a psychiatric care facility.[23]
  24. June 8, 2001 – Ikeda, Japan: 37-year-old Mamoru Takuma, wielding a 6-inch knife, slipped into an elementary school and stabbed eight first- and second-grade students to death while wounding at least 15 other pupils and teachers. He then turned the knife on himself but suffered only superficial wounds. He later told interrogators that before the attack he had taken 10 times his normal dose of antidepressants. Police said he had been under the care of a psychiatrist.[24]
  25. April 10, 2001 – Wahluke, Washington: Sixteen-year-old Cory Baadsgaard took a rifle to his high school and held 23 classmates and a teacher hostage. Three weeks earlier, his doctor had switched Baadsgaard’s prescription from Paxil to Effexor. The morning of the incident, his dosage of Effexor had been increased. Baadsgaard said he had no memory of the incident.[25]
  26. March 22, 2001 – El Cajon, California: 18-year-old Jason Hoffman, on the antidepressants Celexa and Effexor, opened fire on his classmates, wounding three students and two teachers at Granite Hills High School. He had been seeing a psychiatrist before the shooting.[26]
  27. March 7, 2001 – Williamsport, Pennsylvania: 14-year-old Elizabeth Bush was taking the antidepressant Prozac when she shot at fellow students, wounding one.[27]
  28. February 2, 2001 – Red Lion, Pennsylvania: 56-year-old William Michael Stankewicz entered North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School with a machete, leaving three adults and 11 children injured. Stankewicz was taking four different drugs for depression and anxiety weeks before the attacks.[28]
  29. January 10, 2001 – Oxnard, California: 17-year-old Richard Lopez went to Hueneme High School with a gun and shot twice at a car in the school’s parking lot before taking a female student hostage. A SWAT officer eventually killed Lopez, who had been prescribed Prozac, Paxil and “drugs that helped him go to sleep.”[29]
  30. May 20, 1999 – Conyers, Georgia: 15-year-old T.J. Solomon was being treated with the stimulant Ritalin when he opened fire on and wounded six of his classmates.[30]
  31. April 20, 1999 – Columbine, Colorado: 18-year-old Eric Harris and his accomplice, Dylan Klebold, killed 12 students and a teacher and wounded 26 others before killing themselves. Harris was on the antidepressant Luvox. Klebold’s medical records remain sealed. Both shooters had been in anger-management classes and had undergone counseling. Harris had been seeing a psychiatrist before the shooting.[31]
  32. April 16, 1999 – Notus, Idaho: 15-year-old Shawn Cooper fired two shotgun rounds in his school, injuring one student. He was taking a prescribed antidepressant and Ritalin.[32]
  33. May 21, 1998 – Springfield, Oregon: 15-year-old Kip Kinkel murdered his parents and then proceeded to school where he opened fire on students in the cafeteria, killing two and wounding 25. Kinkel had been taking the antidepressant Prozac. Kinkel had been attending “anger control classes” and had previously been under the care of a psychologist.[33]
  34. October 1, 1997 – Pearl, Mississippi: Luke Woodham, 16, shot and killed two students at Pearl High School and wounded seven others after beating and stabbing his mother to death. Public reports said the boy was taking Prozac. In June 1998, Woodham was found guilty of two counts of murder and seven counts of aggravated assault and was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the murder convictions and seven 20-year sentences for the aggravated assault convictions.[34]
  35. October 12, 1995 – Blackville, South Carolina: 15-year-old Toby R. Sincino slipped into the Blackville-Hilda High School’s rear entrance, where he shot two Blackville-Hilda High School teachers, killing one. Then Toby killed himself moments later. His aunt, Carolyn McCreary, said he had been undergoing counseling with the Department of Mental Health and was taking Zoloft for emotional problems.[35]
  36. December 16, 1993 – Chelsea, Michigan: 39-year-old chemistry teacher Stephen Leith, facing a disciplinary matter at Chelsea High School, shot Superintendent Joseph Piasecki to death, shot Principal Ron Mead in the leg, and slightly wounded journalism teacher Phil Jones. Leith was taking Prozac and had been seeing a psychiatrist.[36]
  37. September 18, 1992 – Houston, Texas: 44-year-old Calvin Charles Bell, reportedly upset about his second-grader’s progress report, appeared in the principal’s office of Piney Point Elementary School. Bell fired a gun in the school, and eventually wounded two officers before surrendering. Relatives told police that Bell was an unemployed Vietnam veteran and had been taking anti-depressants.[37] 

Some videos on the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) site that you may be interested in are listed below. However I have to warn you that this site is funded by Scientology and just as psychiatric drugs are not the answer to emotional or mental problems neither is Scientology in my opinion. I have a feeling that they created this site to appear to do a community service and discredit the competition. Kinda like the kettle calling the pot black. Here’s Chris Shelton’s answer to the Question on Quora “Is Scientology really that bad?”

Chris Shelton, Ex-Scientologist and Sea Org member of 27 years.

Answered 3 years ago · Author has 83 answers and 620.8K answer views

I was involved with Scientology professionally for 25 years. By that, I mean I worked for the organization, eventually at its highest levels in the Sea Organization. I can therefore answer with an unqualified “Yes.”

In fact, I will go one further and tell you what we in the ex-community often have good reason to say: “Scientology is always worse than you think.”

The human rights abuses, covered up pedophilia, human trafficking and slave labor in Scientology are really as bad as you have probably already heard. I saw and/or was exposed to quite a bit of this when I was there. I’ve learned even more since I left.

Scientology is not something to be curious about. It is something to run away from as fast as you can.

Nevertheless I think there is a lot of truth in the videos on the CCHR site. Here are links to three of the videos

Psychiatric Rape: Assaulting Women and Children

A woman is statistically at greater risk of being raped while on a psychiatrist’s couch than while jogging alone at night through a city park. In a British study of therapist-patient sexual contact among psychologists, 25 percent reported having treated a patient who had been sexually involved with another therapist.

In this video we learn that what Dr Kola Kolawole did to Pamela’s daughter is not a rare or isolated case. Studies have revealed that at least 10% of psychiatrists are guilty of some form of patient sexual abuse.

Child Drugging: Psychiatry Destroying Lives

Contrary to psychiatric opinion, children are not “experimental animals.” They are human beings who have every right to expect protection, care, love and the chance to reach their full potential in life. A chance denied them by psychiatry’s labels and chemical straitjackets.

The three hour documentary “The Marketing of Madness” covers most of the points I have made in this post. If you have a friend or a relative that needs this information but wouldn’t be interested in reading this entire post just send them the link to this video. (Along with a warning about Scientology)

Also on the CCHR site is this valuable information.

The Right To Be Informed

In general medicine the standard for informed consent includes communicating the nature of the diagnoses, the purpose of a proposed treatment or procedure, the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment, and informing the patient of alternative treatments so he can make an informed, educated choice. Psychiatrists routinely do not inform patients of non-drug treatments, nor do they conduct thorough medical examinations to ensure that a person’s problem does not stem from an untreated medical condition that is manifesting as a “psychiatric” symptom. They do not accurately inform patients of the nature of the diagnoses, which would require informing the patient that psychiatric diagnoses are completely subjective (based on behaviors only) and have no scientific/medical validity (no X-rays, brain scans, chemical imbalance tests to prove anyone has a mental disorder).

All patients should have what is called a “differential diagnosis.” The doctor obtains a thorough history and conducts a complete physical exam, rules out all the possible problems that might cause a set of symptoms and explains any possible side effects of the recommended treatments.

There are numerous alternatives to psychiatric diagnoses and treatment, including standard medical care that does not require a stigmatizing and subjective psychiatric label or a mind-altering drug. Governments should endorse and fund non-drug treatments as alternatives to dangerous drugs that have been proven no more effective than placebo, and more dangerous than most street drugs. Although CCHR International does not condone or promote any specific practitioner, medical organization, practice or group, we have found the below resources to be helpful for individuals looking for more information on the following topics:


Green Mental Health and Soteria House


The Block Center,, The Doris J. Rapp Education Corporation and AbleChild


Mind Freedom International


Whitaker Wellness Institute, Institute for Progressive Medicine, The American College for the Advancement of Medicine


American Academy of Environmental Medicine and theAgency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry


MedlinePlus and Psych Drug Dangers



HEALTH OPTIONS & INFORMATION and Natural Health Education


Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman, Vickery Waldner & Mallia LLP and Weitz & Luxenberg P.C.

This song by Daniel Mackler sums up my conclusions and feelings about psychiatry. He just tells it like it is. Welcome to the planetary liberation community, Daniel.

Bullshit–Anti-Psychiatry and Anti-Medication Song

51,325 views Nov 7, 2009

Alternatives to Psychiatric Drugs

I recently read Running on Empty Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect by Dr. Jonice Webb. I did the CEN questionnaire and found that I am still influenced by childhood emotional neglect.(CEN) It’s not something that’s easy to remember since it’s the absence of something. My parents were well meaning and provided for my physical needs but were emotionally unavailable, there wasn’t an emotional connection. As a result of CEN I grew up not understanding or being able to express my feelings. These excerpts from Dr. Webb’s site describe what I experienced.

Children who are emotionally neglected then grow up to have a particular set of struggles. Because their emotions were not validated as children, they may have difficulty knowing and trusting their own emotions as adults.

They may have difficulty understanding their own feelings, as well as others’. Because an important part of themselves (their emotional self) has been denied, they may find themselves feeling disconnected, unfulfilled or empty. They may have difficulty trusting or relying upon others. Many describe feeling that they are different from other people; like something is wrong with them, but they’re not sure what it is…

The way you are treated emotionally by your parents determines how you will treat yourself as an adult. This has been proven over and over again in study after study.

Emotion is an undeniable part of your biology. If you ignore your emotions, you will feel ignored on some level, no matter how much care you give yourself in other ways.

Emotion is the substance of all relationships. If you are not attending to your emotions, you are by-passing a vital source of connection and joy.

Emotional Intelligence has been proven to be more valuable to success in life and work than general intelligence. It’s extremely vital that you know how to name, use and manage emotion, as well as how to deal with it in others.

Anyone who is experiencing anxiety or depression should take the CEN questionnaire. If you find that you have CEN there are exercises in the book I mentioned and in her other book, Running on Empty No More.

She also hosts a online class to heal from CEN. You can find the questionniare and information about her classes on her website.

Homeopathic medicines have been used for more than 240 years.

Homeopathy was founded by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), who grew up in Meissen in Germany, received his medical degree in Erlangen in 1779, and died a millionaire in Paris in 1843…

Hahnemann believed that if a patient had an illness, it could be cured by giving a medicine which, if given to a healthy person, would produce similar symptoms of that same illness but to a slighter degree. Thus, if a patient was suffering from severe nausea, he was given a medicine which in a healthy person would provoke mild nausea. By a process he called ‘proving’, Hahnemann claimed to be able to compile a selection of appropriate remedies. This led to his famous aphorism, ‘like cures like’, which is often called the ‘principle of similars’; and he cited Jenner’s use of cowpox vaccination to prevent smallpox as an example.

The differences between orthodox medicine and homeopathy could hardly be more vivid. From its beginning homeopathy always began with a long consultation, lasting at least an hour, in which all aspects of the patient’s illness and life were discussed—homeopaths like to stress that they practise ‘holistic medicine’—and the appropriate treatment chosen.

In 1911 the three schools of healing, allopathic medicine, chiropractic and homepathic were aproximately equal in number. Then Rockefeller decide to invest in allopathic medicine so his drug company could make more money. He also paid people to discredit the other forms of healing by denouncing them as “quackery.”

Dr. Surekha Tiwari has some advice about treating mental illness.

Role of homeopathy in managing depression, schizophrenia & anxiety – Dr. Surekha Tiwari

4,745 views Sep 3, 2019

Doctors’ Circle – World’s Largest Health Platform

1.31M subscribers

As a homeopath we know that these illnesses are treated best with counseling, with a lot of management. There are a group of remedies called the Bach Flower remedies which are used in homeopathy. These are medicines which only deal with emotional disorders. Ask your homeopath for these class of remedies.

How to Use Bach Flower Remedies

127,494 views Jul 17, 2010

DrBachHealingHerbs 6.28K Subscribers

How to use Healing Herbs Bach Flower Remedies to heal physical and emotional symptoms. Bach Flower expert Julian Barnard talks about prescribing using Bach’s Twelve Healers, Seven Helpers and Second Nineteen, how make a dosage bottle, how to choose a remedy and use combination remedies and five flower cream.

For more information about Bach Flower Remedies and their uses visit:

On YouTube there are many videos that provide frequencies of music to heal depression, anxiety and many other ailments. We should not underestimate the power of sound. Tuning the Human Biofield by Eileen Day McKusick and The Book of 528 Prosperity Key of Love by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz are books that reveal how different frequencies can heal or harm the body.

If you have the time now close your eyes, take a deep breath and listen to this very popular 16 minute video that guarantees to help you reduce your anxiety and depression.

Sound Therapy To Reduce Anxiety, Mental Health & Depression ( GUARANTEED ) 1,678,512 views Jun 13, 2018

Feel better now?

A change in your diet can effect your mental health.

Drop the products with white flour or sugar and go to this website to find foods that are rich in dopamine for motivation, serotonin for craving control, and magnesium for anxiety.

15 Foods To Help Improve Mental Health

Can aromatherapy really help anxiety and depression?

Essential oils help relieve symptoms of anxiety and depression while elevating your mood. Aromatherapy has been used throughout the ages, for everything from religious rituals to fighting the bubonic plague. It’s purported to have many therapeutic properties, including the ability to reduce stress and elevate your mood – making it an ideal tool to have in your arsenal to battle anxiety or depression. Aromatherapy is more effective when used as a Complementary therapy, assisting other therapies. Essential oils used for depression are basil, bergamot, cedarwood, clary sage, frankincense, geranium, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, jasmine, myrrh, neroli, rose, sandalwood, spruce, orange, and ylang ylang.

A New Defination of Sanity

Let’s consider the current legal defination of sanity.

Legal Definition of Sanity from The Free Dictionary by Farlex

Reasonable understanding; sound mind; possessing mental faculties that are capable of distinguishing right from wrong so as to bear legal responsibility for one’s actions.

Obviously MDs and psychiatrists who prescribe drugs that are addictive neurotoxins that cause a chemical imbalance in the brain are not capable of distinguishing right from wrong so they are not sane. Remember that Dr. Breggin said that psychiatrists live in an alternate reality? So to say they are insane is not at all unrealistic.

Lisa Renee defines sanity in terms of coherence.

Thus, the natural goal of living energy or systems is to support the strengthening of Coherence within all of its subsystems, as this is important in sustaining the energetic support to the overall system, to ensure its survival and sanity. Sanity in this context is used to describe spiritually beneficial behaviors that support more energy becoming available for consciousness growth. The principles of Coherence apply to us personally, collectively and in every group, system or organization on this planet. To build energetic coherence within systems requires a Group Consciousness agreement, to support the goal of building these related positive qualities and spiritually beneficial energies that help further define and support the overall system.

These many different links of energetic correspondence interconnect through principles of Coherence to help unify all systems of energy. Thus, integrating and unifying energy within multiple groupings and layers of energetic fields describes the state of Coherence. The state of being coherent is formed by unifying the sum of the parts to be united, so they form a synthesized whole. Coherence directly corresponds to the process of leaving behind individualistic expressions of ego, while moving towards expressing group consciousness or unity consciousness

This is how she defines insanity.

Insanity is a diseased mind (diseased or disconnected soul) which leads the being to choose to continually inflict destruction and harm to the self and others. If continual destructive abusive behavior is not stopped, it will damage the soul through fragmentation and genetic degradation.

Insanity is a way to define behaviors which create soul destruction, that action which ultimately disconnect the body/mind from the soul. When a being is soul disconnected they experience an unquenchable thirst of desire, black depression, pain and suffering at great levels.

Our emotions arise from our soul. If a psychiatric drug blunts our emotions this indicates we are disconnecting from our soul which provides the gateway to higher conscious and our God self. I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that aliens are behind the research and development of psychiatric drugs that cause this disconnection.

Who is really sane? Children and animals certainly are.

Generally speaking children are loving and kind. A child wouldn’t give poison to anyone. Excerpts from a post by Stephanie Lofgren on the Energetic Synthesis site talks about why children don’t continue to be unconditionally loving when they become adults.

Children do not enter this world divisive and confrontative; they do as animals do, love unconditionally and live in the moment. 

Anyone who has really observed a child or an animal can see and feel what is real, true and natural, after a time the child begins to ‘learn’ that only certain ways of being are acceptable, this then becomes reinforced through the school system, the system of University and College, and the working environment. Work hard, work longer for the good of the whole, and yet it is blatantly obvious that that does not apply to all. 

There is a great deal of information available concerning a ‘global elite’ and references to a ‘secret government’ most often referred to as the Illuminati, and reference to extraterrestrials or aliens that occupy this planet and work with those in  positions of perceived power, there is even a term for this ‘Exopolitics’.

The cruelty and confusion rife on this planet is not human, most people can see that decisions and actions make no apparent sense other than a justification to keep one side ‘safe’ at the expense of the other. So if it is not human where does this come from?

There are a very few people that write of off planet consciousness/species that controls those in positions of power on this planet, two such examples are David Icke and the late Carlos Castaneda. If much of what happens on this planet appears alien to the vast majority of humanity then perhaps it really is.

There is and has been for many thousands of years an alien agenda upon this planet to isolate for the purposes of ‘fallen races’ (please see ‘Hidden History of Humanity’ for context) this planet and humanity in order to sustain a group of beings that chose to alienate themselves from the natural sources of the ultimate God Source and the natural laws of the Universe exemplified in the Law of One as a template or blueprint for life on this planet and as universal or cosmic citizens.

It is appreciated that such a view goes very much against the established grain, but since the established grain of expert science, politics, allopathic health care, religion, and education have for so long failed to deliver a kinder and more loving world that human beings wish to experience then there is something standing in the way or blocking that natural human expression.

When researchers suggest that there is an agenda that does not have the good of humanity at heart there is most often disbelief that this could be so; empathic human beings try to imagine themselves in a so called privileged position and cannot conceive of wishing to be anything other than philanthropic or caring, finding creative solutions to entrenched difficulties. When this is blatantly not the case for those in these positions it is blamed upon incompetence or certain sections of society.

It takes quite a leap in consciousness to perceive what is taking place on this planet in terms of an ‘Alien Agenda’. It is so that there is an awakening, as people come to a realization that the systems humanity is deference to, although this has only ever been voluntary if we did not but realise, are grossly flawed, and a sadness and frustration comes in with a desire to take action to confront these apparent injustices. This though has occurred throughout many generations with little if any actual change and the Alien Agenda is more than capable of capturing movements and initiatives to create an even tighter prison, an illusion of freedom where none exists, only a larger field of containment. People become tired and discouraged and eventually either go back to their lives to keep their families safe, or to become wedded to a cause. 

When one truly begins to explore and appreciate the lengths to which the Alien Agenda has permeated the structures on this planet, shocking though it may be, it begins to create a context in which to understand why there is so much pain and suffering here and it also allows us to have some compassion for those in apparent positions of power who are not wholly in control of their actions…

Negative Alien Agenda By Stephanie Lofgren

David Icke said, “They gave us their mind.”

They being the Reptilian invaders. The mind he refers to is the predatory mind. The “gotta get them before they get me”, “live and let die,” mentality that’s prevelant in the top eschelons of all apects of society. In this video Icke explains that a negative force has been manipulating perception with low vibration frequencies for a very long time.


Most People Don’t Understand Who ‘THEY’ Really Are | NEW DAVID ICKE 2021

285,177 views Premiered Sep 23, 2021

If you doubt that the negative alien agenda, NAA exists just think about ritual satanic blood sacrifices, for about twenty seconds which is probably as long as you can stand to think about. Ritual satanic abuse involves the rape, torture and murder of a child. Followed by the drinking of the child’s blood. If you are thinking this is totally inhumane, you’re right. It’s so cruel and brutal that many people can’t believe it’s happening on this planet. The people who do this are possessed by a demon or an alien. Blood Sacrifices and killing rituals are also used to bind groups of souls to demonic entities and NAA entities, for collecting their energy source and to satiate blood lust.

Unfortunately almost everyone is possessed to some degree. Here’s the defination of possession from the Ascension Glossary.

Many unconscious human beings are totally unaware they are carrying dead energy, displaced entities, negative alien implants, unaware that they are soul disconnected and mind controlled to limit further consciousness expansion. In other terms, this is enslavement of the person without their consent. This is a form of possession and is the servitude or bondage to the imposter spirit. An imposter spirit can be Luciferian or Satanic spirits. This is how spiritual-energetic enslavement is manifested.

If this persists, combined with continued destructive behavior to the self and others that are repeated as life patterns, the person becomes sucked into a density of painfully low self-esteem, phobias, fears and addictions. Most of the time that will include layers of astral debris, displaced entities, impersonal elemental forces, and sometimes, includes full demonic possession. Being possessed does not generally mean you are levitating off the bed or acting “demonic”. There is absolutely no shame or guilt applied to this state unless the suffering person applies it from their own state of fragmented confusion. It is through the Possession of one’s body of which the suffering and pain is greatly increased, until this possession is removed and cleared from your person. There are a million different variations of possession possible; however, the only possibility to evict these possessions is to get clear within yourself, and learn that you have the power to heal yourself and claim your energetic sovereignty and freedom. (GSF Behavior) When one learns to create the space inside to communicate clearly and embody one’s spiritual source through cultivation of Virtues, one can begin the road to personal freedom and permanent release of suffering.

In other words we are all have possessions and have to resign from mind control and work restore the divine blueprint that the creator embedded deep in our souls to become fully human. Lisa has this to say about the disconnect between the mind and the soul.

Anti-Soul Agenda

The Controllers desperately want us to forget that we have Souls. Even though we exist in a material world filled to the brim with many different kinds of Souls, Spirits and Consciousness, they would like us to forget our Soul. Tyrants cannot control our mind as easily, if we know how to connect with our Soul.

Without understanding the worldwide agenda of trauma based mind control, we cannot understand our participation in the constructs put in place to keep it going. We become unknowing participants, in perpetuating these systems. It is difficult to witness how many people on the spiritual path, and how many practitioners and session providers, have this blind spot, and are unable to see the pervasiveness of this agenda.

To intentionally disconnect the existence of the mind from the existence of the soul is extremely destructive and damaging to all human beings. This fact is what contributes to the manifestation of disconnected and chronically miserable people who intentionally create harm without moral conscience.

Soul Disconnected people behave in a similar manner to artificial intelligence robots, as they are shaped by mass media to make decisions based on survival and selfish desires, with no authentic thoughts or emotional states of their own making. Disconnection conveniently pushes forward the basic agenda of Psychology to be very effective in furthering the Transhumanism agenda. Today, if people are unhappy and disconnected from their mind and soul, they are given a pharmaceutical drug to take control over their bio-neurological system functioning, which leads to lifelong pharmaceutical dependencies and addictions. Administering synthetic drugs to impair bio-neurological functioning of the brain further impairs and damages the Soul body, making it nearly impossible for a person to experience Soul embodiment or perceive the nature of their Soul.

Unfortunately when people are disconnected from their Soul through the rigid belief that they do not have one they will not gain higher consciousness or higher sensory perception ability. In order to perceive beyond the illusions of the material world or third dimension, we must connect with our spiritual bodies. When we are connected to higher dimensions of consciousness while in a body, we greatly increase our capacity to perceive the many layers of the spiritual-energetic nature of our reality. Thus, we know that informed consensus between the people on the earth does not yet exist. Earthlings have not been informed of the extraterrestrial nature of our real origins, or the regular intervention and control that is made in planetary affairs by the off-worlders. When the mass population is not informed of the truth in these matters, and is continually lied to in order to base their existence on piles of mass deception, there is no such thing as informed consensus.

Thus, Scientific Atheism has a critical relevance in shaping current systems that control beliefs in the mainstream areas of Science, Medicine and Education, which unequivocally affirm that we are alone in a cosmos devoid of supernatural realms.

The Anti-Soul Agenda seeks to create division through polarization of people’s thinking into holding staunch oppositions that they will defend at all costs in order to win their argument. Their assertion is that there is no credible scientific evidence for the existence of a God, Soul or Spirit. Yet, as we are well aware, there is no acknowledgement of the scientific evidence that validates and describes:

  • Why and how we fall in love,
  • How deep emotional bonds between people communicate telepathically,
  • Human communication with many kinds of supernatural forces and entities,
  • Transcendental, intuitive and empathic consciousness experiences of at-one-ment,
  • Synchronistic events, which hold deep meaning in our lives for no apparent logical reason,
  • Near Death Experiences (NDE’s), proof of Afterlife or Soul Projection into other dimensions.

Millions of people experience these kinds of consciousness experiences throughout the world every day, no matter what kind of belief system they have. Science as it is being controlled today, will never be capable of explaining these consciousness experiences related to our soul, with empirical data based on informed consensus. It is important to always remember, there are beautiful and kind people that can be found within every kind of scientific or medical field. We need to focus on our common humanitarian goals, and always be kind and Compassionate to the people involved, no matter what their belief system.[1]

The ES Core Triad Practice to Release Fear Programs

In the Hieros Gamos section on the public Energetic Synthesis site there is the ES Core Triad Practice that I have been doing to rid myself of all fear programs and the results have been dramatic.

Step One is the declaration of intention to resolve the authority conflict between ego and God.

Step Two is about AM/PM practice of the 12D Shield to learn how to command personal space.

Step Three involves first identifying your fears and then asking your higher self or guides to remove these fear programs from the physical, the etheric body, the astral body, the soul, the cellular memory of the akashic record and all past, present, future and simultaneous lifetimes.

The Core Triad Practice and information about Hieros Gamos on this site is totally free with no strings attached.

Why do I want to clear myself of all fear programs? Why do I want to rid myself of all low frequency emotions like lust, rage, greed, envy, gluttony, laziness and pride? The short answer is because I want to experience more love.

LOVE as defined in the Ascension Glossary

The highest expression of Love when manifested into our material world is the same experience as attaining consciousness freedom and this is our highest purpose during the spiritual Ascension cycle that is happening on the planet. Love is the organizing, harmonizing and synchronizing force that exists throughout creation, and through its expression, Love is in perfect balance and harmony with what is, as it is. Love exists in alignment with truth, higher knowledge and the benevolent forces of light, in harmony with the natural laws, in harmony with the Universe.

To achieve and attain full consciousness freedom through the path of Love, which organically emits Truth in the Light, as this is one and the same path that leads us directly into building a relationship with our inherent divinity, and builds our direct relationship with God. In this comprehension, God is Love. When we declare ourselves as God beings, such as with the GSF decree, I AM God, I AM Sovereign, and I AM Free, we are ultimately stating that we are beings of Love.

When the forces of Love are fully present within a person, their heart center opens and flowers, propelling them naturally into the Ascension Stages, while developing their Consciousness through the process of learning or Gnosis, which is evolving them towards ultimately achieving spiritual freedom.

True Compassionate Love naturally brings Unity. The true love relationship is a relationship with our own inner being as practiced in the Law of One. When we embody Love we experience God. It is necessary to be in love and peace with oneself so that one can be able to love others without fear. The feeling of one’s own esteem, dignity, and self-respect opens the possibility to feeling selfless love towards others. This is the process we are learning and living through at the end of the Ascension Cycle in order to become Authentically Human again.

Take good care of yourselves and always choose Love.



511,769 views Mar 28, 2007

Update September 23, 2022

Big Pharma says most adults have mental illness and require prescriptions for expensive pharmaceutical “cures”

Friday, September 23, 2022 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: Anxiety, badhealth, badmedicine, Big Pharma, conspiracy, corruption, Dangerous Medicine, deception, depression, fraud, health coverage, health insurance, HHS, mental health, Mental illness, obamacare, pharmaceutical fraud, pharmaceuticals, US Preventative Services Task Force

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Image: Big Pharma says most adults have mental illness and require prescriptions for expensive pharmaceutical “cures”

(Natural News) To keep the gravy train moving, the pharmaceutical industry has teamed up with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to recommend that all adults in the United States under the age of 65 be screened for anxiety disorders.

A panel of “experts” commissioned by HHS says that all people in the U.S. regardless of age should also be evaluated for depression. The goal is to get as many Americans hooked on mental illness drugs as possible so Big Pharma executives can rake in the dough.

The so-called U.S. Preventative Services Task Force (PSTF) issued a guidance about all this earlier in the week, marking the first time such recommendations have ever been made officially. (Related: If you are depressed, why not try to change your diet instead of getting hooked on drugs?)

The PSTF also wants all children and adolescents – and heck, why not throw in babies as well? – to take pharmaceutical drugs for brain issues, many of which stem from the relentless tyranny imposed by the government throughout the Fauci Flu (covid) scamdemic.

“This is a really important step forward,” said American Psychological Association CEO Arthur C. Evans, who is simply overjoyed at the thought of all Americans being forced to live and breathe mind-altering drugs. “Screening for mental health conditions is critical to our ability to help people at the earliest possible moment.”

Thanks to Obamacare, health insurers could be forced to drug all Americans deemed to suffer from mental illness

According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the task force behind these recommendations is comprised of 16 “independent volunteer experts,” all of whom just so happen to be pushing a pro-pharmaceutical agenda.


These so-called “experts” issue guidance protocols like this on a routine basis, and thanks to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare, health insurers are typically required to cover all services associated with those recommendations.

In other words, if it becomes the case that all Americans are “screened” and deemed to be in desperate need of mind-altering pharmaceuticals, then health insurers will be forced to hand out those pharmaceuticals like candy, enriching Big Pharma to the hilt with billions of dollars in new profits.

That is what all of this is about, by the way: money. It is also about destroying what little humanity remains in the already deeply brainwashed “herd” of society, which is being systematically stripped of all cognition and the ability to think.

By getting all Americans hooked on brain-bending drugs from a laboratory, Big Pharma will not only profit but also gain even more control over people’s minds, and thus their thoughts and actions.

“Pro tip: Psychologists are the most crazy,” wrote a commenter, making an excellent point about how many who work in the field of mental health and social services are the most psychotic people in society who require the very interventions they try to push on others.

“Yup,” responded another. “They are subconsciously trying to cure themselves.”

“Of scabies and self-loathing,” responded yet another.

Someone else pointed out that anxiety and depression can actually be helpful.

“The former forces you to think your way out while the latter forces you to rethink how you got in the mess you are in, whether biochemically, neurologically, genetically, or even medicationally.”

“If you research, you’ll find ‘Action of this drug (antidepressant) on the brain is not known,’” this same person added. “Even if they prescribe an appropriate drug, they don’t even know what action it takes to have the sometimes desired effect.”

The latest news about the medically fascist relationship between Big Government and Big Pharma can be found at

Sources for this article include:

Update March 15th, 2023

Dissent Into Madness: The Weaponization of Psychology

MAR 13, 2023


The Bad New Days

. . . It sure is! And I’m not just talking about psychiatric repression in some backward, evil dictatorship like Russia. (Although, to be sure, there is that, too.)

No, once again, it is the “liberal,” “enlightened,” “free and democratic” West that is leading the way in weaponizing psychiatry against the masses. And, incredibly, the wielders of this psychiatric weapon don’t try to hide the fact, but have instead actively sought to codify it in their “bible.”

Since 1952, the American Psychiatric Association has published the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the DSM, as a guideline for the classification and diagnoses of mental health issues. Commonly referred to as the psychiatric diagnostic bible, the DSM, according to the APA itself, “is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States and contains a listing of diagnostic criteria for every psychiatric disorder recognized by the U.S. healthcare system.”

Critics have long questioned the influence that Big Pharma has had in pressuring the APA to diagnose more and more behaviour as “abnormal” in order to prescribe pharmaceutical interventions to a greater and greater percentage of the public.

Concerns over Big Pharma’s influence on the creation of DSM are not trivial. In 2012, a study led by University of Massachusetts-Boston researcher Lisa Cosgrove noted that 69% of the DSM-5 task force members had ties to the pharmaceutical industry, including paid work as consultants and spokespersons for drug manufacturers. On certain panels, the conflict of interest was even more profound: 83% of the members of the panel working on mood disorders had pharamaceutical industry ties, and 100%—every single member—of the sleep disorder panel had “ties to the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture the medications used to treat these disorders or to companies that service the pharmaceutical industry.”

If these task force members’ goal is to make sure that more and more pharmaceuticals are sold, then by every measure they’ve been remarkably successful. Recent surveys indicate one in six American adults report taking a psychiatric drug, such as an antidepressant or a sedative. Worryingly, the number of children being prescribed antipsychotic medications like Adderall and Ritalin has continued to increase decade after decade.

But more worrying still is the way that this increase in antipsychotic prescriptions has been justified—by the invention of a new “mental disorder” called Oppositional Defiance Disorder.

Clinical psychologist Bruce Levin, who has spent decades ringing the alarm bell about the ways in which his profession is being used to repress legitimate political dissent, explains in his 2018 book, Resisting Illegitimate Authority:

Beginning in 1980, for noncompliant children who are not engaged in any illegal practices, the APA (in its DSM-III diagnostic manual) created the disruptive disorder diagnosis “oppositional defiant disorder” (ODD). For an ODD diagnosis, a youngster needs only four of the following eight symptoms for six months: often loses temper; often touchy or easily annoyed; often angry and resentful; often argues with authority figures; often actively defies or refuses to comply with requests from authority figures or with rules; often deliberately annoys others; often blames others for his or her mistakes or misbehavior; spitefulness or vindictiveness at least twice within the past six months.

Levine goes on to point out that the front line of this assault on the human psyche are the children who are diagnosed with a mental disorder for demonstrating previously normal childhood behaviour:

In 2012, the Archives of General Psychiatry reported that between 1993 through 2009, there was a sevenfold increase of children 13 years and younger being prescribed antipsychotic drugs, and that disruptive behavior disorders such as ODD and CD were the most common diagnoses in children medicated with antipsychotics, accounting for 63% of those medicated.

But the pathologization of those who show signs of “oppositional defiance” is not confined to children. Levine also observes, citing his own clinical experience:

Among the people I have talked with who have been previously diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses, I am struck by how many of them, compared to the general population, are essentially anti-authoritarians. Unluckily for them, the professionals who have diagnosed them are not.

As we shall see next week, the weaponization of psychology against those independent, free-thinkers who tend to question authority is not some vague, amorphous concern about a Big Pharma boondoggle that is hurting people in the pocketbook. Rather, this weapon is now being used against critics of the biosecurity agenda and others who dare point out that the globalist, transhuman emperor is wearing no clothes.

But if it is true that the study of the mind has been weaponized and that that weapon is being deployed against conspiracy realists, the obvious question then becomes . . .

Who Loaded the Weapon?

In October 1945, George Brock Chisholm—the man who would go on to serve as the first Director-General of the World Health Organization and the man who helped spearhead the World Federation for Mental Health—delivered a startling and incredibly candid lecture in which he laid out his plans for steering the profession of psychiatry in a bold new direction.

Published in 1946 as “The Reestablishment of Peacetime Psychiatry,” the lecture includes a bold proclamation that psychiatrists should take it upon themselves to rid the population of the concept of good and evil entirely: “If the race is to be freed from its crippling burden of good and evil it must be psychiatrists who take the original responsibility. This is a challenge which must be met.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Chisholm’s call to action was taken up by the British military. The “challenge” of “freeing the race” from the “crippling burden of good and evil” was taken up by British military psychiatrist Colonel John Rawlings Rees, the first president of Chisholm’s World Federation of Mental Health and chair of the infamous Tavistock Institute from 1933 to 1947.

In 1940, Rees gave an address to the annual meeting of the UK’s National Council for Mental Hygiene in which he laid out in predictably militaristic terms how this ambitious plan for reforming the public psyche was to be achieved. In “Strategic Planning for Mental Health,” Rees—after claiming that the psychiatrists of the council “can justifiably stress our particular point of view with regard to the proper development of the human psyche, even though our knowledge be incomplete”—asserts that they must aim to make that point of view “permeate every educational activity in our national life.”

He then launches into a startling confession:

[W]e have made a useful attack upon a number of professions. The two easiest of them naturally are the teaching profession and the Church; the two most difficult are law and medicine.” [. . .] “If we are to infiltrate the professional and social activities of other people I think we must imitate the Totalitarians and organize some kind of fifth column activity!”

Then Rees brazenly proclaims that “Parliament, the Press and other publications are the most obvious ways by which our propaganda can be got across” before reminding his audience once again of the need for secrecy if this plan to influence the development of the public psyche is to succeed: “Many people don’t like to be ‘saved’, ‘changed’ or made healthy,” he remarks.

So what were Rees and his fellow travelers really aiming at in their “fifth column” campaign to “attack” the professions and propagandize the public? His true intentions are revealed through his work for the British military—including his alleged drugging, poisoning and mesmerizing of Rudolf Hess, the Deputy Führer of the Nazi party who was captured and held by the British for decades after making a still-unexplained solo flight to Scotland in 1941—and through his work at the Tavistock Institute, where he attempted to mould public opinion in the UK to his liking.

As The Campaigner magazine explained in a Tavistock exposé published in 1978: “The theme of all of Rees’s known work is the development of the uses of psychiatry as a weapon of the ruling class.” That work, the article elaborates, included advising Rees’ superiors how they “can succeed in structuring a stressed individual’s or group’s situation appropriately, the victim(s) can be induced to develop for himself a special sort of ‘reaction formation’ through which he ‘democratically’ arrives precisely at the attitudes and decisions which the dictators would wish to force upon him.”

In other words, Rees’ work centered on the Problem-Reaction-Solutionmethod of mass social control that Corbett Reporteers will be very familiar with by now. It should be no surprise, then, to learn that Rees’ research heavily influenced the operations of a budding young intelligence service that was then forming in the United States: the Central Intelligence Agency.

Indeed, the CIA has always been interested in weaponizing psychiatry as a way of achieving success in their covert operations. In fact, the CIA even openly advertises job opportunities for psychiatrists to “help the CIA mission where it intersects with psychiatric and broader behavioral issues.”

But when most people think of the CIA and weaponized psychiatry, they think of MKUltra and mind control.

As even the Wikipedia article on the subject admits, the CIA’s “Project MKUltra” was “an illegal human experimentation program designed and undertaken by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), intended to develop procedures and identify drugs that could be used in interrogations to weaken individuals and force confessions through brainwashing and psychological torture.”

There is much that the public still does not know about this project, its forerunner programs, Project Bluebird and Project ARTICHOKE, and the depths to which agents of the US government sank to discover ways of manipulating, melding, erasing or reprogramming individuals’ psyches. But what we do know about the program is chilling enough.

One series of experiments, presided over by Sidney Gottlieb, involved administering LSD to unwitting Americans, including mental patients, prisoners, drug addicts and prostitutes. This included “Operation Midnight Climax,” in which unsuspecting men were drugged and lured to CIA safe houses by prostitutes on the CIA payroll. Their sexual activity was monitored behind one-way mirrors and was used to study the effect of sexual blackmail and the use of mind-altering substances in field operations.

Another experiment, dubbed MKULTRA Subproject 68, was overseen by the esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Ewen Cameron. This subproject involved Dr. Cameron using LSD, paralytic drugs, electroshock therapy and drug-induced comas to attempt to wipe patients’ memories and reprogram their psyche. When brought to light, the program was identified as an attempt to refine methods of medical torture for the purpose of extracting information from unwilling sources and was condemned. Lawsuits regarding the blatantly illegal experimentation conducted by Cameron continue into the current era.

Although MKUltra “officially ended” after its exposure in the 1970s, the CIA has not stopped employing psychiatrists to find new and innovative ways to psychologically torment their opponents.

In May 2002, Martin Seligman, an influential American professor of psychology and a former president of the American Psychological Association, delivered a lecture at the San Diego Naval Base explaining how his research could help American personnel to—in his own words—”resist torture and evade successful interrogation by their captors.”

Among the hundred or so people in attendance at that lecture was one particularly enthused fan of Selgiman’s work: Dr. Jim Mitchell, a military retiree and psychologist who had contracted to provide training services to the CIA. Although Seligman had no idea of it at the time, Mitchell was—as we now know—one of the key architects of the CIA’s illegal torture program.

Naturally, Mitchell’s interest in Seligman’s talk was not in how it could be applied to help American personnel overcome learned helplessness and resist torture but rather how it could be used to induce learned helplessness in a CIA target and enhance torture. As it turns out, Mitchell’s theory (that “producing learned helplessness in a Qaeda interrogation subject might ensure that he would comply with his captor’s demands”) was bogus. More experienced interrogators objected at the time, noting that torture would only induce a prisoner to say what his captor wants, not what he knows.

What those interrogators didn’t understand was that extracting false confessions from prisoners was actually the point of the CIA torture program. It was “confessions” extracted under torture, after all, that went on to form the backbone of the 9/11 Commission Report, with a full quarter of all of the report’s footnotes deriving from torture testimony.

The Worst is Yet to Come . . .

Yes, from mind control experiments to torture programs to brainwashing and lobotomization, there can be no doubt that the governments. militaries and intelligence agencies of every major nation have devoted considerable resources to the weaponization of psychiatry over the course of the past century.

But, as it turns out, one of the simplest and easiest techniques for controlling dissent is simply to pathologize it. As we are beginning to see, simply declaring resistance to the status quo to be a form of mental disorder can be an exceptionally powerful tool for silencing opposition.

Next week, we will examine the ways this technique is now being employed against the conspiracy realists who seek to point out the obvious truths about the homeland security state and the biosecurity state.

Stay tuned . . .

What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear from you marvelous, independent thinkers who are lovers of truth and freedom. I consider all of you to be members of the planetary liberation community. If you scroll way down past the donation block and the tags you will find an opportunity to leave a comment. I’m very interested in your opinion. 


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2021 Post Disclosure

The Canadian Cabal.Origin and Secret History.

(14,719 words)

What is the Canadian Cabal?

The Canadian Cabal also known as the Deep State, the Power Elite, Controllers or the Illuminati has steered Canada into the authoritarian mess it’s in now since Confederation. If you want to know who are the members of the Canadian Cabal just look up. The people in the top levels of government, the media, business, finance, health, education, the army, the police, the RCMP and CSIS are members of this group.

It’s a big club and you ain’t in it.

George Carlin Born May 12, 1937, Murdered June 22, 2008

They are pro lockdowns, vaccinations and the New World Order and have no respect for the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. This post will explore the origins of the Canadian Cabal, its tactics, goals and its connection with Freemasonry.

Tactics of the Canadian Cabal

Many Canadians are in a state of euphoria because the federal and provincial governments are restoring some of the rights and freedoms that we all had before the unnecessary and financially disasterous lockdown. The Calgary Stampede which was cancelled last year will be held this year, a tactic that Roman emperors called, “Bread and Circuses.” They knew if most people had enough to eat and drink and a variety of entertainment they wouldn’t complain about their oppressive government. In Calgary it’s called Beer and Rodeo. In Winnipeg you can go to the August 5 CFL game if you can prove you have been fooly vaccinated. Beer and football.

The hung over masses will start to think the Liberals did a bang up job stopping the deadly virus and vote for them in the fall. But this period of breathing space will not last for it’s part of the plan. Loosen restrictions, then tighten them up even more is in the NWO playbbook according to Celeste Solum who worked for FEMA for twenty years. After the election the hammer will come down.

As for the lockdowns being unnecessary, Brazil and Sweden never did lockdown and these countries had fewer deaths per million than most of the countries that experienced lockdowns. Furthermore the Center for Disease Control on July 2020, stated that the death rate from Covid-19 is o.26% which is about the same as the death rate for a seasonal flu. The defination of a pandemic is when more that 7% of the population dies from a disease. So there never was a pandemic in Canada or anywhere else in the world. Did the plandemic actually benefit anyone? Sure, many of the billionaires in Canada did extremely well as this excerpt from an article in Policynote indicates.

One year later: Canadian billionaire wealth up by $78 billion”>One year later: Canadian billionaire wealth up by $78 billion</a></p> <p><a href=””&gt;

By Alex Hemingway    April 2021

One year into the COVID-19 pandemic that has upended the lives of millions of people in this country, Canadian billionaires have increased their wealth by $78 billion.

Data from Forbes’ “real-time billionaires” listing on April 7 compared with a snapshot provided by their annual billionaires report last year shows this massive increase in wealth. Together, 47 Canadian billionaires now control $270 billion in total wealth.1

Among the biggest winners are the Thompson fortune ($14.4 billion increase in wealth), Tobi Lutke of Shopify ($8.8 billion increase) and BC’s Jim Pattison ($7.2 billion increase). Last year Pattison’s grocery chains, along with those of billionaire Galen Weston, infamously clawed back pandemic pay bumps for frontline workers while their profits soared.

Meanwhile, 5.5 million Canadian workers lost their jobs or had more than half of their hours cut at the pandemic’s peak…

 So very few people benefited from the lockdown and there is no valid scientific studies that indicate that masks or social distancing reduce the transmission of a virus. So why did the federal and provincial governments initiate and maintain a lockdown? It was not just so a few billionaires could become more wealthy. It was to give people the impression that a deadly virus was everywhere so they would accept their solution, mass vacination.


First published at 04:50 UTC on March 7th, 2021.


Rocco Gallati is sueing Trudeau, Tam, Ford and the CBC because the lockdown measures of social distancing, self isolation, compulsory wearing of masks, and the arbitrary closure of businesses have violated sections 2,7,8,9 and 15 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and are not scientifically based and have caused physical and psychological damage.  

Rocco makes the point that the WHO and the CDC define a pandemic or epidemic as a situation where more than 7% of the population dies. We’re at less than one quarter of one percent which is in line with the death rate from the seasonal flu. 

There have been a handful of doctors in Canada that have spoken out against the vaccine. Here’s Dr. Christian’s letter.

News Nuggets June 28, 2021 – Top News Items


Compiled by Edda West

A growing number of Canadian doctors are being persecuted for speaking out about vaccine concerns. In this issue of News Nuggets we present the stories of doctors facing reprisal from medical governing bodies for challenging the official Covid narrative and for sounding the alarm about reports of deaths and injuries following roll-out of gene based ‘vaccines’ never before injected into humans. As well there’s more discussion of the ‘spike protein’ toxicity and biodistribution concerns brought to the fore by Dr. Byram Bridle, and mRNA technology developed, Dr. Robert Malone.

Surgeon fired by College of Medicine for voicing safety concerns about Covid shots for children,

by the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms – The JCCF represents Dr. Francis Christian, Clinical Professor of General Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and a practicing surgeon in Saskatoon. Dr. Christian was called into a meeting on June 23, suspended from all teaching responsibilities effective immediately, and fired from his position with the University of Saskatchewan as of September 2021.

Dr. Christian is being persecuted for releasing a statement to over 200 doctors in which he expressed his concerns about injecting children with Covid shots and for advocating for the informed consent of Covid vaccines for children.  In his statement, Dr. Christian says;

“…that the m-RNA vaccines have already been associated with several thousand deaths in the Vaccine Adverse Reporting System maintained by the US government… they are a strong signal and cannot be ignored. As of 4 June 2021 and in the period of only of few months, 5,888 deaths have been associated with the m-RNA vaccines. These are associations and not verified yet as causations, but in any other drug or vaccine they would have been sufficient to stop the whole program –a pause, a regrouping and certainly a big signal to not give it to our kids.”  Furthermore says Dr. Christian;

“…that the m-RNA vaccine is already causing serious medical problems for kids all over the world. There is a real and significantly increased risk of a condition called myocarditis –inflammation of the heart for those kids vaccinated with the m-RNA vaccine. Myocarditis is a serious condition with long term implications for some children. Some children can die with myocarditis.”

Dr. Christian urges health officials to call a pause to the mRNA vaccine roll-out to children and says that parents are not provided with enough information to give informed consent to the injections and says;

“Without informed consent, the Nuremberg code is being violated –and many physicians across Canada and around the world are rising up to honor their pledge to always put their patients and humanity first.”

MP Derek Sloan raises concerns about censorship of doctors and scientists

551,485 views   Streamed live on Jun 17, 2021

Independent MP Derek Sloan holds a news conference on Parliament Hill to raise concerns about the alleged censorship of doctors and scientists as well as medical information related to vaccines. The former Conservative MP has been critical of lockdowns that have been in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and also sponsored a petition questioning the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. He is joined by Byram Bridle (associate professor of viral immunology, University of Guelph), Dr. Patrick Phillips (family and emergency medicine physician in Ontario), and Don Welsh (professor of physiology and pharmacology, Western University).

Another doctor to speak out was Dr. Charles Hoffe.

Open Letter to Dr. Bonnie Henry from BC Physician re: Moderna Vaccine Reactions


Dr. Charles D. Hoffe, BSc, MB, BCh, LMCC

Lytton Medical Clinic, Lytton BC V0K 1Z05 April, 2020


Dr. Bonnie Henry, British Columbia Provincial Health Officer

Ministry of Health 1515 Blanchard Street Victoria, BC, V8W 3C9

Dear Dr. Henry,

The first dose of the Moderna vaccine has now been administered to some of my patients in the community of Lytton, BC. This began with the First Nations members of our community in mid-January, 2021. 900 doses have now been administered.

I have been quite alarmed at the high rate of serious side-effects from this novel treatment.

From this relatively small number of people vaccinated so far, we have had:

  1. Numerous allergic reactions, with two cases of anaphylaxis.
  2. One (presumed) vaccine induced sudden death, (in a 72 year old patient with COPD. This patient complained of being more short of breath continually after receiving the vaccine, and died very suddenly and unexpectedly on day 24, after the vaccine. He had no history of cardiovascular disease).
  3. Three people with ongoing and disabling neurological deficits, with associated chronic pain, persisting for more than 10 weeks after their first vaccine. These neurological deficits include: continual and disabling dizziness, generalised or localized neuromuscular weakness, with or without sensory loss. The chronic pain in these patients is either generalised or regional, with or without headaches.

So in short, in our small community of Lytton, BC, we have one person dead, and three people who look as though they will be permanently disabled, following their first dose of the Moderna vaccine. The age of those affected ranges from 38 to 82 years of age.

So I have a couple of questions and comments:

  1. Are these considered normal and acceptable long term side-effects for gene modification therapy? Judging by medical reports from around the world, our Lytton experience is not unusual.
  2. Do you have any idea what disease processes may have been initiated, to be producing these ongoing neurological symptoms?
  3. Do you have any suggestions as to how I should treat the vaccine induced neurological weakness, the dizziness, the sensory loss, and the chronic pain syndromes in these people, or should they be all simply referred to a neurologist? I anticipate that many more will follow, as the vaccine is rolled out. This was only phase one, and the first dose.
  4. In stark contrast to the deleterious effects of this vaccine in our community, we have not had to give any medical care what-so-ever, to anyone with Covid-19. So in our limited experience, this vaccine is quite clearly more dangerous than Covid-19.
  5. I realize that every medical therapy has a risk-benefit ratio, and that serious disease calls for serious medicine. But we now know that the recovery rate of Covid-19, is similar to the seasonal flu, in every age category. Furthermore, it is well known that the side effects following a second shot, are significantly worse than the first. So the worst is still to come.
  6. It must be emphasised, that these people were not sick people, being treated for some devastating disease. These were previously healthy people, who were offered an experimental therapy, with unknown long-term side-effects, to protect them against an illness that has the same mortality rate as the flu. Sadly, their lives have now been ruined.
  7. It is normally considered a fundamental principal of medical ethics, to discontinue a clinical trial if significant harm is demonstrated from the treatment under investigation.
  8. So my last question is this: Is it medically ethical to continue this vaccine rollout, in view of the severity of these life altering side-effects, after just the first shot? In Lytton, BC, we have an incidence of 1 in 225 of severe life altering side-effects, from this experimental gene modification therapy.

I have also noticed that these vaccine induced side effects are going almost entirely unreported, by those responsible for the vaccine rollout. I am aware that this is often a problem, with vaccines in general, and that delayed side-effects after vaccines, are sometimes labelled as being “coincidences”, as causality is often hard to prove. However, in view of the fact that this is an experimental treatment, with no long-term safety data, I think that perhaps this issue should be addressed too.

Furthermore I have noticed, that the provincial vaccine injury reporting form, which was clearly designed for conventional vaccines, does not even have any place to report vaccine injuries of the nature and severity that we are seeing from this new mRNA therapy.

It is now clearly apparent with medical evidence from around the world, that the side-effect profiles of the various gene modification therapies against Covid-19, have been vastly understated by their manufacturers, who were eager to prove their safety.

Thank you for attention to this critically urgent public health matter.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Charles Hoffe

Dr. Hoffe also made this video describing how the vaccine creates blood clots.


In this explosive interview of Dr. Charles Hoffe on the Laura Lynn show, Dr. Hoffe explains how he has tested his patients who have received the COVID-19 shots and that 62% of them show blood clotting and permanent damage as a result. “The worst is yet to come” for these patients, he claims. Full interview here:

Is Lytton a special case or are deaths and adverse effects from the vaccines occurring all across Canada? I couldn’t find data on the total number of adverse reactions to the Covid-19 vaccines in Canada because we don’t have a system for reporting like VAERS which is in the USA. Since Americans are getting the same vaccines I think this excerpt from an article from The Defender is relevant. Please remember only about 2.5% of all adverse effects are reported to VAERS. So if you multiple these figures by 40 you will get a more accurate estimate of the total number of adverse effects. Since I covered adverse effects in my post, “The Virus is Not the Problem. It’s the Vaccine” this excerpt will be short.

Number of Deaths Reported After COVID Vaccines Jumps by More Than 2000 in 1 Week, According to VAERS 07/09

VAERS data released today by the CDC showed a total of 438,441 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID vaccines, including 9,048 deaths and 41,015 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020 and July 2, 2021. By Megan Redshaw

The Defender is experiencing censorship on many social channels. Be sure to stay in touch with the news that matters by subscribing to our top news of the dayIt’s free.

Data released today by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) included 9,049 reports of deaths, across all age groups, following COVID vaccines — an increase of more than 2,000 compared with the previous week. The data comes directly from reports submitted to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Megan Redshaw's avatar

Megan Redshaw

Megan Redshaw is a freelance reporter for The Defender. She has a background in political science, a law degree and extensive training in natural health.

301 heart breaking stories of people who have experienced adverse reactions from the Covid-19 vaccine are available on

There is one adverse effect of the vaccine I have not written about yet and that’s the possibility of infertility.


So where is Dr.Charles Hoffe now? Did he get fired?



TRUTH COMMUNITY HELP! Lytton was the first town in B.C. Canada to receive the Moderna Vax, which was given to Aboriginal Canadians first. This was racism by the elites to test on colored people first to produce death in this colored community. This county was destroyed by fire conveniently after Dr. Charles Hoffe who was very out spoken of the adverse reactions and deaths he had seen resulting from the gene therapy vax in his county. Is Dr. Hoffe still alive? Was this planned to destroy his medical records and evidence he had? Please continue this connection, if there is one… Very odd directed energy weapon evidence is seen with houses turned to dust but the trees next to them are ok. Please continue this investigation. Is Dr. Hoffe still alive, is his medical clinic destroyed?

Charles Hoffe wasn’t fired but he may have been set on fire.

You may have found that video hard to swallow so here are other cases where anti-vaxxers have died suddenly.

Jovenel Moise, 53, the president of Haiti who refused to have his people vaccined was killed by armed gunmen in the early hours of Wednesday in what Haitian authorities said was “a highly coordinated attack by a highly trained and heavily armed group”.

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli died at age 61 of a heart attack. Mr Magufuli was one of Africa’s most prominent coronavirus sceptics, and called for prayers and herbal-infused steam therapy to counter the virus. Coronavirus test kits used in Tanzania were dismissed as faulty by President John Magufuli because he said they had returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw. The CIA has developed two methods of creating heart failure without leaving any evidence. A frozen poison gun and an energy gun.

Vaccine whistleblower, Brandy Vaughan, was found dead in December of 2020 in her home. Vaughan, 47, was initially a pharmaceutical employee who sold Vioxx, a painkiller medication sold by the company Merck. It eventually came to light that Vioxx was found to double the risk of stroke and heart attacks in people. After the Pharmaceutical industry’s methodic profit-over-people campaign was realized, the Merck employee quit.To fight back, she started a non profit, Learn the Risk, to expose the dangers of the Pharmaceutical drug industry, including vaccines and unnecessary medical treatments that have caused illness and death in countless people outside the Merck trials. She instead dedicated her life to giving people natural, safe, holistic healing options. Brandy was on a mission, and doing damage. Shortly before her death she made a video that stated she was in good health, didn’t take any medications and would never commit suicide.

In case you don’t believe that there’s a weapon that can cause a heart attack watch this video.


The Liberals plan internet censureship pre-crime arrests quarantine camps and the taking of all private property.


Press For Truth


Bill C-10 has passed the house of commons and its fate now lies in the hands of the senate who may soon turn this bill into a law!! The bill seeks to regulate and control the free flow of information online in an effort to eliminate voices who have a large audience and who go against the status quo. On top of that the Liberals are also tabling a bill today that seeks to change the definition of what constitutes a “hate crime”! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth speaks with the leader of The People’s Party of Canada Maxime Bernier about the passing of Bill C-10, the introduction of this new bill and most importantly what Canadian’s can actively do to help protect free speech in this country moving forward before it’s too late!

My comments are that if C-10 is passed you will not have access to, this webiste or any platform or website that contradicts or criticizes the government.

If Bill C-36 is passed your neighbor or co-worker who never liked you and needs some extra cash may turn you in for a comment you made to collect $20,000. Since the identity of your accuser will not be revealed Liberal MPs or their friends may be given the names of dissents that the government wants locked up.

If the Liberals win the next election it will be up to the senate to stop these bills from becoming law which is not likely because the so called independent senate group which is the largest voting block in the Upper Chamber is largely made up of Liberal appointees who will vote along party lines.

Randy Hillier, Independent MP questions the government’s request for contractors to build quarantine camps but doesn’t get a straight answer.



This video reveals that the lockdowns were planned before the surge in Covid cases. In other words the media was directed to report a surge in cases on a predetermined date and then the government would respond with lockdowns.

If you refuse to participate in the debt forgiveness program you will be deemed a public health safety risk and be relocated into isolation facilities. There you would be given two options. Participate in the debt forgiveness program and be set free or remain in the facility and have all your assets siezed. Either way you lose all your assets.

Since there was a heated debate after Trudeau relayed the message he no doubt received from someone above him in the Cabal I have some hope that some Liberal MPs will not go along with this plan. More on the hierarchy of the cabal later. Trudeau’s statement that other countries will be following the same course of action reveals that there’s a playbook to establish the New World Order that all the countries are following. Well, not all the countries but certainly the 172 countries that signed the UN Agenda 2030 which in veiled language calls for the depopulation of the world by 95% The countries that are pages ahead of the others in the playbook are New Zealand, Australia and Israel. China and Russia are examples of countries that have used the playbook to created authoritarian regimes.

To insure the success of the Debt Forgiveness Program we will see interest rates rise dramatically after the election. Let’s not forget that in the Bank of Canada rate hit an all-time high of 20.03% in August of 1981. Morgages rates were at about 19%. This will happen again after the election to make the Debt Forgiveness Program more appealing to Canadians.

Let’s see what J.P. Sears has to says about The Great Reset

You’ll Own Nothing and Be Happy!? – The Great Reset

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So for those readers who are still with me, those who have not suffered a burst of projectile vomiting, a cardiac arrest or gone into a state of catetonic denial of these facts I want to show you how Canada and the rest of the world got into this mess. How the proverbial noose that’s around our collective neck was created and tightened year by year.

The Authentic Secret History of the World (Abbreviated Timeline)

This history of the world is from The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal on The Great Awakening Report website. I couldn’t reach this website with Google Chrome or Safari. I had to use DuckDuckGo. (I couldn’t reach it with any browser using my new iPad)

Part One

3000 BC The people in Sumer who claimed they were descendents of Noah traveled to Babylon. Then part of this group went north into Zhazaria, now known as the Ukraine. The people in the surrounding countries called them lawless thieves and spies sometimes murdered merchants traveling across their country and adopted their identities. They also had strange sexual practices and worshipped Ba’al a.k.a. Moloch a.k.a. Baphomet who demanded child sacrifices.

The statue of Baphomet is a bronze sculpture commissioned by The Satanic Temple in 2015 depicting Baphomet, a winged, goat-headed, humanoid symbol of the occult. 

In the year 600 AD the Ruler of Russia said that they had to convert to Judiasm, Christianity or Islam. The King of Zhazaria faked the adoption of Judiasm and continued the worship of Ba’al. In 965 AD the Russian ruler, Svaito Slav realized that they had been duped and decided to wipe out the entire snake pit. But the king of Zhazaria heard about this plan and fled the country along with his twenty five wives, all the nobles and an immense fortune in gold and silver.

One of the families that joined the exodus from Khazaria was the red shield family, the Rothschilds. They settled in Frankfurt, Germany, where they became wealthy and powerful through trade and banking. Mayer Rothschild had five sons, who became powerful bankers in five large cities, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples. They became the bankers of of kings and queens. They even became the treasurers of the Vatican.

1048 AD The order of Malta was founded in Jerusalem.  It had two divisions. One protected Christians traveling to the Holy Land and the order ran a hospital for Christian pilgrims. During the first 50 years of their existence Jerusalem was Muslim territory. 

1096-1271  The four Crusades were religious wars initiated and supported by the Roman Catholic Church. They were insane religious wars, focused on nothing but death, destruction, and forced conversion. Nearly 2 million people died.

1118   A French knight by the name of Hugo Pion founded a military order, called, The Knights of the Temple of King Solomon, later known as the Knights Templar.

1129 The order of the Knights Templar received the official support of the Roman Catholic Church. Donations came pouring in. The Knights adopted a code of conduct, which included unfailing obedience to the master. They acted swiftly and with certainty to do, as they were commanded. At the height of their power, the order of the Knights Templar comprised of almost 20,000 members. Only 10% were armed knights, the other 90% took care of infrastructure and logistics. Even though they vowed to live a life of poverty, the order was excessively rich owning large plots of lands, farms, vineyards, mills, horses, equipment, the island of Cyprus, and an impressive fleet of ships. All the way from Europe to Jerusalem, in every city, they have monasteries, castles, churches and universities. However, in the early 14th century, the Knights Templar met their final destiny. King Philip the force of France. This man was heavily indebted by the order. When he asked for even more loans, they refused. King Philip decided it was time for the Knights Templar to meet their maker.

1307 Friday, October King Philip IV ordered de Molay and scores of other French Templars to be simultaneously arrested. The arrest warrant started with the phrase: “Dieu n’est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume” [“God is not pleased. We have enemies of the faith in the kingdom”] Claims were made that during Templar admissions ceremonies, recruits were forced to spit on the Cross, deny Christ, and engage in indecent kissing; brethren were also accused of worshipping idols, and the order was said to have encouraged homosexual practices. Still, the Templars were charged with numerous other offences such as financial corruption, fraud, and secrecy.The Templars were accused of idolatry and were suspected of worshiping either a figure known as Baphomet or a mummified severed head they recovered, amongst other artifacts, at their original headquarters on the Temple Mount. (Wikipedia)

1312 With Philip threatening military action unless the Pope complied with his wishes, Pope Clement finally agreed to disband the order, citing the public scandal that had been generated by the confessions. At the Council of Vienne in 1312, he issued a series of papal bulls, including Vox in excelso, which officially dissolved the order, and Ad providam, which turned over most Templar assets to the Hospitallers. (Wikipedia) One month later, Pope Clement died. Eight months later, King Philip died. The Pope’s body was burned to ashes by a fire that was caused by lightning that struck the church. The king died of a stroke during a hunt. Contrary to what our history teachers have told us the Knights Templar did not end there but assumed new names.In other every European country the Knights Templar simply lived on the way they had, as if nothing much changed.The Order of the Rosicrucian used the same equal armed cross as its symbol. 

1530 For two centuries, two decades, two years after the official dissolution of the Order of the Knights Templar, the Jesuit Order founded. It was a Catholic religious order, founded in Paris. It was a military order of extremists, with sworn an oath of absolute submission and obedience to the Pope. This is the vow every new member had to make.

“I declare that I have no opinion, or will of myself, without hesitation obey every command received from my superiors, the Pope and Jesus Christ militia. I promise further and declare that when the opportunity arises, I will conduct a ruthless war secretly, or publicly against all heretics and liberals, as I am instructed to do to exterminate and destroy them of  the whole earth; and that I will not spare age, sex, or class, and I will hang up, burn, boil cook, peel, strange and bury the shameful heretics, rip the stomachs and wombs of their wives and crush the heads of their children against the wall for the purpose to destroy that horrible race forever. If this cannot be done openly and secretly minister the cup with poison-the strangling rope-the steel of the dagger or the leaden bullet regardless of the rank dignity or authority of the person or persons…as I will, anytime, be instructed by an agent of the Pope or superior of the brotherhood of the Holy Faith, of the order of Jesuits. 

In conformation of which I hereby dedicate my life, my soul and all of my corporal powers, and with this dagger which I now receive, I will subscribe my name written in my own blood, in testimony thereof; and should I prove false or weaken in my determination, may my brethren and fellow soldiers of the Militia of the Pope, cut off my hands and my feet, and my throat from ear to ear, my belly opened and sulpher burned therein, with all the punishment that can be inflicted upon me on earth and my soul be tortured by demons in an eternal hell forever.”

 We’re not talking about the lower segments of the order. It is the Jesuit Council grew into an extremely powerful group of men. Their influence went far beyond the religious world. It stretched all the way into the secular, they infiltrated the old Masonic lodges. The masons, were skilled tradesmen in the construction trade. The Jesuits were allowed to join because of their contributions in the area of architecture and science and their interest in the preservation of esoteric knowledge. They were the free, and accepted masons, hence the name, Freemasons. Freemasons were wealthy men with a special knowledge of architecture.

1760 Mayer Rothschild had five sons, who became powerful bankers in five large cities, Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna, and Naples. They became the bankers of of kings and queens. They even became the treasurers of the Vatican.

1773 The Jesuits had become way too powerful for the liking of eighteen Heads of State who obviously felt threatened by the powerful order. They banned the order and pressured the Pope, Clement the XIV to do the same. In 1773, the Pope succumbed to their demand in promulgated the Bull of Extinction to put an end to end to the Jesuit order. But it didn’t end there. It seems history repeats itself. Just like the Knights Templar before they continued using another name. In this case, the Freemasons. After his betrayal of the Jesuits, the Pope was murdered by poisoning. Just like the Luciferian Khazars, the Jesuits, and their  predecessors, the Knights Templar they had a taste for revenge.

Part Two

In 1773 a secret meeting took place between Mayer Amschel Rothschild and a select group of 12 elite bankers and businessmen and Adam Weishaupt. Rothschild proposed to join forces and riches with the purpose of world dominance. He thought that Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit trained professor that would be perfect to implement that plan and run their organization. 

Adam Weishaupt

1776  May 1st Adam Weishaupt founded the order of the perfectionist, later to be called the order of the Illuminati. It was the fusion of the financial empire of the Rothschilds, and the wealth and power of the Military Order of the Jesuits to achieve the creation of a world government, and world dominance. Not many people are aware of the fact that he based his order of the Illuminati on ancient documents, one of which was a letter that was given to him by Rothschild. This letter, referred to as the Constantinople letter was old and of extreme value to the Ashkenazi. It was 287 years old, written in 1489, by Nasi, the chairman of the Jewish High Council in Constantinople. It was 287 years old, written in 1489, by the Nasi, the chairman of the Jewish High Council in Constantinople, as a response to an outcry for help by the head of the Ashkenazi Jews in France. Remember the Aryans who had fled from the Russia army and who had changed the name to Ashkenazi Jews. They now felt threatened by the other ethnic groups in France, the king of even told them they had to convert to Christianity. The reply of the Nasi in the Constantinople letter was as follows. 

“As for what you say that the King of France obliges you to become Christians do it since you cannot do otherwise, but let the law of Moses be kept in your hearts. As for what is say about the demand to despoil you if your goods, make your sons merchants that little by little, they may despoil the Christians of theirs. As for what you say about them making attempts on your lives. Make your son’s doctors and apothecaries as they make take away Christian lives. As for what you say about them destroying your synagogue, make your son’s cannons and clerics, in order that they may destroy their churches. As for the many other vexations you complain of arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers and see that they always mix themselves up with the affairs of state, in order that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them. Do not swerve from this order we give you, for you will find by experience that as humiliated as you are now, you will reach the actuality of power.”

In other words they were told to fake conversion and infiltrate every aspect of society with the sole purpose of revenge and destruction. 

1799 to 1815 The Napoleonic Wars  Napoleon was a Masonic Grand Master. He was chosen, and initiated by the order to play a key role in that planned revolution. Napoleon’s brother, Louis Bonaparte was made Grandmaster of the Grand Lodge of France. Under Napoleon’s rule, the number of lodges in France grew from 300 to 1,220. Napoleon was a puppet of the Cabal. The hidden hand gesture that some historians believe was to cover an ulcer, was actually a common Masonic gesture, called the Sign of the Master of the Second Vail which many world leaders have shown throughout the ages. 

Napoleon Bonaparte
Karl Marx
Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Barrak Oboma
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


 1777  Wieshaupt joined the Grand Orient Masonic Lodge. He made over 2000 Jesuits, heads of the many lodges across the world, thus establishing a massive empire of power, in which the Jesuit Order was the spider in the web. Wieshaupt then officially left the Jesuit order, so that no suspicion, could ever be drawn to the involvement of the Roman Catholic Church and the Jesuit Council in the illustrious plans of the Illuminati.

1789 to 1799 The French Revolution was planned and orchestrated by the Freemasons. This was proven by the Jesuit, Augustin Barruel in his book, Memoires pour server a L’Histore Du Jacobinisme.” The French Revolution  was the master plan of the Jesuit Council to take revenge on France to destabilize the country through war and to destroy the French crown. They used the Jacobins an extremist political movement founded by none other than Napoleon’s advisor, the Jesuit Emmanuel Sieyes. The Jacobins crossed France rioting, plundering and murdering everyone who stood in their way. They left behind a trail of death and destruction, wherever they went. 

These wars caused even more instability and destruction in the countries Napoleon invaded, Austria, Russia, England, Prussia, Portugal and Spain, where the royal family was ousted and Napoleon’s older brother was put on the throne. Every country that I’ve once banned the Jesuit Order and the Ashkenazi Jews was now in ruins. This was one of the orders most dominant passions, revenge. 

During the Napoleonic Wars of the Illuminati Alliance who will now be referred to as the Cabal deployed the most successful strategy. They financed both the French and the English army. It simply didn’t matter who won. Either way they would make a profit. It was the Duke of Wellington who defeated Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.

1913 The Formation of the Federal Reserve Bank in the USA. In 1913 the US Federal Reserve Bank was founded the mother of all banks-owned by several Cabal families-including the Rothschilds. Remember what happened to the three wealthiest and most influential opponents of the Fed. They conveniently died on the Titanic which was owned by J.P.Morgan. Less than a year later, the Fed was a done deal.

1914 to 1918 World War One  On July 28, 1914, one month to the day after Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife were killed by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo, Austria-Hungary declares war on Serbia, effectively beginning the First World War.

The ruler of Austro Hungary, Emperor Franz Joseph the First had no successor to the throne as his only son had committed suicide. His nephew, Franz Ferdinand became heir to the throne. But his ideas about politics, were very different from his uncles, Franz Ferdinand wanted to decentralize. He wanted autonomy for the various ethnic groups and to incorporate Serbia, into the German Empire as a political entity, equal to Hungary and Austria. There was a thorn in the eye of his uncle, the Emperor. Although raised in the Jesuit image of his father and uncle, he had a mind of his own. He refused to adopt his uncle’s political vision, and he married the woman he loved, which was so not done within the elite. At the time of extreme internal unrest the Emperor sent his nephew to the border with Serbia, where he and his wife Sophie, were murdered.

This war was initially between Austro Hungary, a dual empire of Austria and Hungary on the one side, and Serbia, on the other. And so, Austro Hungary declared war on Serbia. Germany joined forces with Austro Hungary, England, France, Russia, and later, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria, and former Turkey, the Ottoman Empire came to the aid of Serbia. We all know the results. Four horrible years in trenches. Nine million killed. Germany was in ruins, and that was precisely what the Jesuits had aimed for as Germany was mostly Protestant. You may remember what it the Jesuit said about Protestants, they will do absolutely anything to destroy their horrible race forever. 

March 8, 1917 to June 16,1923 The Russian Revolution 

Every historian will agree on the fact that Lenin was heavily influenced by Karl Marx, the founder of communism, but Marx wasn’t Russian. He was German. Lenin was Russian, but as he spent many years in exile in Finland, Switzerland, England and Germany.  With his partner in crime, the Rothschilds, they started the Russian Revolution. Lenin wasn’t just inspired by Marxist communism but also by his Jesuit background. Marx was trained in Germany at a Jesuit school. And after that, he was taught by Jesuits in the British Museum on the tenets of communism confirmed by  ex-Jesuit priest, Alberto Rivera. And there was more Jesuit influence on Lenin, his right hand man, Felix Dzerzhinsky, who was the head of the Soviet secret police, was a great admirer of the Jesuits. Furthermore, Lenin formally readmitted the Jesuits into Russia in 1922, which is rather strange as religion was prohibited at that time within communism. But then again, was it strange? The origin of communism came from the Jesuit ideology, as confirmed by many historians. 

The Jesuits in the 17th and 18th centuries, perfected the first system of communist governance and their reductions in Paraguay. In the new Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. It reads, “on the conditions of property, the economic basis was a sort of communism, the land, and all that stood upon it was the property of the community. The land was apportioned among the caciques(the leaders of the indigenous groups) who allotted it to the families under them. Agricultural instruments and cattle were loaned from the common supply. No one was permitted to sell his plot of land, or his house. Very communist indeed.But then again, was it strange origin of communism, why isn’t the Jesuit ideology, as confirmed by many historians. The Jesuits in the 17th and 18th centuries, perfected the first system of communist governance and their reductions in Paraguay. In the new Advent Catholic Encyclopedia. It reads, on the conditions of property, the economic basis was a sort of communism, the land, and all that stood upon it was the property of the community. The land was apportioned among the caste six who lotted it to the families under them. Agricultural instruments and cattle were loaned from the common supply. No one was permitted to sell his plot of land, or his house. Very communist indeed, we will see later on in this documentary that even the term social justice was invented by the Jesuits, the first man to name it and write about it was the Jesuit Luigi

Lenin was a Jesuit puppet who was pushed forward by the Cabal to destabilize and destroy the country. He hated Russia and the Russians, some of his most famous quotes are “I spit on Russia.” “While the state exists, there can be no freedom. When there is freedom, there will be no state,” and “maybe 90% of the Russians die, and let the other 10% live under communism. 

The Russian Revolution was a Jesuit attack on the country. The motive, revenge. The tool the Bolsheviks. They were the equivalent of the Jacobins during the French Revolution. Millions of people died in Russia between 1917 and 1923, the year in which the Russian Revolution ended with the Bolshevik founding of the Soviet Union. 

1929 The Wall Street Crash On October 23 1929 2.6 million shares were sold in a frenzy by members of the Cabal. On October, 24 at 9am Wall Street was closed, and the moneymakers who would have gathered outside slowly started to realize in a state of shock, what had happened. Loans were called in. Investors were forced to sell their shares. The Wall Street Crash, brought the rest of the world to its knees. 16,000 competitive, non fed banks were bought by the Federal Reserve which was owned by several Cabal families. It was called The Greatest robbery in history. But it wasn’t enough.The Fed reduced the money supply even further by 30%, causing starvation throughout the US. Congressman McFadden was so horrified, he began impeachment proceedings against the bankers who owned the Federal Reserve. He was poisoned at a banquet, and the impeachment, was abandoned.

On top of everything else, income tax was created in 1913 to cover the huge amounts of money the government was paying the Federal Reserve One of the dire consequences of the Wall Street crash was that the Fed called in, all international loans. The country that was the worst affected was Germany after World War One, the country had to pay reparations to the victims, for which it desperately needed the loans as well as for rebuilding the country, and the economy. When the Fed called in the loans, the German economy collapsed. The country dived into a deep depression. That same winter about 2 million people were unemployed, less than three years later, that number actually tripled, meaning a staggering unemployment rate of 40%.

Part Three

1933 The Rise of the Nazi Party The government’s expenses to support these people went through the roof. The Chancellor cancelled unemployment support in a desperate move, which made things even worse, more Chancellor’s came and went. Nobody knew what to do with this mess, people were losing faith in democracy, music to the ears of the Cabal and sought help from extreme left the communists or extreme right, the Nazis in January 1933 Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. Although he had a majority of seats in parliament. He did not have the absolute power he desired. Conveniently, only four weeks later, the Reichstag, the home of the German parliament in Berlin was set on fire, allegedly by communists.

Hitler used the event to persuade the President, Paul von Hindenberg to pass an emergency act restricting personal liberty. The act abolished  freedom of speech, assembly, privacy, and the press and abolished or the right to own property and the right of trial before imprisonment. It legalized phone tapping and interception of correspondence. The decree was used as the legal basis for the imprisonment of anyone, considered to be opponents of the Nazis. People could be imprisoned for any or no reason. That night around 4000 people were arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the SA. Hitler was now able to imprison communist leaders, so his main opponent during the elections, the Communist Party fell apart.

Hitler’s actions intimidated the rest of the opposition, after which he pushed through the enabling act that enabled him to make laws, without the parliament’s consent for the next four years. This gave him, absolute power, then that and all political parties, only the Nazi Party was allowed to exist. The final obstruction to absolute dictatorship was dealt with on June 13, 1934 called, The Night of the Long Knives, with 400 S.A. members who were making demands are slaughtered by Hitler’s S.S. One and a half months later, Hitler was in absolute control of Germany. He had become the Fuehrer, meaning he was the President, Chancellor and head of the Army, members of the armed forces had to swear a personal oath of allegiance. Not to Germany, but to Hitler, which is so Jesuit, remember the oath of absolute subservience and obedience to the supreme general?

Hitler was a great admirer of the founder of the Jesuits, Ignatius of Loyola. He said, “I learned much from the order of the Jesuits. Until now, there has never been anything more grandiose on the earth, and the hierarchical organization as a Catholic church. I transferred much of this organization into my own party.” Hitler called Heinrich Himmler, the inventor and organizer of the Holocaust the Reich’s Fuehrer of the S.S. and compared him to Ignatius of Loyola. He said the S.S. organization has been constituted by him, according to the principles of the Jesuit order, the regulations and the Spiritual Exercises prescribed by Ignatius of Loyola, as a model Himmler tried to copy exactly in his title as supreme chief of the SS, was to be the equivalent to the Jesuit General and the whole structure and direction was a close imitation of the Catholic Church’s hierarchical order. Absolute obedience was the supreme rule. Every order to be executed without comment. Hitler presented himself as the solution to all problems, he offered jobs in the war and weapon industry. He got rid of everyone he blamed for Germany’s problems, the Jews, the gypsies communists, the disabled, the homosexuals, and he confiscated all of their money. Hitler was supported by a highly efficient propaganda machine, led by SSR, Joseph Goebbels who brainwashed the German people into believing that Hitler was some sort of a Messiah, and that the Jews were the cause for evil. Well, we all know what happened 85 million people died in World War Two.

There were many more wars to follow, like the Vietnam War, the Cold War,  instigated and financed on both sides by the Cabal. That’s how people across the world were kept in fear. Paralyzed and poor divided and subservient. Once you understand and see the strategy, you cannot unsee it. But the worst was yet to come for times were changing and the Cabal adapted their strategy, as time went along, keywords in the everlasting plan to conquer the world. Hatred, revenge, disdain. These three words were perfectly combined in one document, the protocols of the learned Elders of Zion.

Part Four

The Protocols of Zion have been dismissed as a hoax, but we can assure you, after months of in depth research that they are not. They were slightly altered, yes, but they are not a hoax. In the 24 protocols, the Elders of Zion describe their vision of the world, its depopulation. And the ultimate goal. Absolute world dominance, and a one world government, a new world order in which that King, the King of kings will be ground on the throne of Zion, to rule the world forevermore.

They were published in Russia, in 1905. As a linguist, with a degree in palaeography, the study of ancient documents, I can assure you that most statements about the Protocols of Zion, are incorrect… (The alterations were the change of the words Khazars to Jew and Khazarian to Jewish.) This is the perfect text to use as a trigger for anti semitism in the Russian Revolution, and both World Wars, to turn the Jews into the ultimate scapegoats. The more we studied this subject, the more we came to realize how the Jews have been used by the Ashkenazi throughout the ages to receive the blame of everything that went wrong. Everything they did. 

The protocols are a description of all the possible ways the Cabal use to control, manipulate brainwash and dominate the goyim or ordinary people. There are not only 24 protocols but also 293 paragraphs, we filtered them all down to the most essential ones, and in some cases, slightly altered the syntax of the sentences so that the old use of words, became more understandable. First of all, their disdain, their contempt is shocking. 

The mob is savage and displays it savagery at every opportunity. The moment the mob seizes freedom in its hands, it turns to anarchy, which is the highest degree of savagery. We are interested in killing out the goyim. Our power is in the chronic shortness of food and physical weakness of the worker because that implies he is made, the slave of our will. We shall move the mobs by one to envy and hatred and with their hands, we shall wipe out all those who hinder us on our way.

The goyim are a flock of sheep, and we are they are wolves. If we’ve been able to bring them to such a pitch of stupid blindness. Is that not amazingly clear proof of the degree to which the mind of the goyim is undeveloped, in comparison with our mind. This is mainly, which guarantees our success.

The presidents are mere puppets on strings, we replace the ruler of the Republics by a caricature of a government by a President taken from the mob from the midst of our puppet creatures, our slaves. We shall arrange elections in favor of such presidents who have in the past, some dark undiscovered secret. This will make them trustworthy agents for the accomplishment of our plans, out of fear of exposure, and from the natural desire of everyone who has attained power, namely the privileges, advantages and honour that is connected with the office of president. We shall take the right to propose new laws or make changes in existing laws, as the President is only a puppet in our hands. Liberals and masons are relentlessly used. The part played by the Liberals and utopian dreamers, will be finally played out when our government is acknowledged. Till such time they will continue to do as good service. Therefore we shall continue to direct their minds to all sorts of vain conceptions of fantastic theories, new and progressive until we come into our kingdom.

We shall create and multiply Masonic lodges in all the countries of the world, absorb into them, all who are prominent in public activity for these lodges, our principal intelligence office, and means of influence. All these lodges, we shall bring under one central administration, known to us alone. And to all of us absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders in my secret political plots will be known to us, and fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. Among the members of these lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police, since their service is irreplaceable to us, as they have their own measures with the insubordinate. The class of people who willingly enter into secret societies are those who live by their reason. Careerists mostly like minded people with whom we shall have no difficulty in dealing, and in using. But if there should arise in its midst a plot. Then at the head of that plot will be no other than one of our most trusted servants. The goyim enter  our lodges out of curiosity, or in the hope to get a nibble of the public pie, and some of them in order to obtain a hearing before the public for that impracticable, and groundless fantasies, they thirst for success and applause, of which we are remarkably generous. You cannot imagine to what extent the wisest of the goyim can be brought to a state of unconscious naivete in their arrogance and how easy it is to take the heart out of them, by the slightest ill success or nothing more than the stoppage of the applause they had, and to reduce them to a slavish submission for the sake of winning a renewal of success, these tigers in appearance have the souls of sheep and the wind blows freely through their heads. We execute masons in ways that none but the Brotherhood can ever have a suspicion of, not even the victims themselves of our death sentence, they all die when required, as if from a normal kind of illness. Knowing this, even the Brotherhood may not protest. By such methods, we have plucked out of the midst of masonry, the very root of protest against the us. 

The press will be that golden tool to steer the mob. Through the press we’ve gained the power to influence while remaining ourselves in the shade. Not a single announcement will reach the public without our control. All news items are received by a few agencies. These agencies will be entirely ours. They will give publicity, only to what we dictate to them. All our newspapers will be of all possible complexions, aristocratic, Republican revolutionary, even anarchical. Those fools who will think they are repeating the opinion of a newspaper of their own camp will be repeating, our opinion or any opinion that seems desirable for us. the people shall be distracted with empty words and broken promises.

We shall raise the rate of wages which however will not bring any advantage to the workers for at the same time, we shall produce a rise in prices of the basic necessities of life, claiming that it arises from the decline of agriculture and cattle feeding. There is another reason why they will close their eyes, for we shall keep promising them, to give back all the liberties we’ve taken away, as soon as we have quelled the enemies of peace and tamed all parties. We shall distract them with amusements games, pastimes, fashions, people’s palaces. Through the press we shall propose competitions in art, in sports of all kinds. These interests will finally distract their minds.

 All layers of society will be infiltrated. It is from us that the all engulfing terror proceeds, we have in our service persons of all opinions, of all doctrines, restorating monarchists, demagogues socialists, communists, and utopian dreamers. We have harnessed them all to the task of drilling away the last remnants of authority. By these acts all states are in torture and ready to sacrifice everything for peace and tranquility, but we will not give them peace until they openly acknowledge our international super government and with submissiveness.

We have got our hands into the administration of the law, into the conduct of elections, into the press, into liberty of the person, but principally into education and training as the cornerstones of a free existence. The administrators who we shall choose from among the public with strict regard to their capacity for obedience, will not be persons trained in the art of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisors, specialists guides and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the whole world. We shall surround our governments with a whole world of economists around us will be a constellation of bankers, industrialists capitalists and the main thing, millionaires, because everything will be settled by the question of figures. Who will ever suspect that all these people were stage managed by us, according to a political plan, which no one has so much has guessed at in the course of many centuries. 

The ultimate threat. You may say that the goyim will rise upon us, arms in hand if they guess what is going on before the time comes. But in the West we have against this a manoeuvre of such appalling terror that the very stoutest hearts will quail. The underground metropolitans, those subterranean corridors, which before the time comes, we’ll be driven under all the capitals and from where the capitals will be blown into the air with all their organizations and archives. They will cause mayhem. We have stirred up every form of enterprise. We have armed, all parties, we’ve set up authority as a target for every ambition. Of states we’ve made gladiatorial arenas where a lot of confused issues contend… a little more, and disorders and bankruptcy will be universal. This hatred will be further magnified by the effects of economic crises, which will stop dealing on the exchanges and bring industry to a standstill. Universal economic crises, whereby we shall throw up on the streets whole mops of workers simultaneously in all the countries of Europe, these mobs will rush to shed the blood of those whom they have envied from their cradles in the simplicity of their ignorance, and whose property, they will then be able to loot. Remember the French Revolution, the secrets of its preparations are well known to us, for it was wholly the work of our hands.

There will be a transition period. In order to put public opinion into our hands, we must bring it into a state of bewilderment, by giving so many contradictory opinions that the goyim will lose their heads in the labyrinth and come to see that the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in political matters. In order for the people to become accustomed to obedience, it is necessary to give lessons of humility and therefore to reduce the production of articles of luxury. We shall reestablish small master production, which will mean laying a mine under the private capital of manufacturers. In the resulting chaos, people will fail to understand one another. It will discourage any kind of personal initiative, which might hinder our affair in any degree. There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative, if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more harm to us than can be done by millions of people, among whom we have so discord. We must so direct the education of the goyim communities that whenever they come upon a matter requiring initiative, They may drop their hands in despairing impotence. We shall so wear down the goyim, that they will offer us international power that will enable us without any violence, gradually to absorb all the State forces of the world  to form a super government. In place of the rulers of today we shall set up a super government administration. Its hands will reach out in all directions, and its organization will be of such colossal dimensions, that it cannot fail to subdue all the nations of the world. The moment of the recognition of our despot will come when the peoples, utterly weary by the incompetence of their rulers, matter which we shall arrange for, will cry out away with them, and give us one king over all the earth that will unite us and annihilate the causes of disorders, who will give us peace and quiet, which we cannot find under our rulers and representatives. Then will the mob exalt us, and bear is up in their hands in an unanimous triumph of hopes and expectations. Voting, the instrument we have made to set us on the throne of the world will then have served its purpose and will play its part for the last time.

The new kingdom will be blood curdling. We shall create an intensified centralization of government, in order to grip in our hands all the forces of the community. We shall regulate all the actions of the political life of our subjects by new laws. These laws will withdraw one by one all liberties of the goyim and our kingdom will be distinguished by a despotism of such magnificent proportions that we can wipe out any goyim who oppose us by deed or word. The word freedom brings out the communities of men to fight against every kind of force, every kind of authority, even against God, and the laws of nature. For this reason, when we come into our kingdom, we shall have to erase this word freedom from the lexicon of life as implying a principle of brute force, which turns mobs into bloodthirsty beasts. Freedom is the right to do that which the law allows. All freedoms will be in our hands. In our program, 1/3 of our subjects will keep the rest under observation from a sense of duty on the principle of volunteer service to the state. It will then be no disgrace to be a spy and informer, but a merit. When we have at last definitely come into our kingdom by the aid of coup d’état we have prepared everywhere on the same day we will make it our task to see that plots against us shall no longer exist. With this purpose we shall slay without mercy all that take arms to oppose our coming into our kingdom, every kind of new institution and anything like a secret society will be punished with death.

Those now in existence are known to us serve us, and have served us, but we shall disbanded them and sent them into exile to continents far removed from Europe. In this way we shall proceed with those goy Masons who know too much, those we may spare will be kept in constant fear of exile from Europe, as the center of our rule. One authority will be glorious because it will be all powerful, our authority will be the crown of order. And in that is included the whole happiness of man. We the law givers shall execute judgment and sentence, we shall slay and we shall spare, we rule by force of will and the weapons in our hands are limitless ambitions, burning greediness, merciless vengeance, hatred and malice. Resolutions of our government will be final without appeal. Judges decide as we dictate them. When the time of our overt rule comes all our laws will be brief, plain stable, without any kind of interpretations, so that anyone will be in a position to know them perfectly. The main feature is submission to orders, and this principle will be carried to a grandiose height. Criminals will be arrested at the first, more or less well grounded suspicion. It cannot be allowed, that out of fear of a possible mistake opportunities should be given for escape to person suspected of a crime for in these matters we shall be literally merciless.

We shall re-educate the universities in a new direction, their officials and professors will be prepared by detailed secret programs of action, and will be so placed as to be wholly dependent upon the government. We shall replace the study of ancient history with a study of the program of the future. We shall erase from the memory of men, all facts of previous centuries, which are undesirable to us and leave only those which depict all the errors of the government of the Goyim. We shall abolish every kind of freedom of instruction. It is indispensable for us to undermine all faith to tear out of the mind of the goyim the very principle of God, and spirit, and to replace them with arithmetical calculations and material needs. When we come into our kingdom, it will be undesirable for us, that should exist any other religion than ours of the One God, with whom our destiny is bound up by our position as the chosen. We must therefore sweep away all other forms of belief. Our preaching of the religion of Moses has brought all the peoples of the world into subjection to us. Our philosophers will discuss all the shortcomings of the various beliefs of the Goyim. But no one will ever bring under discussion our faith from its true point of view, since this will be fully learned by none save ours, who will never dare to betray its secrets. Freedom of the press, or right of association, freedom of conscience, the voting principle must disappear forever from the memory of man and undergo a radical alteration, the day after the promulgation of the new constitution. What we want is that from the first moment of this promulgation while the peoples of the world are still stunned by the accomplished fact of the revolution, still in a condition of terror, and uncertainty, they should recognize once and for all, that we are so strong, so super abundantly filled with power, that in no case, shall we take any account of them. And so far from paying any attention to their opinions or wishes, we are ready and able to crush with irresistible power all expression or manifestation thereof. At every moment, and in every place and we have seized everything we wanted, and shall in no case divide our power with them. Then in fear and trembling, they will close their eyes to everything and be content to await for what will be the end of it all. We’ve been leading the peoples from one disenchantment to another, so that in the end they will turn, also from us in favor of that King-despot of the blood of Zion whom we are preparing for the world. The new king, the chosen one. This CHOSEN ONE OF GOD is chosen from above to demolish the senseless forces moved by instinct and not reason but by  brutishness, and not humaneness. These forces now triumphing manifestations of robbery, and every kind of violence, under the mask of principles of freedom and rights. They have overthrown all forms of social order to be erect on the ruins the throne of the King of the Jews, but their part will be played out the moment he enters into His kingdom, then it will be necessary to sweep them away from his path. When the King of Israel sets up on His Sacred Head, the Crown over to him by Europe, he will become patriarch of the world. This king will be the real Pope of the universe, the patriarch of the International Church.

The Protocols of Zion portray the world as it is today. Well, almost. The Khazarian King of Kings is not on the throne in Jerusalem just yet. The world population has not begged the Cabal to bring order out of chaos just yet.

This is as are far as I will go with the transcripts of this documentary. There are fifteen great, well researched parts. In the next part she covers Agendas 21 and 2030 and exposes the UN Peacekeepers who have raped and sex trafficked children in many parts of the world. Part 6 is about Kissenger, Sanger, forced abortions and sterilizations and Planned Parenthood. Seven deals with the 5500 NGO’s connected to the UN who supposedly do charity work but actually launder billions of dollars to avoid paying tax and advance the Cabal’s plan for depopulation and world dominance. Part 8 Exposure of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Part 9 Gates obsession with GMOs and his ties to the US army and the corruption of Tedros Ghebreyesus, director of the WHO. Part 10 Exposure of Gates buying shares in companies active in the areas of manipulation, censorship, human trafficking and Adrenochrome and his multiple trips to Epstein Island. Part 11 Gates involvement with some of the most polluting companies. Part 12 Gates ultimate weapon, Gene Drive Technology. Part 13 Final exposure of Gates. Part 14 The Era of Depopulation. Wars, and no so natural disasters, droughts, famines and the Spanish Flu. 

So now you know the enemy. A coward who lurks in the shadows and always gets revenge. A psychopath who has zero regard for human life who will lie, steal or murder to achieve his plan for a New World Order.

So what about Canada? Are there Freemasons here? Are they in politics?

Here are the answers from Wikipedia

At the time of confederation in 1867 eleven men of the 37 Fathers of Confederation were Freemasons.

Freemasonry in Canada traces its origins to the United Grand Lodge of England, the Grand Lodge of Scotland and the Grand Lodge of Ireland, as a result of Canada’s history as a dominion within the British Empire. Freemasonry in the United States, including Prince Hall Freemasonry, also influenced the formation of Freemasonry in Canada.

Prime Ministers that were Freemasons.

Freemasonry is an international semisecret fraternal movement of regionally or nationally federated organizations with about 200, 000 Canadian members.

OMG are there any politicians in Canada that are not Freemasons?

”Anyone who aspires to pursue a career in politics to reach the top must become member of one of the 36 hidden ultra secret Ur-Lodges, of which even high-grade Freemasons have no knowledge…

There is no premier, minister or chancellor or president who is not a member of at least one Super-Lodge. In the Ur-Lodges they meet regularly with media moguls, bankers and industrialists to coordinate and execute the policy of the ruling powers.”

de Ruiter, Robin. PAVING THE ROAD TO HELL 2 – High-ranking Politicians in the Grip of Ultra-Secret Masonic Lodges.

Lets take a look at the macabre initiatory rite and vow that new freemasons have to take.

Freemason Initiation Ceremony and Vow

Candidates were traditionally recruited by word of mouth, but in the digital age men can apply online. Some of the rumours about the ancient initiation ceremony are true. The candidate must roll up one trouser leg to show that he is healthy and unshackled, a free man. He must expose his left breast to show that he is not a woman. A rope noose known as a cable tow is placed around his neck. This represents either an umbilical cord or ties to fellow masons. It is open to interpretation.

He is then led blindfolded into the lodge meeting room, where he is introduced to the secret signs of recognition – a word, a handshake, a symbol – and expected to deliver oaths of loyalty and secrecy. The blindfold is removed and he is shown the light.

The taking of oaths is obligatory as one progresses on to become a Master Mason, as is the initiation oath, which is mandatory in order to become accepted as a candidate for Freemasonry. The following oath may deviate somewhat, depending on the lodge location:

I most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, ever conceal, and never reveal, any of the arts, parts, or points of the hidden mysteries of ancient Freemasonry. All this I most solemnly, sincerely promise and swear, with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any mental reservation or secret evasion of mine whatever binding myself under no less a penalty than that of having my throat cut across, my tongue torn out by its roots, and buried in the rough sand of the sea at low-water mark where the tide ebbs and flows twice in 24 hours, should I ever knowingly or willingly violate my solemn oath and obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me, God.

Sounds like the oath the Jesuits took hundreds of years ago. Some things never change.

Here are some interesting excerpts from an article in the Guardian.

Integrity or influence? Inside the world of modern Freemasons

This article is more than 3 years old

The secret society is still pretty secret, and recent claims have reawakened long-held suspicions over its influence in public life

Two freemasons’ lodges operating in Westminster

Then on New Year’s Eve, the outgoing chair of the Police Federation, Steve White, tossed a hand grenade into this carefully crafted reputation management operation, with an allegation that Freemasons were blocking reforms in policing and thwarting the progress of women and officers from black and minority ethnic communities.

“The people who blocked progress at the Police Federation were all masons,” he said. “And they were all a pain in the arse…”

One lapsed mason told the Guardian: “You’d find yourself sitting in one meeting after another surrounded by lots of old men. Masons profess a belief in equality, but there are no women and very few black faces.”

Suspicion grew during the 1970s after journalists began unearthing evidence that a handful of police officers and criminals were members of the same lodges. The following decade, suspicion turned to paranoia after police in Italy began to investigate the notorious Propaganda Due lodge and its suspected links with a banking collapse and the murder of the banker and lodge member Roberto Calvi, who was found hanged under Blackfriars Bridge in London in 1982.

That year, the Scotland Yard commissioner Sir Kenneth Newman advised his officers to stay clear of Freemasonry. “The discerning officer will probably consider it wise to forego the prospect of pleasure and social advantage in Freemasonry, so as to enjoy the unreserved regard of those around him,” he wrote. A number of officers responded by setting up a new lodge, the Manor of St James.

Newman’s successor, Peter Imbert, went further, quietly putting out the word that his officers should leave, and that those who refused would not achieve high rank. At this point, according to a number of masons, many Scotland Yard officers quit the brotherhood.

By then, however, the Commons home affairs select committee had decided it should investigate the influence of Freemasonry in public life. The UGLE agreed to cooperate, but only after it had been warned it could be found in contempt of parliament if it did not.

One of the main witnesses was Martin Short, a campaigning journalist who investigated Freemasonry and corrupt links between police and criminals, and whose book on the brotherhood was an 80s bestseller.

In 1998 the committee concluded that while it had no evidence that Freemasonry had played a role in police misconduct, it could not rule out the possibility. It also said that while there was “a great deal of unjustified paranoia about Freemasonry”, the brotherhood, with its obsessive secrecy, was partly to blame. The solution, the committee said, was for public servants to be required to declare membership.

For a while, newly appointed judges and magistrates were obliged to declare whether they were masons. Expansion of the registry was resisted by the UGLE, however, and in 2009 the justice ministry quietly dropped the measure after the European court of human rights ruled that a similar registration scheme in Italy was discriminatory and breached masons’ rights to freedom of association.

Secrecy intact

Short remains suspicious. “It’s not the handshakes and rituals of Freemasonry that are secret” he says. “As always, its biggest secret is its membership. Who are these 200,000 men? We have the names of their ceremonial leaders, as listed in the Masonic year book, but almost all the brothers are unknown. We have no idea how they relate to each other in society at large, or what deals they may be doing behind our backs to the detriment of everyone else.”

As for the Shriners all being a great group guys…

Winnipeg Sun  Shriner bash a crime?


Wednesday, January 31, 2001


The Khartum Shriners’ problems may have only just begun.

Potentate Bill Kubik said a Winnipeg Police Service investigation into the disbanded Motor Patrol Unit’s highly publicized “Gentlemen’s Dinner” last Thursday could drag on for more than three months.

“Hopefully not, but their could be possible criminal charges,” Kubik added.

And don’t expect any Shriners from the disgraced unit to have their memberships revoked — at least not right away.

Imperial Potentate Robert Turnipseed, who has the final decision on who gets booted from the international fraternity of 525,000 men, said he’s waiting for a full report from Kubik before he makes a judgment.

“The buck stops with me, yes,” Turnipseed said yesterday morning from his home in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. “But I don’t know the seriousness of it and how far it has gone until I read the report. Obviously, if the newspaper reports are true, it’s a very disturbing situation.”

The $75-a-plate, invitation-only night out — hosted by the Shriners’ 50-member motor patrol at the Garden City Canad Inn — featured strippers allegedly performing sexual acts with guests.

Following a four-hour meeting Monday night at the Wilkes Avenue Shrine Temple, Kubik revoked the motor patrol’s charter and seized its bank account.

“This money will not be used for the children’s hospital or Shrine patient transportation,” the local chapter’s CEO said. “I really have no idea what money they raised and I’m really not interested because we will not accept it as a charitable fund-raiser.”

Besides the police investigation, Kubik is also awaiting final reports from the Garden City Canad Inn and the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission.

And the Manitoba Human Rights Commission announced yesterday that it will also be investigating possible violations of the Human Rights Code as complainants step forward.


“It’s hard to imagine how these participants reconcile the reported activities with their roles as fathers, husbands, brothers and neighbours,” commission chairman Ken Filkow said in a statement. “Winnipeg is, above all, a community and many of the participants, it would appear, were well known to each other’s families.”

Most people in Canada know of the infamous serial killer, Paul Bernado. But did you know he was a Freemason?


Invisible Darkness: The Strange Case Of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka 


Grand Lodge of Ontario Canada Master Mason, Serial Killer and Serial Rapist Paul Bernardo

‘Freemasonry takes good men and makes them better’

At one point Bernardo was on the top of the Police Department’s suspect list when he was terrorizing women in the Toronto suburb of Scarborough with his years long rape spree.

Police strangely never completed his D.N.A. test until three years later when contacted by Niagara Police detectives, even though premliminary tests had showed he was one of the only five out of several hundred suspects who whose blood type had fit the initial screening test done from semen samples collected from the victims. When his DNA test was finally done it was a perfect match!

Unfortunately by then Bernardo had graduated to his grisley rape-mutilation killing rampage with his depraved wife Karla Holmolka.

There are so many inexplicable oversights in the police investigation related to Bernardo including specific repeated complaints by some of Bernardo’s former girlfriends that police discounted because after the initial interviewing of Bernardo they said he didn’t seem like a serial rapist. Furthermore the witness i.d. sketch made of Bernardo, which was an exact likeness of him, was not released by Police for years after the rapes had started.

Did some members of Bernardo’s Masonic Lodge who were also members of the Metropolitan Toronto Police recognize the likeness portrayed in the artist’s sketch of the Scarborough Rapist?

Did the large Police Officer Masonic Lodge Membership cloud some Detectives judgement about ‘Brother’ Bernardo’s suitability as a suspect? How many Scarborough Police Officers were members of Scarborough Rapist Paul Bernardo’s Scarborough Masonic Lodge?

Did the intelligent, cunning, and manipulative Bernardo invoke his ‘Masonic Cable Tow’ and ‘Sign of Distress’ to escape arrest, or sideline the investigation?

Is Freemasonry the missing piece to the puzzle of how the Police could have failed for so long to stop Bernardo, including the ignoring of repeated tips about him, that has raised so many questions in the public’s mind?

Just ask the famed British Brinks Mat gold bullion criminal Kenneth Noye. He intentionally joined a Masonic lodge filled with police officers to give him the extra “edge” he needed.

Freemason Symbols Are Everywhere

I guess spelling is not considered important stuff.

I have been focusing on the Liberals in this post but in truth there’s only one party in Canada the Cabal Puppet Party which has five divisions. The Liberals, Conservatives, NDP, the Green Party and the BLOC. All the parties supported the lockdown and the agenda for genocide by vaccination in Canada.

I will leave you will this song of resistance to the tyranny that’s happening in every country. It is called Stasi State. But what is a Stasi State?

Excerpt from Wikipedia for Stasi.

The Ministry for State Security or State Security Service commonly known as the Stasi  was the official state security service of the German Democratic Republic (East Germany, GDR). It has been described as one of the most effective and repressive intelligence and secret police agencies ever to have existed. The Stasi was headquartered in East Berlin, with an extensive complex in Berlin-Lichtenberg and several smaller facilities throughout the city…One of the Stasi’s main tasks was spying on the population, primarily through a vast network of citizens turned informants, and fighting any opposition by overt and covert measures, including hidden psychological destruction of dissidents (Zersetzung, literally meaning “decomposition”). It arrested 250,000 people as political prisoners during its existence. Its Main Directorate for Reconnaissance was responsible both for espionage and for conducting covert operations in foreign countries. Under its long-time head Markus Wolf, this directorate gained a reputation as one of the most effective intelligence agencies of the Cold War. The Stasi also maintained contacts, and occasionally cooperated, with Western terrorists. Numerous Stasi officials were prosecuted for their crimes after 1990.

Get off your chair,

pump your fist in the air

and sing along if you dare.


Update October 15th, 2021

Although I’m grateful for the intensive research Childs has done and his courage in bring us a five hour disclosure about Freemasonry some of his statements are just plain annoying. He repeatedly says in this video that he is the only one blowing the whistle on the Freemasons. This just isn’t true. and the as well as many others who have written books about freemasonry have revealed the true nature of this satanic organization. Childs also repeats many times Jesus saved him from certain death so he could make this video. He heard a voice that woke him up in time to wake the driver of the van he was in to prevent a high speed collision with a cement wall. He puts down other religions and mainstream Christianity. “When anyone tells me that Jesus died on the cross for my sins it feels like they are trying to guilt trip me into accepting the bible as the word of God and Jesus as the only way to salvation.”

The bible has been purposely edited and distorted to instill obediance through fear. Lisa Renee has said that Jesus who was from Sirius B was not crucified. The Sanhedrin convince someone else to be crucified instead of Jesus which reinforced their idea that blood sacrifice was necessary for the expiation of sins. But if you can ignore Altiyan’s saviour/hero complex you will get a lot of factual information about the cult of freemasonry.

This video by Altiyan Childs shows photos of many popular actors, models, sports stars, rockstars, writers, billionaires, presidents and kings, the heros and idols of the masses giving gestures and handshakes that indicate that they are Freemasons/Satanists. It becomes clear that being a Satanist is a prerequiste for becoming very successful. He even claims that David Icke is a freemason.This I can’t believe because of the many books Icke has written that expose the members and plans of the cabal.

And who is the most sucessful quarterback of all time? Tom Brady, of course with seven superbowl wins. The Chiefs were favoured to win Superbowl 55 but the Bucs, Brady’s new team, beat them soundly, 31 to 9. A total of 4.3 billion was bet on the game. What’s really going on here? This is my theory, witchcraft. No, I’m not kidding. Gisele says in a clip in Childs’ video,”You do your work and I’ll do mine… You’re lucky I’m a good witch.”

On the very narrow chance that an opened minded NFL player who wants to beat the Bucs reads this post below is a defence against witchcraft which is a form of psychic attack. Just learn it and do the visualization daily and before and during your games against the Bucs.


Sign of the Master of the Second Veil

Billy Graham and former president Harry Truman confirming with the Mason handshake they belong to the same club.
Gisele Bundchen (Brady’s wife)

Tom Brady


Brady and Brazilian-born Bündchen have been married since 2009. At the time of their nuptials, he already notched his first three Super Bowl victories, while she was considered the top supermodel in the world. Her name was nearly synonymous with the Victoria’s Secret Angels campaign (although she’d ended her contract with the lingerie brand two years prior) and she was the highest paid model in the world for 15 years in a row


What are your thoughts on this topic? I would love to hear from you marvelous, independent thinkers who are lovers of truth and freedom. I consider all of you to be members of the planetary liberation community. If you scroll way down past the donation block and the tags you will find an opportunity to leave a comment. I’m very interested in your opinion. 


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2021 Post Disclosure Secret Dark Technology

Nanobots Found on Covid Test Swabs

(12,091 w0rds)

Inspired by a parasitic worm that digs its sharp teeth into its host’s intestines, Johns Hopkins researchers have designed tiny, star-shaped microdevices that can latch onto intestinal mucosa and release drugs into the body.

Nanobots like these have been found on the swabs used to test for Covid-19. There is a trace mineral that can inhibit the growth and replication of nanobots.

Microdevices, Nanodust, Smart Dust Nanoparticles or Nanobots are in Your Body

We have been dosed with them in our food, water and from chemtrails since 1990. Currently there are 3,400 foods that contain these devices. When they replicate too much they break through the skin and are called Morgellan’s disease. Are they releasing drugs or do they have another purpose?

Is there proof we are getting infected with nanobots? These documents from the Scott Hensler Network indicate we are.

This screen shot of the letter is blurry so I’ll summerize it. It’s dated June 2013. The title on the cover page is DTFN Estimates for Nano Domestic Quell Phase 4 Update Compliance. It’s from the Department of Defence to the Assisstant Director of Advanced Projects, the Office of DARPA command. It’s instructing DARPA to inform the following companies and cities to increase the inflows of liquid dispersion as follows in the letter.

It also states that the general infection rate for the Amercian popualation at that time was 87.2%. The above screen shots were taken from the video on the Scott Hensler Network


The following information is from this Space Busters video, “Guess What’s in the Covid Test Swabs?”

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is blurring the Line between the Physical Digital and Biological Worlds

The COVID deep nasal test swabs are not tests at all. They too are a multi purpose nano biological warfare and transhumanism technology that we will cover in great depths in this film…So let’s start paying attention. This is important information, this rice sized microchipping propaganda is old school conspiracy theory rhetoric to throw you off from researching where technology is really at today. We are now in the era of nano dust nanoparticles smart dust and the fusing of technology and human biology, known as synthetic biology. The website sums this up like this. The fourth industrial revolution is of a scale, speed and complexity that is unprecedented. It is characterized by a fusion of technologies, such as artificial intelligence human gene editing and advanced robotics, that is quote blurring the line between the physical digital and biological worlds, unquote.

The new nano chips are only one seventh of one millimeter squared in size. It has GPS capability, sometimes called Smart dust, as they can be sprayed on us absorbed in the sweat pores of the skin, taken in foods drinks injected. And also, inserted through the nasal passage with a cotton swab. They have a two axis magnetic sensor to track direction. Remember that magnetism, an accelerometer to track speed light intensity sensor humidity sensor pressure sensor, even a temperature sensor and can transmit wireless to the smart grid Internet of Things and the cloud. Literally hooking up its human biological host to the smart grid tracking system, like a walking breathing smartphone…

Are We Being Vaccinated by the Covid Test?

The use of nano carriers provides a suitable way for the nasal delivery of antigenic molecules, meaning a fast way to poison your interstitial fluids directly up your nose… But hydro gel nanoparticles and nano composites have already been researched for nasal drug or vaccine delivery, not just injectable vaccines, hydro gel nano systems have muco adhesive properties, meaning they stick to your boogers and mucous membranes longer in order to maximize the residence time and hence, increase the period of contact with the nasal mucosa and enhance the poisoned antigen or smart dust absorption into your body. Another study speaks about the development of intra nasal oral topical vaccination…So the billion dollar question. Are we being tested, or vaccinated and nano chipped without consent. 

Leave That Damn Test Alone

An unidentified woman analyzed this covid test swap.

Cotton fibres are white and don’t magetically repelled each other. These covid test fibres are sliver and are magnetic. She had these comments.

“And these are the same particles that come out of my body. These are nanoparticles. These particles are live and they move, I just broke it down here… That’s the silver fiber. It’s shiny, it’s silver, and they’re alive. Leave them damn test alone that’s what you’re going to do, because they’re not doing testing, absolutely not. They’re putting nanoparticles right into your head. I know this for a fact because this material, these fibers, these silver fibers right here come out of my body. They’re called more morgellans.”

Brian has fibre pulled from his hand by Dr. Casey.

Dr Casey has taken numerous fiber samples, she says that, it’s unlike anything she’s ever seen. They are not textile. They’re not any known substance, Dr Casey was amazed by the mysterious fiber on Brian’s hand and decided to have it tested. She tugs on it but the fiber holds firm. Finally, it comes loose… Dr Casey and her colleague Dr. Randy Wymore took the samples to Tulsa’s crime lab. They were told that the fibers are not any known textile cotton or rayon or nylon, not any of those. What’s more, the fibers don’t burn when exposed to high heat.

Covid “rapid tests” found to contain cancer causing chemical ethylene oxide used for medical sterilization

10/31/2021 / By Ethan Huff / Comments

A union group called Isotita (Equality) that represents public sector workers is calling for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “rapid tests” to be suspended from use after it was discovered that the swabs contain ethylene oxide, a toxic substance.

The Cyprus-based union says that current requirements mandating testing every 72 hours be immediately discontinued in order to protect the health of workers who are constantly being exposed to the toxin.

The European Chemicals Agency (ECA) says that ethylene oxide, which is used to coat and sterilize both the fraudulent PCR and rapid tests for the Chinese Virus, is toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic when inhaled.

Since the tainted swabs are being jammed up people’s nasal cavities, sometimes multiple times per week, ethylene oxide is almost certainly being inhaled and potentially planting the seeds of chronic disease.

Ethylene oxide is a gas commonly used to sterilise many different types of medical devices, including swabs used in test kits,” reported the Cyprus Mail.

“Ethylene oxide (EtO) gas sterilisers have been used by hospitals for over 40 years to sterilise surgical equipment and supplies that are heat sensitive or that cannot tolerate excessive moisture.”

In the European Union, ethylene oxide is prohibited in food production, and under EU Regulation No. 2015/868, the highest amount allowed in residue is specified at 0.05 mg/kg.

In Fauci Flu rapid tests, however, the amount of ethylene oxide detected is around 0.36 mg/kg, more than six times the allowable level under current government guidelines.

Even trace amounts of ethylene oxide far lower than what’s found in rapid tests cause cancer

The media network Pronews TV also ran a special on the tainted rapid tests, noting that highly toxic swabs are being repeatedly inserted into people’s nasal cavities where the deadly substance is being implanted.

Back in August, health authorities ordered a recall on foodstuffs that were found to contain lower levels of ethylene oxide than what is contained in the swabs. Based on this, the rapid tests also need to be recalled and immediately discontinued from use.

The EU government claimed that the levels of ethylene oxide found in food pose no danger to human health because the amounts are too small to cause problems, “however based on scientific studies it is assessed that frequent consumption on a long-term basis, even with trace amounts of ethylene oxide, increases the risk of developing cancer,” reports explain.

Current EU standards state that a food product can be recalled from the market “even where a single ingredient in the foodstuff is shown to be tainted with ethylene oxide at the lowest level detectable, including where the ingredient in question comprises the smallest part of the foodstuff percentage-wise.”

Keep in mind that many, if not most, of the available rapid tests for the Chinese Virus come from none other than China. It is thus not a surprise that they contain hidden chemicals that are damaging people’s health on top of the “vaccines” and face masks.

“How ridiculous! Why would the Chinese communists want to harm us using cotton swabs?” asked one commenter at the Cyprus Mail sarcastically. “Surely the Chinese Communist Party are the most noble and honourable people who only wish to sell their products to us safely … surely!”

Another wrote that it was obvious since the beginning of the “scamdemic” that the testing is part of the poisoning process.

“And nothing yet about the graphene oxide also found in masks and same testing swabs,” another wrote about additional toxins found in the plandemic protocol.

“What about reports that under the microscope bits of the test swabs break off and remain lodged in the upper nasal passage causing inflammation?” asked another.

More of the latest news about the Chinese Virus can be found at

Sources for this article include:

The PCR Test Is A Microchip Delivery System

 In Explosive Topics

Former FEMA Whistleblower Celeste Solum explains that the Corona PCR “test” is implanting a microchip.

“So the Nasopharyngeal Covid19 PCR “tests” were never tests at all. They are implanting chips, inserting Nanobots called Nanites with a bioweapons payload for the brain, while at the same time harvesting DNA.
The PCR swab is inserted straight to the Nasopharynx behind the nose and forehead where your eyes are. It’s at the blood brain barrier and next to your pineal gland. I believe they are knocking out people’s senses with these Bioweapons and killing human intuition and your ability to cognitively see what they are doing to us. They’re knocking out our senses and targeting the brain with Nanites that carry a payload as Celeste spoke about in previous videos. This is war. Serious warfare.


A PIXE Scan Revealed the Fibre Contained a Radioactive Metal

This is a quote from the emails of an anonymous person.

“They handed me the swab and I took off with it. When I got home and examined it. I found this holographic optical chip on the end of the swab. I ran a PIXE (Particle-Induced X-ray Emission) on it and sure enough I detected TC technetium element 43, a radioactive transition metal with bio infiltrator properties, including mind control and DNA direct manipulation… It is a Pyro phosphate ion with Tc 99, which adheres to calcium deposits. Calcium is known to be liquefied in 5g frequencies isotopes of technetium 99M. It binds chemically to many biologically active molecules. These properties make it suitable for many medical radioactive isotope reactions when Tc 99, M is combined with a tin compound. It binds to red blood cells and can therefore be used to map circulatory system disorders. And then there is a link to microscopic nanotechnology polymer fibers.

Dr. Lorraine Day was asked this question,

Do you believe that this mRNA vaccine for genetically modified mRNA will actually take a piece of your DNA out, it will replace it with a synthetic one?

Her reply will shock you.

They can do it anywhere they want in your whole DNA mechanism. Who knows what they’re going to modify about you, but that also makes you patentable…The vaccinations, they’ve already started them. They started them a long time ago, because the test vaccinates you. 

So, the article right here in front of me, and here’s what it says. Yes, they can vaccinate us through the nasal swabs and target the brain…I said this is crazy. Because…they would not allow you into a store, if you just wear a mask over your nose. Your mouth has to be covered because supposedly the COVID-19 is in your saliva. Well, if it’s in your saliva, then all they have to do is swab the inside of your mouth like they do for DNA cast. But no, they take these long Q-tips and they stick them all the way back almost into your brain. They stick them back to their maximum into the nasal sinuses and then they twist them. Alright, here’s what they’re doing. First of all, there is a very thin planar bone that covers the brain between the brain and the nasal sinus, and it’s called the cribriform plate, and every doctor knows about the cribriform. Alright, now the cribriform plate has some openings in it where olfactory nerves from the nose go through that plate into the brain. This kind of bone in the first place is porous anyway so substances can go through it. So when they take that swab and they put it back there, and twist it, what they’re doing is deposit things back there… Particles that are actually on the ends of the Q tips that they’re putting in there, that can get into your brain. These particles can be hooked up to the cloud. 

Narrator Many different transhumanism patents had already been filed years before the COVID AIDS pandemic was ever heard of, for governments banks and corporations to hook their humans and animals up directly to the Internet of Things, through the upcoming 5 G and 6 G smart grids and smart cities in order to track monitor and control all resources on the planet. 

An AT&T US Patent 10163055 b was for routing policies for biological hosts products to provide interfaces between intra host networks and inter host nano smart dust networks within biological hosts utilizing neural regional translations performed to route communications to and from the biological hosts and AT&T US Patent 20130142363 was for devices and methods for transferring data through a human body, using short range 5g millimeter wave communications through Bluetooth and other devices, by transferring data signals through the bones and skin of a human user by placing a pH some electric transducer microphone on or inside the body that could even occur through human bodies making physical contact. 

We also have the now infamous Microsoft patent for a digital cryptocurrency system using body activity data.

US 16138518 from March, 2020, and it’s world patent W. Zero 2020 060606666.

Narrator: Human body activity associated with a task provided to a user may be used in a mining process of a cryptocurrency system, a server may provide a task to a device of a user, which is communicatively coupled to a server, a sensor coupled to or compromised in the device of the user may sense your body activity and user body activity data may be generated based on the sense body activity of the user. The cryptocurrency system communicatively coupled to the device of the user may verify if the body activity data satisfies one or more conditions set by the cryptocurrency system. And award cryptocurrency to the user, whose body activity data is verified.

As a Crypto Slave You Must do the Task you are Assigned to Receive your Wages

In other words, in the coming cashless society. If you want to get paid your digital crypto slave wages, you’ll have to do whatever task you’re told to do. And this device will spy on your body to make sure you’ve actually done it. But how will this sensor hooked up to the user’s device possibly know what your physical body has or hasn’t done? It will communicate directly with the nano smart dust chips that have already been inserted into your brain and body through the deep nasal Covid test swab. 

The behavioral futures markets are being set up by billionaires and corporations, as well as the behavioral surplus industry and human biometric energy transfer technology for crypto data mining, powered by those people, ignorant enough to take the test or vaccine injection and luciferase hydro gel tattoo for their vaccine passport, imagine this scenario, the government all seeing AI tells you to go to a specific location and dig a ditch all day, and you will get paid whatever non negotiable amount of digital cryptocurrency credits that they choose into your account. If you don’t do it, because you don’t want to be a ditch digger the nanos smart dust sensors inside of your body broadcast your every location, movement, and biometrics back to the government. AI through the wireless 5G sensor interfaces will give you away. Your social credit score will be lowered to restrict all allowed activities and travel possibilities. And you will receive no digital currency credit in your account as punishment for failing to complete the task you are dictated. As Klaus Schwab put it, you will own nothing and you’ll be happy about it. Or as George Orwell put it, if you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever. 

If you think that after you die your body will no longer be a crypto miner for Bill Gates you should watch this creepy video.


Dead men may indeed tell tales. They can broadcast a Bluetooth signal. That is pretty creepy. I can hear it now, police will be using this to find the bodies of murdered people. Holy crap.

A Solution They Do Not Want You to Know  Dana Ashlie

In this video Ashlie interviews Terrel who helped build hundreds of H.A.A.R.P. facilites.

So to give you some background about seven years ago, this man had assembled a team of over 300 people, scientists, physicists doctors, lawyers and think tank people to prepare research. One man had built hundreds of H.A.A.R.P. facilities, all over the planet. Now he and his research team were getting together daily for the purpose of officially disclosing the information behind this facilities, and those chemtrails in the sky, … The men who built these facilities knew…how these particulates interact with human biology in conjunction with the facilities that he had built. So, not long after this team of researchers began having regular meetings, and even radio programs where they began divulging this information thirteen members, and his personal family were attacked, and many lost their lives. It’s no joke. He lost his own mother multiple cousins, and others who weren’t taken out came down with this sudden mystery virus, leading to the immediate need of heart surgery, many of these folks died within weeks some within days, but all of them together within the same couple week period of time. The group was totally disbanded. They got what they wanted.

There is Substance to Counteract this Technology

But most importantly, these men knew the simple substance to counteract this technology which is why I’m sharing this with you today, even though I’m sticking my neck out, and we won’t take that sentence any further. He shared how these particulates grow to a pre determined diameter, once they hit the hydrochloric acid of human digestive tract. He explained how these bots, then have the capacity to move, and communicate within the global frequency and believe it or not, craziest part is yet to come. You’ve seen the movie The Matrix. Right. Well, it’s more real than any of us want to consider. He claimed that the ultimate purpose is to collect all kinds of biological data from you, just like a Fitbit can tell you your heart rate and whatever. These things are being used to create a simulated version of you right now. According to him, the data is being collected and it’s coming from us, to create a real world simulation of you. Apparently, they do this to keep an eye on who’s causing the kind of ripples within our network of communication that puts their elite plan in jeopardy. But down the road. The plan is to flip and let them do the controlling. But anyway, he ended the email by saying, you might believe that the government is behind this, but the dunces in Washington are bumbling idiots compared to the elite, and they’re mad scientists.

Dana I can’t even believe what all you’ve been through. I mean I can, but that was incredible in regards to your team that you had and everything I’m very sorry for what you went through. But I would assume that part you don’t want to be shared, or discussed in public now.

Terral I’m not sharing my screen right now right now? I’m just making sure. That’s a topic that we can go through, if you want to. I’m just warning you that you’re going to be tracked…this could raise your threat level and my threat level. We’re talking replication inhibitors.

H.A.AR.P. High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

This facility was built by the Air Force. About 20 years ago they started to do active experiments in the ionosphere. It’s important for a lot of things, like satellite communication, any kind of radio signals that pass through the atmosphere are affected by the ionosphere. Fundamentally what this is about is taking the ionosphere and turning it into a laboratory. We can do experiments, we can create bubbles, we can heat small sections. If we create waves we can we can excite plasma resonances to do a lot of experiments. We can we can transmit signals all around the world. And we can do experiments and no one else can do laboratory. It is a laboratory without walls.

Dana You mentioned this program since 2013 maintains the carrier wave around our planet that AI uses to create frequencies for maintaining communications within our bodies, creating input feeds.The goal is to create a, like a matrix, your real world simulation was populated with real world hosts a little you and a little me and they’re just like in the matrix with Neo and Morpheus, they’re having a conversation just like we are.

Terral The goal is to take the data from us. Our respiration or a heartbeat everything and feed it directly to the real world host to make it as real as possible. Over 70% of population can be integrated into the real world simulation. 

Nanobots are in Animals and Plants

So they can use AI using voice commands to eliminate an individual, and a family, or race of people by heart Nanos with this carrier wave. So it’s like broadband for the communication. AI inside your body for gathering all the information back and forth communication, for giving information to the real world host. So, the idea is to build and populate the real world simulations, the feed is coming from us to them but then the plan is to reverse the feed. So they reverse the feed then they get the host working ahead of us and then I’m being controlled by the host inside the simulation. That’s what they’re doing. But it’s not just for people. It’s not just for animals. It’s for everything.

What is the Chemtrails?

Terral So there’s a disconnect with people’s understanding. They think that they’re spraying bots on us, that would never work. What they do is they spray these components, and then we breathe them in animals breathe them in. They’re spraying them on the plant life and it takes them in. What goes into our lungs our body wants to expel this microscopically small stuff. Sure, so it comes back up in the phlegm in a mucus and then we swallow it goes down into the acid rich environment, that’s where the crystallization begins. So these little component elemental parts go down in there. They begin to replicate. They grow to a predetermined diameter, which is very small, going to be 10 nanometers. They’re very very small. Then on the corners of these crystal formations once they grow to that specific size that they were commanded to grow then on each corner is where the filaments grow. It resembles a tick. So it has arms, and has antennae. It’s made out of the same silicone based stuff, if you will, that causes disease in people.

The Nanobots Can Combine Together To Create Other Things

That’s right. They can also work together, combined together to create other things. Okay, they’re very extremely extremely small. But all the component parts together they can build whatever they want. inside of you that causes just reaction and a small percentage of the population that people are getting domeless disease is not supposed to happen. It’s uncontrolled replication is cancer of the silicone base so if you were silicone based life form, instead of a carbon based life form, then you would have replication, as a means of reproduction. Just like ourselves, divide and to reproduce that’s how that’s how our bodies are maintained. Well uncontrolled cellular division is what cancer is with a silicon based life form it’s just out of control, not being governed by the by the genetic code, if you will, is about this in our DLL ns a, a replication accident.

Photo Of A Nanobot

Dana I at first was doubtful. If you think about it, powers it be, but no one has to see proof of this program inside our bodies. And that’s exactly what one does. It’s silicon replication and ungoverned overdrive like some sized alien cancer spitting it’s tangled silicon filaments, and crystals through people’s skin. It certainly taken this whole concept of our being inherited from total fiction into an event that’s physical evidence left behind. Not that everyone, claiming this issue is legit, but many are and have proof. These poor people suffering from this replication overgrowth are haunted with itchy skin or lesions form as a silicon life forms, come through their epidermis. Of course, looking like they’re on drugs with some of these lesions all over them. Many are desperate to know what’s happening. Doctors just label them as delusional parasitosis and send them home with antibiotics. Many take matters into their own hands on microscopes to study the filaments themselves. Here is one example.

Dana And so, obviously they have some kind of means to turn on some kind of virus inside of us. That like you were saying it causes flu like symptoms it fills the lungs with fluid.

Terral We learned that as a result of this, our group knew about the inhibitor. And we were trying to get the information out, educating people. But hey I put up a red flag, and then more people began going down, and two groups in March and April 2012, my mother went down with the first group who went down, and she never had any heart issues. It’s going to work in the lungs first, and then it’s going to cause the body to begin going into convulsions, and then heart palpitations, and then the heart is going to give out… I said they can work together and they build nodes, inside the main arteries of the heart. They build them and then they unbuild them. One cousin didn’t have any plaque or anything in her system. She had to go to the hospital and get a stent put in the heart because they identified two small nodes growing in her heart. She was going through this at the same time period that I’m talking to you about My mother was on the way to the hospital to get a stint when she died. All my cousins had the same symptoms. This was going on in the members of my group in the same two week period. There 13 of them that we know about, and the youngest one was 25 years old, and now she has a stint in her heart.

Terral was Down for the Count Three Times in 2012

I was down for the count three times in 2012 myself but I was taking as much as I could of the inhibitor. So maybe that had something to do with it. Maybe they keep me around to desensitize people about it. We had 360 member research team came together on pal talk. We were doing up to seven radio shows per week. But we disbanded after the deaths, just threw everthing away. Now you see I hardly do any interviews. The idea is to stay behind the pace, yes to go nice and slow and become their useful. desensitizing agent. So, they’re going to use this Planet X thing, I’m not a planet x guy at all, they labeled me as Planet X guy, pushed me out there and then use my testimony to desensitize people. I don’t reach too far ahead. That’s what I’m saying AI is going to use us, and he doesn’t want to kill useful assets. He’s going to win the game playing in this way, but it allows us the opportunity to get the information out to people that are awake.

The Nanobot Inhibitor

It’s a mineral. It’s very common, very accessible and cheap. You might have a form of it in your laundry room right now called. Twenty Mule Team Borax. So, you take a pinch of that and water every day. So, in the morning and then once again around noon and then in the evening, I just take one pinch. Just the smallest little pinch that you can put in that’s all it takes to have enough in your system. The maximum daily dose allowed by the FDA is a quarter teaspoon for y a 200 pound man. But if you’re just using a pinch you’re never going to get near that. Apple cider vinegar, has a 9.3 pH raising your pH makes it more difficult for the fungi, (and nanobots) to grow.

If we focus on the health benefits, you’re going to decalcify the pineal gland, right, you’re going to be able to think more clearly. 75% of people in the United States already are on the death cycle.

On teh subject of vinegar. All you have to do is take one glass just like this one. And you’re going to add two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. In the morning, and you’re going to use the same glass we’re just going to drink a third of that with breakfast, third was launched at the dinner and that’s it. 9.3 ph ph your blood, it’s going to give you about 18 health benefits just doing that. And about six more added to that, by taking the borax. Just, just those three pitches, raise your blood pH and you begin, reducing the amount of candida in your body which creates cloudy thinking, the fungi inside your body rewires the neural network. Just like the bacteria to generate your appetites and things. You eat the same thing over and over your bacteria and stomach’s not gonna like it. A good diet increases the bacteria in your system. The fungi encourages a bad diet becuase it wants to kill you. Bacteria wants to build you up, and that’s the good guy and the bad guy in your left shoulder makes it difficult to get good food. You can’t eliminate the fungi from your body, it is definitely is supposed to be there when your body does die.( to decompe the body) It’s just activated beforehand, by the foods that we eat.

Fake Whistleblowers

The thing to realize is that people like George Soros, for example, and people like Benjamin Fulford. These are the mouthpieces of these elite groups, and they are set out to manipulate and control the narrative, sometimes to get conversation rolling. Whenever you see the term insider or whistle blower nine times out of ten that person is someone that is sent out there to distort a message that is a threat to the ultimate plan. So he’s part of the machine. Those are people that just control the narrative, if they were a real threat like we are they are not gonna be walking around. You’re not gonna find too many interviews with me talking about this.

Dana So I just want to thank you so much for, for sharing this with us today and I’ll point people later as to how they can find those newsletters, you talked about.

To order Terral’s newsletter “The Black Star Newsletter-Survival Group Programs click on the link below. It’s $25 per year.


Conclusions about Terral’s Interview

I don’t agree with his ideas about the virus and it’s variants expressed on his website. Icke and Renee have said the virus doesn’t exist and there is proof on this in my post End of the Mask-erade 2.0. His Black Star theory which is that in May, 2021 an asteroid will come close enough to the earth to cause a pole shift and wipe our 90% of the planet is interesting. But no one I trust is talking about this imminent threat. Terral as a christian has a end of the world, armageddon mind set that contributes to the this type of scenario actually occurring. This attitude is intentional and due in part to the false crucifixion stroy. This is what Lisa Renne has to say,

When our Planetary Logos was invaded and corrupted by the Reptilian Controllers (Archons) of the NAA, the planet and our race were impacted dramatically.

This meant humanity was no longer free to create and evolve as per the original Blueprint of our intended creation, and we had no memory of what had happened to us. We were recycled through continual reincarnation on the Astral Plane with no memory of the past lives, who we really are, where we are going, or what our real relationship is to God and what humanities “purpose” actually is. Over time most of us lost our feeling connection to our Soul and we became numb to the pain in order to survive in anti-human based structures. What has happened to our planet is not human, it is “alien” to the true nature of humanity…

The pain upon the planet was immense, as the deepest trauma of suffering is when a being is fully disconnected from the Soul/Source of Creation. Our planetary logos was invaded with multiple mutations of alien Mind Control programming while siphoning our life force to other planets that serve alien agendas. One of the largest lies promoted to divide our race is the War over False Gods. The false archetypal story of a Crucified Christ figure is a mockery to further enslave humans into believing in a salvation model through a Crucified Christ. It represents the tortured human being, as we are all the Christ, and we have been crucified/implanted as our planet was invaded. These structures are called Crucifixion implants. These Crucifixion implants are tangible control structures placed in the 7th dimensional logos, and therefore it is in our individual bodies, in the 7th Chakra, its complex, meridians, and the entire left side (our female spirit) of our bodies. We are not aware of these implants until we open the 7th Seal and start connecting this part of our 7th layer light body to our personal consciousness field

I am grateful for Terral’s disclosure and courage. But I will not be subscribing to his newsletter. I will check out his video channel on This article describes the benefits of boron. It warns against taking it orally. Terral has been taking it orally for about eight years without any adverse side effects so I have ordered some of Millard’s Borax and plan to take it daily.

Evidence Based This post has 76 references4.6 /56

6 Benefits of Supplemental Boron + Signs of Deficiency

Written by Puya Yazdi, MD | Reviewed by Ana Aleksic, MSc (Pharmacy) | Last updated: August 12, 2020Jonathan RitterMedically reviewed byJonathan Ritter, PharmD, PhD (Pharmacology)

Some nutritionists call it an ultra-trace element: a nutrient that affects your body and health even in minuscule amounts. This post will overview findings of positive effects associated with the use of boron supplements or dietary boron intake, as well as possible side effects.

What Is Boron?

Boron is a metalloid element with atomic number 5. It is relatively rare and never appears on Earth in its pure form. Instead, boron is found in compounds like borax, boric acid, kernite, ulexite, and colemanite [1].

Many nutritionists do not consider it an essential nutrient (even though it is essential for growth and positively affects health) because it does not have a “defined biochemical function.” Recent research has found that boron is important for immune function, bone health, brain health, and hormone production, but there is no recommended intake [2, 3, 4].



  • Important for bone, brain, and reproductive health
  • May be useful for passing kidney stones
  • Dietary intake may help prevent arthritis
  • Easy to get enough from the diet
  • Toxicity is rare


  • Possible toxicity at high doses
  • May interfere with thyroid function
  • Not enough research to identify a recommended intake

Boron Deficiency

Deficiencies of any important nutrient will cause health problems, and these problems can help us understand the nutrient’s normal function. Because there is no official recommended intake of boron, it is difficult to identify or assign symptoms to boron deficiency.

According to some researchers, boron deficiency may cause problems with bone development, growth, and healing. When people don’t have enough boron, their bone cells can’t lay down new bone tissue properly, which may lead to bone diseases like osteoporosis and rickets [4].

Many of the symptoms of boron deficiency line up with those of vitamin D deficiency. This overlap suggests that boron may interact with the skeletal system through vitamin D metabolism [4].


Boron metabolism appears to vary between families: according to one analysis, relatives tend to have much more similar levels of boron in their blood than unrelated individuals. However, they also tend to live in similar environments with similar amounts of boron in their diets. Researchers have yet to identify the genes that manage boron metabolism [5, 6].

Metabolic Functions of Boron

Researchers are investigating the role of boron as an ultratrace element and how it contributes to human health. Evidence suggests that boron is important for the following functions, but these are not necessarily grounds to supplement with boron. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to determine if your diet may be deficient and if supplements or diet changes may be appropriate for that reason.Get the Regimen of A Top Biohacker Preparing His Body to Fight Coronavirus

1) Bone Health

Boron prevents the breakdown of vitamin D and increases the amount of available vitamin D in the body. Because vitamin D is essential for skeletal health, boron is also important to maintain strong bones [4].

One study found that the bones of people taking boron supplements were much more resistant to cutting than those of people not taking supplements. Boron supplements also increased the mineral density of female athletes’ bones [7, 8].

In postmenopausal women, boron supplements reduced calcium loss and reduced the rate of osteoporosis [9, 10, 4].

2) Wound Healing

Boron seems to be important for healing wounds. It may participate in the production of fibrous proteins like collagen and other compounds that help repair damage to skin, bones, and other tissues [4].

A gel containing boron is under investigation in the healing of diabetic foot ulcers. The gel killed microbes like yeast and fungi and significantly sped up the process of wound repair and tissue growth in a laboratory setting [11].

Boron also induces the growth of bacteria-eating white blood cells called phagocytes. These cells help fight infection and kill pathogens [12].

Animals fed diets high in boron experienced faster and better quality wound healing [3].

3) Sex Hormones

Testosterone and estrogen are considered the two most important sex hormones. They are often called the male and female sex hormones, respectively, although each has many functions in both men and women [13, 14].

Boron may affect the amount and effect of both testosterone and estrogen in the human body. It may also have a lesser effect on a third hormone called FSH.


Testosterone, the “male sex hormone,” has a seemingly endless list of functions. It determines the sex of a baby in the womb. It drives puberty in boys. It is a steroid that builds muscle. It coordinates sexual drive. It improves memory and cognition – and more [13].

Low testosterone is much more serious in men than in women, largely because men have higher levels of testosterone by default. Low testosterone can cause weakness, fatigue, depression, sexual dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, anemia, bone disease, facial and body hair loss, and insomnia [13].

After one week of daily boron supplements, eight healthy men had significantly increased testosterone in their blood. According to the authors, boron may deactivate a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), which was significantly lower in these men only six hours after their first boron supplement [4, 15].

Boron supplements also significantly increased testosterone in postmenopausal women. This effect was most dramatic when the women’s diets were low in magnesium. Testosterone is sometimes used to treat sexual dysfunction in women after menopause, but only if these women also have high enough levels of estrogen [16, 4, 17].


Estrogen, the “female sex hormone,” is vital for both men and women, though estrogen levels are much higher in women. Estrogen drives puberty for girls and determines sexual behavior in women. In men, estrogen is important for sexual development and healthy sperm [18, 19, 20].

Estrogen also maintains brain function, controls appetite, and supports the health of the thyroid gland, bones, and skin [21, 22, 23, 24].

Abnormally high or low estrogen levels can both cause health problems. High estrogen may increase the risk of cancer or stroke; low estrogen, especially in women, may cause memory problems, irregular menstrual cycles, bone disease, and depression [25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31].

After menopause, estrogen levels drastically fall. As a result, women are susceptible to many of the above risks during this period of their lives [32].

Boron may or may not directly interact with (and raise) estrogen levels. One study of postmenopausal women showed a significant increase of estrogen in the blood, while other studies have shown decreased estrogen after supplementing boron [16, 33].

Rather than directly acting on estrogen, boron may increase the body’s sensitivity to estrogen. It may bind to and enhance one type of estrogen receptor called estrogen receptor beta, or ER-β. ER-β is important for the health of the uterus, immune system, gut, lungs, and prostate, and it may help the body fight cancer [4, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38].

Follicle Stimulating Hormone

Follicle stimulating hormone, also called FSH, is important for sexual development and function because it triggers the growth of eggs and sperm [39, 40].

Both high and low levels of FSH can cause health problems. Diseases and conditions that feature low FSH include polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), hypopituitarism, and hyperprolactinemia [41, 42,43].

Limited evidence suggests that boron may increase FSHHowever, this has only been studied in rats exposed to toxic levels of boron. The rats also lost the function of sexual organs and developed decreased fertility [44].

4) Brain Health

When boron is deficient in both animals and people, brain activity decreases. People with extremely low boron levels had a shorter attention span and weaker short-term memory. They also scored lower on tests measuring dexterity and coordination [4].

These changes in brain activity are similar to those caused by malnutrition and heavy metal poisoning [4].

Boron is undoubtedly important for a healthy brain. Some researchers have recommended boron supplements for those who may be deficient [3].

Possible Benefits of High Boron Intake

Some clinical studies suggest that high boron intake may have certain health benefits, but more research is required in order to determine exactly when supplementation is appropriate. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist to determine if your diet may be deficient and if supplements or diet changes may be appropriate for that reason.

5) Arthritis

Estimated rates of arthritis have been negatively correlated with dietary boron. In areas of the world where boron intake is 1 milligram or less per day, arthritis rates range from 20 – 70%. In areas of the world where boron intake is 3 – 10 milligrams, arthritis rates range from 0 – 10% [7].

People with arthritis also have lower concentrations of boron in their joints than people without arthritis [7].

In a study of twenty people with arthritis, half reported improved symptoms on a 6 mg/day boron supplement. Only 10% of people receiving placebo reported improvements [7].

6) Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are crystallized solids that form in the kidney. If they grow too large, they can cause severe pain, vomiting, and bloody urine. In combination with antioxidants, hydration, and diet, boron may help flush kidney stones [45, 46, 47].

10mg/day increased the rate of kidney stone excretion in a small human trial. Those who took the boron supplements also felt less pain when the stone passed [48].

Boron in Medicine

Boron has also proven useful for certain medical applications and avenues of research. Note that the applications in this section have absolutely no bearing on boron as a supplement or even a nutrient. Do not attempt to apply any of these therapies without the supervision of a doctor.

Boric Acid for Yeast Infections

Yeast is often part of the vaginal flora; that is, its presence in the vagina is normal and won’t cause problems most of the time. Sometimes, however, the yeast grows too much and too fast. This results in a yeast infection also called vaginal thrush [49].

Boric acid is sometimes used for vaginal yeast infections. It is placed directly into the vagina as a suppository, where it kills the yeast and prevents further infections [50, 51, 52].

However, boric acid has largely been replaced by safer and more effective drugs and remedies for vaginal yeast infections. Talk to your doctor about alternatives before attempting to use a boric acid suppository.

What’s more, boric acid is poisonous and should never be swallowed. Some people who use boric acid suppositories to treat yeast infection may experience pain, swelling, or discharge [53, 52].

Importantly, regular boron supplements don’t contain boric acid. As a result, they won’t have any effect on vaginal yeast infections.

Cancer Research & Advances in Treatment


Prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, is a protein found in the human prostate. In the early stages of prostate cancer, PSA increases the amount of the tumor-promoting insulin-like growth factor 1, or IGF-1, in the prostate. Boron supplements may decrease the amount of PSA in the prostate, suggesting a possible role in prostate cancer prevention [54, 4].

Additional research is required to determine the role of boron in tumor development.

Targeted Boron Therapies

Some targeted, cutting-edge boron therapies are used to treat cancer. However, these effects don’t apply to dietary boron supplements.


Bortezomib is a chemotherapy drug that contains boron in the form of boronic acid. It is used to treat rare white blood cell cancers like multiple myeloma and mantle cell lymphoma [55, 56].

This drug disrupts important mechanisms inside cells and sensitizes them to apoptosis, or cell suicide. It acts on cellular proteins which are far more active in cancer cells than in normal, healthy cells; as a result, cancer cells die at much higher rates than healthy cells [55].

Because bortezomib sensitizes cancer cells to apoptosis, it can also improve the effectiveness of other chemotherapy drugs like cisplatin [57].

Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Boron neutron capture therapy, or BNCT, is a 21st-century cancer treatment that destroys cancer cells without killing surrounding healthy cells. After surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible, doctors administer boron compounds that target the cancer cells. Then, the patient receives a radiation treatment that reacts with the boron and destroys the tumor [58, 59, 60, 61].

This type of treatment can even be used against cancers that can’t be operated, such as brain tumors [61].

Cell Research on Heavy Metal Poisoning

Many heavy metals including arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead are highly toxic and can cause serious damage to a person’s DNA after exposure. Some boron compounds, such as borax and boric acid, prevented DNA damage from heavy metals in cell-based studies [4, 62].

Importantly, however, dietary boron supplements have not produced these effects.

As mentioned, boric acid is poisonous. Borax can also have toxic effects. Neither should be ingested – they are only meant to be used as antiseptic solutions [63].

Sources & Supplement Dosage

Boron intake from diet changes depending on where you live. In Europe, daily boron can be as low as 0.8 mg/day. In the United States, it can be as high as 7 mg/day [4].

The recommended upper limit per day for adults is 20 mg [4].

Most boron supplements contain 3mg/capsule and recommend taking one capsule daily.

Boron Foods

Many foods contain enough boron to make a difference in your health. Raisins, hazelnuts, and dried apricots have some of the highest density of boron by weight. Foods high in boron include [64,4]:

  • Red grapes, raisins, and red wine
  • Peanuts and other nuts (hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds, etc.)
  • Many fruits, including apples, pears, oranges, apricots, and currants
  • Beans, peas, and lentils
  • Some vegetables, including broccoli

Many more fruits and vegetables contain smaller quantities of boron. If you eat a significant amount of these foods, you probably don’t need a boron supplement [64].

Supplement Dosage

Oral Supplement

Commercially available boron supplements usually come in capsules or as liquid drops, delivering between 2 and 6 mg of boron per serving, although 3 mg is the most common amount. Remember that, to stay on the safe side, adults should never take more than 20 mg of boron per day by mouth [4].

Boric Acid Suppository

To treat a vaginal yeast infection, women can use a 600 mg boric acid suppository once per day. We recommend talking to your doctor before using boric acid to treat a yeast infection [65, 66].

Safety & Side Effects

Supplemental boron is likely safe in suggested amounts, even for sensitive groups such as children and pregnant women.

In dietary supplements, boron is usually derived from natural sources. Some forms include calcium fructoborate, calcium borogluconate, boron citrate, or boron complexes. It’s often combined into salts with calcium to achieve synergistic bone health benefits.

Boric acid is poisonous if swallowed and should never be taken by mouth. If you accidentally consume boric acid, call poison control and seek medical attention immediately [53].

In adults, boron toxicity is likely rare because of how easy it is expelled by the body [67, 68].

Boron Toxicity

Most examples of boron toxicity have involved a boron compound such as boric acid or borax. These are not found in dietary boron supplements.

Though boric acid poisoning is rare now, it was once a serious risk to infants. As recently as the 1980s, babies ingested boric acid or borax in formula or to soothe the pain of teething. Some of these babies suffered seizures and recovered; others died. Boric acid is much more dangerous to children than to adults [53, 69].

In rat studies, extremely high doses of boron or boric acid caused hormonal imbalances and loss of fertility in males. Make sure not to exceed the daily upper limit of 20 mg [70, 71].

Thyroid Interaction

There is some evidence that boron may interfere with the thyroid gland.

Boron may compete with iodine in the thyroid, reducing the function of the gland. When the thyroid gland’s function is reduced, it grows larger to compensate. Over time, this growth forms a goiter. Boron, in rare cases and in large amounts, may contribute to goiter [72].

Borax in Food

Borax has been used as a preservative and food additive in food for over a century. Despite having been banned in many countries, borax is still used in others to improve the texture and appearance of caviar, noodles, and other gummy or gooey foods. Borax is toxic to the kidneys, brain, and reproductive system; it may also damage DNA and cause cancer [73, 74].

Avoid any and all foods that may contain borax. Watch for the initials E285: that’s the code for borax as a food additive [74].

Vitamin D

Boron prevents the breakdown of vitamin D. In this way, it increases the amount of time that each molecule of vitamin D spends in the blood and, as a consequence, the total amount of vitamin D available to your body [4].

Most people have to worry more about vitamin D deficiency than vitamin D toxicity, but too much of a good thing can still be dangerous.

Supplementing with too much vitamin D can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, bone pain, irregular heartbeat, and other symptoms. Always do your research before supplementing; avoid taking too much vitamin D and boron, especially together [75, 76].

To find the ideal balance of vitamin D and boron, talk to your doctor or nutritionist.


Boron is an ultratrace element: it is relatively rare and makes up a tiny amount of the human diet, but it is essential for bone, brain, and reproductive health. Boron deficiency, like vitamin D deficiency, causes problems with bone growth and healing. Dietary boron may also play a role in bone health, brain health, and hormone regulation.

Boric acid – a different form of boron than the ones found in dietary supplements – is also used as a suppository to treat yeast infections, although it’s not recommended. Many safer and more effective remedies exist.

However, boric acid is poisonous in large quantities and should never be taken by mouth.

Borax – also not found in supplements – is toxic to the kidneys, brain, and reproductive system, but it is still used as a food additive in some parts of the world; avoid foods with the code E285.

Most people probably don’t need to supplement with boron because it is readily available in many foods, such as fruits, nuts, beans, and peas. Some people already get up to 7 mg of boron from their diets, and doctors recommend no more than 20 mg per day.

Boron toxicity is rare because boron is easily passed in the stool and urine.

Some research suggests that boron may interfere with the thyroid gland; if you supplement with boron, make sure you also get enough iodine to prevent thyroid problems and goiter. Boron increases the potency of vitamin D; too much boron and vitamin D taken together may cause health problems.Avoid Illness By Using the Best Supplements For Your Body

Ever try supplements that don’t seem to work? People respond differently to diets and supplements because everyone has unique DNA. SelfDecode provides recommendations that are personalizedbased on YOUR genes to help you stay healthy and avoid infections from viruses like COVID-19!

The first case of Morgellon’s disease in the USA was reported in 2002.

These are the symptoms of Morgellon’s disease from the Mayo Clinic website

Morgellons disease is an uncommon, poorly understood condition characterized by small fibers or other particles emerging from skin sores. People with this condition often report feeling as if something were crawling on or stinging their skin.

Some doctors recognize the condition as a delusional infestation and treat it with cognitive behavioral therapy, antidepressants, antipsychotic drugs and counseling. Others think the symptoms are related to an infectious process in skin cells. Further study is needed.

Signs and symptoms

People who have Morgellons disease report the following signs and symptoms:

  • Skin rashes or sores that can cause intense itching
  • Crawling sensations on and under the skin, often compared to insects moving, stinging or biting
  • Fibers, threads or black stringy material in and on the skin
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Depressed mood

The intense itching and open sores associated with Morgellons disease can severely interfere with a person’s quality of life.

How any dumb ass Rockefeller trained doctor can say that Morgellons disease is a “delusional infestation” when there are actual fibres appearing in and on the skin is beyond me. These fibres are nanobots that are displaying out of control growth and replication. But their are two cures.

Cures for Morgellons Disease

How to Get Your Life Back from Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, and Other Skin Parasites, by Richard Kuhns B.S.Ch.E. 

The Number One Leading Authority on Morgellons, Chronic Lyme, Collembola, and Other Skin Mites and Parasites.

You can get the ebook for free. It focuses on three things
1. The King DietSM
2. Disinfecting the environment
3. Deep cleaning of the skin with a state of the art debriding soap with sub-molecular particles. 

Excerpt from /

Los Angeles, CA — According to renowned alternative medicine proponent Dr. Joseph Mercola, pop star Joni Mitchell has been cured of Morgellons Disease after a 15-month treatment using a variety of products purchased from his website The Canadian-born singer-songwriter has been suffering from the disease since she self-diagnosed herself in 2010…

This post may seem like Sci-Fi to you but Alex Collier and many others have said that there is alien technology used in the world that’s at least 1000 years ahead of what most people know about.


It is not enough to just avoid the vaccine you have to avoid people who have had the vaccine.



This site has videos under this title that are nothing less than horror stories. Women over fifty who start menstruating again. Ten year old girls having two periods a month. Reports of drastic drop in sperm counts. Stories of miscarrages and a man who wakes up to find his testicles as large as grapefruits. There are hundreds of these stories and none of these people got the vaccine but they all had contact with someone who had. This is due to the shedding of spiked proteins from a vaccinated person.

If you google this site you will be directed to another site entirely and a notification that it is closed. You have to use a different browser like firefox or Bing.

Update September 29th, 2021

This video was made by Deirdre Layne who has taken borax daily for ten years. She describes its benefits and how to mix it properly for daily use.


There are treatments other than borax. Here are some excerpts from an article by systembusters’paradice that talks about what they are.


Protect Yourself from Nanobots, Smart Dust, Morgellons, Chemtrails.

Nanobots can cause a myriad of diseases, such as mad cow disease, Creuzfeldt Jakob disease, auto-immune diseases, flu symptoms.  Nanobots can be used to track you as a “smart dust” — to know what you think and feel, and to program you so you can be a robot for the dark agenda.  “Morgellons Disease” is believed to originate from nanobots.

Nanobots are computerized cells or molecules that can be programmed to harm humanity.  They can also take the shape of nanoparticles with programmed spin.  Both are man-made creations which are invisible to the human eye, yet can effect great harm.  You can watch a frog cell here being taken over by a nanobot.  Delivery routes for nanobots and charged-spin nanoparticles include chemtrails, food, bottled water, vaccines, etc..

Despite the fact that nanobots are microscopic, they can be clairvoyantly seen and disengaged.  There are also physical steps outlined below you can take to remove or protect yourself from them.

Nanobots in Vaccines

2017 study of 44 types of 15 traditional vaccines manufactured by leading global companies uncovered a very troubling and previously unreported fact:  The vaccines are heavily contaminated with a variety of nanoparticles.  Many of the particles are metals.  This includes vaccines such as HPV, flu, Swine Flu, Hepatitis B, MMR, DPT, tetanus, etc.

In 2020 amidst the coronavirus-induced panic, researchers have been trying to push a mRNA vaccine which can enter your DNA and change your genome.  The way a mRNA vaccine works is nanotech lipids bring viruses into the cells to reprogram them, and rewrite the body.  This post discusses more about nanotech vaccines.  (As an additional note, vaccines have also been cultivated in animals such as mice, dogs, creating illnesses in humans from these animal viruses.  Viruses have also been cultivated in peanut protein — creating deathly peanut allergies in children. And while we’re on the subject,did you know that they post aborted fetal cells in vaccines?)

Heard of Peyronies disease? That and other conditions may be seeded by nanobots.

Nanobots Can Cause Cancer

While nanobots may be used to treat cancer — Secret Space Program survivor James Rink points out that they can be used to cause cancer too.

(The Secret Space Program kidnaps people and sadistically tortures them to “train” them for secret military missions, which are run by the New World Order’s dark agenda.  SSP survivors are incredible Systembusters, but they can also still be heavily implanted and channeling the dark agenda without fully realizing it.  So if you review their information, it is good consciously refuse any dark contracts that may still be coming through them.)

Nanobots Used as Weapons

CIA director John Brennan admitted to chemtrailing in 2016.

An accidentally released NASA document  confirms that nanobots they are delivered through chemtrails.  The document describes nanobots and smart dust as a “wholly ‘new’ class of weaponry which is wholly legal.”

Scientist Harold Kautz Vella describes nanobots as synthetic RNA.  In his video Black Goo, Chemtrails – Real Proof he effectively covers much information about smart dust, synthetic RNA, chemtrails, including the metaphysical background of the demonic black magic, parasitical/Luciferan nature of these energies.

What Can you Do to Protect Yourself

Here are four steps you can take to protect yourself from nanobots.

1. Refuse Consent & Protect your Spiritual Contracts.

The dark agenda always seeks to get people to agree to be harmed (i.e., sign a spiritual contract).  Many times you can be giving consent without realizing it, such as by watching a fictional movie and being silent, not objecting to what occurs in the movie.  That is a default form of consent.  Read more about how to Protect your Spiritual Contracts 

2. Ask your Divine Source for Removal of and Immunity from Nanobots

Call upon your Higher Power for help removing nanobots. Place the intention that any nanobots within you are cancelled, removed, and replaced with Divine Intention, and that you are immune.  Here are free guided meditations you can use to place that intention.  If you place the intention to simply reprogram dark agenda nanobots, you can encounter issues with attempting to negotiate with dark energy.  And the animal cell is is using is likely in a state of violation. Best to just remove them.  Science might use them, but trusting anyone else to program your body is risky.

3. Take Care of your Body and Health

Next, take care of your body and health.  I have posted some general Health Tips that I have used, below are a few that are good for cleansing.

  • Probiotic Fermented Juices Like yogurt, the beneficial bacteria in these delicious drinks will naturally consume carbs and toxins in your body.
  • Diatomaceous Earth and Bentonite:   Good for cleansing toxins from the body
  • Iodine: Good to clear radioactivity and to activate your metabolism, which quickens healing.

4. Morgellons Protocol

The following have been mentioned by Gene Decode to work to remove and inhibit nanobots in  your body:

  • Borax: Said to be a nanobot inhibitor.
  • Zeolite
  • Activated charcoal
  • Diatomaceous earth
  • Clay
  • He recommends a bath with a small amount of detergent, borax, and alfalfa pellets (such as for hamsters, apparently the nanobots prefer the pellets as they have more life force).  After the bath, take a shower, then scrub down the tub.

5. Medical Cannabis where Legal

The live pot leaf has the unique healing abilities, and a leaf a day  may even help disable nanobots and make  you immune to them.  Smoked and dried pot would be less effective.  CBD oil won’t work, the beneficial element would be in the psychoactive agent.  (Cannabis was never intended to be smoked.  People often blow out their systems by using it to excess.  But used in small amounts, it can have medicinal properties.)  I myself haven’t ever been much of a pot user, and I would only recommend it where it is legal and with reservation.  The above items can be used instead to counteract nanobots.

Cannabis may also act as an anti-cancer. The THC in marijuana has also been found to remove a toxic Alzheimer’s protein from the brain.   In the below video Cathy O’Brien, who escaped from CIA mind-control programming slavery, discusses how pot blocks the mind-control programming by opening up compartments of the mind.  Despite its benefits, O’Brien is anti-pot and against the use of pot as a band-aid, and that is my general position as well.

Update October 19, 2021.

A living hydra is found in the Pfizer vaccine


The “Pure Blooded Song”

Update March 26th, 2022.

In this video Dr. Yuval Noah Harari talks about the intelligent design of human evolution and the surveillance and ownership of every human being by a corporation or government.

Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World?

863,966 views Mar 5, 2022

This video shows nylon shards coming off test swabs and delivering lithium and Darpa hydrogel beads into the mucous membrane of the nose.

one of the test swabs (the mark of the beast)

WAKE UP   March 25, 2022

Victims share stories of INJURIES caused by COVID PCR test

Thursday, April 21, 2022 by: Ramon Tomey
Tags: badhealth, badmedicine, badscience, CDC, covid testing, covid-19, FDA, Kary Mullis, Medical Tyranny, medical violence, nasal swabs, nosebleed, pandemic, PCR test, polymerase chain reaction, science fraud, Wuhan coronavirus

This article may contain statements that reflect the opinion of the author

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Image: Victims share stories of INJURIES caused by COVID PCR test

(Natural News) The sample collection procedure for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, which is used to determine if someone is infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19), has caused injuries to individuals subjected to it. The COVID Blog outlined two such incidents in the U.S. and Canada.

The daughter of Ontario mother Kaylin Young was among those who suffered injuries while undergoing the procedure. Young posted a picture of her five-year-old daughter bleeding out of her nose and eyes. The bleeding occurred for 30 minutes, stopped for a short while and then started again.

According to the mother from Casselman, Eastern Ontario, her daughter was subjected to a PCR test as a requirement to attend in-person classes. She added that the Eastern Ontario Health Unit gave three requirements for five-year-old children. They can either get the PCR test for COVID, isolate for 10 days or prove that whatever illness they have is not COVID-related.

“The health unit says this is normal and to monitor it. They said they may have hit a nerve,” Young pointed out in a now-deleted Facebook post.

“How is this normal? How are you going to downplay the fact [that] you did this to my child. I expect the nurses doing these tests to be experienced and do these tests properly, not traumatize my child and possibly damage a nerve.”

Forty-year-old Angel Eisenmann of Tulsa, Oklahoma, meanwhile, suffered serious injuries from getting swabbed. The hospice worker and mother of three went to get tested on September 11, 2020.

Eisenmann reported seizures small tremors and facial paralysis after being swabbed. While doctors initially misdiagnosed her as having a stroke, a broken blood-brain barrier following the swab was eventually found to be the cause of her health issues.

“I’m a victim of PCR COVID testing as a healthcare worker that went too far on Sept. 11, 2020. [I] broke my blood-brain barrier [and] ethylene oxide poisoning hit my central nervous system that collapsed,” she tweeted on April 13.

PCR test for COVID is flawed to begin with

Laboratory staff conducts PCR tests by first obtaining DNA samples from the nose by means of inserting long cotton swabs in each nostril. The collected nasal swab samples are then sent to a laboratory for processing. Samples that return cycle threshold (CT) values within a certain range are then deemed to be from COVID-positive individuals while those that return CT values under the range are deemed COVID-negative.

From 2020 until 2021, the PCR test was considered the “gold standard” for COVID-19 testing. But a July 2021 update from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) admitted the flawed nature of the test, citing its inability to distinguish between SARS-CoV-2 and the influenza virus. (Related: CDC, WHO admit RT-PCR tests ineffective in detecting COVID-19 virus.)

The July 2021 update from the CDC said it would withdraw the request for the PCR test’s emergency use authorization filed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after December 31 of that year. “CDC is providing this advance notice for clinical laboratories to have adequate time to select and implement one of the many FDA-authorized alternatives,” it said.

“CDC encourages laboratories to consider adoption of a multiplexed method that can facilitate detection and differentiation of SARS-CoV-2 and influenza viruses. Such assays can facilitate continued testing for both influenza and SARS-CoV-2 and can save both time and resources as we head into influenza season.”

Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR test, also denounced its use as an unreliable diagnostic tool.

“If you can amplify one single molecule up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there’s just very few molecules that you don’t have. That could be thought of as a misuse of it, just to claim that it’s meaningful,” said Mullis, who died in 2019. “It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick. It doesn’t tell you that the thing you ended up with really was going to hurt you or anything like that.” has more stories about the flawed PCR test for COVID-19.

Watch Kary Mullis talking about the PCR test in the clip below.

Update October 31, 2022


I told you in previous videos that the PCR test is designed to install tracking nanobots into your brain. A normal swab for any virus would be a typical mouth swab …. always has been. But the need to install this technology without surgery was worked on for many years and has been perfected. The long swab goes into your nose and breaks the thin nasal blood barrier which allows this nanobot to be placed into the brain. When you get the vaccine which is not a vaccine but rather a DNA changer, it activates the robotic Nanobot and from then on, you are either tracked for life or your life is ended.

Thousands of Scientists and Virologists around the world with the World Doctors Association have stated those over 70 years old getting the vaccine will survive for maybe 2-3 years and somewhat a bit longer for those under 70, maybe 5 years or so.

Update December 31st, 2022


Update January 5, 2023

Japan Orders Investigation Into Covid Vaccine Deaths as MSM Admit “The Jabs Are Killing Us”

The People’s Voice Published January 4, 2023 

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2021 Post Disclosure

End of the Mask-erade 2021

(7340 words)

The 5 rules to AWAKENING

Rule #1 – Everything you were ever taught is a lie by design; Rule #2 – governments lie 100% of the time, they always have, and they always will; Rule #3 – the Illuminati controlled mainstream media is not reality, but rather is lies, disinformation, half-truths, and fake events carried out by gov/media hired crisis actors (aka role players); Rule #4 – Spirituality and Reincarnation are reality, whereas religions are simply government crowd control measures; and Rule #5 – this plane(t) called earth is a flat, motionless plane, it is not a spinning ball hurling through outer space. Furthermore, the 4 Sources of Disinformation that are ALWAYS FAKE: government, mainstream media news, matrix sciences, and religions.” — Sergeant Major Truther Info

Genetic Modification of Human DNA Lisa Renee

We are currently living through multiple trigger events purposed to permanently modify and eclipse all that makes us human. Many are awakening to see more clearly some of the players, institutional structures and hidden motivations working to achieve the transhumanist agenda and enslavement of humanity. The choice is before us, will we become AI assimilated into the Technocracy or awaken human consciousness to a much higher potential?

We have been told by the current public faces trotted out by the Controllers, the unelected and elected representatives, that personal freedom and normalcy will not return to our daily lives unless we submit to their authority and participate in a mandated global vaccination plan…Despite the urban legends, the public vaccination campaigns since the early 20th century were designed by the Controllers for genetic modification purposes and as controlled medical experiments. Public health and eradication of diseases were not the actual goal of these mass marketing campaigns. Behind the public façade, they were supporting the agendas of directed evolution and eugenics via the administering of synthetic compounds and chemical based genetic engineering, then marketing it to the masses as progressive science and medicine. Today, most medical authorities and patients actually have no idea what ingredients are being injected directly into their bloodstream through vaccinations. A payload of neurological toxins designed to Genetically Modify Human DNA and bypass all of the human body’s natural and true immunity is being delivered, forfeiting protection from pathogenic foreign invaders…


I have a PdD in virology and immunology. I’m a clinical lab scientist and have tested 1,500 “supposed” positive Covid-19 samples collected here in S. California.

When my lab team and I did the testing through Koch’s postulates and observed under a SEM (scanning electron microscope) we found NO Covid in any of the 1500 samples. What we found was that all the 1500 samples were mostly influenza A and some were influenza B, but not a single case of Covid, and we did not use the B.S. PCR test. 

Then we sent the remainder of the samples to Stanford Cornell and a few other University of California labs and they found the same results as we did. NO COVID. They found influenza A and B. All of us then spoke to the CDC and asked for viable samples of Covid-19, which they said they could not provide as they did not have any samples.

We now come to the firm conclusion through all our research and lab work that the Covid-19 was imaginary and fictitious. The flu was called Covid-19 and most of the 225,000 dead were dead through co-morbidities such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, emphysema, etc. And then got the flu which further weakened their immune system and they died. 

I have yet to find a single sample of Covid-19 to work with. We at the 7 Universities that did the lab tests on these 1500 samples are now suing the CDC for Covid-19 fraud. The CDC has yet to send us a single viable, isolate and purified sample of Covid-19. if they can’t or won’t sent us a viable sample, I say there is no Covid-19 virus, it is fictitious. The four research papers that  do describe the genomic extracts of the Covid-19 virus were only 37 to 40 base pairs long which is NOT A VIRUS. 

A viral genome is typically 30,000 to 40,000 base pairs. With as bad as Covid-19 is supposed to be all over the place, how is it that no one in any lab worldwide has ever isolated this virus in its entirety? That’s because all they’ve ever found were small pieces of RNA which were never identified as the virus anyway.      Andrew Wye PhD. 

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Peruvian court ruling: pandemic “created” by Bill Gates, George Soros and Rockefeller family

January 12, 2021 World 90,707 Views

The owners of the world’s greatest destiny, Bill Gates, George Soros and the Rockefeller family, this Monday were charged by a Peruvian court with the responsibility for creating the coronavirus.

The resolution came as a surprise as it was based on one of the many conspiracy theories surrounding Covid 19 that swirl daily on social media.

In its decision, the Chicha and Pisco Criminal Appeals Chamber said the pandemic was the invention of a “criminal elite around the world” made up of billionaires such as Soros, Gates and Rockefeller, among others.

Thus, the court justified the delay by issuing a ruling on the appeal of the accused, who sought the abolition of preventive detention and whose permission was postponed due to the pandemic.

For Judges Tito Gallegos, Luis Legia and Tony Changarei, the pandemic was “unpredictable”

; for all but the alleged creators, “who have been involved in it and continue to manage it with particular secrecy in their environment.

“No world government, individuals or legal entities, nor the defense of the accused can claim that this pandemic has the quality of ‘foresight’, except for the creators of the new world order, such as Bill Gates, Soros, Rockefeller, etc.” write the magistrates in a resolution posted on the portal LP Law.

Judges without a shadow of a doubt declared that the coronavirus was “created by a criminal elite that rules the world.”

In particular, the document cites financial investor George Soros, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and the Rockefeller family of billionaires, whom he accuses of “managing” and “continuing to direct” the virus into the “new world order.”

30,0oo businesses in Italy defy lockdown order and open for business January 15th.

COVID-19 Fatalities 16.7 Times Too High Due to ‘Illegal’ Inflation

In March 2020, the CDC changed the way COVID-19 deaths are reported on death certificates, resulting in a dramatic — and possibly illegal — inflation of fatalities that drove restrictive public health policies threatening health freedom

Only 6% of COVID-19 deaths include only COVID-19 as the cause on the death certificate, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means for the other 94%, additional causes are listed, with an average of 2.9 additional conditions or causes of death included.[i]

“This is the most important statistical revelation of this crisis,” according to a study by the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge (IPAK), as it reveals that many “COVID-19 deaths” may have been due to other causes. In fact, the CDC published new guidelines on March 24, 2020, which alter the way deaths are recorded exclusively in cases of COVID-19.

The guidelines were published without peer-review or opportunity for public comment, and resulted in a dramatic and misleading inflation in “COVID-19” deaths, which would have been deemed due to other causes using the CDC’s longstanding system of data collection and reporting established in 2003. As IPAK’s report questioned:[ii]

Posted on: Monday, February 1st 2021 at 3:00 pmWritten By: GreenMedInfo Research GroupThis article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2021

Men in Black March in Copenhagen

Demonstrators from the ‘Men In Black’ movement organised on social media marched through Copenhagen on Saturday to protest against the COVID restrictions.

Footage shows demonstrators with lit torches as they walked through the city chanting anti-government slogans.

The rally ended in scuffles with police officers who arrested a number of protesters.

 January 27th, 2021

From Principia Scientific International

Sweden Bans Masks: ‘No Scientific Evidence’ They Prevent COVID

Published on February 16, 2021

Written by

Officials in Halmstad municipality, Sweden, recently forced a teacher to remove their mask and prohibited the use of masks and all forms of PPE in schools. The municipality said there was no scientific evidence for wearing masks, citing the Swedish public health agency.

What is really amazing is how far we as societies are allowing politicians who have no qualifications in medicine to roll out draconian decrees.

These measures are really intent on dividing the people to prevent civil unrest because the socialistic system is collapsing and they needed an excuse to throw all the economic restraints out the window.

I have shown before that I purchased a box of masks from Amazon, and on them, it clearly states it will not prevent any disease. So obviously, if you get corona and wore even two masks to bed at night, and a condom just in case you might get aids while sleeping alone, you have no legal case to sue the mask manufacturer for a faulty product.

Even the chronic liar Dr. Anthony Fauci stated at the beginning that masks will not do anything.

Fauci was selling “inequality” and the Great Reset for the World Economic Forum. Where does he now have expertise in economics as well?

When will the people wake up and realize that this entire set of regulations from masks to lockdowns is really about suppressing freedoms to further the climate change agenda? It is not about health. Even the leftist Washington Post, which hates capitalism, had to admit that masks did not work during the 1918 Spanish Flu epidemic where nearly 3% of the population died.

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Moralization of COVID-19 Clouds Human Judgment

Posted on: Tuesday, February 9th 2021 at 3:30 pmWritten By: GreenMedInfo Research GroupThis article is copyrighted by GreenMedInfo LLC, 2021

Preventing COVID-19 deaths has been elevated to a “sacred value” in society, such that those who question pandemic restrictions are morally condemned while deaths, abuses of power and public shaming that occur in the name of “preventing COVID” are deemed acceptable

The unprecedented restrictions placed upon Western civilizations in 2020 would likely have been met with protest a year earlier. But, when issued in the name of COVID-19 mitigation, people are more likely to accept what otherwise might be regarded as abuses of power, even when it leads to death, according to a team of researchers from the U.S. and New Zealand.[i]

COVID-19 has become a highly visible, politicized and publicized event, such that efforts to combat it have become moralized and even regarded as “sacred values.” Once something is elevated to the level of a sacred value, even questioning anything that goes against it can “elicit moral outrage, disapproval, and a desire to reaffirm one’s moral commitments.”

This is certainly what’s been seen with COVID-19 policy, in which people have been shamed, threatened and physically assaulted over their choices to not wear a mask[ii] or refuse to shutter their business.[iii]

The researchers predicted that when COVID-19 efforts become moralized, it would generate asymmetries in judgment that make people more accepting of harms generated as a result — and after conducting two experimental studies, their prediction was confirmed.

Moralization Makes People More Tolerant of Public Shaming, COVID-19 ‘Deaths of Despair’

Lockdowns, business closures and social distancing enforced to combat COVID-19 involve trade-offs that researchers described as collateral damage:[iv]

“Those costs include unemployment or underemployment, extreme stress and substance abuse, and delayed cancer diagnoses, among others. Left unaddressed, these forces may generate ‘deaths of despair’, whereby individuals perish from behaviors or worsened illnesses as a result of perceived bleak prospects.

Other costs include the public shaming of those who violate or question health-based policies, abuse of law-enforcement and government power, and deterioration of human rights.

Yet, because “fighting COVID-19” has been turned into a moral issue, people tend to be more accepting of the very real harms induced as a result — including deaths, abuses of power and mental illness — than they are of harms they attribute to COVID-19, the illness.

In the first study example, Americans were asked to evaluate human costs, including public shaming, deaths, illnesses and police abuse of power, that resulted either from efforts to minimize COVID-19’s health impact or from non-COVID efforts, such as for economic purposes. In another example, participants were asked to evaluate the harms caused by a police officer abusing authority to enforce either COVID-19 restrictions or speed limits.

“In both cases, the degree of human suffering or cost was held constant, such that the officer cited and detained the same number of people to reduce the same number of deaths,” study author Fan Xuan Chen said in a news release.[v] Yet, the participants’ tolerance of human suffering was not constant; deaths, public shaming and abuse of power were deemed more acceptable when they occurred as a result of minimizing COVID-19.

In a second study, New Zealanders were asked to evaluate research proposals. One asked whether human suffering resulting from efforts to eliminate COVID-19 could outweigh those from abandoning the elimination strategies, while the other asked if the opposite were true.

According to Chen, “New Zealanders were more favorably disposed to a research proposal that supported COVID-19-elimination efforts than to one that challenged those efforts, even when the methodological information and evidence supporting both proposals were equivalent.”[vi]

Questioning COVID-19 Restrictions Is ‘Morally Condemned’

The study’s findings suggest that questioning efforts to eliminate COVID-19 is a “morally condemned” behavior[vii] in today’s society and highlights a double-standard that has emerged, such that deaths from COVID-19 restrictions are acceptable while those said to be from COVID-19 are not.

Not only were the study participants more likely to accept social shaming, illnesses, deaths and human rights violations when they resulted from measures to control COVID-19, but they expressed stronger negativity when human costs were associated with measures not related to COVID-19 control, including:

  • Significantly greater moral outrage
  • Stronger punitive intentions toward those responsible
  • Diminished evaluations of the competence of those involved

Those who were most concerned about COVID-19 risks personally were especially likely to overlook the harms caused by COVID-19 restrictions and express greater moral outrage. Media depictions of COVID-19 may also amplify moralization, the researchers noted, “such as by activating disgust.”[viii]

Harms of COVID-19 Restrictions ‘Under-Acknowledged’

The ideology of “fighting COVID-19” (C19) has been elevated to the level of sacred value while many are turning a blind eye to the suffering that’s resulted from lockdowns, unemployment, economic crisis and isolation, among other resulting human costs of COVID restrictions.

As a result, the researchers suggested that “potential human costs beyond C19’s direct health effects may be relatively under-acknowledged, deprioritized, or granted less moral weight.”

The loss of human lives is now being given different moral weight depending on their cause, and even scientific research that could delve into the true human costs of COVID-19 restrictions is likely to be “discouraged, unfunded, or dismissed,” the researchers revealed, adding “the current findings identify and underscore a prominent obstacle in evaluating those costs dispassionately or through empirical scrutiny: moral outrage.”[ix]

There’s still time to take a step back from this altered reality and view the COVID-19 pandemic objectively, without allowing an ambiguously imposed, and media-driven, measure of morality to cloud your judgment. If you want to learn more, is a great place to find open-minded discussion. And if you’re looking to get involved and take action, Stand for Health Freedom is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting human, constitutional and parental rights.

The GMI Research Group (GMIRG) is dedicated to investigating the most important health and environmental issues of the day.  Special emphasis will be placed on environmental health.  Our focused and deep research will explore the many ways in which the present condition of the human body directly reflects the true state of the ambient environment.Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

In honor of Black History Month I have quotes from two black people.

March 11th, 2021




Excerpts from the GreenMedInfo Newsletter March 22th

CCDH – The Centre for Cancel Culture and Digital Hypocrisy – Part 1

The Center For Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) are a UK based organisation who have misspelled “centre” in their name. Perhaps they have opted for the U.S spelling in the hope of selling their peculiar brand of morally bankrupt censorship to the American propaganda market.The Anti-Vaxx Industry, is a propaganda leaflet with two main objectives. The first is to create a false dichotomy in the public imagination and the second is to build a public-private censorship grid in anticipation of forthcoming government legislation. This is proposed to censor legitimate scientific opinion and evidence based debate on a wide range of issues the government and its corporate partners would rather silence. Including any questioning of vaccines.

They insist that anyone who has any doubts about any vaccine rejects all vaccines outright. This isn’t true but the CCDH are censors and propagandists, not rationalists.

Comically, they claim they are a non-governmental organisation (NGO). While technically plausible, their network of links to government, globalist think tanks and private corporations is extensive.

The CCDH espouse the social reform and political philosophy of progressivism. This advocates alleged progress through the advancement of science, technology and economic development. In the UK this is commonly associated with the political movement found on the right wing of the Labour Party and is the dominant ideology of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP).

While still maintaining a putative commitment to representative democracy, it has much in common with the concept of Technocracy and, with the addition of a commitment to maintaining the global dominance of the transatlantic alliance, it is the basis of Blairism. It’s acolytes, such as the CCDH, consider themselves enlightened progressives. However, this sense of elitism produces an intolerance of all opposing views.

In the modern cancel culture we passively allow to flourish, with it’s deplatforming, demonetisation, censorship and refusal to engage in either critical thought or debate, the word “Fascist” is overused and frequently misused. Its linguistic power, as a stark historical warning to us all, is being lost in the mire of progressive banality. So it is worth considering what we really mean when we say “fascist”.

In 1935 in The Doctrine of Fascism the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini wrote:

“The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian.”


“The Fascist State ……makes its action felt throughout the length and breadth of the country by means of its corporate, social, and educational institutions, and all the political, economic, and spiritual forces of the nation, organised in their respective associations, circulate within the State.”

And in Fascism: Doctrine and Institutions he said:

“The corporate State considers that private enterprise in the sphere of production is the most effective and useful instrument in the interest of the nation. In view of the fact that private organisation of production is a function of national concern, the organiser of the enterprise is responsible to the State for the direction given to production.”

Mussollini – A preposterous posturing Fascist

A Fascist State is a totalitarian public-private partnership where all policy, speech and expression, economic activity and production is controlled via a beneficial arrangement between government and a network of non governmental organisations such as Unions, think tanks, private corporations and “official” charities.

The individual is removed from all decision making because elections are either banned or meaningless, and those who make policy decisions aren’t elected anyway. They form a technocratic elite. There is no diversity of opinion and all information is controlled by the Fascist State.

Any dissent or questioning of the doctrines of the State is considered to be disinformation and is censored. The Fascist State attempts to control opinion through propaganda, censorship and punishment. With the assistance of censor organisations and propagandists, like the CCDH, such a State is currently under construction in the UK…

While the CCDH blithely claim all vaccines are “safe,” they are the only medical discovery where the manufacturers have blanket indemnification against any loss from injury claims. It is not an act of “hate” to ask why this needs to be the case if they are so safe.

The CCDH state that anyone who asks such questions has fringe and extremist views. They claim consideration of vaccine safety and efficacy should not be permitted and sharing any information or evidence which questions vaccines should be banned. For example, they deny people’s right to know any of the information we are about to discuss. They claim it is all hate driven disinformation which presents a threat to national security…


The CCDH state that SARS-CoV-2 is:

“…a pandemic that will only be overcome by the most ambitious vaccination programme in human history.”

This is not a fact. It is merely the CCDH’s opinion. One that ignores the scientific evidence which shows that people who have already been exposed to other coronavirus strains, which is pretty much the entire population, have developed some level of T-Cell immunity to SARS-CoV-2.

However, unlike the CCDH, I think they have every right to express their opinion. Just as I and millions of others have every right to express ours.

In a free and open democratic society, that values freedom of speech and expression, the dialectic can be used to exchange logical arguments to arrive at new knowledge and understanding. This is not possible in Technofascist State. Opinions are censored to protect the interests of the public-private partnership.

While good propaganda contains elements of truth, it is mainly disinformation. The CCDH make the following claim:

“The format of groups makes their members ripe for the process of radicalisation…These secret spaces allow for deeper radicalisation.”

This is unadulterated pseudo-scientific claptrap. According to the Cambridge English dictionary “radicalisation” is defined as follows:

“The action or process of making someone become more radical in their political or religious beliefs”

Questioning the efficacy and safety of vaccines is a public health issue, neither a political nor a religious belief. The CCDH use of the word “radicalisation” is nothing other than a cynical attempt to associate people who have some concerns about pharmaceuticals with extremism and ultimately terrorism.

This is deliberately deceptive language from the CCDH. Even if we accept their preposterous notion that asking questions about a drug can ever be “extremist”, there is absolutely no evidence at all that individuals can be radicalised simply by talking to people online.

The most complete scientific review of the research literature into supposed online radicalisation was carried out by a team at Deakin University. They found no evidence that using Facebook, Twitter or Instagram turned people into extremists.

The CCDH and their global partners determine what constitutes misinformation and disinformation; they identify who is and who isn’t a fringe movement; they say what constitutes hate and what doesn’t; they decide what the scientific consensus is and they are the arbiters of all truth, the sole custodians of reality and they determine what you can or cannot say. Rights and freedoms be damned.

By looking at the sprawling web of policy makers, thinks tanks and corporate interests, which form the in-group the CCDH represent, we can reveal exactly who these supremacists are. With the willing complicity of this dangerous body we call government, absent any democratic mandate, the CCDH have already assumed authority and are systematically removing our freedoms while ignoring our rights.

We need to familiarise ourselves with these people who claim exclusive possession of all truth. We are heading towards a real Fascist State and, in Part 2, we’ll take a look at some of those who are taking us there.

OffGuardian was launched in February 2015 and takes its name from the fact its founders had all been censored on and/or banned from the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ sections.

Our editors & admins are based in the US, UK & Europe…

CCDH – The Centre for Cancel Culture and Digital Hypocrisy – Part 2

Posted on: Thursday, March 25th 2021 at 2:45 am

Written By: OffGuardian

The CCDH are a small organisation, employing no more than two people, who have been given disproportionate power and influence. They appear to comprise of one CEO, one b-list celebrity (as patron) and six board members. They state on their website that their small budget is funded by unnamed philanthropic trusts and members of the public.

The CCDH links to the parliamentary Labour Party are considerable. They appear to benefit from a revolving door between them and the UK parliament. Recently, former CCDH board member and founder Morgan McSweeney left to become Labour Leader Keir Starmer’s Chief of Staff.

Keir Starmer is the only parliamentarian who is also a serving member of the Trilateral Commission. Founded in 1973 by oil and banking tycoon David Rockefeller and political king maker Zbigniew Brzezinski, who devised Operation Cyclone to financially support, arm and equip Islamist extremists, it brings together world political leaders with global investors and bankers, academics and policy advisers. The Trilateral commission is a powerful and influential globalist policy think tank whose stated aim is to build:

“[An] international system to navigate successfully the major challenges of the coming years.”

The CCDH numerous partners in their “Stop Funding Fake News” drive include the global NGO the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The WWF is a project of the British Crown and has gathered support from many of the worlds biggest, so called, NGO’s, global financial institutions and governments alike.

Formed in 1961 by the eugenicists Julian Huxley and Max Nicholson (among others), it has relentlessly pursued its goal of depopulation and undemocratic global governance. All done using the ruse of environmental concern as a ploy to cover its appalling objectives.

Among it’s other founding members were Prince Bernard of the Netherlands, who established the Bilderberg Group and took bribes in the Lockheed Martin arms scandal, and his close friend Prince Phillip (the husband of the Elizabeth II) who in 1988 said that if he were reincarnated he would like to be a deadly virus to do something about overpopulation.

rue to form, in its 2008 document Healthy People, Healthy Ecosystems: A Manual on Integrating Health and Family Planning into Conservation Projects the WWF advocated mass sterilisation of human beings. This research was produced with the help of Johnson & Johnson who were recently fined for putting asbestos in talcum powder. On Page 39 the WWF happily inform the reader:

“….Projects also facilitate access to long-term methods [of sterilisation] such as IUDs (intrauterine devices) and permanent methods (vasectomy and tubal ligation), including organizing medical missions to travel to remote populations to deliver these services…….These efforts require particular care in ensuring that clients are fully informed and that all participation and choice is voluntary.”

The WWF, who think a healthy human being is an infertile one, is essentially a front organisation and fund raiser for the International Union for the Conservation of Nature which brings together globalist institutions like the World Bank, The European Commission, the United Nations and the U.S. State department.

The UK, and U.S. governments, with the European Union, are also among the “partners” of the WWF. This gives us an insight into just how “independent” the CCDH are. It is also a glimpse at who it is that is collaborating with the social media and tech giants to establish the global censorship grid.

Despite its small size, it is clear that the CCDH pack a considerable punch. They do so because, via their labyrinthine connections, they have the backing of institutions like the World Bank, The European Union, intelligence agencies, major political parties, multinational corporations and governments from around the world. Some British Royal support never goes amiss either, and with the backing of groups like the WWF, is entirely as expected.

Their power-base is somewhat obscured through the network of NGO’s and globalist think tanks who partner with the CCDH and whom their board represent. However, by exposing these relationships, it’s pretty clear who the CCDH are and whose agenda they serve…

CCDH CEO Imran Ahmed

He would like to see people who disagree with him imprisoned under anti-terrorist legislation. He recently stated:

“I would go beyond calling anti-vaxxers conspiracy theorists to say they are an extremist group that pose a national security risk.”

In keeping with the objectives of the parliamentary Labour Party he represents, Ahmed fully supports State censorship. Talking about the need for the Online Harms Act, with regard to the people he labels as anti-vaxxers, he said:

“It’s not just hatred……..There is no excuse for delay. The government must urgently table the online harms bill to put an end to vile hatred and dangerous medical misinformation online.”

No one can say, with any categorical certainty, that the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation were party to planning the COVID 19 pandemic, thereby intending to profit from it. What can be said is that there is factual evidence clearly indicating this possibility.

There is also a significant conflict of financial interest pervading both the official account of the pandemic and organisations, such as WHO and Imperial College, who give policy makers the information they have used to formulate and justify their response. This fact isn’t disinformation, no matter what the CCDH want you to believe.

Not to ask these questions, or explore the evidence that prompts them, is antithetical the the very existence of a free society that values plurality of opinion. Yet somehow rank censors, like the CCDH, are among the many organisation who, while seeking to destroy our democratic values and customs, have the temerity to falsely claim the moral high ground.

The CCDH Are Propagandists and Censors

Regardless of its claimed lofty ideals and feigned deference for freedom of speech and democracy, the CCDH represent a globalist cartel of monopolists who seek to utterly control society under their un-democratic, authoritarian rule. The CCDH are given the power they enjoy by this same cartel, and exercise it as part of a concerted effort to destroy everything they pretend to protect.

On behalf of the Technofascist clique they serve, they are systematically preparing the ground for a legislative censorship clampdown upon all dissent and opinion that question the ambitions and orders of their corporate and government masters. They exist in a fake environment of fake NGO’s and charities, deliberately constructed to exploit the good will of men and women who are labouring in a climate of fear created by, among others, the CCDH.

The families of vaccine injured children and those who have suffered injury themselves are not anti-vaccine. Each and every one of them followed medical advice and were either vaccinated or allowed their child to receive vaccines. The scientists who have undertaken research which highlights concerns about vaccines are not anti-science nor opposed to vaccines. They aren’t pro-disease.

Nor are independent researchers and commentators like myself who have read the evidence and have some questions. I don’t want people to die from preventable illnesses and disease. I want vaccines to work. I want them to be everything the manufacturers say they are. But there are legitimate questions that need answers.

Contrary to the ludicrous allegations of the CCDH, it isn’t those who question vaccines that are making billions. It is those who adamantly declare their vaccine products are all perfect.

Led by someone like Imran Ahmed, whose rhetoric is so viscous he describes people who ask any questions about vaccines as vile, hateful, extremists, the CCDH are a particularly nasty and corrosive organisation. Nothing they say is plausible and all they have is propaganda which they cannot defend. All they can do is silence critics with their pernicious brand of vitriolic censorship.

The CCDH is not the defender of democracy, it cares nothing for our traditions and customs, nor our precarious free speech and freedom of expression. It wants to end all of it and unless we wake up and see these corporate censors and propagandists for who they truly are, we will have everything we value torn from us. We will have no one and nothing to blame but our own apathy.

OffGuardian was launched in February 2015 and takes its name from the fact its founders had all been censored on and/or banned from the Guardian’s ‘Comment is Free’ sections.

Our editors & admins are based in the US, UK & Europe…

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of GreenMedInfo or its staff.

Update on facemasks


Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. This is what she has to say about facemasks and their effects on our brains:

“The reinhalation of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive.

The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of reaction time – reactions of the cognitive system.

However, when you have chronic oxygen deprivation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the under-supply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress.

We know that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started 20 or 30 years ago.

While you’re thinking that you have gotten used to wearing your mask and rebreathing your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified as your oxygen deprivation continues.

The second problem is that the nerve cells in your brain are unable to divide themselves normally. So in case our governments will generously allow as to get rid of the masks and go back to breathing oxygen freely again in a few months, the lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated. What is gone is gone.

I do not wear a mask, I need my brain to think. I want to have a clear head when I deal with my patients, and not be in a carbon dioxide-induced anaesthesia.

There is no unfounded medical exemption from face masks because oxygen deprivation is dangerous for every single brain. It must be the free decision of every human being whether they want to wear a mask that is absolutely ineffective to protect themselves from a virus.

For children and adolescents, masks are an absolute no-no. Children and adolescents have an extremely active and adaptive immune system and they need a constant interaction with the microbiome of the Earth. Their brain is also incredibly active, as it is has so much to learn. The child’s brain, or the youth’s brain, is thirsting for oxygen. The more metabolically active the organ is, the more oxygen it requires. In children and adolescents every organ is metabolically active.

To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.

The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Consciously and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication.

An absolute medical contraindication in medicine means that this drug, this therapy, this method or measure should not be used, and is not allowed to be used. To coerce an entire population to use an absolute medical contraindication by force, there must be definite and serious reasons for this, and the reasons must be presented to competent interdisciplinary and independent bodies to be verified and authorised.

When, in ten years, dementia is going to increase exponentially, and the younger generations couldn’t reach their god-given potential, it won’t help to say “we didn’t need the masks”.

How can a veterinarian, a software distributor, a businessman, an electrical car manufacturer and a physicist decide on matters regarding the health of the entire population? Please, dear colleagues, we all have to wake up.

I know how damaging oxygen deprivation is for the brain, cardiologists know how damaging it is for the heart, pulmonologists know how damaging it is for the lungs. Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ.

Where are our health departments, our health insurance, our medical associations? It would have been their duty to be vehemently against the lockdown and to stop it and stop it from the very beginning.

Why do the medical boards issue punishments to doctors who give people exemptions? Does the person or the doctor seriously have to prove that oxygen deprivation harms people? What kind of medicine are our doctors and medical associations representing?

Who is responsible for this crime? The ones who want to enforce it? The ones who let it happen and play along, or the ones who don’t prevent it?

It’s not about masks, it’s not about viruses, it’s certainly not about your health. It is about much much more. I am not participating. I am not afraid.

You can notice, they are already taking our air to breathe. The imperative of the hour is personal responsibility. We are responsible for what we think, not the media. We are responsible for what we do, not our superiors. We are responsible for our health, not the World Health Organisation. And we are responsible for what happens in our country, not the government.”

Comment: There is no scientific evidence for the efficacy of facemasks against airborne virus transmission, but there is scientific evidence for the dangers of wearing facemasks.

It is not enough to just avoid the vaccine you have to avoid people who have had the vaccine.



This site has videos under this title that are nothing less than horror stories. Women over fifty who start menstruating again. Ten year old girls having two periods a month. Reports of drastic drop in sperm counts. Stories of miscarrages and a man who wakes up to find his testicles as large as grapefruits. There are hundreds of these stories and none of these people got the vaccine but they all had contact with someone who had. This is due to the shedding of spiked proteins from a vaccinated person.

If you google this site you will be directed to another site entirely and a notification that it is closed. You have to use a different browser like firefox or Bing.

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Update December 31st, 2021

Masks purposely being forced on children to dumb them down by depriving their brains of oxygen

Thursday, December 30, 2021 by: Ethan Huff
Tags: badhealth, badmedicine, badscience, brain damage, brain health, Child abuse, children, COVID, dumbing down, genocide, insanity, low iq, mask mandates, masks, oxygen, pandemic, Plandemic

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(Natural News) New research out of Brown University has found that children who are forced to distance from others and wear a mask all day long at school suffer brain damage and drastic declines in IQ.

Dr. Mark McDonald, a clinical psychiatrist for children and adolescents, cited the Brown study in a recent interview with Cindy Drukier of “The Nation Speaks.” The study found that “children born during the pandemic have significantly reduced verbal, motor, and overall cognitive performance compared to children born pre-pandemic.”

Going to “Zoom” school, having to wear a mask, and being forced into isolation has led to “deprivation overall, of social contact, [of] not being able to see faces, being stuck at home all day long, [and this] has actually caused brain damage to the youngsters,” McDonald further explain during the NTD program (NTD is a sister media outlet of The Epoch Times).

Concerning the masks specifically, we already know that they inhibit oxygen uptake, which is needed for healthy brain activity. Those who wear them end up breathing in recycled carbon dioxide (CO2) and other waste, which damages brain tissue.

Masks and lockdowns are killing our children

In another episode of the interview, Prof. Carl Heneghan, director of the University of Oxford‘s Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, explained that children are also being damaged by the constant diet of fear that is being pumped into them by governments and media outlets.

This “fear we instill into children,” Heneghan explained, has caused disastrous psychological problems in many young ones that they will likely have to carry for the rest of their lives.

Heneghan cited his own study on the matter, which found that “eight out of 10 children and adolescents report worsening of behavior or any psychological symptoms or an increase in negative feelings due to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“School closures contributed to increased anxiety, loneliness and stress; negative feelings due to COVID-19 increased with the duration of school closures,” the study further found. “Deteriorating mental health was found to be worse in females and older adolescents.”

By older adolescents, Heneghan refers to children 12 years of age and older who face increasing peer pressure, social pressure and are much more aware of what is going on than smaller children who might still be innocently following along with the narrative.

“The first thing is to deescalate any fear and anxiety around covid for children,” Heneghan says. “For children, [covid] is actually a very safe disease.”

“We should really prioritize education and those interventions that are in children’s best interest,” he added.

A December 20 study from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found that mental health visits skyrocketed by 24 percent among 5- to 11-year-olds, and by 31 percent in 12- to 17-year-olds, once the plandemic was officially launched in early 2020.

Many of these children started wetting their beds or their pants, or refusing to make eye contact. Some of them were no longer comfortable attending sleepovers with their friends, or being away from their mothers for extended periods of time.

Tony Fauci is largely to blame for all of this hysteria, but so are many other deep state figureheads and politicians. Anyone who pushed any kind of fear throughout this saga – Donald Trump included, seeing as how he rolled out Operation Warp Speed and still takes credit for it – is directly to blame for all this damage to children.

Teenagers, comparatively, have come out of this whole thing even more “wrapped up in social media and phones and Zoom school because they’ve been trained for the last year and a half that they do not even want to go out anymore,” Heneghan says.

More related news about masks, lockdowns, and other plandemic restrictions can be found at

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2020 Post Disclosure Media Mind Manipulation

The Strange Case of Donald Trump

Trump appears to be pro-life and against sex trafficking. He has many religious groups and conservatives on his side. But there is evidence that he is part of the swamp he said he wanted to drain.

Trump’s connection with the Rothchilds.

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(17,010 words)

Getting Donald Out Of Debt: The 25-Year-Old Ties That Bind Trump and Wilbur Ross

Chase Peterson-Withorn Forbes Staff

This article is more than 3 yrs old Design: Nick DeSantis, Forbes Staff

America’s first billionaire president is riding into the White House with populist support — and he’s bringing some billionaire friends with him. One of them is distressed-asset investor Wilbur Ross, who is Trump’s pick for commerce secretary. The two have a history that spans more than 25 years.

Trump made a bold bet on Atlantic City when he opened a third casino there — the colossal Taj Mahal — in April 1990. Even riskier: He financed the project with $675 million in junk bonds at a 14% interest rate. Within months Trump was struggling to make the massive bond payments as Atlantic City floundered.

In stepped Ross, then head of Rothschild Inc’s bankruptcy advising team, to represent bondholders, who were pondering forcing the casino into involuntary bankruptcy and ousting Trump. Ross reportedly saw crowds pressed against Trump’s limo windows to get a peek at the mogul, and realized the value of Trump’s celebrity.

He struck a prepackaged bankruptcy deal: Trump would give up 50% of his stake in the Taj but would receive better debt terms and would remain in control. The Donald was back in business: He ultimately made similar deals for his other troubled properties and climbed out of debt and back onto the Forbes 400.

Ross went into private equity in 2000, forming WL Ross & Co. He still runs it, but he sold it to investment firm Invesco in 2006 for some $375 million. In 2013 Invesco partnered with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and others to buy 5 industrial properties from the Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn for $240 million.

Nearly all of Trump’s wealth is tied up in real estate, but he has also owned stocks. One holding, according to a May 2016 filing: $250,000-$500,000 worth of Invesco European Growth Fund Class Y shares. (Trump claims to have sold his stock holdings in June, though he has not provided evidence to support the claim.)

Trump and Ross are also neighbors in both Florida and New York. Not only is Ross’ 16,000-square-foot home just up the road from Trump’s 126-room Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach, but the two also share a 57th-Street address in Manhattan. Ross’ penthouse is just two blocks from the president-elect’s Trump Tower triplex.

For those seeking influence in Washington, the president’s cabinet is the highest echelon. While concerns about potential conflicts of interest mount, one person who will have the Commander-in-Chief’s ear is his billionaire pal Ross. Will Trump and Ross’ latest deal be good for America’s balance sheets, or their own?

In May, I was very happy to hear that the Trump adminstration was terminating US funding of the WHO. Then I read this article by Derrick Broze which reveals that the US increased funding to GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccination and Immunization. 

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Vaccine Bait & Switch: As Millions Pulled From WHO, Trump Gives Billions To Gates-Founded GAVI

 Derrick Broze  July 7, 2020 Originally published at The Last American Vagabond Excerpts

In mid-May US President Donald Trump announced that the US would be ending their financial support for the World Health Organization (WHO) and COVID-19 relief. The move was lambasted in the mainstream press as an out of touch politician pulling funding from a vital global health organization during the middle of a pandemic. To Trump’s supporters the decision was met with the typical cheering and celebrated as another Trump victory against the “globalists.” To understand what is actually going on we need to examine Donald Trump’s actions, not his tweets or media statements.

Let us start by looking at the funding provided by the US government to the WHO in previous years. The latest numbers from fiscal year 2018 (numbers are not available for 2019-20) show an estimated $281.6 million to the WHO from the US. The records indicate that after the US government, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, are the 2nd and 3rd top financiers of the WHO. The US defunding the WHO actually tightens the technocrats already firm grip on another global institution.

This means when Donald Trump stated the US will no longer fund the WHO, the Gates Foundation and GAVI stepped into the top financial role. Additionally, GAVI was founded by and largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000. Either way, Bill Gates is the top donor and will continue to expand his influence and dominance of global health policy. As reported in Part 2 of my Bill Gates investigation, in 2010 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation launched the “Decade of Vaccines” and called for a “Global Vaccine Action Plan.” Since that time they have only grown their network and influence on WHO, GAVI and other organizations in order to shape public health policy in a way that reaps profits for the Gates themselves.

While Trump’s supporters viewed the US withdrawal from WHO financing as a win for nationalism or a black eye to the globalists, the truth is a bit more nuanced.

In early June, the Trump administration declared support for GAVI to the tune of a $1.16 billion USD donation. Trump’s support for GAVI came via the first ever virtual Global Vaccine Summit. At this summit GAVI surpassed the goal of $7.4 billion, instead raising $8.8 billion USD and securing commitments from most major nations around the world. GAVI even received a $5 million dollar donation from the Rockefeller Foundation. GAVI stated that the funding will go to “routine immunization programs” and will also help the public-private partnership “play a major role in the rollout of a future Covid-19 vaccine…”

Donald Trump, GAVI, and Bill Gates

…Trump’s support for GAVI was echoed on the Twitter account for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). “USAID echo’s @Realdonaldtrump‘s words and is proud to be partnering with @Gavi by committing $1.16 billion to protect people through vaccines, because #VaccinesWork,“ the tweet reads. (It should be noted that USAID has also been accused of creating fake social media networks in an attempt to foment unrest in foreign nations.)…

Once again, this puts Bill Gates and his organizations at the top of the global health pyramid. So what did Mr. Gates have to say about the success of the Global Vaccine Summit?

“Since its inception GAVI has helped vaccinate more than three-quarters of a billion children … And now, it’s stepping up and saying it’s willing to deliver a Covid-19 vaccine as soon as one is available to end the pandemic as soon as possible,” he said at the Summit. “We must also renew our commitment to delivering every life-saving vaccine there is to every child on earth.”

 Bill Gates’ father funded Planned Parenthood and taught his son to spread the “gospel of eugenics.”

Either Way, Gates Wins

Taken together – the May payment of $775 million; the early June announcement of $1.16 billion; and the late June gift of $545 million – these taxpayer funded investments will provide abundant resources for GAVI, and subsequently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These funds easily outweigh the paltry $281.6 million the US was giving to the WHO.

It is important to understand that the WHO is a part of the United Nations, which itself is an “intergovernmental organization” that is attempting to replace nation-states as we know them today in favor of global governance schemes. GAVI is a “public-private partnership” where governmental bodies and private organizations partner up to provide some sort of public service. Neither of these organizations has been elected by the free people of the nations in which they operate.

Despite this fact, the Trump administration is continuing to give billions to GAVI and in doing so, furthering Bill Gates’ goal to vaccinate 7 billion people. Trump may have pulled funds from the WHO, but that decision allows Gates to take full control of WHO policy and continue to use US taxpayer dollars to fund vaccine projects, including a rushed vaccine for COVID-19. This was likely the plan the whole time…

This is why the Trump administration appointed a Big Pharma lackey to head “Operation Warp Speed,” Trump’s plan to fast track the development of vaccines for COVID-19. In May, Trump appointed Moncef Slaoui, a former executive with vaccine manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline, to serve in a volunteer position, assisted by Army Gen. Gustave Perna, the commander of United States Army Materiel Command. According to the Trump administration, Operation Warp Speed program is focusing on four vaccines, with the hopes of testing and producing 100 million doses by October 2020, 200 million by December, and 300 million doses by January. Slaoui has said he believes the goal of vaccines by January 2021 is a “credible goal.”

Once again, Gates’ fingerprints are all over the situation. Slaoui himself has a long history with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, sitting on the boards of companies that are connected to the organization.

It appears that despite the public pronouncements of divesting from the WHO or tweets about standing up to the globalists, the Trump administration continues to push the agenda to vaccinate every person on the planet.

Question Everything, Come To Your Own Conclusions.

Then there is the article by Dr. Joseph Mercola that exposes that Operation WarpSpeed which Trump supports is almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and department of defense. 

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Operation Warp Speed — A Technocratic Chess Piece?

Posted on: Wednesday, November 4th 2020 at 11:30 am

Written By: Dr. Joseph Mercola

Published by GreenMedInfo Excerpts 

Originally published on


  • Many of the same surveillance initiatives proposed after 9/11 have been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19
  • Operation Warp Speed, the White House Administration’s effort to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics, is almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military
  • Operation Warp Speed is supporting the creation of several COVID-19 vaccines, all of which will be deployed, but to different “critical populations”
  • Operation Warp Speed is shrouded in secrecy that makes it difficult to ascertain the true agenda, but part of the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose using biosensors that record and share biological data
  • Like 9/11, the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as justification for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears they’re laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be fully deployed later

In this interview, investigative journalist Whitney Webb, who does both independent work and collaborations with The Last American Vagabond, discusses the little-known details of Operation Warp Speed, a joint operation between U.S. Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Defense to produce a fast-tracked COVID-19 vaccine and other therapeutics.

As you may have noticed by now, Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other platforms are censoring information relating to COVID-19 in general and vaccine information in particular. Many commentators who touch on these issues have been deplatformed altogether, so information on these crucial topics are getting harder to come by.

“We’re at a point where the line between Silicon Valley and the national security state has become so blurred, you really can’t distinguish where one begins and where the other ends,” Webb says. This in large part helps explain how and why big tech is getting away with such blatant censorship as deplatforming of individuals who discuss issues the mainstream media refuse to touch.

“You can definitely make the argument that it’s state censorship to a degree,” she says. “I think it’s quite telling that a lot of these companies, from the very beginning of their existence, had some sort of funding from U.S. intelligence.”

Operation Warp Speed

As noted by Webb, you’d expect Operation Warp Speed, being a government program, to be governed by some federal regulatory agency like the Food and Drug Administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or even the HHS, but no. It’s almost entirely funded and operated by the CIA and the U.S. military. Webb explains:

“When Operation Warp Speed was announced … it was essentially sold to the public as a joint operation between HHS and the Department of Defense. So, the military was involved from the beginning. But oddly enough, last month, a lot of information about Warp Speed started to come to light.

One was the organizational chart of its leadership, which showed that by and large, the entire operation is dominated by military. There were very few civilian health officials, and most of those civilian health officials are involved in the therapeutic side of Warp Speed, which as we know now is the most drastically underfunded part of this initiative.

It was initially given a $10 billion budget, and they’ve already spent $10 billion on the vaccine. Only $450 million have been given through Warp Speed to a therapeutics project, which of course we now know is Regeneron, which is allegedly what Trump received when he was at Walter Reed.

What I’m saying is that most, the vast majority, of the money and time and energy has gone to a vaccine specifically, not really therapeutics. And so, if you look at the organizational chart, the people that aren’t directly deployed by the DoD or military intelligence were essentially put in the therapeutics part, which was drastically underfunded. It’s focused largely on the vaccine.

What’s also interesting is we know that Operation Warp Speed currently has about six vaccine candidates. And we know now that they plan to use them all, and that they plan to allocate a specific vaccine to specific populations — what they identify in their official guidance as critical populations — which they announced just a few days ago…”

“There are a lot of things in Warp Speed that are concerning. One of the things I read about recently is that Google and Oracle, two large tech companies that have longstanding ties to the CIA, are going to be involved in what they describe as a pharmacovigilance surveillance system, or what was more recently referred to by the head of Warp Speed as an incredibly precise tracking system, whereby everyone who receives one of these vaccines will be tracked and surveilled, not just to make sure that they get a second dose …

… but also to see what happens to people’s physiology, because they admit that every single one of these vaccine candidates … has never been brought to market or licensed by the government before,” Webb says.

Pharmacovigilance Surveillance

According to Webb, the plan is to monitor vaccine recipients for 24 months after the first dose. The question is, how do you monitor such a large population? One way would be to employ biosensors that collect and send biological metrics automatically…

“So, you have Google being contracted to monitor this pharmacovigilance surveillance system that aims to monitor the physiology and the human body for two years,” Webb says.

“And then you have the ties to the ProfusA project, which oddly enough is supposed to work inside the human body for 24 months — the exact window they’ve said will be used to monitor people after the first [vaccine] dose.”

Guinea Pigs ‘R Us

In short, rather than doing long-term safety studies on both animals and humans beforehand, what’s being put into place is a “safety study” after the fact, where vaccine recipients are monitored for side effects. Unfortunately, Warp Speed, being shrouded in secrecy, has not released details about what biological parameters would actually be monitored and surveilled. As noted by Webb:

“It really doesn’t make sense, if you think about it, for something that … is funded by American taxpayers to produce a medical countermeasure or a vaccine [during] peace time, is being run by the military under extreme secrecy with a lot of involvement of intelligence contractors, or intelligence agencies themselves.

We now know, for example, that the NSA and the Department of Homeland Security are directly involved in Operation Warp Speed, but they won’t really say exactly what parts they’re doing. But there are some indications as to what they could be involved with.

And the fact that Silicon Valley companies that have been known to collaborate with intelligence [agencies] for the purpose of spying on innocent Americans — Google and Oracle, for example — are going to be involved in this surveillance system … for everyone that gets the vaccine.

It’s certainly alarming, and it seems to point to the fulfillment of an agenda that was attempted to be pushed through or foisted on the American public after 9/11, called Total Information Awareness, which was managed, originally, by DARPA.

It was about using medical data and non-medical data — essentially all data about you — to prevent terror attacks before they could happen, and also to prevent bioterror attacks and even prevent naturally occurring disease outbreaks.

A lot of the same initiatives proposed under that original program after 9/11 have essentially been resurrected, with updated technology, under the guise of combating COVID-19.”

Human Trials Reveal Plenty of Risk

Webb also discusses the vaccine trials currently underway around the world, and the fact that even though the vaccines are being given to perfectly healthy, younger individuals, they’re reporting lots of side effects, including serious ones. Most recently, a volunteer physician in the Brazilian arm of AstraZeneca’s trial died from receiving the placebo, which was not sterile saline but the meningitis vaccine.2

As detailed in “How COVID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged,” none of the vaccines are designed to actually prevent infection. The primary measure of success is whether or not the vaccine results in fewer symptoms when you’re infected with SARS-CoV-2.

While the AstraZeneca trial initially stated the vaccine was being tested against a saline placebo,3 as I mentioned earlier, it’s since been revealed that they’re using the meningitis vaccine as the “placebo,” which can help hide a variety of side effects. The study was not halted following that death, but it’s already been paused twice due to unexpected serious illnesses. Both instances were deemed unrelated to the vaccine, of course.

“These are really things that have the potential to be very drastic because you have to consider that the sample sizes are quite small. [If] you extrapolate to the size of the U.S. population, potentially hundreds of thousands of people [may] suffer very adverse health effects,” Webb says.

Why the Lack of Transparency?

Webb also points out that rather than being contracts between government and the vaccine companies, the vaccine contracts have been funneled via a third party. Why? One potential reason is because this exempts them from Freedom of Information Act requests. It also exempts vaccines made under those contracts from many federal regulations, including federal safety regulations.

“We also know, because of the changes HHS made per the Prep Act, that any person that produces a COVID-19 vaccine … associated with Operation Warp Speed will not be liable for any sort of damages it may cause.

And, it’s definitely concerning that these vaccine companies, a lot of which just have atrocious track records, are being given billions of dollars and being allowed to operate under the utmost secrecy, developing something for the American public that can very well be mandated, or, for some people, even if it’s not an official mandate, if they want to keep their jobs or they want to stay in school, they’ll have to receive it anyway. So, it’s definitely an issue that more people should be talking about.”

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, it’s extremely difficult to get this information out. YouTube, which is owned by Google, censors all of it. This is beyond questionable considering Google’s involvement with Operation Warp Speed. In short, they’re censoring to protect their own interests.

Laying Down Infrastructure for Totalitarian Control

As mentioned, 9/11 became the justification for a series of tyrannical control mechanisms in the form of the Patriot Act that stripped Americans of civil liberties and privacy.

Now, the COVID-19 pandemic, despite the fact that it hasn’t resulted in an excess number of deaths above the historical norm for any given year, appears to be used as yet another excuse for the implementation of more tyrannical controls. It appears that what they’re doing is laying down the infrastructure for a totalitarian control system set to be deployed later. Webb agrees, saying:

“I tend to agree with you in a big way, and I’ll give you an example of an initiative that’s being put out right now by HHS that they claim is about preventing coronavirus outbreaks before they happen, and how it plays into this longstanding effort to produce ‘smart cities.’

HHS, a few weeks ago, issued a solicitation, which was given to this MIT spinoff company called Biobot Analytics. Essentially, they say it’s to create a nationwide wastewater surveillance system where they will be robotically sampling sewage from various cities around the country.

They say that will be done to test for COVID-19 and use an AI algorithm to predictably determine if a COVID-19 outbreak will take place in the future, up to 11 days before symptoms would even allegedly begin to show in that particular population. They say that would be done to enable rapid containment of those communities before this alleged future outbreak could happen.

What you can see there, in my opinion, is what was previously trying to be sold to the public as predictive policing, but now it’s sort of the predictive policing approach to healthcare. We have to prevent infection or prevent outbreaks before it happens, which obviously is rife for abuse by a government that is fundamentally corrupt and out of control.

If they wanted to lock down a particular community, all they have to say is, ‘Our new surveillance system has identified, through this algorithm, that there will be an outbreak here in 11 days. So we have to shut everything down in this entire city.

What this wastewater surveillance system requires is sensors throughout a sewage system in a particular city, which is the underground infrastructure of what are often today called smart cities — cities filled with sensors that are united by the internet of things, 5G and Wi-Fi.

What’s very alarming is that the developers chosen for this wastewater surveillance system come from a lab at MIT called Sensible City Labs, and it’s not sensible. It’s sensible [in that it’s] able to be sensed. Essentially, MIT is a smart cities lab that was chosen by HHS to develop this under the guise of COVID-19.

And what is also alarming, in my opinion, is that this company has partnered with HHS before, not to predict coronavirus or to sample for coronavirus in wastewater, but to detect patterns of illicit drug use in certain populations, which dovetail with the war on drugs in the United States. Whether it has to do with opioids or marijuana use or any other illegal substance, it allows surveillance on what people are ingesting in a particular community.

They also talk about analyzing people’s diets, what they’re ingesting — if people are eating foods that the government has decided are associated with illnesses, they can see if too many people are eating the wrong foods and then accordingly ban those foods through a municipal or a statewide edict and things like that.

It’s really a recipe for the micromanaging of regular human habits where the government was not previously involved …

[After] 9/11, the invisible enemy [was] these faceless terrorists abroad. Now, under coronavirus, the invisible enemy is a microbe that can exist anywhere, including within your own body. Therefore, to fight and win the war against the microbe we have to know what’s going on inside of your body also.

And so, we’re seeing the potential for the use of something like ProfusA and Operation Warp Speed, or this effort to surveil sewage, to determine what people are putting in their bodies. It’s definitely a very slippery slope in what I would call the beginnings of a Biosurveillance state.”

The Technocratic Underground

Indeed, it all appears to be part and parcel of a longstanding technocratic plan to govern society through technology, programmed by scientists and technicians and automated through the use of artificial intelligence, rather than through democratically elected politicians and government leaders.

Much of it is being developed and implemented in really underhanded ways. For obvious reasons, the true, long-term purpose is never actually admitted. For example, while smart cities have received public pushback, this plan to equip the sewage system with biosensors is essentially a way to build the system from below ground, up.

Since it’s underground, people will be far less likely to object to it or understand it as an intrusion of privacy. Ultimately, topside technologies will be added in the form of smart homes, until people are living in smart cities whether they signed up for it or not.

Google’s Transhumanist Goals

Webb also discusses the influence and role of Google in greater depth, including the current antitrust case filed against the company by the U.S. Department of Justice.

“There are a lot of things that Eric Schmidt has done over the years that are deeply concerning. He, and a lot of other people involved with Google, including Google’s top futurist, as he describes himself, Ray Kurzweil, are very big proponents of what is often called transhumanism, this belief that it’s the destiny of the human race, it will be the pinnacle of human evolution, to combine with machines and defeat death.

Schmidt is a person that certainly feels that way and was close with Kurzweil. Now he’s in charge of the artificial intelligence modernization efforts of the government.

It’s very, very disconcerting, especially when you look at a lot of the military’s own modernization plans that are set to begin next year, with having an unprecedented role for artificial intelligence and targeting and flagging people that soldiers will then shoot with these augmented reality helmets the Pentagon has bought.

It’s a lot of the Orwellian surveillance structure that we’re seeing rolled out, whether through Warp Speed or by HHS under the guise of COVID-19 response, it definitely seems to dovetail significantly with plans that have been developed by people like Schmidt for the modernization of the U.S. government itself, particularly the national security state.

And I really don’t think that there’s much of a coincidence that those two things are happening in tandem.”

Antitrust Case Against Google May Actually Benefit Them

As for the antitrust case against Google filed by the DOJ at the end of October 2020, 4 Webb doubts it will hurt the company. In fact, she suspects Google, just like the Rockefellers’ Standard Oil, wants to be broken up in order to be able to expand into other markets.

“The government was able to look like they were actually doing something about Standard Oil, but actually Standard Oil wanted to be broken up. That allowed the Rockefeller family to extend their influence and reach … far beyond oil.

For example, they got involved with totally remaking Western medicine … and in shaping what we now know as Big Pharma … So, I think it’s interesting that this is happening with Google now, and that it’s only targeting Google’s search monopoly, which is what Google began with.

But since then, Google’s business has expanded far beyond search and they’re poised to have a big role in upcoming health care initiatives, for example. I think they’re ready to extend their tentacles, to use that metaphor, into a lot more different sectors, far beyond their search engine.

So maybe people would be assuaged publicly if they think, ‘Oh yeah, Google has been taken down and broken up by the government,’ when in reality they don’t care about their monopoly on search anymore, and they’re already too big to fail. I honestly think at the end of the day, a lot of this antitrust posturing towards Google, I don’t really know if it will go anywhere,” she says.

Data Is the New Oil

Webb also points out that Google’s future is secured by its central and ever-growing role in data mining. Google will be harvesting brand new biological data through the upcoming Warp Speed surveillance system, and in September 2020, Google partnered with the Pentagon to develop predictive diagnostics for cancer using AI, which they intend to extend to other diseases as well, including COVID-19.

“There’s this big push to create an all-powerful artificial intelligence algorithm in order to enable a lot of the functionality that they want to impose in smart cities and these other initiatives they’ve been putting forth.

In order to do that, they need access to data. That’s why we’ve heard over the past couple of years that data is the new oil. It feeds back into this race to develop the greatest AI algorithm. This is very concerning when you look at the National Security Commission on AIs objectives.

They say the only way to maintain U.S. global military hegemony, and also economic hegemony, is to harvest more data than any of their adversaries’ states from Americans in order to be able to develop a better AI algorithm before China can do the same.

That’s what these very powerful and influential organizations are saying. And if you actually look at their documents, they essentially say that there needs to be a total remaking of Americans way of life to facilitate that type of data extraction from a smaller population than the Chinese population.

For example, more data needs to be harvested per American citizen in order to facilitate that leapfrogging of China’s artificial intelligence. So, there is a lot to be concerned about, but I think a lot of people have declined to look at these commissions and institutions and what their thought process is …

And where they’re going is nowhere good. It’s essentially pointing to tyranny in a technocratic system that’s not even governed by humans. It’s governed by an algorithm created by man.

So obviously, it’s a can of worms they’re attempting to open, and the people that are behind this, whether the military and intelligence agencies, when they work in complete secrecy like they are in Warp Speed, they’re historically up to no good … Historically they ruthlessly pursue their own ambitions at the expense of American interests. It’s definitely worth considering all of these things.”

Bioterror Predictions

Based on her research, Webb suspects there will be another phase to the COVID-19 pandemic, some sort of bioterror event, likely before April 2021.

“I don’t have a lot of reasons to be optimistic about the plans there. If you look at the people that predicted the coronavirus crisis before it happened, they were also immediately positioned to benefit from that crisis as it emerged. Bill Gates, for example, in April said that the coronavirus crisis is Pandemic 1, and it will be followed by Pandemic 2, which … would be a bioterror event.

And the way to respond to this Pandemic 2 would be to do the same types of preparations you would do for bioterrorism. That’s straight from Bill Gates … Gates [also] frequently … talked about the need to merge international security, i.e., U.S. foreign policy with health security, as he calls it, and essentially merge the war on terror with a war on bioterror.”

She points out that Event 201, held by Gates, the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins in October 2019, featured a novel coronavirus. Was it really a coincidence that a novel coronavirus outbreak occurred 10 weeks later?

‘Dark Winter’ — The Signal for an Anthrax-Related Event?

An earlier tabletop pandemic exercise was done in June 2001. The simulation, called “Dark Winter,” predicted major aspects of the subsequent 2001 anthrax attacks. During the last presidential debate, the Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, stated the U.S. is headed for a “dark winter” — an unusual phrase that raised questions among some commentators.

Before that, the former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) testified in front of Congress saying that this winter was going to be the “darkest winter” in modern U.S. history. Somehow, many plans actually seem to be signaled beforehand, if you’re keen enough to pick up the cues. Interestingly, with regard to the “Dark Winter” reference and its anthrax connection:

“The Johns Hopkins center for health security has a sister organization at UPMC (University of Pennsylvania Medical Center) called the UPMC Center for Biosecurity, in Pennsylvania. They’re currently, under the guise of coronavirus vaccine research, attempting to fuse anthrax with the coronavirus spike protein. They are also attempting to do the same for measles.

Those are essentially gain of function studies. The person that runs their center for vaccine research at UPMC is a major proponent of these gain of function studies. And when there was a gain of function moratorium, he was its most vocal opponent and was giving all these talks to government officials about how it needed to be lifted.

What’s very odd about what’s going on at UPMC is that in the beginning of the year they were set to produce what could have easily been the first coronavirus vaccine, a COVID-19 vaccine candidate, but it used traditional and tested vaccination methods that are already on the market …

Oddly enough after that had made some headlines … UPMC received a lot of money from CEPI [the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations], which of course is backed by Gates, and as soon as that money was received, that vaccine candidate was quietly dropped, and in its place were these experiments to merge measles with the coronavirus spike protein, and then merge anthrax with that same spike protein.

‘Dark Winter’ may not mean much to the mainstream American public, but it certainly means something to the national security community when they hear that term being thrown around on TV. And then you have Bill Gates saying that after the coronavirus pandemic there’s going to be a bioterror attack.

You also have the Council of Europe, a very influential and elitist think tank in Europe, saying that coronavirus will be followed by bioterror. High-ranking former CIA officials [are also saying it]. A lot of the people involved in Dark Winter in the biodefense industrial complex, which was created after the 2001 anthrax attacks, are all saying the same thing.

We really need to start listening to these people. Of course, they in advance have a narrative they create, not unlike the Dark Winter 2001 exercise itself, which initially claimed that the anthrax attacks were committed by Iraq working with Al-Qaeda. And then lo and behold it’s traced to the U.S. military (at Ft. Detrick) so obviously it did not come from Iraq or from Al-Qaeda.

What you have now are attempts to seed the similar narrative about who will be blamed for events upcoming in the future. They set it up on purpose, I would argue, so that when the event takes place, people are more receptive to those predetermined narratives about this particular crisis and don’t immediately start questioning what could have happened.

They essentially want these events to take place. They want to ramp up the fear, and then they want to conveniently tack blame to something very quickly before an actual thorough investigation can take place. That’s what we saw in the aftermath of September 11 and also in the aftermath of the 2001 anthrax attacks.”

Be Ready, but Not Fearful

If you listen to the interview in its entirety, you’ll have a good idea of why I’m so impressed with Webb’s investigative skills. It’s important to become educated about what’s really happening so that you don’t capitulate to the fear they’re seeking to imbue in us.

It’s a fearful public that allows the technocratic elite to dictate the future and rip away our personal freedoms. It’s fear that allows tyranny to flourish. Remember, there are more of us than there are of them. But enough of us must be willing to stand up and say no, we won’t accept this plan.

On another level, being aware of the plan allows you to plan for your own safety and security ahead of time, so you’re not running around in a panic when something does happen. As the old saying goes, “Being forewarned is being forearmed.”

To find more of Webb’s work, be sure to check out her website, You can also find her videos by searching Bitchute, and she has her own podcast channel called Unlimited Hangout on Warp Speed reporting can also be found on At present, Webb is also still on Twitter @_whitneywebb.

Dana Ashley reveals Trump’s Hypocrisy

“Before the election Trump said Hillary Clinton should go to jail. After the election, he said that “we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country.”  This is blatant hypocrisy.  Furthermore an election can have been rigged according to a computer programmer who testified before Congress. Eugene Curtis, states in 2000 the company he works for has developed a program to change the vote count in the election computer.” Dana Ashley  

Dana is a devoted Christian so she tosses in her interpretation of Revelations. I’m not a Christian and I don’t agree with her predictions. However I find her research to be sound and so I have included her video. Near the end of her video she has a story about how 5G in a school adversely affected a student who now can hardly walk or talk now. 5G technology can transmit many different frequencies. One can produce Covid-19 symptoms, others can cause neurological damage and another can cause death. The Trump administration fast tracked the deployment of 5G months ago. She also reveals that the slogan Make American Great Again or MAGA is the name used for a person that is at the highest level of the Satanic hierachy. This slogan was also used by Clinton and Reagan. 

My opinion of the election is that it is political theatre at its best. A rigged contested election to create the greatest amount of anxiety, chaos, and animosity between democrats and republicans. 

Why Trump will Win…   Dana Ashlie   Bitchute  Nov 2, 2020.

Of course we should not overlook the many books written about Trump that expose his real character. 

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screen-shot-2021-01-23-at-8.12.11-am.png


In this revelatory, authoritative portrait of Donald J. Trump and the toxic family that made him, Mary L. Trump, a trained clinical psychologist and Donald’s only niece, shines a bright light on the dark history of their family in order to explain how her uncle became the man who now threatens the world’s health, economic security, and social fabric.

Mary Trump spent much of her childhood in her grandparents’ large, imposing house in the heart of Queens, New York, where Donald and his four siblings grew up. She describes a nightmare of traumas, destructive relationships, and a tragic combination of neglect and abuse. She explains how specific events and general family patterns created the damaged man who currently occupies the Oval Office, including the strange and harmful relationship between Fred Trump and his two oldest sons, Fred Jr. and Donald.

Other books that are critical of Trump are, 

The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert Explains How the President Uses Mind Control – October 15, 2019 by Steven Hassan. The Cult of Trump is an accessible and in-depth analysis of the president, showing that under the right circumstances, even sane, rational, well-adjusted people can be persuaded to believe the most outrageous ideas.